pasta and garlic bread

There were summers I’d never thought I’d make it here.
It’s Thursday night
and he’s fixing dinner;
pasta simmering on the stove
and garlic bread toasting in the oven.
We drift in and out of conversation,
but leave kisses on each other’s shoulders
and write love poems on the bathroom mirror.

I am no longer the moon
chasing the sun.
We rest our bones
by each other’s sides.
I wake to see the freckles
still there on his skin,
his eyelashes fluttering
under the deep wave
of dreams.

I no longer fear
not finding love,
or never knowing
enough of it.
It’s right here:
curled up in our comforter
and breathing easy.

I think I belong here.

—  Schuyler Peck

Prompt: Part two of “You’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good– WAIT WHAT” AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Author’s Note: This is part two, because so may people asked for it. Hope you all like it, I kept it short and sweet. Read part one here!

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He asked if he could take you to dinner. 

It took you two whole days until you finally agreed in hopes that you wouldn’t sound completely desperate, even though you would have said yes in less than a second if it wasn’t for your roommate telling you not to.

She was currently sitting on your bed, watching as you tried on every outfit in your closet and her’s; giving her opinion on which selections she liked best, and being honest with the one’s she didn’t. You had narrowed it down to a simple black dress or jeans and a sweater, the dress was your choice.

“It’s February,” your roommate repeated for the fifteenth time. “Go with the sweater, you’ll thank me later when you’re not shivering on the sidewalk while the two of you wait for a cab.”

“Isn’t that the point, though?” You asked as you held the dress in front of you and modeled in front of the mirror. “For me to be cold and for him to give me his jacket or whatever?”

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A little less conversation, more action Pt 2

adult themes guys

They all sat on the sofas to discuss dinner.

“so what’s everyone in the mood for? Italian, Chinese, sushi?” Magnus asked them, one hand on Alec’ thigh.

“Shadowhunter on the menu too Magnus?” Izzy hinted.

“More like dessert, Isabelle and only for me. If everyone is hungry I suggest something fast and easy” Magnus said. He was ignoring the shocked look Alec was giving him, on purpose.

“so it’s actually Izzy on the menu, then?” Jace laughed. Everyone but Maryse and Izzy found the humour in his statement.

“Oh very funny. I say we get Italian as long as there is pizza with peperoni and sausage” she said to Magnus.

“Maybe Magnus and Alec have had enough sausage for one night, ever think of that?” Jace replied.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing out of you lot tonight! Will you all behave please?” Maryse remarked, looking cross.

Alec was trying to look anywhere but at Magnus but he seemed to be hiding a smile behind the hand covering his mouth. He rose from the sofa in a fluid motion and went over to the dining table and after a sharp click of his fingers, the table was filled with various pizza boxes and bowls of pasta. They all grabbed a plate each and started helping themselves.

“Oh, garlic bread, I love it” Maryse grabbed two large pieces and after adding some pizza and pasta to her plate, went back to the sofa to eat. She bit into her first piece.

“Yummm, this is really good I have to say you do good garlic bread, Magnus.”

“ I thought it was Magnus’ buns you liked better, Mother” Izzy retorted. Everyone started laughing, Clary even choking on a mouthful of pasta. Maryse looked scandalised for a few minutes but then a small smile curved her lips.

“yes, well I think I walked into that one” she said, laughing. She looked towards her son and his boyfriend. Alec was clearly embarrassed but Magnus was trying not to laugh, for Alec’ sake.

“No mother you walked in on us” Alec replied.

“very good, my love, you’re learning” Magnus told him, giving his cheek a quick kiss. Alec blushed, but smiled back at him.

“I can only imagine what else you’re teaching him Magnus” Jace said around a mouthful of pizza.

“yes well that will definitely remain a secret Jace, but I can tell you he’s a very apt pupil”

“seriously? Magnus!” Alec said, staring at his boyfriend. What had gotten in to him tonight?

“ just warn me before you give him any final exams, will ya? If our parabatai bond keeps burning like it has been, I’ll be dead man”.

“maybe someone should teach Clary mouth to mouth resuscitation then, in case that happens?” Magnus suggested. Clary’s eyes went wide and Jace leaned over to give her a quick kiss.

“that’s not a bad idea, Magnus. I might include that with weapons training tomorrow”

“ weapons aren’t really my thing, I prefer not to handle anything that deadly” he said but then looked up to Alec “present company excluded, of course”.

“Oh I don’t know Mr Bane, the weapon you sent Alec the photo of today looked like it could do some damage” Izzy laughed.

Poor Alec looked like he was about to throw up and unfortunately, Jace wasn’t happy to let it stop there. Maryse made the mistake of joining in the conversation.

“what photo was that?”

“Let’s just say you might of seen the buns but we got to see the full foot long” Jace told her, smirking. Clary squealed at the thought of it and buried her head in the pillows on the sofa. Izzy was smiling at Magnus and slowly nodding her head. Maryse had gone three different shades of pink and red but Magnus was looking quite pleased with himself. Alec flew to his feet.

“I can’t believe you guys tonight, why in the name of the angel would you bring THAT up?” he grabbed the empty plates from around the room and stormed into the kitchen.

“Looked like it was up before we got to see it.” Jace said, soliciting further exasperated noises from Alec in the kitchen.

“what can I say, I have a gift but I think I’d better go and see if I can’t calm my poor boy down.” He rose from the sofa and headed to the kitchen.

Mitch Marner #4

A/N: since my last mitch imagine was kinda sad, i decided i would turn it around and write a cute fluffy kinda imagine :) requests are open!!!

Word Count: 1,367

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“I know, I’m just tired that’s about it,” you said into your phone while struggling to get your house key. Between talking on the phone, having a bag of take out in one hand, and trying to handle your daily planner and keys in the other hand - it took some time before you had the key in the hole and turned it to unlock the front door. 

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Jamie Benn #7

Requested by Anon:  would you please write a story where Jamie Benn is being a grump/jerk because he thinks everyone forgot his birthday, except his brother. Little did he know his girlfriend planned a spectacular surprise for him. Then have Jamie feel awful about how he treated her and grovel for forgiveness and try to make things up to her. Thanks in advance

*Hiiii!Thank you thank you so soooo much! I know it took a while for me to write this but I hope you like this one. Not quite groveling but it’s nice and cute. Enjoy! :)*

Note: Jamie Benn was born on 18 July 1989. Anyone who is half a Dallas Stars fan knows that BUT for the sake of the story, let’s just pretend that Jamie’s birthday falls during the season, okay? Thank you!!

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You rolled your eyes but grinned when you saw your boyfriend walking over to you, a glass of champagne on his hand. Stopping just a few feet away, he smiled, “is this the part where I grovel?”

You closed the distance between the two of you and downed the last of his bubbly, “I think I’ll save the groveling for later,” you smiled, resting your free hand on his chest.

Now, he’s full of laughter and smiles, completely forgetting that less than an hour ago, he was being a grumpy-ass old man, stomping and pouting all over the house:

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Request: Request; Thomas matches with Reader on tinder something along those lines

Warnings: none

You had gotten Tinder to help get yourself out there. You never were confident in the relationship department, and thought that Tinder would help. It did, actually. You talked to plenty of guys and actually met up with a few. You gained some more sexual experience, as you weren’t the most sexual person around. 

But finally, you deleted Tinder. It was becoming a little overwhelming. Meeting up with guys–especially from some app–wasn’t your forte. But before deleting, you exchanged Snapchats with a guy. His name was Thomas and he lived about twenty minutes from you. Though he was extremely spotty with replying, so you didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

Though you gave him a chance. Your original ambition was to hopefully get a boyfriend out of this. You had a few friends who met their partner on Tinder, so maybe it could happen to you. But since you deleted Tinder and were only talking to Thomas, you weren’t sure.

Hey, Y/N. Sorry to tell you this, but there’s a lot of things going on in my life right now, and I don’t think I’m ready to be in another serious relationship. I hope we can still be friends, you seem really cool so far.” Thomas sent you the message on Snapchat. You felt a little sad, but you knew he hadn’t had the best of luck with relationships. You weren’t that upset about it.

Yeah, that’s completely fine. I’d like to stay friends, too. But do you think we can meet up? Friends are supposed to hangout! Lol” 

You genuinely wanted to be friends, and meeting up somewhere would be fun. Thomas agreed to it, and you guys planned to meet up at a coffee shop just five minutes away from your home.

The next day, you got ready. You didn’t try too hard since it wasn’t a date. Simply two friends were meeting… for the first time. 

You got your bike, setting your little bag in the basket. You biked over to the coffee shop, hoping this meeting would go well. You were beyond nervous, of course. Meeting up with strangers for the first time was always a bit nerve-wracking. Nevertheless, you kept the king smile on your face. 

“Thomas?” You asked, a smile visible in your tone. Thomas was much cuter in person. He was so tall compared to you, too. He had a baby face, but it was welcoming. 

“Hi, Y/N,” he said shyly. He went straight for a hug. “Nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well,” you giggled, hugging him back.

You both walked inside the shop, Thomas holding the door open for you. You both ordered drinks and sat down. That’s when the talking really started. It was a little awkward at first, but you two soon clicked. The talking wouldn’t stop. There were so many smiles and laughter.

“Want to walk around a bit? Explore the other places?” Thomas asked once both of you finished your drinks. “I don’t want to part ways just yet.”

A smile formed on your lips. “Sure, that sounds great.”

You and Thomas walked around for a bit. The more you walked, the more easier it became to talk to one another. You went into shops together, looking at goofy things and talking the entire time. Never once, though, did he hold your hand. You didn’t expect it, but you wished he would. He was charming and sweet.

As time passed, the sun set, and it got colder. You and Thomas decided to call it a night. You didn’t want to part ways just yet, but the fun had to end at some point. 

“Actually… Do you want to come by my place? For dinner, I mean.”

You were a little shocked my Thomas’ words. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach, even though this was supposed to be just a friend. You couldn’t help but smile and oblige to the invite. 

Thomas helped you pile your bike in the trunk of his car. It surprisingly fit… mostly. After your bike was secure, you and Thomas made way to his apartment.

Thomas did make a dinner as promised. It was tasty pasta accompanied with garlic bread and some wine. Once done eating, you both settled on the couch and watched some TV.

At first, you both weren’t touching at all on the couch. But as time passed while watching the movie, you and Thomas slowly inched closer. It went from no touching, to knees lightly touching, and to then shoulders touching. It was a little awkward then, since there was obvious tension with the light touching. 

“Can I just…?” Thomas asked, raising his arm part way up.

“Oh, yeah, sure,” you blushed, scooting closer to him. His arm draped around you. 

More silence took place, of course. It was only through the middle of the movie, there wasn’t going to be much talking at all. But when Thomas made a silly comment towards the movie, you turned to face him, giggling. He was looking at you as well, laughing. Though it soon came to a stop, both of you locking eyes. 

Your breathing hitched. You knew what was going to happen next, and you wanted it to. Thomas leaned in, planting his lips on yours. The both of you kissed, the kissing growing stronger and more intimate. You ignored the movie now, focusing on kissing the extremely cute boy. 

It got more heated, which made you a little nervous since this was the first meeting. But you let it happen anyway. Something told you he was trustworthy and wouldn’t hurt you. So you both continued, and soon enough shirts were coming off.

“I don’t think friends are supposed to do this.” You giggled, joking.

Thomas gave you a playful look. “Ah, you got me there.” He chuckled. “Is this alright?”

You nodded. “I don’t mind. I’m quiet liking this.”

You two continued making out, having some fun, but it didn’t last long due to your phone going off. It ruined the mood completely. But you checked it, only finding out that you needed to take your birth control pill.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t expect to be staying so long,” you blushed from embarrassment. 

“That’s okay. We should probably get back to the movie anyway.”

You nodded in agreement, cuddling next to Thomas. Little did you know that you and Thomas would officially be together two weeks later.

#11 - What went wrong?

Read: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,  Part 9, Part 10

Also, any text that are in italics are in the past and the rest are in the present form.

Wednesday, 15 June 2017

Jay took the cab home and he specifically told the driver to take the longer route. He just wanted more time to himself to figure what to do. He was staring out of the window, looking aimlessly at the streets of Seoul. 

Should he just tell you or don’t and hopefully this situation will slowly pass away. But how? He is about to become a father, how the fuck is he going to hide this from you. 

You: Oh my god, you scared me! I would have spilled all the sauce on the floor. 

Jay had snuck into the kitchen and hugged from behind. He then moved your hair away from your neck and placed light kisses on it.

You: When did you get home? And stop doing that. I’m cooking right now. 

Jay: I just got home and I think you’re the first person to ever reject my kisses! What are you cooking, babe? Smells really good. 

You: Isn’t it obvious? We’re having pasta tonight and this is the sauce. Here, taste this for me.

You fed a small spoonful of the sauce to Jay.

Jay: Mhmm it’s so good and can’t wait to eat when it’s done. I’ll go and set the table?

You: Yes please! And I bought a few drinks that Jas recommended. They’re in the fridge. 

Jay: never drink during dinner. I like this new you.

You: It’s because the drinks you buy are always so strong. 

Jay kissed you one more time before letting you go to set the table. 


Jay: You should make this for my parents when we visit them next. I know my mum would absolutely love it! 

You: Yeah I’ll make it for them but I’ll add more vegetables to it. Maybe some zucchini or eggplants?

Jay smiled at you and he wouldn’t stop.

You: You’re starting to scare me, babe. Are you having an allergic reaction or something? 

Jay: How did I become so lucky? I’ve got the best girlfriend in the whole fucking world. You’re fine as fuck, cook so well, loving, caring, kind, funny, perfect in every-

You: Alright, alright I get it. You don’t have to list all the adjectives in the whole vocabulary to describe me. I know I’m the best.

You flicked your hair and Jay laughed at you. 

You: Just don’t fuck up and I promise I’ll always be there for you. 


Jay unlocked the door and took a deep breathe. He put his thoughts aside or at least tried his best to, and put on a smile for you. He took off his shoes and headed down the hallway to the living room. He saw that you had already set the table, a red rose in the middle with tealight candles around the kitchen. He looked around but didn’t see you. 

Jay: Baby? Where are you? 

No answer. 

Jay called out again. He then saw you emerge from the bathroom. He noticed you didn’t look too well. Your hair was a mess, no make up on and you were wearing your pjs. He knew something was off since you’re always dressing for the occasion. 

Jay: Hey babe, are you okay? 

Jay walked up to you and held your face up. 

You: I don’t know.. I think I have food poisoning or something. I’ve vomited like twice today. 

Jay: Twice?! Why didn’t you call me? I would’ve went home early.

You: I didn’t to bother you because I know you’re busy with the tour and stuff. 

Jay pulled you in and gave you a hug while rubbing his hands up and down your back. You felt slightly better in Jay’s arms but then you remembered tonight’s special occasion.

You: You must be hungry, Jay. C’mon let’s eat.

Jay didn’t want to let you go but he had to. 

Jay: You go sit down and I’ll get the food, okay?

You nodded.

You poured wine into the two glasses and Jay came back with the food. He set the dishes down and went back to the kitchen to get the rest.

Jay: Mhmm pasta and garlic bread, my favourite! 

You smiled at him and clinked the wine glasses together. The two of ate dinner in silence since you weren’t feeling too well and Jay knew it. He didn’t want to bother you but at the same time, the silence filled his head with the same thoughts that he have been trying to hide from you. He needed to stop thinking about it.

Jay: So let me guess, ice cream for dessert?

You: You know me too well! I’ll go get it.

You came back with Jay’s favourite ice cream flavour.

Jay: Where’s yours? 

You: I don’t feel like having dessert. Hey wait here, let me go get your present.

You went to the second bedroom where you kept his presents and when you walked out, you saw Jay was cleaning up. He never did this on his own. You always had to nag him to do it so why was he doing it voluntarily? You shrugged it off seeing it was your anniversary and Jay was being nice and all. 

 You handed Jay the brown paper bag. 

Jay: Shit..presents? You know I’m not a present type person. You didn’t have to-

You: Babe. Stop it. I bought it already so just open it.

Jay opened the bag and took out an Adidas shoe box. You bought him the latest kicks. It was very minimalistic. It was white in general but it had blue strips on the front and back. You always liked the colour blue on Jay, blue suits him. 

Jay: Oooo nice! I like them, you know I saw these the other day and was about to buy them myself. Luckily I didnt, hey? 

You: Yeah lucky. There’s another present in there as well.

Jay reached into the bottom of the bag and took out a small leather box. 

Jay: Is this a proposal, [Y/N]? 

You: Very funny and it’s not. Sorry to disappoint. 

Jay opened the box and saw it was a gold watch. He took it out the box and saw it had his initials on the face on the clock. He then looked at the leather band and saw your personalised message. It read: Together always xx

Jay: Thanks so much, baby! But umm…I didn’t get you anything…I didn’t have the chance to go shopping and…

You: I’m glad you like them and that’s ok. I wasn’t expecting any presents anyway. I’ve got you and you’re all I need. 

You reached it and gave Jay a kiss. 

Jay: I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, okay? 

Jay kissed you back harder and longer. He then guided you towards the sofa and laid you down.

You: Jay….

Jay looked into eyes and you could a sense of sadness in them. You haven’t been this close to his face in a while and tonight, you saw something different. He had dark circles, his eyes were tired and his cheeks were more prominent then usual. You could sense something was bothering him. 

You: Not tonight. I’m not feeling too well…sorry.

Jay: Sorry? Babe, you don’t have to be sorry. It’s okay. You should rest anyway. Wanna go to bed now or should we watch something?

You: We just ate, Jay. Let’s watch a movie then we’ll go to bed.

Thursday, 16 June 2017

You woke up at the usual time and something felt different this morning. Jay’s arms were around your waist. This hasn’t happened in a while since he was either out the door before you woke up or he would be facing the other side of the bed. You tried not to move too much but after a few minutes of scrolling through your social media, you needed to pee. You tried to move his arms off slowly but he wouldn’t budge. It was like he didn’t want to let go of you. Feeling the urge to pee, you pushed his arms off quickly. Jay let out a quiet sigh and opened his eyes.

Jay: Where are you going?

You: Bathroom and I’m sorry for waking you up.

Jay let out a small smile and then he dug his head into your pillow. 

When you got out of the bathroom, you saw Jay’s phone on the kitchen table. Strange. His phone was like his life. He had most of his song notes, contacts, photos on it and he usually brings it to his bed. He would never leave it lying around even when he’s at home. It is always on him. You picked it up and saw several messages from Gray. You scanned the lock screen and Gray seemed to messaging him the same thing. 

Where are you? / Why aren’t you answering your phone? / Are you with [Y/N]? / Pls call me asap / This is important Jay, pick up your phone! 

You went back to the bedroom and Jay was still in the same position. You climbed back into bed with him and rested your chin on his shoulders. Jay turned around and kiss you on the cheeks. 

You: Gray has been trying to reach you. You should call him now, it sounds urgent.

You handed Jay his phone and he saw the lock screen but he put it on the bedside table. He then turned back to you and you tilted your head to the side.

You: You’re not going to call him?

Jay: It’s probably something stupid. I’ll deal with it later. 

You: Are you sure? Sounds pretty urgent. 

Jay: Don’t you worry, babe. Now can we please cuddle?

You pushed Jay’s hair back and focused on his eyes.

You: Jay…you look different. Is everything alright? 

Jay let out a sigh and tried to pull you but you hesitated.

You: Something is bothering you. What is it?

Jay: It’s nothing. Just work and shit. 

You looked at him closely and tried to get him to talk.

You: You’re lying.  

Jay then turned to the other side of the bed. Facing away from you.

Jay: Drop it, [Y/N]. I don’t want to talk about it. 

You: No, I’m not dropping it. Talk to me and maybe I can help you. Is it something to do with work? Are the tour managers stressing you? Maybe you should ask Simon to help you ou-

Jay: [Y/N]! I said drop it! You’re the last person I want to talk to about it.

You: Are you fucking with me, Jay?! I’m your girlfriend and part of it means that I’m here to help and support you. Why won’t you let me in? I tell you all my problems so why can’t you do the same? It’s not like I’m going to judge or anything. 

Jay: I told you to fucking drop it!

You let out a loud sigh and headed to the living room. You couldn’t stand being in the same room when the two were mad at each other. Just as you sat down on the sofa, Jay walked out of the room. He had changed out of his pjs and headed towards the door. 

And you watched the door close behind him. 


In Loving Memory of Corned Beef 

Gone but not forgotten | The memory of your tasty dishes will live on (until your safe return…) 

1. Bully Beef with White Rice

2. Corned Beef served atop Boiled-Fry Dumplings

3. Corned Beef Pasta with Bacon Bits and Garlic Hard Dough Bread

4. Corned Beef with Fried Breadfruit

5. Cabbage with Corned Beef

6. Cabbage with Corned Beef and Cornmeal Dumplings

7. Corned Beef Breakfast served with ‘Boiled Food’

8. Corned Beef served with Pumpkin Rice

ushiiwakas  asked:

22 + ship of choice!

send me a ship and a prompt!

22. “Can I open my eyes yet?”

Sasha bit her lip, laughter trying to force it’s way from her throat. The calloused hands of her boyfriend stayed firm on her shoulders, leading them through their small apartment. 

When Connie had blindfolded her and locked her in their room when she got home, she expected… well, she didn’t know what she expected. She still didn’t know what to expect, but if her sense of smell was any indication, she assumed they were having dinner.

“Did you cook for me?” She asked, turning her face to Connie.

“Stop moving your head! And yes, I did.” Connie said, grunting when she stopped short. 

“What did you make? Was it pasta? I smell garlic, did you make garlic br-”

“You’ll see! Just keep movin’, will ya?” 

Sasha complied, letting Connie steer her through the narrow hallway.

“Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Not yet!” Connie turned her sharply around a corner. 

“I know where you’re taking me! We’ve lived in this apartment for a while now.” She said, reaching her arms out for the kitchen counter she knew would be there. 

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What I ate Wednesday!

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, granola and berries with a cup of tea.

Lunch: Tuna mayo salad and apple pie flavour trail mix.

Dinner: Pepperoni pasta bake and garlic bread.

Snacks: Two cups of coffee (not pictured), fruit bar, coffee ice cream and strawberries.

Exercise: 5k run and two hours walking.

THE COFFEE ICE CREAM IS LIKE CRACK. - I actually measured out a ‘suggested serving’ because I could quite easily eat a whole tub in one sitting. It’s co-op’s truly irresistible espresso ice cream and I suggest you all go out and buy it right now. IT IS AMAZING.

“there are only two genders!!!”

-Pokemon and Digimon

-Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

- @/writing-prompt-s   and @/drawing-prompt-s

-pronouncing it gif or jif

-vampires and werewolves

-live-action and animation

-Star Trek and Star Wars

-Pennywise and E.T

-Hummingbirds and ladybugs

-How to Train your Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean 

-left handed and right handeds

-owls and bears

-adidas and puma

-wake me up and WAKE ME UP INSIde

-hogwarts and ilvermorny

-garlic bread and pasta

-cartoon network and adult swim

-minecraft and roblox

-Cabinet Battle #1 and cabinet Battle #2

-Garbage and Scooter

-game theory and film theory

-marvel and DC

-stucky and stony

-team iron man and team cap

-apple and android

lol add more