A tarot spread to begin looking into one of your past lives. This is just to start you off, it is not going to be extremely detailed.

1. Start of Life: your childhood of this past life, the early years, how you acted and what you experienced

2. Teenage Life: how you behaved in your teenage years and what you experienced

3. Young Adult Life: How you acted as a young adult and how you began your entry into adulthood

4. Adult Life: How did you act? Possibly may tell you about your family and career.

5. Late Life: What was the last years of your life like? Possibly may tell you what lead to your passing.

6. How people saw you: how did people around you perceive you? How did you carry yourself in public?

7. Your inner self: what was your true self? who were you behind close doors?

8. Your purpose: what was your purpose during this life? Did you achieve it?

9. Soul Mate: did you encounter one of your soul mates in this life? Who were they to you? A lover? A friend? A family member?

10. How does this life affect you now? What has carried over from this past life to your current one? Did an experience from this life cause you to behave a certain way now? Has it affected your views?

efer-vescencia  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you know of any spells to conjure any past lives? Or past memories? 🌛🌝🌜 Thank you!

Try thinking of things you like in this life that are not easy to explain, maybe you’ll find there a clue to help your quest *✰

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  • make sure you won’t be disturbed
  • turn off all electronics that might produce light in your room
  • light a candle and place it at one side of the mirror
  • the candle light should hit only one side of your face
  • get into a relaxed position as you would when you’re about to enter a trance
  • empty your head 
  • focus on one part of your face, the eyes seem to do the trick best
  • chant “oracle of lunar light send me the second sight, show me a past life”

note: this spell is not mine

Recovering past lives:

Close your eyes.

You are in a long hallway. There are thousands of doors to your left and right. Between each door is a marble pillar, elegant and strong. The walls are a deeper shade of your favorite colour. Torches dimly light your path. A long thin carpet lines the floor, straight. Each door is a different design and shape. Open the door to your left. It will take you to a memory. Where are you? WHO are you? Is anyone with you? There is nothing you can do here, this is a memory and it will play out the same each time. Don’t try to force it, let it play out. You can leave by turning around. The same door you entered from will be behind you. No matter where you go, the door out will always be behind you. You will enter back into the hall way. Good luck.

*note: if you encounter a mirror that does not reflect your appearance, step through it

*note-note: If you encounter anyone else walking into and out of doors that you didn’t willing invite in, close and lock all the doors. There should be a key to the doors in your pocket. Proceed to the very last door, it is not marked by any pillars. This door leads nowhere. You control everything in this hallway, the hall is yours. Open the last door and let out the wolves.

*note-note-note: The doors farther down the hall are older. The last door (if you ever reach it) is your first life.

Have you ever thought about who you were and what happened in your one of your past lives? This spread will tell you! 

  1. Your gender.
  2. The environment you grew up in.
  3. Your childhood.
  4. Your education and how you faired.
  5. Your accomplishments, whether you achieved your goals or not.
  6. The occupation you held for the longest.
  7. Your relationships.
  8. Your family life.
  9. The nature of how you died.
  10. A lesson you learnt in this past life.
  11. Another lesson you learnt.
  12. How this past life could help you live the life you are living now.
  13. Another way this past life could help you live the life you are living now.

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When I use this, it doubles as an energy reading for me and helps paint a clearer picture!

Past Life Reading

1. Personality attributes of past life
2. Physical attributes of past life
3. Spiritual attributes of past life
4. Overall life
5. Birth
6. Childhood
7. Adolescence
8. Adulthood
9. Death
10. Lesson learned #1
11. Lesson learned #2
12. Past life purpose
13. How past life affects current relationships 
14. How past life affects current aspirations 
15. Current life purpose

Past Life Guidance Meditation

This meditation is designed to get you guidance and advise from your past life selves.

Position yourself in a comfortable way with your back preferably straight. Get into a trance or meditative state with your favourite method.

To start the meditation, turn your focus inwards. Let your consciousness slip deeper into yourself.
You find yourself in the midst of a plateau. It is night and while your feet touch the ground you notice how the stone you stand on isn’t cold, just a little fresh. You look around to take the landscape in: You realize you are standing far up on a mountain with a 360 degrees view. Looking to north, you see the ocean. It is calm yet you can still hear the clashing waves in the distance while the wind blows into your face, bringing with it the saltwater scent.
You turn around to face the east side and find a tall column. It is made of stone with elaborate, delicatly crafted details carved in it and you can see that it is ancient. The further you turn around, the more columns, one upon another, all of similar nature, you find.
You spotted the last column on the plateau and decide to further investigate it. As you do so, you notice that the carved-in details are significantly different from the ones on the first and as you continue to study it, you start to feel a presence behind you. Even before you turn around, you know who this is - it is you, yet a different one from a different time. You feel at peace while turning around.
In front of you stands a past life, greeting you - with words, or a smile, or a nod - and waiting for you to start. Talk to them about your worries or what you need advise and guidance for.
Once you are done, thank them and go to the center of the plateau again. Sit down and close your eyes. Notice your past life approaching and returning back to you, interwining itself with you once again. After that, open your eyes and keep going about your day.

Note that your past lives are not omnisicient as neither are you and they are, inherently, you.

You can go to multiple columns (the columns are the link/door/representation to/of your past lives) in your meditation and talk to multiple past lives. It is up to you, just don’t overwhelm yourself.

A Spell for Past Life Dreams

Lavender Oil
Rosemary oil
White opal
small container optional

Begin with a piece of white opal. Size and quality don’t matter, and jewelry is fine. 

Hold the opal, visualizing your energy pouring into the stone. Recite the following:

“Opal, stone of dreams and vision, I charge you with my will and intention.”

Anoint the stone with lavender oil. Recite:

“By lavender for deep sleep and peaceful dreams.”

Anoint the stone with rosemary oil. Recite:

“By rosemary for clarity and memory. I charge you to show me only truth, and bring me dreams of my own past lives. Show me who I have been and what I have done. Help me to know myself. So it is. So shall it be.”

Place the stone under your pillow (in a container or satchet if needed) or otherwise on your person when you go to sleep. Each night just before sleep whisper to the stone “Give me the dreams I seek”.

Opal is a stone associated with psychic dreams. Lavender is used to relieve stress and induce restful sleep. The scent of rosemary is said to enhance memory. This combination will help to gently unlock the memories you seek.