past life tarot spread

A tarot spread to begin looking into one of your past lives. This is just to start you off, it is not going to be extremely detailed.

1. Start of Life: your childhood of this past life, the early years, how you acted and what you experienced

2. Teenage Life: how you behaved in your teenage years and what you experienced

3. Young Adult Life: How you acted as a young adult and how you began your entry into adulthood

4. Adult Life: How did you act? Possibly may tell you about your family and career.

5. Late Life: What was the last years of your life like? Possibly may tell you what lead to your passing.

6. How people saw you: how did people around you perceive you? How did you carry yourself in public?

7. Your inner self: what was your true self? who were you behind close doors?

8. Your purpose: what was your purpose during this life? Did you achieve it?

9. Soul Mate: did you encounter one of your soul mates in this life? Who were they to you? A lover? A friend? A family member?

10. How does this life affect you now? What has carried over from this past life to your current one? Did an experience from this life cause you to behave a certain way now? Has it affected your views?

You can purchase this specialty reading from my own cards for 30$ via PayPal, shoot me a message! If you read tarot yourself, feel free to use this spread to your heart’s content! Just please do not remove the caption or use my spread for your own profit D:. 

Interested in a custom spread tailored for your question? Hit up my readings page! (if link doesn’t work it is linked in my bio and can be easily searched on my blog ^^)

When I use this, it doubles as an energy reading for me and helps paint a clearer picture!

Past Life Reading

1. Personality attributes of past life
2. Physical attributes of past life
3. Spiritual attributes of past life
4. Overall life
5. Birth
6. Childhood
7. Adolescence
8. Adulthood
9. Death
10. Lesson learned #1
11. Lesson learned #2
12. Past life purpose
13. How past life affects current relationships 
14. How past life affects current aspirations 
15. Current life purpose

zodiac witch aesthetics

aries: candle magick, glamour spells, a super extensive online grimoire, loves pop culture witchcraft, big bonfires with friends to celebrate the sabbats, string lights hung up around their altar , online covens, palmistry

taurus: plants in the windowsill, a purse full of spell sachets, browsing the animal shelter thinking “is this cat my familiar?”, love spells, boxes upon boxes of tea on top of the refrigerator, wire-wrapped crystals, a home that smells like cranberries and acorn squash

gemini: pendulum readings, faerie gardens, an affinity for creating sigils, making witch tip masterposts, a pantry full of sweet magickal syropps, all-year beltane planning, always browsing etsy for beautiful wands and divination tools

cancer: excessive jars full of every type of moonwater imaginable, past life regression tarot spreads, messy and warm kitchen/cottage witchcraft, handcrafted appalachian cleansing brooms, collecting onion cutting tears for use in spells, folk magick

leo: emoji spells, carefully thought out offerings, always burning incense, always answers tumblr asks for tarot readings, an emptied out ice cream tub full of eggshells for protection spells, draws witchsonas 

virgo: beautifully arranged altars, forest witchcraft, “rose quartz is probably the answer”, browsing etsy for tarot card carrying bags, handmade sage bundles, jar spells, keeping witch materials in a thrift store suitcase under their bed

libra: grey witchcraft, pressed flowers in their grimoire, so much selenite, inability to decide what materials to use in a spell so they just throw in everything, attuned to the position of venus in the sky 

scorpio: so many craft store halloween decorations, polished carnelian, placing garlic EVERYWHERE in their house, sex magick, self-protection spells, makes amazing magickal teas and ciders, burning sage leaves with wishes on them

sagittarius: obsidian scrying mirrors, listening to witchcraft podcasts in the car, always willing to help out baby witches, moodboards, hexing corrupt politicians, red jasper bracelets, playing music during rituals, fire witch

capricorn: study sigils scribbled on the inside of their notebooks, solitary meditative hikes, tea leaf readings, keeping a piece of apatite inside their jacket, zombie tarot, rhaspodomancy 

aquarius: detailed dream journaling, analyzing the position of the planets on important days in politics/history, using latin in their incantations, always doing research, weather witchcraft, loves historic witchy art, wants to use witchcraft to make the world a better place 

pisces: bath magick, checking out every witchcraft book the public library has, spells protecting their family, rewriting their grimoire page 10 times because the handwriting doesn’t look right, sleeping with azurite under their pillow

I’ve been seeing a lot of tarot spreads on here that focus solely on a person’s past lives, but I haven’t seen a lot of spreads that show how two people’s past lives were connected. So, I came up with this spread and it’s been extremely insightful!

Also, I should add that this spread isn’t limited to romantic relationships/soulmates. You can use this for family members or close friends!

  1. Person 1 - Present life
  2. Person 1 - Past life
  3. Person 2 - Present life
  4. Person 2 - Past life
  5. Bond/Connection/Relationship you had during your past lives
  6. Why you keep meeting each other
  7. What you should both work on in this life
  8. Outcome of relationship

You can use significator cards if you wish for 1 and 3, but I personally didn’t need them for this spread.

Pyramid of a Past Life

This 10 card spread is designed to look at one of your past lives and determine it’s relationship to your current life. 

Card 1: What was I like in my past life?
Card 2: What lessons was I trying to learn?
Card 3: What knowledge did I gain?
Card 4: What qualities do I share with my past self?
Card 5: How does my past life relate to my current challenges?
Card 6: How can the knowledge of my past self be applied to my current life?
Card 7: What has my past life prepared me for?
card 8: What advice would my past self give me?
Card 9: How can I begin to heal the damage of a past life?
Card 10: How can i best integrate my past self with my current self?

This is the very first spread that I am sharing. If you use it I’d love to see your results so tag me! Please don’t repost and please give credit if used. Thanks!

If you are interested in receiving this reading please message me.

Past Life Relationship Spread

Ended up making my own because a lot of the ones I see focus on romantic relationships, and I wanted something that can be used for a wide variety of relationships. You can use this to ask about your relationship with virtually anyone you knew in a past life - whether friend, lover, or enemy; whether you know them in this life or not; even if you have no idea what your relationship with them was yet. (Since that’s where I’m sitting and what I’ll be using it for.)

1. Nature of Relationship/Connection: the overall nature of the relationship/connection.

2. You: who you were and/or what you brought to the relationship.

3. Them: who they were and/or what they brought to the relationship.

4. Lessons Learned: what you learned from the relationship.

5. How You Met: the circumstances and/or cause of your meeting.

6. Your Feelings Toward Them: your main feelings toward them.

7. Their Feelings Toward You: their main feelings toward you (whether you were aware of it or not).

8. End: how/why the relationship ended. (Opt.)

(Excuse my bad MS Paint demonstration.)


The Time Wheel is a spread that is designed forthose who work with spirits from past lives. It’s to help gain understanding of then and now.  

1. Forced Card: choose card that represents the time/era or the spirit.
2. Reasons for coming into that life or purpose that the two of you had together.
3. Unexpected results, how they changed your life.
4.What they taught you, what you learned
5.How you dealt without them once separated
6.What the spirit has been doing or how they have lived since parting ways
7. Why have they chosen to return in this life?
8. Understanding their purpose for coming back.
9. Relationship between you when coming back together again.
10. What the spirit thinks you’ve lost touch with or what blocks you have.
11. How they intend to help you open back up or help with removing the blocks.

🐝 twin flame/soulmate/past+present+future reading 🐝

similarly to my to my other past/future life reading i wanted to take it a step further and include a twin flame and become more in-depth as i LOVE doing these readings because i find them sooo interesting!! before purchasing please make sure you read my terms and conditions on my first master post  and make sure you read my disclaimer on my blog here ~ i will be using my pendulum (Josephine/Charles) and a few tarot cards within this spread to try get it as detailed as possible!! so heres what you’ll get: 

                                              past life 

❥ how many lives have you had? how many do you have left? 

❥ what era were you born in? when did you die? ~ rough dates 

❥ jobs in that era, what kind of job did you have? 

❥ were you royalty? famous? popular? in a past life 

❥ married? initials? where did you meet? what job did they have? soulmate? were they significant in your life? did they follow you into anymore lives? if you weren’t married to them, did you know them? how many soulmates did you have in each of your past lives? what did your soulmate look like - hair, height, body shape, face shape. what kind of person was your soulmate(s)? what kind of relationship did you have with your soulmate(s)? what were their placements? 

❥ platonic soulmates - how many? initials? what were they like? what did they look like? followed you?

❥ twin flames - did you have any? initials?  placements? relationship with them. followed you? what they looked like. did you meet them? if you did, where you may of met them. were they significant? 

❥ children? how many? signs of the children in each life? what were your children like? what kind of relationship did you have with your children? how old you may of been 

❥ siblings - how many siblings did you have in each life? what was your relationship like with your mother/father in each life? their initials

❥ pets - did you have any pets? what kind of pet? 

❥ gender in all lives 

❥ what were you like and what you may of looked like in past lives

❥ what signs/placements did you have in all your past lives 

❥ any names you want to know if you knew in a past life/anything you may want to add. 

                                                 present life 

❥ do you have a soulmate? if so, how many? do you know them yet? if you don’t, where would you potentially meet them? will you marry your soulmate? names (any people in your life you’d like to know if their your soulmate etc), what your soulmate may look like, what their placements could be, do you have a future with this person? what will your relationships be like? 

❥ how many children will you have in this life? what could their signs be? what will your relationship be like? what kind of parent would you be? how old you may be

❥ do you have a twin flame?  what will your relationship be with them? do you know them already, if not will you meet them? will they be significant in your life? if you do not know them yet, where could you potentially meet them? 

❥ career advice if needed - what kind of things maybe should you look into? will you have a successful career? 

❥ two love cards for you

❥ do you have any spirit guides? how many? (i will not be naming them that’s up to you but this could tell you roughly how many you may have!) and an angel card for any messages they have for you

future life (if you do not have any future lives left, this will be excluded and the price will be brought down!!)

❥ what jobs you’ll have in your future lives

❥ children? how many? what age you’ll have them. what signs they’ll have. what your relationship will be like with them. what they’ll be like. 

❥ soulmate - how many soulmates will you have in your future lives? will it be the same people/person as before? initials of the person? what they look like, what their personality will be like, what kind of relationship will it be? where will you meet? names - anyone from your present life you’d like to know if you’ll know in a future life also. 

❥ what you will look like/what you will be like in all your future lives 

❥ pets? will you have any? what kind 

❥ twin flame - will your twin flame follow you in this life? will you know them in each future life? what will the relationship be like? where would you meet them? what their sign/placements may be in future lives 

❥ what signs you’ll be, what you will be like and what you will look like 

❥ will you be successful? will you have a good life? any baggage? 

❥ and any questions from yourself you would like to know about your future lives 

thank you everyone!! this is a big reading but i want to keep the price lower so the price will be £18 - a little bit more than the previous ones but you can just buy one part of this reading, or two different parts and the price will be lowered ♥ thank you so much for your support everyone - don’t worry yes/no questions, tarot cards, will ALWAYS be free 

please message me if you are interested!!! thank you so much everyone <3 

Past Lives Tarot/Rune/Lenormand Spread

6 8 7
4 5
1 2

1. Your early years
2. Education
3. Occupation
4. Social status
5. Relationships
6. Death
7. Lessons learned
8. Past life’s impact on your present life

Repeat this spread as many times as you like! Eventually the readings will start to seem a little ridiculous, when this happens you’ve already explored all of your past lives. It is also important to remember that not everyone has had a past life, those who haven’t tend to have carefree personality characteristics.

Brighter and more bold souls tend to have less past lives or more as animals, this is because the soul is younger and has experienced less. “Old” souls, or those a little more reserved and cautious are said to have more past lives. Remember that your past lives can be entirely different from the person you as far as gender, nationality and socioeconomic status while still being the same you at the core.

Indications of past lives include Deja’s vu, strange memories, dreams and nightmares of your past lives, fears and phobias, affinities for foreign cultures and languages, passions, habits, unexplained pains/illnesses, birthmarks and many other things. Meditation, other divinations and dream journaling can also bring some clarity.

Past Life Shadow Work Spread

*This spread will help you discover the weaknesses you had in your past life (or lives) that you’ve carried over to this life. It will show you the weakness and provide a solution. How you lay put the cards should be more personal to you however I’ve outlined what each card means to give you some guidance. I am still working on this spread so the details are a bit fuzzy. I’ve used it and it gave me some insight on the personal weaknesses that I seem to have.*

Tags: Past life, shadow work, 8 card spread

1) What was my biggest weakness mentally? This card will have to do with the thoughts you had and any faulty logic you had in your past life that worked against you.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome that weakness. What you can do in this life to change your thought process, logic, etc for the better.

2) What was my biggest weakness emotionally? This card will have to do with any negative emotions that haunted you and held you back from achieving your full potential.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome this weakness. What can you do in this life to work past these negative emotions that haunt you so that you can live an emotionally peaceful life.

3) What was my biggest weakness spiritually? This card will have to do with weaknesses you had in your spiritual lifetime that held you back from having a strong faith foundation.
-The card you pull next will be what you can do in this lifetime to overcome this weakness. What can you do to strengthen your faith. Perhaps not even religiously but also faith in yourself as well so that you can become one with the universe.

4) What was my biggest weakness skill-wise in my past life? This card will pin point what other skills you need to focus your attention on. This weakness caused you to falter in your past life and still remains in this lifetime. It may be a physical talent such as writing or it may simply be that you need to focus on some internal skill such as wisdom or patience or intuition.
-The card you pull next will be the solution to this problem. What you can do in this life to gain a better handle on this skill so that you have the tools you need to do better in this lifetime.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’ll be getting to any requests later today, I took a little mini vacation for two days :)

In the mean time I figured I’d post all of my current deals on tarot readings. As you may know, my family and I care for several animals including five outdoor cats, which cannot be brought into the house due to my father’s severe asthma. Since we’re in the north east, it’s FREEZING! I’m worried sick for these animals. We have little homes we made for them out of boxes and blankets but I want to do more for them. Cat food and shelter are expensive so I’m trying to raise money for that. My deals are the following:

• A $1 donation will get you one of the following:

°3 pendulum questions

°1 card Oracle reading

°1 card tarot reading

• A $5 donation will get you one of the following:

°20 pendulum questions

°3 card Oracle reading

°3 card tarot reading

Any donations under $10 will also receive as many cards pulled for the new year as dollars donated!

• A $10 donation will get you a 13 card New Year’s Reading! The spread is shown above. One card is pulled for each of the 12 months and then you’ll get an additional card for the year overall.

°I can do other large spreads upon request if this doesn’t interest you!

Finally, a $15 donation will get you this past life spread! It includes 14 cards detailing the following:

1. Basic soul nature coming into this past life.

2. Environment.

3. Early years.

4. Education.

5. Accomplishments.

6. Occupation.

7. Social status.

8. Relationships.

9. Family life.

10. Death.

11. Lessons learned during this past life.

12. Lessons learned during this past life.

13. How this past life affects your current life.

14. How this past life affects your current life.

I have the following payment methods:

You can do a monthly pledge of a donation on my patreon! With this you’ll receive the benefit each month for your pledged amount and exclusive patron readings sometimes! The link is

If you just want to do a one time payment, or you want the past life reading or X amount of new years cards, I have a PayPal! The link is

Thank you so much for the continued support ♡ have a happy, healthy and blessed New Year!

past life v2

my other post said about a tarot and pendulum for past life.

This is strictly pendulum and I will try find out:

- what your initials may of been.

- how many past lives you’ve had.

- how many lives you have left.

- what job you may of been involved in - for EACH life.

- what your signs were for EACH life.

- how you may of died, potential causes.

- if you were male/female in EACH life.

- if you were married/independent in EACH life.

- if anyone you know currently was in a past life with you - you will have to give me names.

- what day you may of been born on in EACH life.

- if you had any children, how many? in EACH life - what were their signs.

- what your ethnicity/race may of been.

- did you always live in the country you are in now?

- and 5 questions YOU would like to ask about any of your past lives.

- what you may of looked like

this is quite an in-depth reading, i will be using my pendulum Charles for this. This will be the same price as the other one with Tarot simply because this is more in-depth and there is a lot in it!!

this is priced at £10! i find this all to be very VERY interesting and it amazes me some of the things i’ve been told.

PLEASE read the terms and conditions on my masterpost and PLEASE read my disclaimer on my blog before anything. If you are interested DM me asap!

Thank you ❤️💘💘❣️💞

Opal Moon Readings

Originally posted by darkhelvete

Hello Darlings!

My name is Cay and I’ve been a tarot reader for the past 5 years. I love helping others by tuning into messages to help heal and aid in difficult times. I believe tarot is wonderful tool to stay in touch with your life’s journey. I would love nothing more than to help you grasp a better understanding.

If you’re interested, message me for more details! If you’re confused about which reading you want, I can help you decide.

I wish you well and hope to hear from you soon 😊

👑💄Basic Bitch💄👑 $5

This reading is so basic, you’ll need to pick up a skim fat vanilla latte just to read it. This 4 card spread will tap into the current and future energies of your situation. So go ahead and ask how Brad feels about you, or maybe if you’ll land that summer job.

🌙Divine Feminine🌙 -$7

This reading is all about empowering your feminine side and learning about your own personal strengths. Simply state which area in your life you feel needs to be worked on and the cards will do the rest.

🖋️Post Card Oracle- $10

Sometimes life can become a bit too draining emotionally and it’s hard to always know where to turn. This reading will highlight a message from your spirit guide or what a passed loved one has to say to you. It’s the perfect pick me up with enlightening encouragement.

☀️Celtic Cross☀️ - $10

This is a classic spread that is great for any subject! It will highlight current energies, challenges, past and future, and advice on how to reach your desired outcome!

❤️Mini Love Reading❤️ -$10

You’re dying to know all about your boo thang, right? This reading is perfect for crushes and new relationships! Gives general insight on your energies, their energies, and how the two of you will be together.

💫Spiritual Growth💫 -$20

For those who are serious about their spiritual journey, this reading will give you insight on your soul’s path, where you at on this journey, and what lessons you need to learn in order to level up, one might say.

💚Career Path💚 -$20

Stuck between two decisions? This reading will help highlight what each choice would bring into your life, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what would bring financial abundance into your life. Even if you’re not caught between two options, but you’re scared to take the leap, there is another spread that is full of advice practical and spiritual to help you take that leap of faith!

❤️Commitment Reading❤️ - $20

This is a love reading that is for couples who have been together for a while. Perhaps you’re wondering where this relationship is headed or you want some more insight on what the two of you can work on together? Whatever the case may be, the detailed reading will tap into your energies, their energies, and focus solely on love.

💣Put me on Blast💣 - $25

This reading is not for the faint of heart or sensitive. This reading is all about learning the parts of yourself you hide, actions you may not realize you do, and how others relate to you. Bottom line, it’s about improvement. Easy to read? Maybe not. But the ending will leave you will heartfelt advice and will remind you of your strengths.

🌹Past Life Reading🌹 -$35

Ever wonder why you find yourself reliving the same challenges? Does someone in your life feel familiar like you’ve known them forever? Do you find yourself interested in a specific.time period more so than others? This past life reading is all about discovering which life is impacting you the most today. There will be coincidences and enlightening details that will help you move forward and learn new lessons. This reading will highlight who you were, what you did, people in your life, challenges and how it relates to you now. Pretty cool, right?

❤️Extended Love Reading❤️ -$45

Now’s your chance to ask every question you have about your love life. Be it multiple people you’re interested in or your current relationship. This reading is jam packed with insight and advice.

💎Self Discovery💎 - $50

This is your all in one reading. Learn all about who you are and discover what needs to be worked on. Love, money, friends/family and even how you love yourself. Check out the spread below!

❣️Customized Spread ❣️ -$10, $20, $30, $40

Depending on what you’re looking for in a reading, sometimes it’s best to start from scratch. We will work together on what you’re seeking, and i will create a spread with the agreed number of cards.

🍓Timed Sessions🍓

Is there an emergency? These readings will be delivered instantly through messenger. You can ask as many questions that I can answer during the session. It’s a great way to connect through tarot for immediate answers. Message me to schedule a time!

30 minutes -$30

60 minutes- $60

1.5 hours- $90

2 hours- $120

☀️Want to add pendulum questions to your reading? $1 per question. Great for yes or no☀️

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Past/Kin Life Tarot Spread

Because there are a bunch floating around, but I wasn’t totally happy with any of them, so I just made my own. Feel free to use, edit, and play with it as much as you like. (This was intended for my otherkin past life but can be used just as easily for any past life (or, I imagine, any kin life)! :3)

1. Past Life: a snapshot or summary of your past/kin life. (Opt.; can be eliminated to cut card count.)

2. Personality: personality trait(s) that you possessed in your past/kin life.

3. Physical Attributes: something about your physical body (or your feelings toward it) in your past/kin life.

4. Environment: about your home or the place you spent the most time in in your past/kin life.

5. Family/Relationships: your close relationships in your past/kin life.

6. Past Life Experience: an important event in your past/kin life.

7. Death: how you died, or the circumstances surrounding your death.

8. Influence on Present: how your past/kin life is affecting your life now.

9. Lesson(s): what lesson(s) you need to take from your past/kin life.

10. Remembering: how you can remember more about your past/kin life.

5 Card Otherkin/Past Life Spread

it took me a few hours and a nap to get my brain around to cooperating with me and make this spread. Intended for otherkin and fictionkin, but could work equally well for people trying to discover more about their past life/lives.

Card 1: Significator
This card is chosen at the beginning to represent your kintype, or pulled from the deck first if you don’t know what kintype(s) you have, can’t decide which one to read for, or for Past Life discovery.

Card 2: Childhood
This card gives a general idea of the kintype’s/past life’s childhood.

Card 3: Adolescence
This card gives a general idea of the kintype’s/past life’s adolescence.

Card 4: Adulthood
This card gives a general idea of the kintype’s/past life’s adult life.

Card 5: Lesson Learned
An important lesson that your kintype/past life learned and that shaped the rest of their life.

Past/Future Reading <3

hi!! i’ve made a past-life reading before but I thought of more things to add to make it even more in depth! I will be using my pendulum Charles for this! please read the Terms and Conditions here and read the disclaimer here

♡ what era were you born in your past lives? (all of them).

♡ royalty?

♡ jobs in that era you had

♡ children - how many? what were their signs?

♡ husband/wife? what were their signs? are they in this life too?

♡ how many past lives/future lives you have left and how many you’ve had 

♡  signs of all your past lives

♡  soulmate? how many did you have in each life? are they following you? what kind of relationship did you have? initials?

♡ gender in all of your lives 

♡ successful? 

♡ where you met your soulmate/what were they like?

♡ what years you were born/death

♡ what were you like? nice, mean? 


future lives (if you dont have any future lives, i will do it for your present life - may have to alter some of the questions but we’ll work that out!)

♡ what you may be in a future life 

♡ what you’ll be like 

♡ signs 

♡ children - how many? signs?

♡ soulmate info - what they look like, where you may meet, what they’re like 

♡ platonic soulmates - how many? what they’re like.

♡ what you may look like in a future life


this is quite an in depth reading and i wanted to make it different and as interesting as possible!! this will be £15 ~ or if you’re interested in one section of this reading we can work out a price!!!

DM me if you’re interested!!!!! and make sure you read the terms and conditions and the disclaimer!! LOVE YOU ALL  ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Past Life Resources

A collection of things to help discover/remember/learn about one’s past lives.

Date of Last update: August 15th, 2018


Past Life Memories Spell via themanicnami (post includes non-flashing gif)

The Avatar State via red-moon-witch

Three Eyed Raven via red-moon-witch 

Tarot Spreads

Past Life Reading via witchy-oats

Pyramid of a Past Life via littlewitchystar

Reincarnation Spread posted by reoccupiedcoven with credit given to “How to Read Tarot Spreads” by Sylvia Abraham

The Time Wheel Spread via Eternus Amici (this spread is aimed at learning about your relationship with a spirit you knew in a past life)

Past Life Spread via themanicnami

Past Life Tarot Spread via the-journey-of-the-fool

Meditations and Visualizations

Recovering Past Lives via welcome-the-ghosts

Past Life Guidance Meditation via silkensorcerer (this is no longer a valid URL, so the link directs to my blog, science-and-sigils)

Past Life Spread

For royalautumnfrost​ 

Card One: Your Gender. 19. The Lord of the Forest. This card represents a very strong masculine energy, leading me to believe that I was male in this particular past life. 

Card Two: Your Family. 24. The Child. This card indicates joy and wonder which seems to me that my relationship with my family in that life was pretty good. Also because of the age of the Faerie on the card I get the idea that I may have been the youngest in the family. 

Card Three: Identity/Personality. 33. The Faerie of Growth. This card is one of the 8 sprites, who are young and mischievous. They aren’t malicious but rather they are full of joy, I feel as if that is how I was. Similarly growth isn’t still, it’s constantly changing and moving forward to the next stage. 

Cards Four and Five: Critical Situation. These cards are a snapshot—a “Kodak moment,” if you like—of a critical situation that aroseduring your previous life. 6. The Queen of Owls & 30. The Green Woman. Both of these cards involve physical healing but they are also incredibly feminine, so it would make sense to draw the conclusion that someone I was close to a woman was injured physically. I suspect based on the cards to come that what ever hurt this woman in my life did not survive what ever harmed her. 

Card Six: Response. 43. The Lady of Sorrows. This good Lady does not let go of her hurts and I suspect that neither did I after something happened to a woman in my life. As a response to the critical situation in my past life, past me build walls around his heart and suffered for it. 

Card Seven: Life Lesson. 56. The Challenge.  This card is loud and clear, push past the obstacles. Go for it. Break down the walls. 

Card Eight: Influence on Your Present Life. 50. The Hidden One. This card is supposed to reveal how the past effects the present. The Hidden One tells me that my awareness is higher. I am watchful because of what happened in my previous life.

Knowing about a past life is one thing; knowing how to use this information to foster positive change and growth is another. 

Card One: Honoring the Past. This card suggests something you can do today as a means of acknowledging the work you performed in the past. 17. The Rox. This card is basically tell me to make an effort. I suspect it leads back to how I handled the critical situation by closing myself off. 

Card Two: Putting Wisdom to Work. This card suggests a way you can put your past life experience to work today. 47. The Big Behind. This card is telling me to remember to look behind me. To find new perspectives and to know my options. 

Card Three: Looking Forward. 11. The Prince of Shadows. This card is a bit of a warning, because this Prince like his name suggests is darker than most. He warns of addiction danger. I’m taking this as a warning to not over use this spread because I’m very curious about past lives and I could let it consume me if I’m not careful. 

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Past life

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