past meet future

I say once again: why oh why couldn’t the Torchwood team meet their doppelgangers?? Preferably evil??? Gods, I want that episode. Big Finish, is there a way you can pull this off on audio? I’m pretty damn sure Gareth David-Lloyd could do anything with his voice, and there are a lot of people who would pay good money to hear two Ianto Jones at once. If not three. 

Everything could stay the same or we could change it all.
- Meet me on the battlefield, SVRCINA

- - - - -

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Okok hear me out,, past Midoriya meets his future self. (Past being like the first semester at UA, or maybe earlier) And past Midoriya gets all excited about how he could finally get answers to all of his questions. BUT OF COURSE, his future self can't really give any details. And while the future self is trying to come up with an excuse on the fly, past Midoriya sees a pretty, gold ring on his hand and then asks "We get married?" -꒰⌯͒•·̫•⌯͒꒱

i adore time travel aus. so much.

kay but what if the ring is engraved with shouto’s name and “even heroes must cry sometimes” beCAUSE IZUKU FORGETS god help me

shouto’s ring, on the other hand, is engraved with izuku’s name and “it’s your power”.

past!izuku would be absolutely  e c s t a t i c. he really wants to know who his future spouse is but he understands that there are some things that he just needs to figure out on his own^^

years later, when izuku sees the exact engagement ring design at a jeweler’s, and, having been in a relationship with shouto for a v long time, he knows it’s time. 

You know I’m thinking of one of those old “characters meet their past/future self” scenarios with Riku and Sora and I’m laughing cause like

Okay okay first of all. Riku is consumed with self-loathing. Like he grabs KH1-Riku and just whispers “shut the fuck up about the keyblade you little piece of shit” Meanwhile overwhelmed by Sora being even shorter and somehow more impulsive than current Sora.

Meanwhile current Sora is just kind of like “oh huh that’s me” and keeps telling Riku to “give yourself a break, you’re just a kid haha!”

KH1-Riku being disgusted by how in love with Sora current-Riku is. Intimidated cause Sora is still just as cheerful but like /holy/ shit is that boy strong. KH1-Sora is just glad they’re friends again. Might start crying because of it.

But. /But./ My favorite thing to imagine is the look on KH-1 Riku’s face when he learns Sora has /two/ keyblades

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I love Past meets Future fics, but I'd seriously love for Mitch and Jonas of present day, to meet eachothers younger selves, like Mitch meeting Jonas just after he got adopted, and Jonas meeting Mitch just after Freddie died, and just being a lil source of comfort. Or Mitch trying to make lil Jonas happy, by letting him pat Buddy (who he is a little afraid of) and Jonas making Lil Mitch food and cuddles, cause Jonas is great with kids

Ttthiiss is r eally really good holy Fuck

if the crown fits | jimin & taehyung

a/n: this has been sitting in my drafts and after some quick editing, i realized it isn’t too bad to end it where i left it off. it would’ve been longer than this but if it’s too much of a confusion, i might continue it

word count: 5671

summary: you were snatched away from a kingdom of societal rules, ballgowns, and crowns by a fire. although you were once lost, you found a home with a commoner named park jimin. however, your past may meet your future in more ways than one. only if the crown fits.

pairing: jimin x reader x taehyung

Beaten leather was the only thing protecting your feet from the rubble of the unpaved streets. While others may find discomfort with each step, you flew by the other citizens with ease… as you reached into each of their burlap sacks to steal the first metal thing your sticky fingertips had touched. By the time you had reached the end of the street, your pockets were heavy with goods.

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The past meets the future:

“Started by Homer Bryant of the Chicago multicultural dance center, Hiplet fuses hip hop and ballet in a style that’s powerful, elegant, and so fun to watch.”

Where Past and Future Meet

Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Genji/Zenyatta
Word Count: 2,986
Summary: Genji and Zenyatta head to Hanamura to deal with the relics of his past life.  Sequel to Something About Us.  Also available on AO3!

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It’s Genji and Zenyatta’s first morning in Hanamura and instead of diving right into seeing the sites, they instead take a taxi out to the edge of town to a building composed out of garages for the wealthy.  It has tall walls with barbed wire on top and a metal gate that creaks open when Genji puts in his code.  They wander the lot until they find Genji’s unit, the last in a long line of identical-looking garage doors and Genji sighs at the lock, his hand jiggling the key absently.  When Hanzo had told him about this place, it had seemed like the only logical choice was to wait until he and Zenyatta both had enough vacation time saved up and then head out here to deal with it but now that he’s standing in front of it, Genji is starting to regret that decision.  He takes in a deep breath and then feels Zenyatta’s hand come to rest on his shoulder.

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anonymous asked:

What's something in phanfiction that irritates you? Like a trope you don't like or whatever.

Ohhhhh, okay! lol Um, specifically in phanfiction, the only thing that bothers me is pet names. I really HATE the pet name “bear” because it’s way overused and the “evidence” that Phil calls Dan that is really nonexistent. If a fic is super well written, I can sometimes overlook it. But, often, it’s literally Phil calling Dan “bear” every two lines and it’s irritating.

In general, I don’t do major character death, incest, past meeting future, Harry Potter AUs, and soulmate fics.


when taylor swift meets my otp(s)

This is the last time you tell me I’ve got it wrong,
This is the last time I say it’s been you all along,
This is the last time I let you in my door,
This is the last time, I won’t hurt you anymore.


Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, CBE, MC (8 September 1886 – 1 September 1967)


I am that fantasy which race has wrought
Of mundane chance-material. I am time
Paeaned by the senses five like bells that chime.

I am that cramped and crumbling house of clay
Where mansoul weaves the secret webs of thought.
Venturer–automaton–I cannot tell
What powers and instincts animate and betray
And do their dreamwork in me. Seed and star,
Sown by the wind, in spirit I am far
From self, the dull control with whom I dwell.

Also I am ancestral. Aeons ahead
And ages back, both son and sire I live
Mote-like between the unquickened and the dead–
From whom I take, and unto whom I give.


“In Me, Past, Present, Future Meet”

In me, past, present, future meet
To hold long chiding conference.
My lusts usurp the present tense
And strangle Reason in his seat.
My loves leap through the future’s fence
To dance with dream-enfranchised feet.

In me the cave-man clasps the seer,
And garlanded Apollo goes
Chanting to Abraham’s deaf ear.
In me the tiger sniffs the rose.
Look in my heart, kind friends, and tremble,
Since there your elements assemble.