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Questions for Tarot Reading

Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with questions for tarot readings on the spot, whether you are giving the reading to yourself or if you are getting it done by another. Here is a small guide to hopefully help you with better wording your questions.

What shouldn’t you ask?

A good place to start is with what you probably should avoid. This does change reader to reader so this is not always true, but some typical things are:

  • Avoid Yes/No questions, these may be fine for pendulum readings but they are very difficult for tarot reading which gives you more details than a simple yes or no. Limiting yourself to yes/no questions can make the reading more difficult to interpret and even in my case when I get yes/no questions I am sometimes left baffled at what the card could mean.
  • Avoid questions that dig into another’s life. This could vary between readers, though such questions can be rather rude such as asking how two other people’s relationship is going or asking about a person’s secret life like “what is K keeping from me?”. these are generally avoided because well, they are rude and can make readers uncomfortable. Instead try to reword these questions such as “How could I improve my relationship with K, i feel like we are distant?” It is much more proper and involves you showing more appropriate interest in this person’s life
  •  Try not to ask outrageous questions. This should be a bit obvious but asking a tarot reader “how will the world end” or “when will WW3 happen” etc may seem funny but again, it is a bit rude. It is very mocking to us, try to ask questions we can actual try to answer. 
  • Don’t ask about your own death or when/how you will die. Though this is not agreed on by every reader, I know myself and many are uncomfortable with this question and will not answer for numerous reasons, including that we don’t want to scare or panic someone.
  • Health and Medical Advice. many tarot readers are not comfortable answering questions about your health or the health of others. We are not doctors or medical professionals, go and ask these questions to someone with knowledge in the subject, not us
  • Mental Health/Illness questions. Many tarot readers will not answer these questions because again, we are not professionals. Please seek professional help about your mental illnesses.
  • Always ask the tarot reader what questions they are not comfortable answering. This varies so much between person to person, so if they are doing free readings or event readers, check their FAQ if they have one or ask them what questions they are uncomfortable in asking. They will appreciate your courtesy and it can also ensure you don’t end up asking things that they won’t want to answer.

How can I come up with good Questions to ask?

This is a bit more difficult than what you can’t ask for it, again varies person to person. But as a general list of suggestions, here are some common questions that many don’t mind answering and can be nice for you too:

  • How will my week/month/year go? Simple but good for a general overall reading
  • How can I improve my relationship with _____? Not too nosy into the other person’s life and also gives you some information you can work with
  • How will my schoolwork/career go this month/term? 
  • I feel distant from _____ how can we best approach this problem?
  • What should I focus on this month?
  • What is holding me back? What can I do to improve myself?
  • What energies are around me today/this week/month?
  • What should I be more aware of in my life?
  • What is something i have been blind to recently?
  • I want to improve my ____, how can I approach this?
  • What are some good things coming my way?
  • What are some bad things coming my way?

There are many other questions you can ask but these ones above are some good general ones to start with.

When asking questions, try to make them about you rather than others. This is because you are the one getting the reading, not the other person. Plus, again some tarot readers may have personal preferences not to answer questions relating to another person’s life without their permission.

Remember not all tarot readers will do the same things! Always ask, if they don’t mention it in their FAQ if they are comfortable answering the following:

  • Love/Romantic Readings: I know other tarot readers who will not answer questions related to whether your crush likes you or how another person’s relationship is going. It makes some people uncomfortable due to lack of consent in some forms of these.
  • Communicating with Spirits or the Dead: not all tarot readers work with spirits so they may not wish to try to communicate with them
  • Questions about the Deceased or Death: again, some people are really uncomfortable with these types of questions
  • Deities: not all tarot readers are willing to communicate with your deity for you or see how your deity feels, especially when they are not connected to that deity or have a very different religious standing. Please respect that
  • Past Life Readings: not all tarot readers believe in past lives so not all will be willing to do a past life reading
  • Spreads: Not all tarot readers if they are offering you free readings will be using spreads. Spreads take time and a lot more energy 
  • Entity Communication: these would include communication with fae, merfolk, dragons, angels, demons, guides/guardians, and many other things. Not all tarot readers are willing to interact with these entities for you, especially if they are inexperienced with them or uncomfortable.
  • Revenge Readings: these would include questions related to how you can get someone back for something they did, if they will get punished for it, etc. Again, many readers may not be comfortable with these types of readings due to how aggressive and the wish of harm to come onto another can put people off.

Please always remember that tarot readers will be doing the absolute best to give you a clear, accurate reading. But, take readings with a grain of salt, things change all the time, so the reading may not always be 100% accurate. Don’t attack the reader for this, for they are trying their hardest to give you a good reading. Things aren’t always accurate, though we all try to be as accurate as possible to give you good advice. Sometimes the reading may seem like one thing will happen but something else happens, we readers make mistakes too. We are human. And the future is ever changing. Just remember that a reading you are given is never carved in stone.

I hope this has been helpful to you all and has aided you in understanding what questions to ask when getting a reading done. Have a wonderful day all of you!


Today’s free reading will be Past Life. This one card reading asks, “What is a lesson you are meant to learn in this lifetime?” You know what to do…but if you don’t hi how’s it going. Just like this post and I will do that reading for you. If you are comfortable, feel free to reblog this post.

These readings are absolutely free. Freely given and I hope freely taken. But if you are feeling generous contact me for donation details.

If you are feeling like you want something a bit more in-depth, visit my shops and have a look around if you got some change to spare. All the support I can get would be massively appreciated. The links to my shops are in my description.

Bless you all and I am looking forward to working with you.


Spiritual Services

I was holding off on doing this for a long time, but lately it’s been a bit of a struggle to financially support myself and parent, so if you are interested or could signal boost, it would be of great assistance and deeply appreciated!

Toritsugi mediation, where you can tell me as a minister any appreciations, apologies, requests, or most importantly troubles, issues, anxieties, worries, and relay them to Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama,  will always be at no cost and private and confidential. I want to help anytime I can, and pray for any request you may have.

That being said, please read below for other services!

Please email me at if interested!

I cannot take anonymous requests or tumblr ask requests, please use my email.

These are to support myself and living costs.
The prices vary depending on the amount of time and energy I put into the reading.

Readings will be delivered within three days of receiving payment.

Please understand all services are to support living costs, and due to the nature of spirit work I cannot refund you if you are not satisfied with your reading. (In terms of results, but the detail and accuracy to the best of my ability is guaranteed.)

However, I do offer free consultations and any support about the reading.

With that being said, here is what I can offer:


Divination Services

Standard Tarot Reading (3 cards) - 5$

Intermediate Tarot Reading (7 cards) - 10$

Full Spread Tarot Reading (11 Cards) - 20$

Kami Oracle Cards
Standard Kami Oracle Reading (3 Cards) - 5$

Intermediate Spread Kami Oracle reading (7 Cards) - 10$

Full Spread Kami Oracle reading (11 Cards) - 20$

Pendulum Session (5 Questions) - 5$

Pendulum Session (10 Questions) - 10$

Pendulum Session (Custom) - $1 per question, please email me. 


Rune Reading - 10$


Esoteric Services

Past Life Reading/Energy recall - (if consultation approved, 20$)

Higher Self Reading/Energy identification (If consultation approved, 20$)

Guardian Spirit Identification/Reading - (If consultation approved, 8$)

Identify deity energy/aura reading - (If consultation approved, 5$)

Priest Services

For any of these listed, please e-mail me for consultation at

the service fee and approval depends on if you are local or farther away.

Shinto blessing (For yourself, another person, or Home, Car, Dojo, Items)

Shinto Wedding

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Kamidana purification

Pacifying spirits of the dead / relief from violent spirit

Divination Services

[Ask box link]

I need to raise money to cover the travel costs (~500$) to get to my school everyday, so in lieu of that, these are the services I’m offering:


Divination using a 78 pack of cards. Currently only using the Shadowscapes deck.

  • [EDIT] These are now $1 per card because these types of readings are too draining to be free.
  • However, if you would like to donate after I’ve done your reading as a thank you or something of the sort, I wont turn that down.


  • General readings or specific questions are both welcome. Please, no health questions.
  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU'RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.


Divination using a deck of playing cards.

  • 1 to 3 cards are free/donation based. If you donate any amount, I will get to your reading first. Free readings get second priority but I will get to them.
  • Spreads larger than 3 cards are ranged $1-5. Rarely will it exceed 5$, and it will usually be around $2-3.


  • General readings or specific questions are both welcome. Please, no health questions.
  • I will usually answer in 1 to 2 cards. This changes on a reading-to-reading basis.


Form of divination using the shuffling of songs and their lyrics to help answer questions.

  • Until I get some more practice, these are always free as well.
  • However, if you would like to donate after I’ve done your reading as a thank you or something of the sort, I wont turn that down.


  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU’RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.
  • Don’t forget to add the number of skips you want.


A weight on a string used to divine “yes/no” answers to questions. I will be using my amethyst necklace for this.

  • [EDIT] These are 50¢ per question, since I get a lot of pendulum questions, and I don’t want to make these too expensive.
  • However, if you want to donate more, thats great and I seriously appreciate it.
  • If I’m wrong, Ill will give you a refund (:


  • Yes/no questions only.
  • I have the right to turn down a reading if I feel uncomfortable answering the question.
  • I wont be answering any “does [insert name here] love me/does [insert name here] care about me/ what does [insert name here] feel for me” UNLESS YOU’RE OFF ANON AND EVEN THEN IT WILL BE A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

Astragalomancy (Dice)

Divination using dice.

  • These are always free for now since I have had little practice in this area.
  • Like I’ve recited above, donations received after a reading has been done as a sort of ‘thank you’ will never be turned down.


  • ???????
Dear Young Readers of Tumblr

Attn: young readers of tarot, runes, past lives, if you are a psychic or medium offering readings through developed gifts…


You are all beautiful and amazing and full of love. It is not my intention to refute your obvious giving natures nor is it my intention to be harmful or mean in any way towards you. Your work is completely okay. Your beliefs are completely okay. I am an older, experienced person in the field and I am just here to offer a few words of advice to you.
Let me not be inscrutable.
I see that some of you may make mistakes here and there (who doesn’t?) but it is imperative that you know the things I am about to tell you so you do not unintentionally hurt those that come to you for guidance and help. You may need to know these things for yourselves too.

1. Please, PLEASE do not use Ouija boards or advise anyone to use Ouija boards. They are extremely difficult to use properly, and even then, you must be skilled and experienced when you use them. These are not toys, they are gates to negative vortexes. My sister’s friend is living a horror story, a lifetime of haunting regret, because of a Ouija board. Be careful!
2. Do your research. What comes from spirit is wonderful. Spirit often uses the knowledge you’ve acquired in this lifetime to reveal to you the messages that they have. Learn, read, experience, expand your horizons. Formulate beliefs, methods, synergy. It will help you in your readings.
3. It is highly unlikely that you or the the people you read or the people you meet or the people in the country next to yours are the reincarnation of any celebrities. Let’s face it, readers that say those things to clients are usually deemed charlatans. Although I believe in past lives, and I believe we all have had many incarnations, the likelihood of meeting and knowing someone who carries within their human vessel the spirit of Janis Joplin is far fetched to say the least. (Btdubs, according to Sylvia Browne, Janis won’t incarnate again until the 2020’s. Sylvia was renowned and I still take what she said with a grain of salt.)
4. Do not mingle with evil spirits. I am even going to go as far as to say: do not mingle with earthbound energies, because they are lowly, their purpose is not to do anything but drain you. You might say, “but I can help them.” Sure, you can help them without communicating with them. Use salt or sage and tell them to go into the light. Lather, rinse, repeat. To rehabilitate a soul is to walk a dangerous ground. The spirits of sociopathic serial killers should not be co-mingling with the living, nor attaching themselves to you, so you may need to stop that before you get hurt and deceived. You cannot do anything for anyone, except, perhaps, lead them to help themselves. That is all we can really do for others, living or dead. Other than that, spirit guides, angels, spirits of the light - these are examples of those that you can commune with. Don’t get me started on creatures of different realms (i.e the fae, et’s, etc.) but let me say this: there is a duality in nature as in all things, good and evil, dark and light. Please don’t learn the hard way by jumping into realms without knowing. Sometimes we cannot come back from “the hard way” when it comes to darkly energy of which we know little.
5. I feel a lot of you already know how to protect yourselves. I don’t really need to say it, but I will throw it in anyway because it’s major. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or you don’t know how to protect yourself, then learn. Read, read, read. See what is out there in the many books floating around in the world. What resonates with you is what is right. Always know that.
6. Always, ALWAYS ask for verification from any entity. You have to identify what you’re working with. You’re asked for proof that you drive and you give a license - ask for proof from spirit before commencement. Ask for proof from any creature. You’re allowed. You have to know what you are working with, you can’t just allow anything to traipse on in.

*some of you who read this that follow me may be personally affected by the examples and names used in the aforementioned. This is because I was personally affected by what I saw on your blogs. I want you to be safe and that is my only desire in writing this.
10 card Past Life Reading -Closed!

So my past life spread should be finalized sometime tomorrow! It’s probably gonna be a 10 card spread and I’d like a few people to test it out on!

I’ll do this reading for the first 5 people who can guess 1 of my top 5 disney/pixar movie (1 person per movie). No Anons please! The reading will be a private one!

@liveyourownpeace @maevna since you 2 provided feedback I’d love to offer you 2 a reading. Let me know if you’re interested!

@ the Anon who gave feedback I’d like to offer you a reading too! Come off Anon if you want 💕

If you already recieved...

Either a free past life reading OR an energy reading for free during that offer, and requested another one of those two, I do have to delete your SECOND request, due to sheer volume of requests. I can only do ONE free pastlife/energy reading per person. That limited time offer IS over, and I won’t be taking any more requests for free past life or energy readings. Paid readings are always open, though. And the free one card tarot, pendulum, and three card lenormand readings are still open! Check out prices, rules, information and disclaimers at! You can also donate to help me out of a crummy situation at or

Thanks for your understanding (and for putting up with that wall of text!) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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For inquiries:

Spiritual Commissions Masterpost

TA post of spiritual workers on tumblr offering free and paid spiritual work. (Please message me if you would like to be added to or removed from this list)

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Readings are Open!

Hello, all! Since I love doing divination and helping people out and am currently saving up for a new deck, I’d like to offer my services to the Tumblr community! I have a variety of both free and paid services.

1 Card Tarot Readings - free

1 Card Past Life Oracle Readings - free 

Single Pendulum Questions - free

Single Stone Rune Readings - free

3 Card Tarot Reading - $5

3 Card Past Life Oracle Reading - $5

Variable Grab Rune Readings - $5

5 Card Tarot Reading -$7

5 Card Past Life Reading (3 oracle cards and two tarot cards) - $7

9 Card Tarot Reading - $10

9 Card Past Life Reading (3 oracle cards and 6 tarot cards) - $10

9 Rune In-depth Reading - $10 

Every Card Past 9 for a Past Life or Tarot Reading - +$1.50

Jumpers (cards that jump/fall out of the deck while I shuffle) - free and do not count toward the total you paid for.

In-depth reading session - $15 dollars per hours

No more than three Past Life oracle cards will be drawn for any Past Life reading as the format I do them in does not lend itself to more than three cards being used. The tarot cards added to the past life reading are to help get more detail and gain more insight about the reading.

If you get a free service from me, that leads you to purchase a service, you will pay the cost of the next bracket down. If you only want a service from the lowest price bracket, you will either be able to choose to get two more cards free of charge or receive a two dollar discount on your reading.

In-depth reading sessions are done over Skype or Discord and will be scheduled for a specific day and time. You may break a session up into multiple smaller sessions if need be.

All Tarot readings can either be done as a freeform Q&A or be done as part of a spread.

If you would like your free reading to be kept private, please say so in the ask or request a reading via DM. If you are fine with the reading being public, request it via an ask. All paid readings will be kept private unless consent is given for it be shared publicly, and your name will not be attached to it in anyway to protect your privacy.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and any questions related to mental health or physical health should be handled by a professional only. Divination is never a substitution for seeking medical attention.

anonymous asked:

can i get a past life reading as O?

Hey sure thing! I’m pretty sure I know who sent this in so I’ll check and see if I can send it into you.

Here’s what the cards say:
You had a content life in the beginning. A happy one with family, prosperity, and happiness.
You probably won some money early on (money could mean success, power, or items) and this money was unexpected or came from an unexpected source.
A sense of justice was connected to the money.
Perhaps you were working on a commission (maybe a general or a judge?) to earn this money?
You probably had your own business or worked for yourself.
You were large and unafraid of the world around you that you were connected to.
As the card suggests, you might’ve been a hermit lol.
You were an analytical mind.
Formal or informal studies were a big part of your life.
Alone time or solitude wasn’t foreign to you.
Also analyzing or re-evaluating a situation is shown perhaps.
You could either be a teacher or a seeker of knowledge.
Withdrawal socially is shown so you could find yourself.
Writing or journal keeping may also be relevant.
Your intuition and inner reflection is something mentioned in this area of your life. 
You followed your instincts and hunches.
Dreams, omens, and mysterious things draw you in and are very relevant in your past and present lives.
Mysterious and spirituality are/were important.
During this point in your life, there was an end of a matter.
Perhaps you reached the bottom and were moving forward with new hope. This was probably a very low point in this life.
Spiritual awakenings may also be indicated.
You felt trapped in a situation and restricted.
You also felt the weight of many obligations and you were fixed on a negative road of action. I’m pretty sure you either left this place or area.
Anxiety, worry, anguish, and overthinking are all shown.
Sleep may have/may be rough.
Stress may run high.
You may have blown things out of proportion and feeling despaired.

Hope this helps!
Past Life Oracle Reading
Hey there. If you are here then you have an interest in learning a little more about how your past lives are affecting your current one. This reading is meant to help jump start your journey. It will touch upon 8 aspects that bind the past to the present and even touch the future. No question is needed. I will simply focus on your energy and do a general reading. By purchasing this reading you are agreeing to receive the information and take the time to process it. Unlike other readings, this may take some time to resonate with you. This is a no-frills reading, which means there are no pictures and will consist of the reading information only. This reading will be emailed to you within 1-2 days of purchase. The reading will be in the body of the email and not a downloadable file. If you want this reading sent to another email besides the one associated with your account, let me know. This reading will be in English only. Any questions, feel free to message me. **Got a question? I will take a keyword instead. So heres an example. Your keyword is powder…do I know what powder means?…nope but you do. It will allow me to focus on the proper energy. For Entertainment Only

anonymous asked:

I want to do a past life regression. I was thinking of getting a tarot reading but idk how easy that would be to understand so I thought about going to a professional. But I'm paranoid about choosing the right one. Do you have any suggestions or pointers on how to choose the right one

First of all, I don’t recommend past life regression because it takes you back to your life starting backwards, at the moment you died. You will remember what it feels like to die, and if you suffered while you died or had anything traumatic happen that caused your death, you will feel that suffering or trauma and you’ll get to carry that with you for the rest of this life.

But if you must, to go a professional who can put you under hypnosis. A tarot reading isn’t really going to tell you much of anything, if at all. 

free readings r closed

if u r still interested in getting a reading frm me pls check out @card-kidz

oracle and pendulum readings r only $1 

tarot readings r just $2 per card

i co-run this blog w my friend. if ur looking for something super indepth/past-lifey they gotcha covered. or if u like whatever the hell u wanna call the shit i do, name me or my decks in ur ask~

o and that means more options than just the angel answers oracle. I have the tarot of pagan cats, and they have several tarot decks to choose from including the cosmos & shadowscapes tarot. 

check out our bios &prices page over there for the details & hit us up~

thx 4 the support, pls rb if possible