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what was daring don't about? i've never seen past season 4 i'm curious why that ones your least favourite

let me make this a bulleted list because wow every plot point in this episode is bananas. although the cold open where rainbow dash tells fluttershy how excited she is about the next daring do book is very cute. that’s the one good part

  • so rainbow dash finds out that the next daring do book is delayed. her first thought, naturally, is to find out where the author lives and go figure out why she’s taking so long to finish the book
  • even though twilight knows that this is a gross violation of her privacy, they all take a trip to the author’s secluded house in the middle of the woods where she clearly does not want strangers to visit her
  • they find her home in disarray and start snooping around in her house and looking through her shit when she’s not home
  • the author comes home and they quickly realize that she is, in fact, daring do. daring do has been real this whole time, and for some unexplained reason she’s secretly published all of her exploits in young adult novel form, and no one has ever figured it out
  • and yes, daring do is still a rainbow dash recolor outside of rainbow dash’s imagination
  • so daring do was in the middle of an adventure, and rainbow dash just HAS to tag along and be her sidekick. she just fangirls over daring do the whole time and is a nuissance
  • at one point rainbow dash makes the most cursed face of all time after daring do makes a subpar quip to her nemesis
  • eventually she remembers how to be competent and helps daring do recover the artifact she was trying to find, and is rewarded for being a total creep by getting written into the next book as daring do’s sidekick. she’s even on the cover

it’s bad


This past season I just haven’t found myself as into RWBY as I used to be. I used to be all about it, checking the wiki and staying up to date with everything, looking forward to when I could watch it every week. yet for some reason I just haven’t been into it as much this season and have been mostly skipping through a lot of the scenes, and I’m not sure why. Honestly part of me misses the old animation as well, even if it wasn’t as good as the current animation. I used to love the show for it’s relationships, yet now it seems like it has been more focused on action which I’m not really about. 

For the anti-SkyeWard or anti-Ward out there

First: english is not my first language. So, Sorry for the mistakes.
Second: try to be polite and don’t hate on fans, actors or writers. Doesn’t make you look like a great person if you do. It’s a Tv show. Not real life. Deal with it.
Third: I was a SkyeWard shipper in the early days. Now I’m a “let’s Daisy be single”
I don’t care what you guys are thinking but after all the shit they put Brett’s character in the past seasons, I am happy to see him again. SkyeWard need at least a closure. We only will see them in an AU place where they are together. One of the most WHAT IF in the past for this ship was “what if they go with the redemption for Ward?” and in this AU we don’t know what they are putting them through. Are they Hydra like May seems to be? How will Daisy react seeing he is not Lincoln but Ward?
You are free to ship whoever you want but let’s be real: the chemistry between Brett and Chloe is irreplaceable.
For me the StaticQuake (Daisy&Lincoln) relationship was forced, but never complain with anyone on the show about it. The lack of chemistry between them was evident. Made their scenes boring. Still they had shippers, and no one said anything. Well the haters are everyone so someone said something but still… not the majority.
I agree it could’ve been Tripp, because Daisy and Tripp had a better chemistry than StaticQuake for sure.
Still… let’s us enjoy Brett back in the show! We don’t know what they are going to do with him, but I hope they give us finally a closure. We deserve it. Brett deserve it.
Lincoln and Daisy kind of had their closure. In a dramatic way, yes, but they did. While Skye and Ward had to deal with all the Hydra-thing just after they were going to start something. Ward maybe was a “nazi”, as most of you said, but you can’t say he didn’t feel anything for Skye. He did.
And if Skye changed and became a total badass is also because all the hydra-thing.
So, let’s see what they will do in this storyline. They messed up a lot in the past, but I definetely miss Brett (as actor), so I’m ready to watch the rest of season!

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Outside of Sailor Moon, what other anime couples remind you of Kallura?

I’m so sorry it’s taken me awhile to respond to this, I got a bit busy! And, when I got around to answering asks, I was like, “Oh, this is something I really need to think about!” I absolutely love this ask–and I loved thinking about it–and I hope I do it justice. :)

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Link’s tubes?

So, this is puzzling me for some odd reason…I know they’ve talked about getting fixed on gmm or gmmore many times, but am I completely wrong to remember Link has actually gone through the procedure already? I can’t remember what episode it was where I think they mentioned something about it. It wasn’t a long talk, but just something like Rhett saying stuff like Link won’t be having kids anymore because his been fixed…Anyone else remember this?

This assumption of mine that he has been fixed just made it a million times more hilarious in yesterday’s episode when Rhett asked if Christy was pregnant again. And it would explain that look of shock on his face. Gosh, i may need to watch all past seasons again, just to find my answer…

Today I really miss Olicity, OTA and lighter days… When you look back at the evolving of Olicity these past seasons, you see two people falling deeply and irrevocably in love. I’m touched by their scenes bc you can feel how deeply they care and love each other. When you look at them now you just wonder “why oh why aren’t they together yet?!”. They look miserable without each other ! They pull a mask saying “I’m doing fine” while we perfectly know they’re not. I know there is a purpose for all of this but today I’m just not really in the mood for a slow burn (again) lol Sorry Lou I don’t want to sound pessimist or complain about the show :( Does it sometimes happen to you to just be fed up by the s/l ?


Hi Deb.

I must admit I don’t get down when it comes to Olicity, simply because I can see how we’re circling back to them so clearly. TBH, I’m all about the anticipation. When a couple is actually together, it’s not the same kind of thrill for me. I love the build up. It’s my fave part of the journey. So, that’s why I don’t find this journey strenuous. This is the best bit for me. Anticipating every episode, wondering if we’re going to get any good Olicity in it. Rejoicing when we do, already full of anticipation for the next episode when we don’t. Because every episode without much Olicity means we’re getting closer to a full on episode with them. 

To me, shipping is like supporting a sports team. You watch every game, with no idea of the outcome, if it’s going to be a good game or a bad one. Knowing it could still be a good game you still lose. But the loss doesn’t deter you from turning up next week. In sports there is no guarantee that your team will ever win. But there is always hope, because while you’re still swinging that bat, you’re in the game. Case in point, the Cubs. I mean, wow, right? It happened. And can you even begin to imagine how those supporters felt? Entire generations wouldn’t have known that feeling. And not one of those supporters would have been regretting the years and decades that they put in supporting their team. Because that was all part of it, not just the winning. 

So, that’s how I view shipping. I never know what I’m going to get each game/episode. But I love the ship, so I turn up to find out. Because my team is playing. And even a bad game/episode is so much better than none at all. 

And when I think of that, I just have one emotion - gratitude. 

I’m grateful that I get to go on this ride, this adventure with Olicity. So grateful that I can absorb some dry times, because I know there is always the next episode, and the next, and the next. I don’t have to win the… umm… Super Bowl of baseball (sorry, don’t know what that’s called) every episode, I just need to know we’re still in the game, and boy, are we still in the game. :D

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?

my reaction if ____ is the season 4 main:

sana: YOOOOOOOO! WE WE’RE RIGHT!!!!! HERE WE GO i’m SO ready to learn more about her like what to we know about her home life??? she has a brother??? who might be married?????? aka nothing we know nothing I’M SO PUMPED SHE’S 👏  GONNA 👏  SLAY 👏  EVERY 👏  DAMN 👏  DAY we gonna get taught everyday!!!!! get taught about islam and feminism and i can’t wait to explore her flaws and her journey oH MAN LETS GOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

even: HOLY SHIT??!?! IT’S HAPPENING ????? THIS IS HAPPENING !!!!!!! I AM 100% NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED who’s ready to cry eveRY DAY I’M ALREADY CRYING OH NO we gonna see his beautiful face so much and listen to him talk and explore his character in so much depth and see through his eyes his bipolar disorder and get backstory and fuCK IM NOT READY I’M 👏  NOT 👏  READY 👏  

literally any other character: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? holy shit??????!