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A close call for Undyne, but she still came out okay! Seems someone else was watching, though…

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Into the Wand... Ok, now what?

My first reaction to Into the Wand looked something like this 

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Which was followed by this

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But when I woke up in the morning and starting browsing the Star vs. tags on tumblr, my reaction was this

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Into the Wand did something the fans have been wanting for awhile now. It gave us some answers on Toffee’s backstory and his connections to the Butterfly family… BUT it also raised some new ones. This will be the main point of this post.

Now, when Star goes into the wand to “find the thing that doesn’t belong” we are treated to an onslaught of things Star remembers. Whether it be something she is used to seeing everyday (Marco’s hoodie and Echo Creek Academy), things from her childhood (Her dad’s chair and the Mewni Castle), to things she never personally saw but might have remembered subconsciously as a baby (The Grandma Room and Little Chauncey).

The Grandma Room is, to put it in simplest terms, the past queens of Mewni portrait hall. Only, instead of standard portraits of royals like we see in history books or on Wikipedia pages, we get Tapestries of important moments in there lives.

Tapestries of queens like Selena the Shy featuring men coming to either court her or learn her secrets as she holds her wand/fan. Solaria the Monster Carver’s tapestry is her kicking monster but and defending Mewni (how much of the threat the monster’s really were is up for debate). However, two tapestries really caught mine (and the fandom’s eye)

First off; Elicpsa Queen of Darkness. i mean, just look at her tapestry.

And then, her little blurb:

“Eclipsa Queen of Mewni to a Mewmen King was wed. But took a monster for her love and away from Mewni fled.”

Bad Girl indeed. Just look at her. Not only do we finally have the spades character, but we have the possibility for a backstory on another queen that isn’t Moon.

Speaking of, her tapestry and blurb… intrigue me.

“The Immortal Monster will long be haunted by the Darkest Spell of Moon the Undaunted.”

Ok, now I’m finally going to get to my theory. First of all: Toffee.

Not only is he down right terrified (as apposed to his usual stoic expression) he also sports some skulls on his shoulders as apart of some uniform. But look at what are on those skulls.

Diamond and Spade cheek marks. We know who the spades belong to, obviously. He might have put Elicpsa’s skull on his shoulder for some symbolic f pride reason but I’m curious about the diamond cheek skull. We already know that Moon has the Diamond’s on her cheek so… how?! (I’m sure Nefcy and crew will figure out someway to explain this but for now, I’m going to just ignore this)

Now, after seeing this tapestry, many people have written off Toffee and Moon’s history as enemies. But, I have to disagree. I mean, come on!

You don’t get have THIS MUCH EMOTION 

from simply being just enemies.

I think there’s more to this story then we’ve yet to see. Maybe they were friends and Toffee just got fed up with Moon’s behavior. Maybe they were a parallel to Marco and Star. However, new theories have come to light and while i’m not behind them completely, I have to admit they have some key theories.

All these new theories have one thing in common, they both connect Toffee and Elicpsa.

Especially after the quasi-Jump Scare scene after Star grabs Toffee’s finger (which I will discuss a bit later). I couldn’t get a GIF so just settle for images.

Many people have started to theorize that Toffee is actually the son of Eclipsa and her monster lover. It’s not an entirely crazy theory. It allows for some of Toffee’s resentment to the Butterfly family be justified. They didn’t approve of his mom and dad’s relationship and practically forced her out and his half-sister blew his finger off. Justifiable and gives him motive. But I do not support this theory due to lack of sufficient evidence (and my own personal head-cannons) and the fact that I think it goes deeper than that. Maybe Toffee and Moon are related, maybe not. Who knows? Obviously, we won’t be getting any concrete evidence until we’re over the halfway mark of the season (and even then that might be stretching it)

Another thing I want to point out is Miss Heinous.

Her cheek marks (Clubs) are a muted grey-ish kind of color. While, for all the other cheek marks we’ve seen, they’re some sort of lively or bright color. Perhaps Miss Heinous is the daughter of Eclipsa and Monster-Lover and was ridiculed as a child and told she was never a “True, proper Princess” and that’s what inspired her to establish St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. It’s all speculation at this point but honestly, I support this theory more than I support the Toffee-Eclipsa’s child theory. Because to me, this has more legs to stand on.

For now, all we can do is wait for more episodes to come out so we can (hopefully) piece together the mystery of Toffee.

However, one of the episode Page Turner is set to air next week and it may cover some of Moon’s secrets, some of Toffee’s secrets, or maybe even some of Celina the Shy’s secrets. I’m hoping for the latter.

Well, that’s about all I have to say on the new episode. I have a few other theories so stay tuned for that. Also expect some other content coming out soon. Until then I’ll see you guys later.

(Also, thought Glossaryck in the tapestries, just hovering cross-legged through all the shit that goes down was hilarious)

The Valet Dopplegangers


Chris discovers that another Doppelganger had been born, kept secret by Gerard and Kate, so they could keep her from joining forces with werewolves. In his attempt to keep his word to Allison he brings (Y/N) to Beacon Hills forcing the pack to look deeper into the Argent’s past and come to terms with their newest member.

(Y/N) and Isaac’s secret codes

(Y/N) Argent

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five 

Part Six

If You Ever Have Kids

Don’t treat them like crap. Please, for the love of God, don’t treat them like crap. Don’t yell at them. Don’t pick on their flaws; you have some too. Don’t put them down by hurling abuse towards their mental health. Don’t make them look after themselves at a young age. Don’t hit them. Don’t ignore them. Don’t make them your slaves. Don’t bring in your past issues as a term of lecture to their current issues. Don’t mock them. Don’t discourage their dreams. Don’t ground them for coming home a few minutes late. Don’t take away their belongings, it’s theirs and they have a right to keep it. Don’t get angry at them if they want food or your advice on something. Don’t scream at them if they forget to do a simple and small task. Don’t roll your eyes if they make a mistake and don’t realise it. Don’t push them to hate themselves so they turn to suicide and self-harm.

Please, listen to them. Encourage them. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. Be positive and accept them for who they are; not what you want them to be. Give them space when they want or need it. Embrace their flaws and help them be comfortable with their skin.


Don’t be like my mother.

The Earth has lost half its wildlife in the last 40 years.

Of course terrestrial wildlife is not the only thing we are wiping out. Ocean fisheries are disappearing fast and most are already gone. Coral reefs are in the process of dying off. Deserts are expanding. Rain forest and dry forest are being cut down and hauled off. Water tables are dropping fast, especially in the world’s most overpopulated places like India and China. And air pollution, especially in China kills thousands every day.

There is no solution to the population overshoot problem because we are already way past the long term carrying capacity of the earth. Simply slowing the population growth and then slowly reversing it in one or two hundred years will solve nothing. Almost all the earth’s wildlife is already gone and what little is left is disappearing at an alarming rate. And all the disastrous things I posted in the paragraph above are speeding up, not slowing down.


when you really thought you two had a thing going on


the chronicles of narnia meme ⇾ [4/5 relationships] the traitor & the white witch: edmund & jadis.
↳ ‘think about whose side you’re on, edmund. mine… or theirs.’

(Y/N) and Isaac’s Code Words / Phrases (The Valet Doppelgangers, Teen Wolf)

The Valet Doppelgangers (Teen Wolf):

Chris discovers that another Doppelganger had been born, kept secret by Gerard and Kate, so they could keep her from joining forces with werewolves. In his attempt to keep his word to Allison he brings (Y/N) to Beacon Hills forcing the pack to look deeper into the Argent’s past and come to terms with their newest member.

Breathing - A Life check, normally used in emergency’s or when one can’t get to the other. One will ask Breathing? and the other, depending on the situation, will reply with a specific code word

Breathing Down - I’m alive but injured

Breathless - I’m to injured to move, I need help

No breath - I’m injured leave without me

Little moon - A phrase Isaac uses to warn (Y/N) that he’s shifting

Hot shot - A very difficult shot to take that could injure others that aren’t being aimed at

Thunder and Lighting - A joke name Isaac gave to a move (Y/N) uses where Isaac let’s her run and push off his arm during an attack

Head for the hills - stay close and hide

Queens Guard / QG- Hunters

Aloof - I’ll catch up with you

Princess - A name Isaac uses to check if (Y/N)’s working with the Argents’. “Still at the Castle Princess?”

At the castle - A large cluster of hunters

Just a little wild / going wild / gone wild - (Y/N)’s way of telling Isaac she’s planning on double crossing the hunters

Ag47 - I’ve been shot with a silver wolfsbaine bullet

Sure thing Tink - “I’ve got a Qg on me like Pan, give me a hand?” “Sure thing Tink”

That’s a lot of red - Lydia’s about to scream

Jeepers - Stiles’ Jeep


when our lights meet, will you know me then?

nerdmorgan  asked:

“What greater tribute can a man offer than his own flesh and his own blood?”

Meeting Jayley in the Shroud would be dreaded by most but Astor finds it cheerily thrilling. At least there’s no boar being brought down beneath claw and fang. He doesn’t look up from his work, fingers meshing reeds with flowers into a wreath which a family will later place upon their barn to keep out prying, red-stained roots.

“Flesh and blood are meaningful but they are… simple. Gap-closers, equalizers.”

How much will she understand? Sometimes he speaks in terms past her understanding but she never fails to ask. So, he continues.

“There are things greater than flesh and blood but they are tribute which oughtn’t be taken by most, only given. One’s own sanity, undying loyalty, trust…”

His fingers have stilled on the wreath.

“Smaller things, too. The slivers of a person which make them what they are, broken down by whatever means necessary.” He doesn’t speak further but they ring in his ears. 

What makes them feel safe at night, the way they butter their bread because it’s how their mother did it, their favorite memory of a sunset with fingers tangled in another’s, the faith in their own footsteps down a well-known road.