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The App That Will Change The Way You Think, Forever!

Best Friends Forever is a mobile app that will always be there for you when you’re feeling alone. This application is able to listen and respond to every message you send to the virtual avatar that we have created for you. You can choose a male or female friend, but each avatar responds in the same manner. This app learns from you, and gives you the most appropriate response based on your text conversations, and other apps and websites that you have interacted with on your device. This app is like no other. We proudly present it to the public and hope that everyone enjoys using it as much as we did making it.

“Hey! Did you get that new app everyone is talking about?”

“No way man, too sketchy for me.”

“It’s actually pretty cool. I can talk to it all I want about literally anything and it’ll give me the perfect response.”

“Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t think it’s for me…”

“It’s for everyone though! That’s the point! Anyone can use it and have a fun time.”

“Fine, I’ll try it.”

“What is that?”

“Oh it’s this new app that was just released.”

“What does it do?”

“Well, you can talk to this virtual character and they respond to whatever you say, like you’re texting a real person or something.”

“Sounds kinda weird.”

“I guess so, but I like it.”

“I heard that new virtual friend app is a little intense.”

“I have it, and so far it’s been awesome. I can talk to the avatar about everything and it’ll respond as if they know me and we’ve been friends forever.”

“Isn’t that strange though? Like, doesn’t that creep you out?”

“It’s just an app - it’s fun, and if I’m ever in need of a friend I can just vent without judgment.”

“I guess I can see the appeal, maybe I’ll check it out.”

Case File #1471

Not that long after the release of the highly anticipated mobile application called Best Friends Forever there was a frightening amount of reports made relating to the app. We have reason to believe that this app was created to start some sort of mass epidemic.

We have provided a list of some of the reports made during the time of the release:

  • Insanity - Many people who were participating in the use of this application on a daily basis were diagnosed as clinically insane after using it for only a couple of weeks. Some cases were more extreme than others, and ended with permanent stays in mental institutions. If you try to speak to any of these patients you will get nothing in response. They are all heavily sedated in order to prevent them from listening to the voices they claimed to be inside their heads. A nurse who was on duty at one of the institutions did say that one of the patients briefly mentioned something about needing their cell phone in order to talk to their “best friend.”
  • Self harm - In some cases, people in contact with the app were said to have been inflicting pain on themselves. There were reports of teens cutting themselves, burning themselves, and even breaking their own fingers, with no sign of pain or discomfort. When they were confronted about the incidents they would say, “they made me do it,” over and over again. These people were inevitably sent to treatment centres. To this day they still won’t tell anyone who the “they” they were talking about is.
  • Violent behaviour - There were countless reports of people becoming overwhelmingly violent over a short period of time. It would start with fights at school, or with parents/siblings, and end with killing various wild animals or pets in their neighbourhood. Some people affected by this even killed their own pets. One case that stood out more than the others was with a teenage girl, who woke up one morning and decided to kill her father and younger brother while they were still asleep. She admitted to the deaths as soon as the police showed up, and claimed that she was happy they were dead, and she would do it all over again if she could.
  • Paranoia - Witnesses made reports of people being severely paranoid. It was told that they would take apart landlines, light fixtures, dvd players, and even destroy their friends/family’s cell phones, but never touched their own. It was also claimed that these people would complain about being watched, and would never sleep. They drank energy drinks and took caffeine pills just to stay awake at night. One person in particular didn’t sleep for an entire month, which was previously thought to be impossible. This paranoia would sometimes lead to suicide attempts. If this was the case, once asked about the reason behind the attempts, every person would say the exact same thing. “I didn’t want them to find me.”
  • Suicide - There was an alarming amount of suicide reports made, more than we could keep up with. Some left notes behind, and some just did it without a single warning sign. It was claimed that these people ended their lives just over a month after they had downloaded Best Friends Forever onto their mobile device. In some of the notes left behind, the victims claimed that they had to do it or else “they” would hurt everyone the victim cared about. They also mentioned being forced to do it, and being tired of hearing voices constantly. Other notes were simple, and stated that there was no other choice. The people who didn’t leave anything behind before they did it were said to have been acting strange days before the incident. Some family members and friends didn’t suspect a thing and said the deaths were unexpected.
  • Unusual and unexpected deaths - Similar to some of the suicide reports, these were unexplained. Some cases we cannot make public. But, we have compiled a list of incidents that can be released. Such as:
    • Teens walking into oncoming traffic, seeming to be in a trance of some sort.
    • People going to the roofs of apartment buildings and jumping off, but beforehand witnesses stated the victims said something along the lines of, “I’m late, goodbye.”
    • A female got into a public swimming pool, removed a filter cover, and let her hair get caught in it, inevitably drowning. She was found with half of her scalp torn off.
    • People were found dead due to consuming an abnormal amount of alcohol and/or food. During autopsies it was stated that they swallowed copious amounts of food without chewing; their stomachs were close to combustion. Other victims died of alcohol poisoning due to various bottles of different types of drinks.
    • There was a case where a male had filled an entire bathtub with gasoline, got in it, and set himself on fire.
    • In another bathtub incident, someone had filled a tub with water, and plugged in every electrical device they owned beforehand. They got into the tub and were electrocuted to the point of non-recognition.
    • There were a dozen reports of teens standing in the middle of train tracks and getting mangled by oncoming trains. There was one case where three different kids stood in a line, about six feet apart from each other, and waited for a train to hit them. All three of them died on impact.
    • An adult woman died with both her legs, and her right arm cut off. She was found with a saw in her left hand.
    • Multiple deaths were caused by house fires, taking the victim’s families with them.
    • Other cases involved poisoning, self-inflicted gunshots, car accidents, jumping off of overpasses, etc. The rest of the incidents remain confidential, and will not be made known to the public by any means.

We can’t prove that the mobile application Best Friends Forever was directly linked to any of these reports, but we can confirm that every single one of the victims over the past couple of months did have the app on their mobile phone. An employee of ours attempted to use the app for investigation purposes, but was found dead in his home a week after installing it on his mobile device. We have been unable to get in contact with the creators. The company that released the app is called NARBI GASHWIN MEDIA, but the existence of this company has never been documented in any known registry or archive; there seems to be no trace of it whatsoever. We’ve tried to take the application down, but it still remains online for people to download. We want to inform the public of this recent epidemic in order to get people to refrain from installing the app, if they haven’t already. If you, or anyone you know, has this app on a mobile device, please contact your local authorities and get rid of the device immediately. We have been told that you cannot simply uninstall it from your cell phone, so destroying the entirety of the device is the only option as of right now.

This has been an official public service announcement about the incidents involving the use of the new mobile application called Best Friends Forever. We hope to see the end of this epidemic very soon. Thank you.


An Undertale Fanfiction

Chapters: [ ONE ] [TWO ] [ THREE ] [ FOUR ] [ FIVE ] [U R HERE] [ AO3 LINK ]
Characters: Sans, Grillby, Papyrus, Royal Doggies
Setting: Baby Blaster AU
Contains: SAD CHILDREN. Mentions of child abuse.
Synopsis: The dogs interview the kids and more of their dark past and a hero is revealed. The children seem to be doing alright for a change. Bubble Baths are had. Thanks to @qcatter​ for letting me use their oc!


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i mean does feli go all the time “well yes lud you could yell at me for being late but i also could accidentally drop this picture of you dancing on-” “-FINE FINE OKAY YOU’RE NOT UNFORGIVABLY LATE SIT DOWN”