past meet future

Everything could stay the same or we could change it all.
- Meet me on the battlefield, SVRCINA

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You know I’m thinking of one of those old “characters meet their past/future self” scenarios with Riku and Sora and I’m laughing cause like

Okay okay first of all. Riku is consumed with self-loathing. Like he grabs KH1-Riku and just whispers “shut the fuck up about the keyblade you little piece of shit” Meanwhile overwhelmed by Sora being even shorter and somehow more impulsive than current Sora.

Meanwhile current Sora is just kind of like “oh huh that’s me” and keeps telling Riku to “give yourself a break, you’re just a kid haha!”

KH1-Riku being disgusted by how in love with Sora current-Riku is. Intimidated cause Sora is still just as cheerful but like /holy/ shit is that boy strong. KH1-Sora is just glad they’re friends again. Might start crying because of it.

But. /But./ My favorite thing to imagine is the look on KH-1 Riku’s face when he learns Sora has /two/ keyblades


I did this time in Rinmarugames Ulquihime in period clothing.

Scenario: Ulquiorra is holding out his hand to Orihime, will she take his hand? Where are they planning to run off to during this moonlight evening? I think this scenario could make an interesting plot for an Ulquihime fanfic ^^

I don’t know why but these clothes Ulquiorra is wearing remind me of Shinsengumi Vice Commander Hijikata Toshizo from that famous black & white photo of him.
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to separate those two in my mind since I read Hijikata’s biography ^^; so similar!

Which speaking of Hijikata I did a second photo in Rinmarugames based on my Unexpected Ulquihime Shinsengumi fanfic.

I had Ulquiorra human self in the chair reaching out to his Arrancar self, sadly they didn’t have any white color clothing for second person, so I tried something that was similar in design to his Arrancar uniform. The Past meets future.

The top images I created all in rinmarugames
Top image ©

Ulquiorra Cifer and Orihime Inoue © Kubo Tite


Past Tord meets Future Tord #eddsworld #Drawing

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Where past and future meet.

The Mercedes-Benz 500 SL Rallye and the Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA at the Stars and Cars event 2015.
Photo by Stephen Reuß.

I have seen The Ruling Class several days ago, and let me just tell you… James is naked ¾ of the time, he rides a unicycle, sings, dances and explicitly touches several female leads. 

At the backstage door, after the performance, he does not need a bodyguard, as he effortlessly coordinates a group of 40-50 people waiting to get his autograph: ‘please, move away from this door, people are trying to pass’, 'can you make a queue?’, 'stand to the right please’. He is relaxed, natural and polite, he takes pictures and talks with everyone. He is also extremely domineering, Alpha-male type of guy and you can only imagine what it’d be like to have him order you in a different type of situation… I’ll stop there.

When I tell him that the play was brilliant, he seems surprised and says 'Really? It was pretty weird, don’t you think?’, so I reply that its weirdness was exactly what made it so special. 

Later on, when I pass in front of the theatre, I see James again, this time leaning on HIS OWN POSTER, talking to someone. James-ception. It’s the funniest thing ever, but obviously I don’t take a picture in order not to disturb his privacy. 

All in all, my Cherik-infused fangirl brain worked for once and enabled me to actually have a conversation, rather than just meaningless small talk. 

Also, if you’re wondering, I really do believe Michael Fassbender should’ve co-stared as one of his FEMALE leads.

Here’s my image of Ash Wednesday: if our lives were a long piece of fabric with our baptism on one end and our funeral on another, and we don’t know the distance between the two, then Ash Wednesday is a time when that fabric is pinched in the middle and the ends are held up so that our baptism in the past and out funeral in the future meet. The water and words from our baptism plus the earth and words from our funerals have come from the past and future to meet us in the present. And in that meeting we are reminded of the promises of God: that we are God’s, that there is no sin, no darkness, and yes, no grace that God will not come to find us in and love us back to life. That were two or more are gathered, Christ is with us. These promises outlast our earthly bodies and the limits of time.
—  Nadia Bolz-Weber