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Witches & Wolves- Part 1

*Here’s the first part to a hopefully successful series! No, our favorite sourwolf isn’t mentioned in this part, but he may make his first appearance in Part two, so be on the lookout! xoxox*

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I’d never understand the phrase ‘are we there yet.’ Kids never asked that. They could obviously see they weren’t at point B by looking out the window, something my sisters had been doing a lot over the past three day. The real question was something along the lines of-

“How much time left?” That. That was what I heard far too often within the 36 hours of driving I’d covered.

“About half an hour, Magie.” I loved her to death, but a seven year old could only ask so many questions before you had a mental break.

“How long is half an hour” she questioned as she tried to adjust once more in her booster seat in the back.

“30 minutes,” Lorie chimed in before I could even wrap my fried brain around the question. Lorelai had definitely been my rock in the last week, though I had to keep pushing back my impending guilt for making a fourteen year old step up to responsibilities she shouldn’t have to worry about.

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“Lewis…ignore these guys. They’re just trying to mess with your head.”

“R-Right, th-they’re just being silly.”

He chuckled softly, though it sounded a little broken. Though, those thoughts soon left his head as there were more pressing issues. He had wanted to ask Arthur if he knew why he had white hair and a scar, but those left upon seeing his best friend’s current state of being.

“A-Arthur?! What happened to you?!”

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@Connor At least give her a hint that'll slide past real easy because she's oblivious that you like her.

Connor: i’ve been trying but i don’t think i’m very good at hints…..

Namjoon: wow, i just love bananas so much these days, my new favorite fruit, bananas are the best™ i could eat them all day every day



You’re not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek.
Real Friends//Everything I Never Want To Be


Nothing worse than NO WET FOOD

Also, I took a few artistic liberties with the third Gaster Follower…just because it’s a little easier to deal with a complete monster guy than just a weird head sticking up out of the ground. He just looks like a head in the shadows, and he is always sticking to them anyway.

More will be along later!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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