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A tarot spread to begin looking into one of your past lives. This is just to start you off, it is not going to be extremely detailed.

1. Start of Life: your childhood of this past life, the early years, how you acted and what you experienced

2. Teenage Life: how you behaved in your teenage years and what you experienced

3. Young Adult Life: How you acted as a young adult and how you began your entry into adulthood

4. Adult Life: How did you act? Possibly may tell you about your family and career.

5. Late Life: What was the last years of your life like? Possibly may tell you what lead to your passing.

6. How people saw you: how did people around you perceive you? How did you carry yourself in public?

7. Your inner self: what was your true self? who were you behind close doors?

8. Your purpose: what was your purpose during this life? Did you achieve it?

9. Soul Mate: did you encounter one of your soul mates in this life? Who were they to you? A lover? A friend? A family member?

10. How does this life affect you now? What has carried over from this past life to your current one? Did an experience from this life cause you to behave a certain way now? Has it affected your views?

Have you ever thought about who you were and what happened in your one of your past lives? This spread will tell you! 

  1. Your gender.
  2. The environment you grew up in.
  3. Your childhood.
  4. Your education and how you faired.
  5. Your accomplishments, whether you achieved your goals or not.
  6. The occupation you held for the longest.
  7. Your relationships.
  8. Your family life.
  9. The nature of how you died.
  10. A lesson you learnt in this past life.
  11. Another lesson you learnt.
  12. How this past life could help you live the life you are living now.
  13. Another way this past life could help you live the life you are living now.

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The Time Wheel is a spread that is designed forthose who work with spirits from past lives. It’s to help gain understanding of then and now.  

1. Forced Card: choose card that represents the time/era or the spirit.
2. Reasons for coming into that life or purpose that the two of you had together.
3. Unexpected results, how they changed your life.
4.What they taught you, what you learned
5.How you dealt without them once separated
6.What the spirit has been doing or how they have lived since parting ways
7. Why have they chosen to return in this life?
8. Understanding their purpose for coming back.
9. Relationship between you when coming back together again.
10. What the spirit thinks you’ve lost touch with or what blocks you have.
11. How they intend to help you open back up or help with removing the blocks.

Questions for Tarot Reading

Sometimes it is very difficult to come up with questions for tarot readings on the spot, whether you are giving the reading to yourself or if you are getting it done by another. Here is a small guide to hopefully help you with better wording your questions.

What shouldn’t you ask?

A good place to start is with what you probably should avoid. This does change reader to reader so this is not always true, but some typical things are:

  • Avoid Yes/No questions, these may be fine for pendulum readings but they are very difficult for tarot reading which gives you more details than a simple yes or no. Limiting yourself to yes/no questions can make the reading more difficult to interpret and even in my case when I get yes/no questions I am sometimes left baffled at what the card could mean.
  • Avoid questions that dig into another’s life. This could vary between readers, though such questions can be rather rude such as asking how two other people’s relationship is going or asking about a person’s secret life like “what is K keeping from me?”. these are generally avoided because well, they are rude and can make readers uncomfortable. Instead try to reword these questions such as “How could I improve my relationship with K, i feel like we are distant?” It is much more proper and involves you showing more appropriate interest in this person’s life
  •  Try not to ask outrageous questions. This should be a bit obvious but asking a tarot reader “how will the world end” or “when will WW3 happen” etc may seem funny but again, it is a bit rude. It is very mocking to us, try to ask questions we can actual try to answer. 
  • Don’t ask about your own death or when/how you will die. Though this is not agreed on by every reader, I know myself and many are uncomfortable with this question and will not answer for numerous reasons, including that we don’t want to scare or panic someone.
  • Health and Medical Advice. many tarot readers are not comfortable answering questions about your health or the health of others. We are not doctors or medical professionals, go and ask these questions to someone with knowledge in the subject, not us
  • Mental Health/Illness questions. Many tarot readers will not answer these questions because again, we are not professionals. Please seek professional help about your mental illnesses.
  • Always ask the tarot reader what questions they are not comfortable answering. This varies so much between person to person, so if they are doing free readings or event readers, check their FAQ if they have one or ask them what questions they are uncomfortable in asking. They will appreciate your courtesy and it can also ensure you don’t end up asking things that they won’t want to answer.

How can I come up with good Questions to ask?

This is a bit more difficult than what you can’t ask for it, again varies person to person. But as a general list of suggestions, here are some common questions that many don’t mind answering and can be nice for you too:

  • How will my week/month/year go? Simple but good for a general overall reading
  • How can I improve my relationship with _____? Not too nosy into the other person’s life and also gives you some information you can work with
  • How will my schoolwork/career go this month/term? 
  • I feel distant from _____ how can we best approach this problem?
  • What should I focus on this month?
  • What is holding me back? What can I do to improve myself?
  • What energies are around me today/this week/month?
  • What should I be more aware of in my life?
  • What is something i have been blind to recently?
  • I want to improve my ____, how can I approach this?
  • What are some good things coming my way?
  • What are some bad things coming my way?

There are many other questions you can ask but these ones above are some good general ones to start with.

When asking questions, try to make them about you rather than others. This is because you are the one getting the reading, not the other person. Plus, again some tarot readers may have personal preferences not to answer questions relating to another person’s life without their permission.

Remember not all tarot readers will do the same things! Always ask, if they don’t mention it in their FAQ if they are comfortable answering the following:

  • Love/Romantic Readings: I know other tarot readers who will not answer questions related to whether your crush likes you or how another person’s relationship is going. It makes some people uncomfortable due to lack of consent in some forms of these.
  • Communicating with Spirits or the Dead: not all tarot readers work with spirits so they may not wish to try to communicate with them
  • Questions about the Deceased or Death: again, some people are really uncomfortable with these types of questions
  • Deities: not all tarot readers are willing to communicate with your deity for you or see how your deity feels, especially when they are not connected to that deity or have a very different religious standing. Please respect that
  • Past Life Readings: not all tarot readers believe in past lives so not all will be willing to do a past life reading
  • Spreads: Not all tarot readers if they are offering you free readings will be using spreads. Spreads take time and a lot more energy 
  • Entity Communication: these would include communication with fae, merfolk, dragons, angels, demons, guides/guardians, and many other things. Not all tarot readers are willing to interact with these entities for you, especially if they are inexperienced with them or uncomfortable.
  • Revenge Readings: these would include questions related to how you can get someone back for something they did, if they will get punished for it, etc. Again, many readers may not be comfortable with these types of readings due to how aggressive and the wish of harm to come onto another can put people off.

Please always remember that tarot readers will be doing the absolute best to give you a clear, accurate reading. But, take readings with a grain of salt, things change all the time, so the reading may not always be 100% accurate. Don’t attack the reader for this, for they are trying their hardest to give you a good reading. Things aren’t always accurate, though we all try to be as accurate as possible to give you good advice. Sometimes the reading may seem like one thing will happen but something else happens, we readers make mistakes too. We are human. And the future is ever changing. Just remember that a reading you are given is never carved in stone.

I hope this has been helpful to you all and has aided you in understanding what questions to ask when getting a reading done. Have a wonderful day all of you!

Past Life Connection Spread by Intuitive-Witch

This spread can be used to further explore a past life connection you feel with someone in this life. Divining past lives isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of intuition and imagination to put everything together. Nonetheless, I hope this will help you gain some insight into how you might have known the person in question and how that relationship affected you in the past.

1. Central Theme of Your Relationship: What was the overarching theme of your connection? Keep this card in mind as you continue your reading to contextualize the other cards. I personally like to use an oracle card in this slot as opposed to a tarot card.

2. First Meeting in Your Past Lives: What brought the two of you together in the first place? This might also clue you in to the nature of your relationship (romantic, family, business partner, etc).

3. Developing Your Bond: What happened between you that really strengthened your bond and connection? This might be a tragedy that drew you closer or a business arrangement or any number of things. This card may help you understand the dynamics of your relationship.

4. Challenges to Your Relationship: Did something happen that posed a threat to your relationship, or were there parts of your personalities that conflicted? This card will tell you what obstacles you had to overcome with one another.

5. Positive Impact of Your Relationship: How did your relationship benefit the two of you, or possibly others who knew you? This might show you some of the lessons you learned or qualities you developed because you knew this person.


Today’s free reading will be Past Life. This one card reading asks, “What is a lesson you are meant to learn in this lifetime?” You know what to do…but if you don’t hi how’s it going. Just like this post and I will do that reading for you. If you are comfortable, feel free to reblog this post.

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Bless you all and I am looking forward to working with you.


Free Psychic Readings Open

Hi, all,  I am offering free readings! You can have any of the following:

1.Tarot - Animal Patronus deck. (Actually called “Animal Totem” deck if you want to look it up but that shit is culturally appropriative as fuck. It was gifted to me by a kindred spirit and a great deck though!) The number of cards I will pull varies depending on how clear the response is. Please note if you ask for this, I do not do 1 card readings because I think they’re typically shit. I will give you an in-depth write up for your question and generally do a 5-6 card spread so these take longer (a few days depending on number of asks).

2. Zoomancy - Animal divination. I’ve been doing this for years and this is my favorite way of divining for myself. I ask a question and take a walk or drive. Animals show up and their symbolism and behavior determines your answer. Depending on my health, these are going to take a bit longer as well but they’re usually really interesting and cool. 

3. Capnomancy - Smoke divination. Incense scrying for your answers. Pretty quick.

4. Open - I meditate and speak with my guides/higher self. These are quickest and usually pretty straightforward. Please specify if you want to know what (if any)  spirits are around you or in your space. I’m a medium and most of the time I can pick up on this very quickly. 

5. Past life - Where did you live? What did you do? What time period? I’ll let you know how this relates to your current situation. These readings can be taxing and lengthy so be aware it may take a bit longer to post. 

6. Aura - I can tell you what your aura looks like and what the colors mean. These ones don’t take too long! I can explain how best to see yours as well, hmu if you’re having any problems trying to see yours or other peoples’ auras–include questions in the ask. 

7. OPEN WITCHY ASK - If you have any questions for me, I’d love to help! I’ve been a medium my whole life and have a lot of experience with working in astral, OBE’s, working with ghosts, demonic entities (not as common as you’d think), tulpamancy, crystals, chaos magic,animal and plant communication, familiars, divination, and sigils. :) . I’ve had a lot of weird alien contact since I was a kid as well. No expert but i do a lot of research and can probably direct you to some reading if you’re an experiencer or just interested.

. Depending on the volume of asks and if my body cooperates (currently off work trying a new treatment for my intestinal disease,), it may take a few days for me to post your reading.

 In the message, please specify what you’re interested in having the reading for (love life, career, spiritual, health, friendship, future, specific situation, etc.) and if you’d like the response to be public or not. 

Be as specific or nonspecific as you want but I will post all answers publicly that do not specify.

I had a dream last night that my Lyran guide was explaining how tonal healing works. I just started a new medicine that makes me experience energy a bit differently than what I am used to (an empathic hot mess) so I’m eager to get some practice. Happy readings, babes! :D

** PLEASE also for the love of christ I’m begging you all not to ask for relationship readings if you have something else. Last time I got SO MANY relationship asks. Please give me some variation I’m fucking begging you lol**

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To those new to the spiritual community

Tumblr can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Here are some lessons I learned the hard way:
- If someone gives you a reading that just doesn’t resonate with you, it’s probably not accurate. Trust your gut.
- Think critically. Spirit work can be very exciting and enthralling, especially when you first start out, but remember that the people you’re speaking with are just people like you. People can be wrong in their readings and their opinions.
- If you’re struggling or unsure, get a second opinion. Get a third opinion. You can never have enough opinions.
- Do your own readings, while always maintaining a critical mindset. Always hold your own experiences over someone else’s word.
- Never hold one tumblr user/friend up as the ultimate authority on everything spiritual. That’s a very dangerous mindset
- I know I said this before, but trust your gut and intuition above all else.

If you think you’re being spiritually manipulated, please come to me for advice! I’ll be happy to help

Past Life Shadow Work Spread

*This spread will help you discover the weaknesses you had in your past life (or lives) that you’ve carried over to this life. It will show you the weakness and provide a solution. How you lay put the cards should be more personal to you however I’ve outlined what each card means to give you some guidance. I am still working on this spread so the details are a bit fuzzy. I’ve used it and it gave me some insight on the personal weaknesses that I seem to have.*

Tags: Past life, shadow work, 8 card spread

1) What was my biggest weakness mentally? This card will have to do with the thoughts you had and any faulty logic you had in your past life that worked against you.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome that weakness. What you can do in this life to change your thought process, logic, etc for the better.

2) What was my biggest weakness emotionally? This card will have to do with any negative emotions that haunted you and held you back from achieving your full potential.
- The card you pull next will be what you can do in this life to overcome this weakness. What can you do in this life to work past these negative emotions that haunt you so that you can live an emotionally peaceful life.

3) What was my biggest weakness spiritually? This card will have to do with weaknesses you had in your spiritual lifetime that held you back from having a strong faith foundation.
-The card you pull next will be what you can do in this lifetime to overcome this weakness. What can you do to strengthen your faith. Perhaps not even religiously but also faith in yourself as well so that you can become one with the universe.

4) What was my biggest weakness skill-wise in my past life? This card will pin point what other skills you need to focus your attention on. This weakness caused you to falter in your past life and still remains in this lifetime. It may be a physical talent such as writing or it may simply be that you need to focus on some internal skill such as wisdom or patience or intuition.
-The card you pull next will be the solution to this problem. What you can do in this life to gain a better handle on this skill so that you have the tools you need to do better in this lifetime.

Did a past life tarot reading and I think I was a priestess of Aphrodite and I’m shaking and trying not to cry I’m in shock.

Top Left - Who I was - IV Lilith - sexual power, dominance, freedom, wildness, fire, independence, and sexual expression

Bottom Left - What my life was like - 2 of Fire - faith, working from the core, self discipline, inner light and true center

Top Right - What I did - X Wheel of Fortune - wealth, prosperity, spiritual enlightenment, fortune, manifestation, divine, abundance

Bottom Right - What I loved - VI Ecstatic Union - power, animating forces, union with spirit, aspiration, uniting with deep desire, fusion with sexuality and sensuality and spirituality

I’m pretty sure whatever I did had to do with Aphrodite because I think she has been trying to talk to me since I was young. I’m shaking I’m so shocked and excited and in awe.


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Spiritual Services

I was holding off on doing this for a long time, but lately it’s been a bit of a struggle to financially support myself and parent, so if you are interested or could signal boost, it would be of great assistance and deeply appreciated!

Toritsugi mediation, where you can tell me as a minister any appreciations, apologies, requests, or most importantly troubles, issues, anxieties, worries, and relay them to Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama,  will always be at no cost and private and confidential. I want to help anytime I can, and pray for any request you may have.

That being said, please read below for other services!

Please email me at if interested!

I cannot take anonymous requests or tumblr ask requests, please use my email.

These are to support myself and living costs.
The prices vary depending on the amount of time and energy I put into the reading.

Readings will be delivered within three days of receiving payment.

Please understand all services are to support living costs, and due to the nature of spirit work I cannot refund you if you are not satisfied with your reading. (In terms of results, but the detail and accuracy to the best of my ability is guaranteed.)

However, I do offer free consultations and any support about the reading.

With that being said, here is what I can offer:


Divination Services

Standard Tarot Reading (3 cards) - 5$

Intermediate Tarot Reading (7 cards) - 10$

Full Spread Tarot Reading (11 Cards) - 20$

Kami Oracle Cards
Standard Kami Oracle Reading (3 Cards) - 5$

Intermediate Spread Kami Oracle reading (7 Cards) - 10$

Full Spread Kami Oracle reading (11 Cards) - 20$

Pendulum Session (5 Questions) - 5$

Pendulum Session (10 Questions) - 10$

Pendulum Session (Custom) - $1 per question, please email me. 


Rune Reading - 10$


Esoteric Services

Past Life Reading/Energy recall - (if consultation approved, 20$)

Higher Self Reading/Energy identification (If consultation approved, 20$)

Guardian Spirit Identification/Reading - (If consultation approved, 8$)

Identify deity energy/aura reading - (If consultation approved, 5$)

Priest Services

For any of these listed, please e-mail me for consultation at

the service fee and approval depends on if you are local or farther away.

Shinto blessing (For yourself, another person, or Home, Car, Dojo, Items)

Shinto Wedding

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Kamidana purification

Pacifying spirits of the dead / relief from violent spirit

This is my book of questions you send, i dont write all of the question just the information i need. Since i started writing down the questions, which i didnt do in the beginning, i have 235 questions written down.

All safe all ready, i write the answers under your question, even tarot cards and then interpret from there in an orderly as they came in matter. A little behind the scenes action 😙 blessings to you and yours.

Past Lives Tarot/Rune/Lenormand Spread

6 8 7
4 5
1 2

1. Your early years
2. Education
3. Occupation
4. Social status
5. Relationships
6. Death
7. Lessons learned
8. Past life’s impact on your present life

Repeat this spread as many times as you like! Eventually the readings will start to seem a little ridiculous, when this happens you’ve already explored all of your past lives. It is also important to remember that not everyone has had a past life, those who haven’t tend to have carefree personality characteristics.

Brighter and more bold souls tend to have less past lives or more as animals, this is because the soul is younger and has experienced less. “Old” souls, or those a little more reserved and cautious are said to have more past lives. Remember that your past lives can be entirely different from the person you as far as gender, nationality and socioeconomic status while still being the same you at the core.

Indications of past lives include Deja’s vu, strange memories, dreams and nightmares of your past lives, fears and phobias, affinities for foreign cultures and languages, passions, habits, unexplained pains/illnesses, birthmarks and many other things. Meditation, other divinations and dream journaling can also bring some clarity.

sarawwwrrrr  asked:

Hello, I was wondering if it were possible/safe to do a past life reading on yourself, and how you would? I've been finding myself wondering deeply about what it was like, I'm very drawn to the 1860's and have this hunch that there's so much more to it.

Depending on how strong your readings are, you have the possibility to reveal even terrible happenings, but other than that it’s perfectly safe and something a lot of people like to know about.

In essence you can either create your own tarot spread or use something already online

You can do something basic like this

Or something more complex like this

Or you can ask individual questions and do a tarot spread per question, as well, perhaps a 3 card reading each question or so to give you more detailed answers. This method could be best depending on how much energy or spoons you have available, since each individual question can be answered to your leisure compared to a very large spread all at once.

Key questions typically are your personality in the past, your daily life, your work life, family life, love or relationship life, and any key elements you should know or have done in your life. 

I hope that helps!

~ Rose

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vampiricphoenixali  asked:

Hi. May I get a past life reading please?

Not something I usually do, but I’m willing to take a crack at it!

Okay, so, obviously there’s 2 rows of cards, 10 total, from 2 decks.

The top row reflects

  1. What sort of person this life had been
  2. specific qualities
  3. shortcomings
  4. the overall sort of life
  5. and the nature of the death

The second row paints a general timeline of events.

It looks like you were probably some sort of aristocrat who didn’t need to do much for herself- this other you may have been thoughtless or apt to not think things through fully. Certainly you weren’t prone to self assessment or learning from mistakes. We see that in the reversed 7 of Pentacles there. Your birth may have been a secret- possibly the result of a lover’s tryst. Early on in life you had some kind of rivalry, and while it doesn’t seem to touch on the other cards I have to imagine that it colored your perspective in the rest of your life. That life, for the record, was a very prosperous and fortunate one- which decided your shortcomings. You were apt to a smug and comfortable existence that didn’t take much time for the concerns of others. The cat that ate the canary, per the 9 of Cups there.

Your strength however, was that you were meticulous. Your attention to detail was immense, and taking so much as second best would eat you alive inside.

In the end, your death was a mired mixture of a passionate affair with a traveler from afar, indecision, and your own luxuriant lifestyle.