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Whipped...Boyfriend...or not anymore??(PT.6)

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How do you go from being around someone 24/7 to having to get used to their abrupt absence from one day to another? 

Harry can admit he’s felt the cold hands of loneliness clinging to him for far too long. 

He’ll refuse to complain about the sudden rise to fame he’s gone through these past 7 years-he likes to think most of everyone knows that-and give into the idea that it might have stolen what might have been a normal life. It’s given him everything he ever only wished for. 

But he’s not immune to the want…the need to have someone beside him he can love. And it’s not the same as family love, or strong bonds of friendship for that matter-not that he’d ever complain about that either, he’s been lucky enough to be surrounded with a genuine group of friends that will put him in his place if need be. But it’s not the same as having someone he can give his heart to in a different way. Someone who he can wake up to, go to sleep next to, celebrate accomplishments with, and just love in a way every human longs to be loved like. 

He’s had relationships in the past, sure, but those didn’t live to see…hear the words I love you. There was just always too much public interest in who he was dating. Harry knew though, so he couldn’t ever reproach fame for that either. The few, and by that maybe two at the most, relationships that he was able to keep out of public eye never made it past the three month mark. What with having been on the road for the better part of his teenage years, he could never offer any of the girls stability. 

But when he met Y/N, it was different. And he sometimes thinks it’s because they were able to form a strong bond as friends before they became an item. The cliché friends to lovers if you will. 

So the questions stands. How does one manage to lose all of it? He had the girl of his dreams at his side? She knew every kink and flaw there was to him. She made him laugh and did things for him without expecting anything in return, which he’s come to the conclusion it’s hard to come by when it seems all he’s encountered is people wanting to be his friend to benefit themselves. Harry, at one point and he’s not sure when, realized Y/N was someone he absolutely could not live without. It’d taken him so long-too long-to come into terms that it hadn’t once crossed his mind that he didn’t see Y/N as more than a friend not because he didn’t have feelings for her, but because he knew how these things go and what steps follow the previous. 

It goes, strangers to friends. Friends turn to best friends which turn into two people realizing they’ve had feelings for each other. If you’re lucky and someone has the balls to say something, that turns into a relationship. And then after that, there’s only two ways it could go. There’ll be bumps in the road, yeah, but through communication and will, the relationship will see the day of marriage and kids and so on. But…if it doesn’t. You lose a lover, and you lose a friend. So yeah, Harry had been oblivious to Y/N’s love because he didn’t wanna lose her.

So, again. How do you cope with losing your best friend…from one day to another?

It’s the moment he opens the door of their previously shared room to nothing but a made bed and his bags where she’d left them after packing for him yesterday, that Harry realizes, nothing he can ever do or say, will ever make this better.

The wrenching feeling in his gut hits him like a train. Harry doesn’t recall the last time he’s felt this alone, not since Y/N. He could be thousands of miles apart from her, but just knowing that she was somewhere, maybe waiting for him, was always enough to remind him that he wasn’t alone. 

But that was then. That was yesterday, before he confessed. 

Harry didn’t have a hard time finding someone he could bunk with last night. There was really only one person who wouldn’t have asked questions if Harry showed up at their door, emotions a mess and looking like shit. He’d apologized for waking his friend up, and didn’t say much other than ‘can I crash 'ere t'nite mate?’ Grimmy couldn’t say the state Harry was in didn’t concern him, he wanted to ask what’d happened, but he didn’t. He’s known Harry long enough to know that he’ll talk about his feelings when he’s ready. No amount of coaxing will get him to spill anything no matter how much he would press. So he’d patted Harry on the back, making a joke about how he’d have to sleep on the sofa and hope it wouldn’t fuck up his back more than it already was. And Harry was grateful that he hadn’t asked about it, because in all honesty, maybe he deserved to sulk in loneliness. 

What Harry did have a hard time with though, was falling asleep when all he could picture was Y/N’s face. He knows her too well, enough that he can tell when she’s trying to keep her emotions at bay. And it hurt that she wouldn’t even look at him.

But he knows. Harry knows he couldn’t ask her to not be mad.

He knuckles at his eyes, tired not from lack of sleep, but from too much crying. And the noise that erupts from his chest and breaks the silence in the room makes Harry want to break down all over again. 

But he doesn’t. As much as he wants to crawl into bed and wrap himself into the covers until he’s a cocoon-like ball of fabric, he can’t go another second without knowing Y/N’s safe. 

So for the next hour or so, he paces the room, his phone firm to his ear, calling everyone from Gemma to some of Y/N’s coworkers, anyone that could possibly know where she’s gone to. But it seems she hasn’t reached out to anyone. And the thought of Y/N having to go through this alone makes him feel even shittier. 

He’s despondent after what feels like the hundredth call. Until his phone rings, Niall’s name flashing across the screen. 


”'Arry? Ye’ a'right?“ 

Harry doesn’t think he can really answer that, but he exhales audibly none the less, the heel of his palm rubbing at his newly glossy eyes. 

"Yeh, Ni." 

Any other day he would gladly made conversation, but he’s got too much on his mind to even pretend to pay attention to whatever Niall’s calling him for. 

"Ye’ sure, buddy?” Niall pauses for a moment, before continuing, “Picked up Y/N from the airport." 

Harry’s tired eyes open wide at that, "ye’ did? How is she? Is she okay?" 

"She seemed fine, H. Was pretty quiet, though. Everything okay with ye’ two?” Niall’s tone is cautious, knowingly, but cautious. 

“Jus’, stay with her, please?" 

"Yeh, o'course, H." 

"Thanks, Ni.” He ends the call on that. A sigh falls from his lips. His body seems to ache, but he throws his head back in exasperation, both arms and heart defeatedly numb. 


The plane ride back home was anything but settling. 

Three hours. Approximately three long hours spent looking out of a plane window, mind wandering to the what if’s

What if Y/N forgives him? What if she gives him a chance to explain? 

But what if she doesn’t? What if she doesn’t pick up his calls? What if she ignores his texts too? What if she does, only to tell him she doesn’t ever wanna hear from him again? 

What. If. 

Harry feels utterly weak, his feet barely helping his body move. Every step feels heavy, every move forced. 

He thanks the cabbie and hands him some money before exiting the car, bags in hands. 

He sets them atop his doorstep to dig out his home keys from one of the pockets, thankful for the easy find, feebly unlocking the door.

He’d expected deafening silence. But when he leans further in, surprised at the faint noise he managed to hear coming from upstairs, he’s all but tripping over his feet, two stepping up the stairs to find the source. 

His heavy steps halt the ruckus, and when he opens the door, he feels his heart drop to the floor. 

“Y/N.” The name falls delicately from his lips. 

If she was caught off guard any, she doesn’t show. She looks him over once before wiping at her nose and continuing her search through his closet. 

Harry’s stands still at the doorway, eyes fixated on her as she patiently unhangs her shirts from where they hang on rods. Her movements are oddly unflustered.

He watches her walk to and from the bathroom, utilities in hand before shoving them into the same bag she’s packed her clothes in. 

He looks at how she goes to kneel in front of the dresser, opening and closing drawers, retrieving anything that belongs to her. 

Harry’s rendered powerless, not knowing what to do, what to say- where to start.

It’s when he hears her sniffle that he’s brought back, the sight of his raggedy Rolling Stones shirt in her hands bringing back memories of her walking about the flat, doing chores in nothing but his shirt and a pair of panties. 

She folds the shirt calmly, placing it back atop the rest of his shirt and closing the drawer. 

“Y/N.” Harry doesn’t remember at what point the tears started to flow, his eyes sting and he’s sure they’re red, but he couldn’t care less. 

He takes a step forward, his hand instinctively reaching out. 

She doesn’t look at him, though. Instead, she kneels over the storage bench located at the foot of the bed. 

“Y/N,” he tries again, “please. Talk t'me pet." 

Still nothing. 

"I hope you don’t mind me taking these,” she mumbles, holding up a select handful of vinyls.

“Can take 'em all f'ye’ wan’. But jus’ look at me!” He’s desperate, he thinks she can sense that by the way she nearly slams the top down. 

“Just these." 

The seconds pass by with Harry now standing over her, and Y/N motionless, her elbows on the bench and head in her hands. 

He runs a hand through his disheveled hair and over his tired face. 

"S'not what ye’ think.” His voice is soft as he kneels down next to her, eyes trying to search her hidden face for any sign that he can keep going. 

“Didn’t mean for it t'happen,” he continues, testing the waters, “was so out of it, pet. I’d been drinking and I wasn’t thinking and then next-" 

"Harry.” His name gets caught in her throat.


"No Harry." 

Her head whips up, tilting to look at him. 

Harry lets out a slight whimper at the sight of a glossy eyed Y/N, features dejected.

She sucks in a breath, but it does nothing to mask her trembling voice. "You can’t do what you did and expect me to willingly sit around and wait for you to justify it. I don’t want to hear how much of a mistake it was. I don’t want you to tell me that you didn’t mean for it to happen." 

She allows the tears to fall freely, wiping at her cheeks only once before tucking the strands that stick to them behind her ear. 

"I know. I know there’s nothin’ I can say t'justify wha’ I did. But, please, ye’ have to let me make this up t'ye. I promise it won’t 'appen again." 

He looks at her with doleful eyes, the corners of his lips pulled down. 

"No, Harry.” It’s almost a whine, a defeated whine that tugs at his heart and has her looking away from him. 

“Y/N,” he calls out, eyes begging to have her attention back in him, “I love you.”

She looks at him almost painstakingly, chest heaving as she keeps the sobs at bay. 

“I loved you, too Harry. I loved you to the point I let you go once if it meant you’d be happy. I loved you so much that sometimes I thought no one could ever understand it. I loved you too much to ever do anything that would jeopardize what we had. And I trusted you,” she nods her head disapprovingly, “I trusted you with everything and honestly, you were the last person I could ever imagine would hurt me purposely." 

"But I didn’t-” he’s shaking his head furiously, knowing every second that passes is closer to having her walk out of his life if he doesn’t do anything about it.

“But you did. You did, and you hid it and it hurts." By this point, Y/N thinks it useless to try and regain control of her emotions. 

He reaches out to touch her face only to have her abruptly stand up, palm landing at the side of her hip. 

He could feel she would have walked away, if not for the touch. 

He looks up at her pleadingly. 

"I don’t want to lose you.” He admits, broken-heartedly. 

And oh how Y/N wishes she hand never stepped foot in this place. She should have just sent someone to retrieve her stuff, hell she might have just left everything here all for the sake of forgetting. 

But she knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. She knew she would need some sort of closure. 

“You lost me the moment you slept with her.”

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How do you do that?
Stare at me with those emotionless eyes,
like we never had a past.
When ever I look at you my mind drowns in memories I want to forget.
But to you it’s like we were nothing at all.
—  I don’t know who you are anymore

Can I Be Happy, Living With Your Ghost?

You never forget your first love. Never. Especially not when they keep being your best friend, like Bellamy and Clarke. They both moved on with different people, but their hearts hadn’t forgotten where they truly belonged. But Bellamy and Clarke always had the worst timing and life is a bitch , so they have to go through a lot before finding what they really want - or who. Their poor friends, they don’t have an easy time with them. Never had and probably never will.

Because we are all suckers for ex-lovers, angst and slowburn!

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Thanks to my betas Marie and and-so-we-meet-again

Chapter One:  Better Than Me

Flashback to summer 2007 … Clarke and Bellamy met each other’s parents for the very first time … Clarke’s POV

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hurtful words (pt. 2)

summary; just as for Y/N and Shawn, the first week of a breakup can be hard on any couple – but what’s even harder is when feelings are still involved on both sides.


warning; small use of profanity


one week later

You took a deep breath and thought over your actions for the millionth as you sat parked in front of you and Shawn’s shared flat. After today, it’d just be called ‘Shawn’s flat’, because in the back seat of your car contained empty boxes waiting to be filled with the items you had brought to Shawn’s place over the year. Wanting no more to do with Shawn, you and your friends decided that getting your stuff back would be the best first-step of getting over the boy. You weren’t entirely sure if this was the right move, but you wanted Shawn out of your life. 

Of course, everyone makes mistakes and within the last seven days, you’ve grown to accept that people simply forget things sometimes. What you were now mad about were the words that he spewed at you. It still gives you a pang in the chest when you try to rethink everything he yelled at you that night. No one deserves to be thrown around like that, and no one deserves to be called the things that Shawn called you the other night. You still sometimes wonder if you are just being over dramatic, but whether it was rational or not for you to breakup with Shawn was another discussion that would have to wait until you moved all of your stuff out.

Taking the keys out of the ignition, you opened the door to the back of your car to retrieve the three medium sized boxes. Trying to stack them together while walking to the front door was a hassle, but you finally ended up knocking at the door. You had the key, but you weren’t sure if it’d be weird or not to barge in.

After a couple of minutes and no response, you rang the doorbell. You were given back silence. Your patience was beginning to run thin, and you were about to turn your back to the door before you heard the doorknob turn. When the door slowly creaked open, you were greeted by a sight that brought you back to the night of you and Shawn’s latest date. Shawn’s face was puffed red and looked lifeless. When you got a closer look at him, his eyes were bloodshot and were adorned by heavy bags that indicated that he hadn’t been getting much sleep either. His hair was completely disheveled from its usual casual yet put-together updo. You had known that you’ve looked terrible these last few days, but Shawn’s appearance made you look like a super model compared to him.

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I don’t want to cover my tracks
And I don’t want you or anyone trying to cover them for me
I want to see every step I’ve taken
Every print I’ve made
Since first stepping foot on this path
That has led me to where I am now
Because now is spectacular
And I am wondrous.
—  d.c.

dvastatedr  asked:

For The Voltron Family, how was it when Shiro and Keith were still new in the relationship and obviously they would go at like family gatherings and they'd get questioned about stuff. How did it go for them? Were they openly affectionate or no?

[The Voltron Pre-Family AU] When Keith and Shiro were back once again in Japan during the school year, Shiro invited Keith to the Shirogane Family reunion. Shiro thought Keith would object to it, but his boyfriend easily said yes. 

Shiro’s family already knew about Keith but the rest of his relatives didn’t. So, Shiro began introducing Keith around but he was nowhere to be seen.

Minato Shirogane was Shiro’s first cousin and they were the ones who got along the most ever since they were kids. He spotted his cousin sporting a white fringe as if looking for someone and decided to greet him.

“Takashi,” Minato greeted as his cousin turned around. “Who are you looking for? You look worried.”

“Oh, Minato!” Takashi smiled. “I’m looking for my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” Minato raised an eyebrow. “I could’ve sworn you liked girls.”

“People change,” the older one shrugged nonchalantly. “I want you to meet him if only I could find him—” he stopped for a while to smile really wide and said breathlessly. “Keith.”

Minato turned around towards the direction where Takashi was looking and he saw another Japanese guy who was shorter than both of them. This Keith person (quite a looker) smiled back while holding a muffin. 

“Dude!” Keith greeted as he high fived Takashi with enthusiasm. “These muffins your mom baked are so good!”

Minato just eyed them in surprise. Did he just call his cousin “Dude?” And did they just… high fived each other? Weird. Usually, couples would greet with a kiss or something viewed romantically.

“I told you, man,” Takashi smiled. “She makes the best muffins. Oh by the way! I want you to meet my favorite cousin. Minato, Keith Kogane. My boyfriend.”

“Nice to meet you,” Keith held out his shake for a shake. “I want you to tell me all the dirt on Takashi.”

Minato laughed as he took Keith’s hand. “It’ll take a week.”

“I’m here all week. I have all the time.” Keith smirked which earned him a “Hey” and a nudge from his boyfriend. “Anyway, Kuro said he was going to show me something so I’m kinda looking for him.”

“By the garden the last I saw him,” Takashi pointed and off Keith went after saying his “Talk to you later.”

“Are you sure he’s really your boyfriend, Takashi?” Minato crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. “Or did you pay a friend of yours to pretend to be your boyfriend so people would shut up about you getting a girlfriend?”

His cousin just laughed. “Yes, I swear Keith is my boyfriend! We’ve been together for three months now. What made you think we weren’t?”

“Nothing.” Minato hummed, still suspicious about Takashi’s boyfriend since they don’t even act like they were. He would get to the bottom of this and bust Takashi’s lying ass.

Minato was on his way to the kitchen to refill his drink when he noticed that it was already occupied. He peeked inside only to see Takashi sitting on the kitchen island with Keith and they were eating (more!) muffins and they had glasses of pineapple juice beside them.

“Your mom said she’ll probably give me her secret recipe,” Keith mumbled as he munched on his muffin. “Probably. So there’s a possibility that she wouldn’t and if she doesn’t, I’ll just have to force you to bring me three boxes every time you come back.”

Takashi was doubled over laughing he had to bend his body backward. Minato saw that Keith just smiled so wide while looking at his “boyfriend.”

“Oh, cmon, it wasn’t even that funny,” Keith rolled his eyes as he drank his juice. “C’mon, get up or else you’re going to dirty your shirt.” He offered a hand to Takashi who grabbed it and as soon as the older one was sitting straight, he leaned in quickly to give Keith a quick peck on the lips.

“That’s our fifth,” Takashi smiled.

“Someone’s counting again,” Keith rolled his eyes once again, but fondly this time. “I’ll take the sixth one and you won’t even know it.”

“I’ll anticipate our sixth kiss then,” Takashi preened.

“I just told you that you won’t even know it! For all you know, it’ll be in 3 years.”

“I’ll wait for 3 years then.”

“Make that 6.” Keith challenged.

“That only means we’ll be together for such a long time,” Takashi grinned.

“Oh, god, no,” Keith groaned. “Six more years with you.”

“C’mon! Don’t act like you hate it!” Takashi pulled Keith into a warm hug.

Minato blushed feeling like an idiot for even spying on his cousin and doubting his relationship. He smiled to himself knowing that Takashi was happier than he ever was compared to his past relationships. He walked towards the living room leaving the lovebirds alone eating their ridiculous amount of muffins in peace.

Pyramid of a Past Life

This 10 card spread is designed to look at one of your past lives and determine it’s relationship to your current life. 

Card 1: What was I like in my past life?
Card 2: What lessons was I trying to learn?
Card 3: What knowledge did I gain?
Card 4: What qualities do I share with my past self?
Card 5: How does my past life relate to my current challenges?
Card 6: How can the knowledge of my past self be applied to my current life?
Card 7: What has my past life prepared me for?
card 8: What advice would my past self give me?
Card 9: How can I begin to heal the damage of a past life?
Card 10: How can i best integrate my past self with my current self?

This is the very first spread that I am sharing. If you use it I’d love to see your results so tag me! Please don’t repost and please give credit if used. Thanks!

If you are interested in receiving this reading please message me.



being suga's girlfriend includes...

- chill dates where both of you just quietly lay together and don’t say anything
- affectionate moments
- lots of gummy smiles and laughs whenever either of you make a cheesy jin joke
- sharing sweaters
- naps together
- forehead kisses
- holding hands
- running his fingers through your hair
- compliments on all your dates
- deep moments where he’ll just look into your eyes
- gentle, tender first kiss
- rougher kisses later on
- cute hugging mirror selcas
- stealing his glasses
- him chasing you around the house for them
- and eventually stopping to nap again on the couch
- him overdressing on the first date, and reminiscing about it months later in sweatpants and a t-shirt
- playing with holly all the time
- taking photos of each other
- making eye contact during awkward moments and giving each other that look of knowingness
- mutual understanding of what the other person’s feeling, all the time
- having secret romance for a long time before he can’t hold it in anymore
- phone sex ;)
- him having a “tsundere” personality in the beginning, melting away into a super warm cuddly dude
- you laughing at him whenever he gets scared/flustered *ahem fireworks*
- him embarrassedly smiling back, trying to act all cool
- deep 2am conversations about your lives and futures and pasts
- the most beautiful, intimate, loving relationship you’ve ever been in

-admin grace;)
jin is coming up next! get excited!

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Dean (and Cas’) Top 13 Zepp Traxx by @pantheonofdiscord

Rating: Explicit; Wordcount: 82k
Summary: Dean and Cas and the open road, to the tune of Led Zeppelin.
A post-series story in thirteen parts. 

This fic is exactly as it says on the tin: human!Cas and Dean on the road, hunting together, finally finding the time (and their words) to take their relationship to the next level.

By god is this fic beautifully written. It’s chock-full of atmosphere courtesy of the Led Zeppelin soundtrack and the theme of (metaphorical and literal) journeys. Over the course of several cases (some explored more in depth than others, but all are excellent), Dean and Cas try to build a post-series life together. Cas struggles to get used to being human, with all the limitations and perks that entails, and they both have to learn to live with their nightmares and past mistakes. Their blossoming relationship has setbacks and isn’t perfect by any means, but that’s what makes it so damn satisfying to read because it feels so real. The cases are thrilling and well-plotted and the pacing is perfect.

This fic is the closest thing I’ve ever read to my ideal endgame for team free will and Mary, so it made me very emotional. I can’t recommend this enough, go read it now!


Cloud Story:

First season of Adventure Time we talked about doing an episode that took place entirely on a cloud. Finn and Jake would get stuck up in the sky and just talk for the whole episode; relationships, Finn’s past, Jake’s dog side, where their lives will lead, singing songs, etc.

I’m not sure why we never made it, but here are some old notes/storyboards I roughed out for a possible start to the episode. I think it was pretty much stream of consciousness.