A tarot spread to begin looking into one of your past lives. This is just to start you off, it is not going to be extremely detailed.

1. Start of Life: your childhood of this past life, the early years, how you acted and what you experienced

2. Teenage Life: how you behaved in your teenage years and what you experienced

3. Young Adult Life: How you acted as a young adult and how you began your entry into adulthood

4. Adult Life: How did you act? Possibly may tell you about your family and career.

5. Late Life: What was the last years of your life like? Possibly may tell you what lead to your passing.

6. How people saw you: how did people around you perceive you? How did you carry yourself in public?

7. Your inner self: what was your true self? who were you behind close doors?

8. Your purpose: what was your purpose during this life? Did you achieve it?

9. Soul Mate: did you encounter one of your soul mates in this life? Who were they to you? A lover? A friend? A family member?

10. How does this life affect you now? What has carried over from this past life to your current one? Did an experience from this life cause you to behave a certain way now? Has it affected your views?

An Introduction to Karmic Astrology

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Karmic astrology is a type of astrology that doesn’t aim to know what you are, but why you are. Whether it is true or not, it aims to answer this question: “Why am I the way I am?” When people delve into karmic astrology, they usually have a good understanding of themselves first. People primarily study karmic astrology to find an explanation for their lives. This can vary from why they were born into circumstances, and why they were born with certain gifts and weaknesses. People also study karmic astrology to see why people suffer from different things. An obvious answer is that people study karmic astrology simply because they believe in karma and past lives.

In karmic astrology, there is the belief that everybody has a soul and that we go through multiple lifetimes to achieve certain life tasks, and to balance any karmic debt we may create in our lifetimes. Saturn, 12th House, and problematic placements in a birth chart is one of many indicators of karmic debt in a birth chart. Your life task and purpose can primarily be seen through the North Node.

With your birth chart yourself, you have a mix of problematic and harmonious placements. Your problematic placements may be placements that you’ve had due to a karmic debt and/or due to the fact that is a placement that you will aim to master in this lifetime. On the flip side, your harmonious placements may be placements that show mastery from past lifetimes, or placements that can help you achieve your life purpose.

When you are born into the world, your soul will pick various placements for the specific lesson, task, and karmic debt they would like to balance or accomplish. With this, your soul will use various signs and planets to make sure they can achieve a goal. With this being said, the goal people can have is completely unique. With every unique natal chart, there is a unique soul purpose.

There are also many types of souls mentioned in karmic astrology. There are infant, young, mature, and old souls. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find your soul age from a single birth chart because it shows a single lifetime. The chart can give clues to one’s soul age, but there is never a set, technical way to be sure.

With this in mind, the soul can use various signs to achieve their purposes. Although all the signs can be used in the cycles, there are some signs that are most likely to be used in mature lifetimes compared to younger lifetimes. Young souls are the most likely to use earth and water signs while older souls are more likely to use fire and air signs. However, I will repeat and say that any of the signs can be used in any kind of lifetime, because essentially, the signs are chosen for specific purposes.

The study of karmic astrology is very intricate for there are other deeper matters that goes into it. It is a study that involves a lot of intuition and sense rather than technicality and logic. Regardless if you believe in karma or past lives or not, karmic astrology is a subject that attempts to discover a world that is not physical.

Source: Symbols of the Soul by Gina Lake

Shout out to spiritual people who

-have had past life regressions that has scarred them deeply in this life

-have have been abused by spirits or other entities

-have spirit friends that are supposedly characters from a fictional universe

-have been chastised because they dont fit into the social norm

-have been told that they’re delusional because of what they believe in

-have been told that their god/spirit/entity/higher power is not real

-have been told that their experiences are invalid

-feel that they’re not normal because they dont fit in

-feel that they’re alone

-dont feel like they can talk about their problems because no one understands

-especially when it comes to past life memories

You are not alone.

You are not crazy.

You are a human being living a higher experience. 

Have you ever thought about who you were and what happened in your one of your past lives? This spread will tell you! 

  1. Your gender.
  2. The environment you grew up in.
  3. Your childhood.
  4. Your education and how you faired.
  5. Your accomplishments, whether you achieved your goals or not.
  6. The occupation you held for the longest.
  7. Your relationships.
  8. Your family life.
  9. The nature of how you died.
  10. A lesson you learnt in this past life.
  11. Another lesson you learnt.
  12. How this past life could help you live the life you are living now.
  13. Another way this past life could help you live the life you are living now.

“When I was about 11, I went through this really bizarre period in my life where I was exhausted all the time because I had started having really vivid, involved dreams, so it felt like I never slept.

The dreams were linear, and I was the star of them, but I was someone else: a girl named Cheryl who was sixteen years old, living in Texas in the eighties. There was nothing weird about the dreams in general; it was just that, for the entire time I was asleep, I was another person in a different body with a different family, doing perfectly ordinary things.

And the dreams always started out the same way: I would go to sleep as me, and “wake up” as Cheryl (but not really Cheryl, I knew I wasn’t her, but couldn’t convince anyone else I wasn’t). I would go eat breakfast with her family, go to school, take her classes, talk to her friends, and then go back to sleep in her bed and wake up as me again.

This lasted for months (started off slowly, maybe one or two dreams a week, until finally they were every single night). In the real world, I started falling asleep in classes, had an overabundance of migraines (prone to them anyway), was constantly anemic and just generally sickly.

Nothing super awful happened in the dreams, except for the pressure of taking high-school classes with stuff I’d never learned before (because I was actually 11), and trying to pass courses based on material that was way above my age-range. Also, trying to fit in with her family and friends (because I was still me, just in her body, I didn’t actually recognize them or remember them or our supposed in-jokes/family history).

I could pass it all off as just stress and say it was totally unremarkable if it weren’t for the fact that I actually did learn shit from the classes I took at her high school; stuff that I couldn’t have known, hadn’t studied, and wouldn’t learn until I was in high school myself.”

By: heartbreakcity (What is the absolute creepiest yet unexplained thing that has ever happened to you?)

Recovering past lives:

Close your eyes.

You are in a long hallway. There are thousands of doors to your left and right. Between each door is a marble pillar, elegant and strong. The walls are a deeper shade of your favorite colour. Torches dimly light your path. A long thin carpet lines the floor, straight. Each door is a different design and shape. Open the door to your left. It will take you to a memory. Where are you? WHO are you? Is anyone with you? There is nothing you can do here, this is a memory and it will play out the same each time. Don’t try to force it, let it play out. You can leave by turning around. The same door you entered from will be behind you. No matter where you go, the door out will always be behind you. You will enter back into the hall way. Good luck.

*note: if you encounter a mirror that does not reflect your appearance, step through it

*note-note: If you encounter anyone else walking into and out of doors that you didn’t willing invite in, close and lock all the doors. There should be a key to the doors in your pocket. Proceed to the very last door, it is not marked by any pillars. This door leads nowhere. You control everything in this hallway, the hall is yours. Open the last door and let out the wolves.

*note-note-note: The doors farther down the hall are older. The last door (if you ever reach it) is your first life.

You have an ancient knowledge flowing through your veins. That otherworldly yet familiar feeling is the whisper of a memory that wants to come back to you. Do not be afraid. Let your spirit dance with the flames of eternity. Remember the lives you have left behind.
—  Chelsea Skye