Past Hunger Games - 59th Hunger Games, Rainforest

The 59th Annual Hunger Games took place in a large rainforest, filled with dangerous mutts and poisonous environmental features. The Cornucopia was placed on an island in a large river that spanned the entire river. To get away from the Bloodbath, tributes had to swim through piranha and snake infested waters. Because of the dangers of getting off of the island, no tributes returned to the Cornucopia after the Bloodbath, not even the Careers. Olivia Shepherd, the victor from District 10, won a machete from the Bloodbath, and cleverly cut the leg of another tribute trying to swim from the island, drawing all of the mutts to her opponent and allowing her to make it away. After the Bloodbath, Olivia spent most of her time avoiding the other tributes and mutts by perching in the trees and watching the action below. At one point, one of the other tributes attempted to climb up the tree that she was in, however the boy was much heavier than her and Olivia was able to weaken the branch that he hung by with her machete, causing him to fall to his death. As the finale of the games, the gamemakers sent packs jaguar muttations to attack the remaining tributes. Olivia only won because she was able to outrun her opponents and leave them to be killed by the mutts. Sixteen years later, at the age of thirty-one, Olivia was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell. Although she was one of the younger tributes to participate in these games, Olivia died in the Bloodbath while suffering a bout of paralyzing PTSD brought on by being surrounded by water.

2nd Annual Hunger Games

What looks like a beautiful remote island, is actually this years tributes worst nightmare. This years arena was a isolated island, with underwater caves and killer sharks. Once in the caves, it was near impossible to get out. Many tributes suffered the death of drowning and being eaten alive by sharks.Water in the sea and caves cannot be drunk, only water sorces avaliable are that in bottles at the cornucopia ands in the one lake that has drinking water, but is surrounded by killer monkeys.

Muttations: Giant Killer Sharks. The sharks live in the underwater caves and have huge teeth and a hunger for our tributes. Monkeys that have razor sharp teeth and a thirst for blood.

Cornucopia Contents: Machetes, rope, bottled water, spears, axes.

Parachutes: 7

Parachute Contents: Water. 

Length of Games: 10 days

One the first day of the games, 24 tributes entered the arena, the games only lasted a short seven days and then they were over. In the bloodbath, 16 tributes were killed. leaving just 8 tributes remaining. On the third day 3 tributes were killed by sharks and one tribute was murdered by the boy from eleven. On the sixth day, 2 more tributes were killed by a the boy from eleven, on the seventh and final day, the only tributes that remained were the boy from eleven and the girl from one. The career from district one,slaughtered the boy from eleven in the deadly finally. 

Victor: Jade Gallows, district one, aged 18. received a score of 9

The 38th Hunger Games took place in a mystical dark forest with mythological creatures and plants, where the Cornucopia sat in the center, surrounded by colorful vegetation, showing that beauty can be found in the ugliest of places and that even beauty and hope can be destroyed. Nayeli Morte had volunteered for a young girl like her brother who a couple of years had volunteered for the Games and died, and distanced herself from all the other tributes, pretending to be weak and a screw-up. When the Games began, she used her speed to grab a couple of packs and two twin-blade swords that she had an affinity for. The arena was full of Gamemaker traps including fog that confused tributes, and sinkholes, as well as mutts that inflicted physiological damage and pain. Mutts included a dragon like beast, poisonous bats, and reanimated bodies of dead tributes. Nayeli eventually teamed up with the boy from Four, fighting until it was the two of them left; while the District Four boy had developed feelings for her, Nayeli remained cold and killed him quickly, then, she was finally able to go home.

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The arena of the 68th Annual Hunger Games was home to a particularly wide variety of lethal muttations for the tributes to face. From giant alligator-snakes to wolf-like bats, it was hard to set foot anywhere along this expansive river without disturbing some creature’s territory. In addition to the fear of muttations and the turbulent waters of the river, almost every tribute was influenced by a web of lies spun by the boy of District 1 during their time in training, disbanding any assemblages of alliances while he tricked people into taking out his only competition for Victory without even dirtying his hands. When the time for the finale came, he slit his District partner’s Achilles tendons and left her to die by spider mutts.

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The 41st Hunger Games

Here you have it - my own personal Past Hunger Games profile :) Inspired by peetaismyhero. I have yet to make a graphic. I’ll probably use myself as a face claim. Too bad I missed the deadline for her contest! I tried to get pretty creative with it, and this is what came to me. Enjoy.

Brynne Windhall
Age: 16
District: 9
Kill Count: 3
Weapons/Special Skills: Knowledge of human anatomy; stealth and wit; bolas and barbed eskrima sticks
Won the games by: Took out two of the weakest tributes early in the games, laid low for rest of games, then sacrificed her ally to game mutt

The 41st annual Hunger Games took place in the most inventive and eccentric arena to date – based off of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Wonderland’, and in honor of that year’s game maker coincidentally named Percivus Carroll, tributes played victim to an almost exact adaptation of Alice’s make believe land. The arena was full of fluorescent and deadly plants, making it hard for tributes to determine what was safe to eat. The Cornucopia was located at the heart of the Queen’s Castle, which sat in the center of the arena. A muttation version of the Jabberwocky attacked unwary tributes at timed intervals throughout the arena like a clock, which made for many bloody and excruciating deaths. One hardly ever knew if they were actually going insane, or if it was just the trippy effects of the arena making their eyes believe they were delusional. Among these gamemaker’s tools to destroy tributes, other creatures such as time-bomb caterpillars that sprayed a concentration gas version of trackerjacker venom and mockingjays (which were aimed to portray numerous Cheshire cats) that called melancholy requests of the tributes families to come home were sprinkled across the jungle-like arena. The inevitable bloodbath resulted in only 7 deaths, which allowed a rather disappointing number of tributes to continue to run free and unscathed. This dismally rare occurrence caused the gamemakers to dispose of all materials necessary to the tributes survival and throw a ‘Tea Party’, or in other words, a second blood bath. All the tributes were forced into a remote area and 5 more were killed in a battle for food, water, and shelter supplies. Just for kicks and giggles of the Capitol, actual tea was served at the table. It was up to the remaining tributes if they wanted to enjoy this delicacy in their current state. The 41st victor, Brynne Windhall, a miniscule blonde girl from a medical family in District 9, surprisingly did not use any of the arena’s mechanisms to her advantage. However, she used her knowledge of the human body to pinpoint areas of the spine and neck that would cause instant death, and proceeded to hit those spots with an armed eskrima stick she retrieved from the Cornucopia. During the games, Brynne formed an alliance and became very much attached to a tribute from District 4, who was for some reason not chosen to be a part of the career pack that year. Presumably he did not have a high enough score to be considered. In the end, Brynne and the District 4 boy were the only two tributes left. Heartbroken and disgusted with herself with the end results, the two agreed that Brynne could sacrifice the boy to the Jabberwocky mutt atop the castle. They made a show of a fight for the purpose of entertainment and the safety of Brynne’s family at home, and it was then that she was crowned the victor. After the games, Brynne experienced flashbacks as trippy as the arena she fought in, and remained a beaten down war veteran of the games plagued with dementia. She was not reaped for the 3rd Quarter Quell, as there was another female victor to go in place of her. 


Past Hunger Games - 7th Hunger Games, Badlands

The 7th Annual Hunger Games was a well remembered, precedent setting spectacle for Panem. The victor, Alexandrite Bordeaux, or “Alex”, came from District 1. Alex formed a bond with the tributes of Districts 2 and 4, and the female tribute from his owe district prior to the games, presumably during the training. When the games began Alex and his alliance massacred the other tributes when the gong went off, leading the current Games announcer, Clarence Templesmith, to coin the term ‘bloodbath’. Under Alex’s leadership, the alliance holed up at the Cornucopia, hording all of the supplies and weapons, and making day trips of three people at a time to go out and hunt for the other tributes. Despite the large selections of special weapons during these games, Alex chose to fight with a staff, sweeping out the legs of any tributes attempting to run away across the uneven, rocky landscape, and bashing their heads in. The other tributes in his alliance seemed more terrified him than friendly with him, and it was no surprise when Alex turned on his alliance when only three of them remained, killing his two companions before going out to hunt for the last pair of tributes. During his final interview, Alex said that he had been “preparing for a long time” and keeping himself ready if he was ever reaped into the games. Alexandrite said he had “taken it seriously…like it was a job”. Although training for the games is illegal, the Capitol played it off as if Alex had just been training to keep himself healthy, which ended up helping him in the games. Despite the Capitol's statements on the matter, it was clear to the other districts what was really going on, and lead to the coining of the phrase 'career tribute’. In the years to come it became evident that more and more tributes of the richer districts had been training for the games ahead of time, and it became a norm for the tributes of Districts 1, 2, and 4 to form an alliance, and usually win the games.

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Boasting one of the most expensive arenas to date, the 48th Hunger Games sent the tributes 2 miles above the ground, onto a chain of suspended islands, held aloft by dozens of hovercrafts. One central island held the Cornucopia, and branched off to others with thin bridges. The tributes were forced to endure high winds, low levels of oxygen, and raging thunderstorms. At times, the cloud cover was so thick, the edge of the islands became nearly impossible to see. Tabor became the youngest victor ever by using the dagger he found to attack his opponents’ spines. Once paralyzed, Tabor dragged them to the edge of the islands and sent them to their deaths.

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The 34th Hunger Games took place in an arena that was a combination of a jungle and forest with an ocean. It had very rocky terrain in between with caves and cliffs that often dropped either from a few feet to a few hundred feet. Pash Cursor was the female tribute from District Four. She’s trained to use just about every weapon and was quick. She didn’t join the Career Pack like most Careers, and that made her a target. She trekked through the arena alone until she met Declan from District Nine. The two became allies, as well as crushes. Before the feast, Declan was injured by the Careers and unable to use his bow and arrow. A sponsor sent Pash a gift: explosive arrows. During the Feast, Pash and Declan were ambushed by Careers, but Pash was able to take down two of them. Declan was killed and Pash nearly lost her mind. Later on, Pash befriended the girl from Six and became temporary allies until Caedis from Two killed her. Being the two left, it was a showdown the Capitol had been waiting for. Pash jumped off a cliff and the fight continued on a shore of a beach. Pash and Caedis were attacked by rainbow fish mutts as well as fighting each other. In the end, Pash used her explosive arrows and killed Caedis, making her the Victor.

Want to read the full story? A Game of Luck: One Shot by AzianxPersuasion

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What makes me sad about The Hunger Games is that you have two beautiful story lines (Finnick and Annie + Cato and Clove) that only make little screen time, if any at all. These relationships, as polar opposite as they each are, are so unique in their own ways and have plenty of potential. I absolutely hate to see them be looked past. 


Past Hunger Games - 56th Hunger Games, Plains

The arena of the 56th Annual Hunger Games was seemingly endless plains, with small groves of trees and ponds spread throughout the mostly flat arena. The arena was ringed with mountains that were always far off, and never seemed to get any closer, not matter how hard a tribute would run. The Cornucopia was situated in a copse of trees in the dead center of the arena. The victor, Riley Cane of District 9, entered the bloodbath very briefly, managing to grab a sickle, the only weapon she had any chance of being able to use, and some flint, before fleeing the arena with only minor injuries, and no kills. Riley spent most of her time laying low in the tall grass, well aware that wandering would get her killed quickly. Riley was skilled at tracking, and was able to find her opponents with ease. Using bird calls she had learned while working in the wheat fields of District 9, Riley distracted her prey before surprising them with a vicious attack, using her sickle to cause as many wounds as possible. Riley killed three other tributes before making her way back to the Cornucopia near the end of the games. The two remaining Careers were still hiding out near the Cornucopia in the copse of trees, and Riley used her flint to set fire to the trees, killing both of the Careers. When the other final tribute came to see what was happening, Riley circled around his back and took him by surprise, killing him as well. Riley came out of the games with a few minor burns, and various scars on her hands and arms, which she refused to get cosmetically erased, insisting that they were a part of her now. 19 years later, at the age of 36, Riley was reaped into the 3rd Quarter Quell. Riley was killed during the Bloodbath, and never lived to see her son fight in the Rebellion.

Let's talk about morals for a minute

If you do not recognize God as the ultimate authority for moral uprightness, you get your morals from either one or both of these sources:

- Yourself
- Society

What’s so wrong with that? Well, both these sources are highly subjective and apt to change on whatever other variable whims are presently affecting them.

When discussing morals, one of my favorite examples is The Hunger Games. Complain, if you will, about teenage love triangles, but, on a political level, that book is staggeringly relevant. The book centers around the killing of children. And you say, “of course that’s wrong! It’s horrible!” But why? And who says so? If morals are determined by an ever changing society and personal standards, who is to say that teenagers forced against their will to fight to the death is wrong? Because half the people in those movies thought these killings were, not only acceptable and beneficial, but necessary. In terms of government, it was legal; the media romanticized it. By personal and social standards, it was a completely moral practice.

You see, this “child sacrifice” isn’t such a far fetched notion. There were plenty of cultures who thought child sacrifice was an acceptable practice. They murdered them in the name of the greater good. (Do note that they served them up to FALSE gods, which means the gods were the invention of immoral humans and, consequently, they are, as the humans that created them, subjective and prone to change their moral outlook). So was killing children acceptable back then because the societies determined such?

Let’s take a look at present day. Thousands of children are killed DAILY in the name of moral correctness. If you don’t want your child or think you’re ready for one, you can stop its beating heart and society calls that morally acceptable. Say child sacrifice is in the past, say The Hunger Games will never actually happen, but look around you. We have a more heinous massacre even than that of the holocaust, focused solely on the children. Killing unborn children is not only encouraged, it is applauded - glorified. Sacrificing your child so that you can have the life you want. And, much like The Hunger Games, the government deems it legal, the media romanticizes it, and by personal and social standards killing children is a completely moral practice.

Let’s take a step back to refocus. From The Hunger Games, to child sacrifices of the past, to present day, we see one thing - morals based on humans and society change - all the way to the extreme that killing children is celebrated. Morals cannot come from humans because we are IMMORAL creatures by nature. It is vital that they come from the one person who is completely holy and does not change through the ages - that is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Because He is sinless and without blame, perfectly just, it is to Him that our standard of morality must be held.

the beauty of Jennifer Lawrence

While she still had some down time to herself, she managed to get a hold of past Hunger Games tapes. In her mind she’d like to imagine this as something helpful and that it could be used to her advantage. But for some reason she felt numb to them. Looking at the labels with the past numbers being those of 103rd, 104th, 105th…the list went on and on. 

Finally, she chose one and stuck it in; it was the third Quarter Quell. Finnick had won that year, bringing much pride to her district. She hopes to be like him one day. But as soon as the bloodbath was said and done, she felt a little tinge of fear peak through her. 

This is real. Those were once living tributes, just like me. I will be soon be in their position come the sound of the gong. A slight uneasiness that she hadn’t felt since prior to the reaping sewed its way in. But this is what it’s about. It’s about staying alive and fighting until the end. Nobody is safe.

Sierra then took this opportunity to carefully watch and study each kill; how it was done and what weapons were used in the process. She must prepare herself as much as possible for what is to come.