pasta dish

So dinner tonight made me think...

I feel like we all have those food combinations that our parents used to make for us when we were kids that are…odd. Or at the very least not-quite-mainstream. But for whatever reason they were a staple of our childhood and have become a comfort food in adulthood. 

I just made a staple of my mother’s. My mother is wonderful at many things, cooking is not one. I mean, she’s not *terrible*, but my dad is professional-chef level and for the most part he did the cooking. But when he was away, mom cooked. One of her go-to dishes was pasta (of course) she would top it with canned tuna, sauteed with parsley and garlic. It’s completely delicious and wonderful and it’s an easy meal in a pinch. 

She would also pour me a small cereal bowl of orange juice (yes, a bowl) and cut up a banana into it. I’m not a big OJ fan, but I still love that combo.

So, out of curiosity, what are YOUR combinations?


This vegetarian/vegan dish is specially dedicated to Sam (@PIXANDUM) who is one of the brilliant and cool photographers here on Tumblr.

I made a promise to Sam almost a month and a half ago, that when I do a vegetarian post I will specially dedicate it to him because he is one of the most supportive, awesome, talented and nicest people here. I mean, he is a vegetarian guy, but still supports my meat dishes posts anyways! So if that is not supportive, I don’t know what is! :)

Buon Appetito, Sam!

-jeannie :)

pixandum replied to your photo: FARFALLE WITH EGGPLANT, TOMATO AND CHAMPIGNON…

this is just fantastic Jeannie…. thanks so much for your kind words… and killer looking dish! I love your posts, and photographs… THANK YOU. now , i better scoot to the kitchen and try to whip this up :) -sam

RE: Sam, I am just returning the favor because you’ve been so supportive of both my blogs and even other pages. There is so much randomness and widespread anonymity around here that it is a rarity one gets to meet such genuinely nice people like you that give unconditional and generous support and friendship. I never take for granted people like you. :) Have a good weekend! :)

This delightful looking (and tasted delicious too!) is another recipe from Jamie Oliver. I wanted to make something easy and quick, but still tasty and healthy(-ish) for us and I wanted to make something new, something I had never made before. And although I have made various versions of pasta dishes, I must say that I had never made it this way before. I thought the flavor combination of mint and pancetta was quite interesting.

Another pasta dish to add to our weekly dish list!

When And Where Was Pasta Invented?

Pasta’s roots have long been debated. Some thought perhaps the Chinese noodles inspired pasta, based on a confusing passage from Marco Polo, but in reality he is likely mentioning how the sago palm’s starchy food reminded him of pasta in his home country. In the 1270s – so while Polo was off in eastern Asia – there is a mention of a soldier in Genoa who owns a basket of “macaronis.” And a century before that, the Muslim geographer al-Idrisi wrote of seeing pasta produced on the island of Sicily.

But pasta might go much, much earlier. Many Italian writers have argued that a tomb from the 300s BCE shows a relief of equipment used to make pasta. If true, it means pasta was enjoyed in Italy before the Romans conquered the peninsula. Of course many historians disagree. They point out to the dearth of pasta mentions in literate Rome, and the prevalence of pasta dish mentions across the Italian peninsula starting in the 1200s. What’s the truth? I don’t know.