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I Miss You (One Shot)

I Miss You: After weeks of being apart from your boyfriend, Bucky, the distance become a bit too much for you to handle.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex. Dirty talk. Mentions of past injuries. Graphic details of sex. Porn gifs are used. Super NSFW. (If you’re not comfy with phone sex or anything else listed, keep scrolling.)

A/N: I have no idea where this idea came from, but just know that it’s for a good cause! ;)

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Hi!! Just wanna say I loved all the fics you recommended about hurt/comfort- they're my fave. If you have more time, is it possible for you to recommend more? Thanks in advance!!

Thanks for all these requests! I have a whole section of hurt/comfort fics on my fic rec master list page where you can also find a sickfic list!

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Yuuri/Victor Gets Injured 

Fall hard (on your head) by I_hate_usernames, Gen, 10k
Takes place in episode five. Instead of getting a bloody nose after attempting the triple flip, Yuuri hits his head and gets a concussion. Love confessions, delusional Yuuri, and mutual comfort. Thumbs up!

Praise Please by surveycorpsjean Explicit, 5.3k
Yuuri gets distracted by Victor’s praise on the rink and hurts his ankle. Victor knows a few ways to make him feel better. Fluff and smut. Love!

Embrace by CherikThilbo, Teen, 1.4k
After his crash in the ring Yuri is a little worse for wear. CUDDLES!

Quadruple Flip by haganenoheichou (bondageluvr), Mature, 17k
After he injures his knee, Victor has no other option but to quit skating. Yuuri can’t know his coach is injured, though, so Victor tries to keep it a secret. A little angsty, the epitome of hurt/comfort, and a happy ending.

Saudade by AdvisedPanic, Teen, 6.6k
After an injury at the GPS that prevents his 5th consecutive win, Victor vows to return to skating to reclaim his title. Katsuki Yuuri is a ballet danseur who suffered a similar injury years before and made a successful comeback. Yuuri choreographs and coaches Victor through his toughest competitive season yet, but as it will always be, they fall in love along the way. LOVE!

Insult to Injury by glim, Gen, 8k
Almost a whole week alone with Viktor might not be worth one of them made victim to a sprained ankle and both of them to a winter head cold, but maybe it is worth all that, at least in some small way. Snuggles, a head cold, and a sprained ankle!

Enough by youaremarvelous, Teen, 3.7k
While training for the Hot Springs on Ice skate-off, Yuuri tries to outrun his anxiety and ends up with an injury. Happy ending, don’t worry!

Stretch by cosmonaut_field, Teen, 19k (WIP)
Competitive figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki. SO GOOD!

Broken Skates by realityfallsapart, Not Rated (Smut in last chapter), 9.7k
Viktor saw what was going to happen a split second before it did, and judging from the sharp intake of breath next to him, so did Yuri.

Benched by apollosoyuz, Gen, 2.1k
One bad landing was all it took to break Yuuri’s leg and now he’s benched for the season, but the person taking Yuuri’s time off the hardest is Viktor; afraid that the injury could be enough to force Yuuri to leave skating – and leave his side. Thumbs up!

the minor fall, the major lift by melonbug, Teen, 29k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov knows first hand the tragedy of a rising skater breaking too soon. He’d retired early, due to an accident of his own, and he steps in to be Yuuri’s coach in the wake of his injury, determined to guide him better than he himself had been guided. Great fic, so many feels!

Old Wounds by Piike, Gen, 985 words
It’s when Viktor takes off his shirt to change when Yuuri notices a small scar he’s never seen before on his upper back. He reaches a hand forward, his fingers lightly brushing the shiny pink skin, and he blushes when Viktor turns to acknowledge him. “Would you like to see more?” VERY sweet and quick! (No one gets injured, they just reminisce on past injuries!)

Naturally Yours by chellethewriter, Teen, 7.3k
Viktor’s smiles are fluid, passionate, overpowering – worth more than money, worth more than anything that Yuuri could possibly offer. They’re worth all the stars in the sky and everything beyond. SO MANY EMOTIONS

On My Love by Phoenix_Trite, Gen, 2.4k
Yuuri has been practicing harder than ever for the upcoming competition and Victor could not be prouder of him. But tensions rise between the two when Yuuri takes a bad hit. Tears will be shed!!! (Happy ending!)

Don’t Stop Me Now by Iggysassou, Gen, 2.6k
An accident occurs during the warm up session preceding the Rosetelecom Cup’s free skate program, leaving him slightly injured. Viktor is determined to compete though, even if his decision goes against his coach and his fiancé’s wishes. Post-canon fic! Yuuri is sassy in this at the end and I love it!

FFXV headcanons

* Noctis has accidently called Ignis “mom”’ on more than one occasion.
* Prompto is bi.
* Ardyn has a fedora collection.
* Noctis can’t express his feelings but Prompto always knows what he means, & vice versa.
* Gladiolus personally “greets” every new boy who shows interest in Iris.
* Prompto gets a dog.
* Noctis bought Prompto his bandana.
* Prompto and Noctis always share a bed.
* Ignis tries different methods of tricking Noctis into eating vegetables.
* Noctis loves Promto’s freckles.
* Aranea is actually really caring and kinda a mom-friend.
* Prompto wears contacts.
* Noctis suffers nightmares practically every night and Prompto comforts him in his sleep.
* Ignis gets really cranky without his coffee and everyone including Gladio gets scared of him.
* Ignis is a Promptis shipper.
* Noct actually has a very weak body, (due to his past injury) but tries not to let others know.
* Prompto is really smart, but keeps most things to himself.
* Gentiana hardcore ships Noct-Luna.

Feel free to add your own~~~
Grimmatale AU Character Profiles


Here are refs of Frisk/Chara and Sans/Papyrus

Name: Lycoris (Aka Frisk)
Age: 16
Gender: Nonbinary
Sex: Female
Pronouns: They/Them
Ethnicity: Japanese/Irish
Birthplace: Ft.Bacainn, Ireland
Birthday: April 13th
Guilty Pleasures:Flirting, White choco, anything sweet, Knives, shiny objects (like metal or marbles)
Dislikes:Noisy people and places, Bitter foods, yelling, humans

Extra Notes:

  • Lycoris is MUTE (selectively) and BLIND , so they converse via ASL, GESTURES and BODY LANGUAGE. 
  • These are narrated and/or translated through Rose. 
  • Lycoris can speak, but because of a past injury it is painful, and their voice comes out as robotic and unnatural. 
  • Lycoris’ speech text is RED.
  • Lycoris can “see” magic and living things somewhat via a strong 6th sense. They are completely blind to everything else however, so it’s for the most part rather useless, especially indoors. For this reason, Rose generally acts as Guide and Narrator. (sometimes to Lycoris’ annoyance)  

Name: Rose (Aka Chara)
Age: Died at 17
Gender: Nonbinary
Sex: Female
Pronouns: They/them
Ethnicity: English/Irish
Birthplace: Ft.Bacainn, Ireland
Birthday: December 25th
Guilty Pleasures: CHOCOLATE, sweets, coffee, reading novels, teasing
Dislikes: Being ignored, Sour foods, Snail pie, humans

Extra note: 

  •  This is a 1st run on pacifist, Rose is uncorrupted from kills and thus, not loco. 
  • Rose’s speech text is WHITE
  • Rose is capable of feeling emotion, although certain emotions like Love, Compassion, and Hope are currently lost to them. 
  • Rose can be heavily influenced by Lycoris’ feelings due to being connected to their SOUL, for good or bad
  • Rose can hold, eat, talk and interact with things, but their strength is greatly limited. They currently cannot block magic, nor attack.


Can You Give Aunty a Hand?

…..put away the hacksaws, we’re talking metaphorically here.

Can you think of any good, popular stories that involve serious injuries?

Not disabilities (from the start of the story). Not scars (although these indicate past injury).

I’m looking for popular, fictional representation of injuries. Specifically, injuries which change the arc of the story, or enhance it. (Not just cuts and scrapes for “grittiness”, but actual plot elements!)

Things Like:

  • Luke Skywalker getting his hand chopped off in The Empire Strikes Back
  • Maggie Fitzgerald’s arc in Million Dollar Baby
  • Rear Window (both 1956 Cary Grant and 1995 Christopher Reeve)
  • Carl Brashear’s injury in Men of Honor
  • Literally everything that happens to Katniss Everdeen, ever
  • Misery. The entire novel Misery.
  • The plot of Any Given Sunday.

These are for a Secret Project™ that I’m working on for you guys, so any stories you can think of would be super helpful!

Drop a comment or shoot me a message! (Please, no asks by message, the ask box is still closed; I still have…. 1,190 asks pending? I’ll re-open temporarily later this month, promise-promise.)


xoxo, Aunt Scripty

How long has Bum been Sangwoo's prisoner?

  So I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve seen a couple people make estimates of anywhere from around a month to 5 months. As of chapter 17, I put my estimate around 9-15 weeks judging by the healing of Bum’s legs.

  Just a warning, this is going to be a long post, and kinda technical (sorry). I’m referencing “Forensic Anthropology, Current Methods and Practice 2014″. All images are taken from Lezhin and are property of Koogi.

 I had a lot of fun writing this, but it is more of a thought experiment than anything. I don’t know how much thought Koogi put into Bum’s healing time and this comic is a work of fiction. Still, if you want my thoughts continue reading :>

 This is ended up being hella long so I’ll put it under the cut. Here are my thoughts:

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Give Your Hero Room to Grow

No matter what you’re writing, you should always have an imperfect protagonist. They should never be the best at everything they do and never be put in situations where they could possibly not achieve their end goal.

Make your audience care about your protagonist by giving them weaknesses.

Maybe your character is the best fighter ever, but they have a bad knee from an old fighting injury. Maybe your character is completely selfless, but they’re a shark in the work place. Maybe your character is really good at magic, but there’s just one type of magic that they can’t grasp no matter how hard they try.

There should always be something that gives your hero room to grow by the end of your story. I often see people giving their characters negative character traits, thinking it’s the same thing, but it’s not. If your character’s weakness doesn’t cause conflict at some point in the story, then your character needs to be rewritten. And you should always try to relate their weaknesses to your character’s past or even a past trauma.

For the fist hypothetical character I made up, their weakness of ‘a bad knee’ actually tied back to a past injury, so that’s something that, if it came up in the story, it would help your audience connect better with the character.

Try doing this with your character now. If they already have a weakness, maybe see if you can make it more integral to the plot.

Preference: The 100 ladies reacting at your body cover in scars

Anon ask: Preferences of The 100 ladies: Their reaction when they see R body cover in scars (she’s one of the bests thief/warrior/hunter on polis )

Warning: mention of past injuries, scars

(A/N): I LOVE THE 100 , send more preferences for them plz I love making preferences <3

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Clarke Griffin: It hurt her. It hurt her to know that you have gone through so much pain and she wasn’t there to help you. Now everytime that you’re naked or your scars are showing, she will kiss them and told you how much she loves you, she also likes to run her fingers through your scars and then leaving little pecks on them.Being one of the best warriors was not simple, and the scars were common for you, but Clarke couldn’t not worried about you everytime a new one decorate your body, she will make sure to kiss every inch of you, trying to somehow give you comfort. “I’ll kiss it better”

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Opposite Direction [Part Two]// Teen Wolf and Riverdale

Summary: Escaping a program similar to the Black Widow program you begin a new life in a town where you’re aware isn’t exactly normal. Working in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department places you in the eyes of Stiles but when Black Widow finds you with Captain America will you return the favour to her?

Characters: Reader x Stiles Stilinski , Sheriff Noah Stilinski (mentioned) , Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Ms. Grundy (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Cheryl Blossom.

Words: 2897

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel. Nor do I own Riverdale when it does appear. This means I do not own the characters from these shows/movies either.

Warnings: Swearing, injury, past mention of Archie and Grundy.

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This is probably going to be only a 5 part series at the most. Also I have no data so I can’t upload unless I’m at work.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by riverdaleselite

You blankly stared at the two Avengers standing in front of you while trying to keep their identity’s hidden from the people in the building. You weren’t sure how to react when you finally managed to swallow of the bite of your lunch and taking a long drink of water. It wasn’t every day that you managed to be tracked down by people you had fought.


“I’m sure you’ve been watching the news?”

“You mean how you get into hiding after the whole Sokovia thing?” You questioned raising one eyebrow at the two of them, “Because that was a real shitty thing huh?”

“I’m aware.” Steve sighed raising his eyes to meet yours again.

“So why is Black Widow with you? Aren’t you on separate sides of the law?”

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Oneshot: Somewhere To Begin

AU of the fight between Regina and the Queen. Regina gets injured and the Queen is surprised to learn she cares. She calls the one person they both trust to look after her. Split Queen angst and some Swan Queen feels. Hope you all enjoy :)

The noise makes her jump.

It shouldn’t. After all, all powerful and feared Evil Queens don’t jump at loud noises. Not anymore.

Regina does. Did. Loud noises meant mother or worse and so jumping was inevitable. She tamped it down over time but every now and then the instinct would kick in, just a flinch here and there but those who paid attention would see it.

The Queen knows who pays attention. She knows she should have been paying attention too. This fight was with herself after all, which means she knew how and where to hit, but in her anger she forgot about past injuries. She forgot about warnings to try and avoid further head injuries.

She let her rage kick in and now…well now…Regina isn’t moving at all.

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If you're taking requests: Josh burns his hands (cooking or something??) and you have to help him get past his injury so he can play again (thanks!)

this turned out so much longer than i anticipated… i hope it was kind of what you wanted though! enjoy xx.


You hear the clatter from the bathroom.  But that wasn’t what caught your attention, Josh dropped things all the time, the loud bang was nothing out of the ordinary.  However, what made you bolt downstairs, your hair still dripping wet, was a loud gasp, followed by an extensive string of cuss words being yelled.  

“Josh?” you call as your bare feet pad down the carpeted stairs.  

In response, you just hear more swearing.

You turn the corner fast, nearly slipping on the floor in the process before you’re in the kitchen, the source of all the commotion.

Josh is hunched over, his back facing you.  

“Josh, what happened?” you ask, taking in the site before you.  There was a pot on the floor, laying sideways with food spilling out of it.  The counter looked like a hurricane had hit.  Cups and food were splattered over the granite surface.  

As Josh turned around you gasped out loud, his hand was blistering red as he clutched it to his shirt.  He had a towel over it, clearly trying to absorb some of the scalding hot water that had spilled over his skin.

“I was trying to strain the water—“ he explains, as you rush over to his side.  

You get a good glimpse of the skin as Josh turns towards the sink and have to swallow the bile that arises in your throat.  His hand is raw, looking like something inhuman.  Your eyes widen, but you try to remain calm, for his sake.  

You turn the tap on for him, and help him place his arm underneath the water.  

As soon as the water touches his skin he cries out in pain.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” you try to soothe as you rub his back over the cotton fabric.  

“Y/N—“ Josh stammers, panic evident in his voice, “my hand is… raw.  Oh my god.”

“It’s gonna be fine, Josh,” you say as calmly as you can.  “We’re gonna get you to the hospital, okay?”

He nods slowly, his eyes fixated on his scalded skin.  

“We have to cover that up—“ you say.  You knew nothing about burn treatment, but it just seemed to make sense, that raw skin shouldn’t be left completely exposed.  “I’ll be right back,” you mumble before rushing back upstairs.

You dig through Josh’s dresser, finding his softest, cotton shirt and bundling it up in your hand.  When you reenter the kitchen, Josh is right where you left him, standing above the sink, looking paler and paler by the second.

“Here,” you whisper as you gingerly have him extend his arm.  Stretching out the scorched skin must be extremely painful, but Josh bites his lower lip and squeezes his eyes shut, trying to keep from screaming.  You carefully lay the cotton over his arm and wrap it only once.  

“What if I can’t drum anymore?” he asks you quietly.  

You look up at him and make eye contact before your face softens.  “Let’s not think about that right now,” is all you say before gently placing your hand on Josh’s lower back and leading him out of the house.

Luckily, the two of you didn’t live too far from the hospital, because Josh was writhing in pain beside you.  The longer he went without treatment, the more the initial shock of the injury wore off.  You kept throwing him side-glances and cringed at the sight of him.  He was shaking violently in the passengers seat, his core temperature obviously not normal.

“We’re almost there, baby—“ You reach out and touch his leg in an attempt to soothe him.  Almost immediately, Josh grips your hand with his good one, squeezing tightly.  You let him clutch onto you and ignore just how hard he was crushing you.  

You finally pull into a spot at the ER and rush around the car to help Josh with the door.

The whole process takes forever.  Your insides ache at the sight of him being in so much pain, but you hold his hand the entire time, despite how clammy his skin was becoming.  Once it’s deemed that Josh does not in fact need skin grafts, you’re both free to go home.  

Josh is pretty laced up with medication for the next few days.  The oxytocin is strong and Josh sleeps the majority of the next week away. But that doesn’t stop family from visiting nonstop.  You know they’re all just trying to help, but between making sure Josh had everything he needed, and now entertaining your in-laws daily, you had just about hit your max-stress level.  

The only time you felt like you were having help rather than guests was when Tyler and Jenna visited during the weekend.  Jenna helped you package away portions of the endless casseroles you had been made by Josh’s mom and aunts.  

“He didn’t die…” you say confused, putting another tupperware container in the freezer.  “Isn’t this something people do when someone dies?”  

Jenna loads another serving of the shepherd’s pie into another container.  “Yeah, this is a little excessive.”

When you’re finished, you join the boys in the living room, where Josh is perched on the couch with his arm bandaged up and just talk for the remainder of the afternoon.

Tyler jokes about Josh’s groggy state, “You’ll have to wean him off soon, or else we’ll have an addict on our hands,” he says, chuckling.

But there’s a big elephant in the room.  One that you knew everyone was thinking about, but none dared to mention.  

You’re the one who finally brings it up, but not until Tyler and Jenna are heading out the door, and you know Josh can’t hear.

“What about the tour?”

Tyler sighs and scratched the back of his head.  “I mean, he’s obviously not going to be drumming anytime soon—“

“But can you just cancel a tour, is that like— even possible?” You’re surprised when you notice how choked your voice sounds, the last thing you want to do is cry in front of Tyler, yet there you were, wiping a tear from your cheek.

“Don’t worry about that,” Tyler says softly, extending his hand and giving your arm a gentle rub.  “You have enough to worry about here, okay?  I’ll take care of all the tour stuff.”

“Let us know if you need anything, okay?” Jenna says kindly, giving you a hug.

You nod, gratefully before thanking him and Jenna for stopping by.  

Your new least favorite time of day was morning.  Because as soon as Josh woke up, his bandage needed to be changed.   You hear movement from the bedroom and you sigh heavily, putting down your cup of coffee and trudging up the stairs.  

Josh was in the bathroom when you entered, brushing his teeth.  You leaned against the doorframe and chuckled at how crazy his blonde hair looked, sticking up in all directions.

“How’d you sleep?” you ask.  

He spits out the toothpaste before responding, “Awful, like always.”

You sigh before walking over to him.  Josh was instructed to cut his pain medicine in half after the first weeks.  He was increasingly irritable ever since, especially since he tossed and turned most nights.  You wrapped your arms around his bare body and squeezed him tightly, wanting him to know, more than anything, how much you loved him.  

He sighed before hugging you back.  He plants a kiss on the top of your head before letting go and proceeding to sit on the lid of the toilet seat, like he was trained for what came next.  

You grabbed the kit of bandages and antibiotics that the doctors had given you and kneeled in front of him.  

You pulled off the old bandage as gently as you could, trying not to let it stick or pull in any spots.  You watched as Josh twisted his face in pain, several times, making you feel guilty and go slower.  

Once it was finally off, you sat for a moment, instructed to “let the skin breathe” by your doctor.  Josh inspected the burn, twisting his arm and checking out how everything was healing.  

“My fingers are so stiff,” he says quietly.  

“You’re healing so fast though, baby,” you say encouragingly.  “The skin’s so much better already.”

“Tyler’s canceling the tour, isn’t he?” he says.

You’re taken back by his question, but then again, it was only a matter of time before he suspected it.  Their tour was due to start in a month, and with Josh’s state, he’d be lucky to be holding anything by then.  

“Yeah,” you say empathetically as you gently rub his knee.  

His face falls and his eyes stare at the floor sadly.

“Josh, you’ll get there—“ you say hopefully.  “You will.”

He nods slowly, before picking up the antibiotic cream from the kit and handing it to you.  

You pierce your lips together before taking the tube.  You slip on the sterile pair of gloves and squeeze a generous amount of the cream on your finger.   “Ready?” you ask, and he nods.

He inhales sharply as soon as your fingers come in contact with his skin.  As soon as you start to rub, he’s writhing, using his good arm to hold his hand down in order to keep it from flailing.  

“I’m sorry—“ you mumble as he bites his lip.  

Finally, when you’ve covered the skin and it’s glistening with the cream, you grab the bandage and wrap it around his hand as best you can.  

You were relieved to be finished, almost as much as Josh probably was.  You hated to hurt him, but every morning, you had to.  

“How bad was it?” you ask.  Josh was still perched on the toilet seat and you were still kneeling in between his legs.  You run your hands over the sides of his thighs gently, trying your best to soothe him, once again.  

“It’s fine,” he says, his eyes still squeezed shut.  “Y/N…” he says after a pause.  “What if I can never play again?”

“No, no, no—“ you say, “Josh, you can’t think like that.  It’s only been a few weeks.  You’re gonna get better.”

“But what if I’m not as good anymore?  What if I can’t hold my drum sticks the same?”

“That’s not going to hap—“

“But what if?” he interrupts.  His voice is panicky and his eyes are starting to get glossy with tears.  

You squeeze his good hand with both of yours tightly.  “Then we’ll deal with it, okay?”  

He nods, blinking sharply and letting a couple of tears fall down his cheeks.  

You stand up then and bend over to plant a kiss on his lips.  “But it’s not going to happen,” you assure him before cleaning up the dirty bandages from the floor.  

Weeks of healing turned into a month and then two months, and you can tell that more than anything, Josh is getting bored with being home so much.  You two go out, or at least you try to think of stuff for the two of you to do.  You visit friends, you eat at restaurants, you explore the city.  And Josh is almost always willing to entertain your silly attempts at entertaining him.  But you can just tell how restless he was becoming.  Nothing compared to the constant stimulation of life on the road like Josh is used to.  

You get a call from the doctor’s office the next morning.

“Y/N?,” your doctor says though the phone, “It’s Dr. B, I wanted to let you know that after yesterday’s visit, we’re pretty confident that Josh can resume his normal, everyday activities.  His healing has progressed nicely, and now that we’re no longer concerned about infection, we think he can ease his way back into things.”

“What about drumming?—“ you say immediately.

There’s a slight pause before the doctor speaks again, “I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to start getting back into it, I would just take it slow,” he recommends.

“So there’s no risk of further damage?” you ask.

“No, nothing like that.  Like I said, just take it slow.”

You thank the doctor before hanging up and rushing upstairs to wake Josh up.  

“What’re you doing?” he groans once you’re prodding him awake.

“I have a surprise for you today, so get up.”

While Josh got dressed, you texted Tyler, asking him to meet you in your garage that morning.  Josh’s drum kit was all set up already, but you thought having Tyler there for support would be ideal.  

Luckily, Tyler was available and was excited to hear the news about Josh.  

You clutched his hand in yours as you walked down the hallway.

“So where are we going today?” he chuckles.  

“It’s not too far…” you say, opening the door to the garage.  Josh goes towards the car, but turns and looks at you when you don’t follow.

“We’re here,” you say, smiling.

He twists his face in confusion.

“The doctors called today,” you say smiling.  “They said you can… what was the phrase, “resume your normal, everyday activities’”

Josh’s face breaks into a huge smile.  “Really?” he asks.

“Yeah, he called like maybe twenty minutes ago.”

Josh looks over at his drum set, resting in the corner of the garage.  He smiles cheekily at you before walking over.

“I texted Tyler,” you say, “he should be over any minute to play with you.”

“Wow…” Josh whispers.  He sits down on the stool and gingerly picks up both sticks.  You watch as he twirls it around between his fingers, testing out how it feels.

“Does it hurt?” you ask quietly.

“A little,” he mumbles before giving it a gentle squeeze.  “But I think I can do it…”  

You smile widely, so relieved that Josh had even a sliver of confidence in himself.  

You walk over and plant a kiss on his lips.  “Of course you can do it.”

Just then, Tyler’s walking in through the open garage door holding in hand his ukulele.  

“Dude!” he shouts, smiling big.

“I can resume normal activities!” Josh laughs back.  

Tyler gives Josh one of his signature ‘bro-hugs’ before they presume talking.

As Tyler goes to plug his amp in, you whisper to Josh, “I’m gonna go make some breakfast,” before scooting out.  

You’re in the middle of flipping pancakes when you hear the drums start.  The beat’s soft at first, but increases slowly.  It’s perfect rhythm, and flows so nicely with Tyler’s voice.  You cover your mouth with your hand and don’t hold back the tears that fall.  You were so proud of your boy, you knew he could do it.  

The doctor - part 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader                                                                         

Request: Hi, can you please do a Bucky x reader where the reader is Bucky’s own personal medicine and the only one that can calm him down. And HYDRA used her to keep him in line. And she is small and fragile but when Bucky is taken to the Stark Tower he wants her so the team has to go get her from the HYRDA base. And she doesn’t talk much and gets scared and only trust Bucky and he is protective over her.

A/N: Hey, I’m coming back with a new story, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about it and I hope you’ll enjoy. Concerning Red Love, a lot of you have been asking for part 2 and I know I’m taking a lot of time but I have big troubles writing the part 2, I hope you understand and I promise you it’s coming soon. 

Word count: 1224

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The girl was sitting on a chair, her bare’s feet were on the ground, her back against the back of the chair, and her arms put in her thighs in the same position, not moving for so long. Every single person who were passing in front the room, knew what happened in there, and why the girl was not moving anymore, like if her mind had left her body after all this time being here, minutes became days, and days, months. All this time being used, and then left alone as soon as hydra was destroyed, they left you there alone and tried to gain power again.

Not feeling a thing has not been problematic since you were the one to authorize your mind to take the relay of your body after all you had been through, and all the atrocious things you had seen, no one was really surprise of the deterioration of your health, and no one really care.

Even if a part of the world, including the government did not trust a lot the avengers, at the time, they knew that they were the easiest and more adapted to go on a mission that include hydra. In fact, even if they were not the more trusted, it has been known that hydra has been everywhere and was good at infiltrating and compromising an organization. And due to the relationship every single one of the avengers was having with the organization, there were no chances of a similar problem. Steve had taken, a few years as a personal mission to make sure that every single person, or base related to hydra was destroyed and eliminated.

Two years later, all hydra base was an old memory, but like every insect they were always some resistant one, and the base standing in front of their eyes was one of it. They knew that those bases could compound unexcepted things, or people, and those needed to be helped, and the world needed to make sure that they were not a danger to the society, and the safety.

The atmosphere in one of those were always cold, negative, and as soon as someone was entering one of this place, you could see everyone mood getting darker, weapons ready to shoot, and everyone getting ready to face up what was in the rooms.

It was not the first time that the team for entering a building only to find, almost every man killed, and really hurt because one of the team mate wouldn’t wait until everyone was talking tactic and getting ready. Trying to keep up, with someone that hated hydra more than every other man in the world was almost impossible, but the team was getting used to that. And at the end of every mission, Steve could see, the disappointment in this friend’s eyes, no one really knew that he was searching for but the disappointment was showing everyone that there was a lot more to found out.

This time was different, everyone could feel the tension in the air, and this was the first time that both Steve and Bucky were not in the front line. As soon as they entered the room, he had the feeling that what he was searching for, since all those months was right there, and that his life could become better and more peaceful with this part of him back.

1997, RUSSIA


“Doctor, it’s time.” You stand up, your eyes glued to the man in front of you and slowly put your white coat on.

You lifted your head up, and walked down the corridor, showing your identity card to all the guard there were.

As soon as you entered the room, you felt you heart race in your chest, and even unintentionally you knew that, you were not going to be alone anymore, but also that they will hurt an innocent man again.

“Close the door, please.” You voice was firm, and not shaky as it used to be a few years ago, when they drag you down there for the first time and locked you in this place forever. You’ve learnt to live with the fear and the anger.

Taking a deep breath, you looked at the man laying down a few meters away from you, in a bed three times smaller than it should have been, but comfort was not something Hydra does really care about, and everyone knew that.

Putting your hands on his forehead, and looking at the vitals you knew, this awakening was surely going to be a rude one. You wrote down his prognosis, and looked at his torso, checking if every single one of his past injuries were gone, in fact the last time they put him back in cryogenic, it was because of his injuries. Sure, he was healing fast, but he was not immortal and you were one of the only one to understand that they needed to be more careful with him and give him some rest. You sighed in exhaustion, knowing what being here means, it means more mission, more injuries, more brain wash, broken ribs, laceration, commotion, and you had some difficulties dealing with that. If only they could let you leave. 

As soon, as you heard the monitor ringing you stepped back, taking your distance knowing that each time he was awaking he was disoriented, angry, and out of control. That’s why it was always risky and difficult to be here.

Only a few seconds after he woke up, he got up walking towards you, and within a second you felt your body being knocked against one of the wall.

“Please, calm down.” The soldier hand was on your mouth a second later preventing anyone to hear you scream, and his other one tight around your neck. His hair was hanging around his face, his eyes looking deadly, and emotionless.

“Don’t scream or I’ll snap your neck.” His voice was calm, too calm to be a good sign, and you saw him slowly put back his hands looking around him on his guard. “You need to calm down, please.” You took long breathing trying to relax and grabbed his wrist.

His body was tensed, his left fist clenched and his right one around her neck. “Don’t tell me what to do.” He shook his head violently and you could see in his eyes how exhausted and broken he was. His chest and yours were moving faster than usual one because of the anxiety and his because of the anger. after what seems to be years you saw two of the guards snaking behind him and successfully taking one of the syringe full of sedative from your desk and sinking the needle in his neck. As soon as you felt his hands relaxed and release your neck, you put your hand on your neck taking deep inhalation.

“P-Put him on the bed, tie him up.” The guards did as you asked them to, knowing that this wasn’t a time to make a comment. “Go.”

When you heard to door closed, you sighed and let your body fall on your desk chair, bringing your hand to your face and erasing every single mark of sadness that was on your face, and slowly rubbed the bruise on your neck, and the bumps on your head “Everything’s fine.”


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Imagine Diana and Akko stuck somewhere after they fell off the broom and Akko is scratched and Diana decided to put some dressings on and just note that Akko has many scars

Diana plucks off some leaves that are stuck in her hair. She even finds a small twig by the back of her head. It’s annoying to have your hair get all messed up and knotted with bits of trees in it but better than being injured. Diana knows she will feel some bruises in the morning here and there and maybe a small cut or two but nothing serious. Where she landed was a soft patch of earth thankfully.

A groan catches her attention. Diana looks over her shoulder to see Akko sitting up. The blur of everything that has happen comes back to Diana. Akko had finally managed to get in the air by herself but being Akko, it didn’t last that long. Her flying went haywire and the two girls ended up colliding right over the forest. Diana wonders where her broom went off to but first thing first, make sure Akko is alright.

Shakily, Diana gets to her feet. Maybe she has more wounds than once thought but she can walk. Walking is good. Akko, meanwhile, seems to be struggling to her feet. She manages to get on one leg but whenever weight is placed on the other, it comes out from under her.

“Damn it,” Akko hisses under her breath after falling back down on her bottom. She starts to rub her left leg, wincing when her fingers brush a bleeding, jagged wound.

“You alright?” Diana asks. She kneels down by Akko and moves her hands away. “You really know how to hurt yourself, don’t you?”

“So what if I get hurt a lot? Not like I’m killing myself.”

“But you could if you aren’t careful. I know you are trying to prove yourself but risking injury isn’t always the best way to go about things. Look at you now. You can barely stand.”

Diana starts to dig in her small bag she has brought with her and pulls out a small bottle and a piece of cloth. “You’re lucky I carry around essentials when we fly out farther. This will sting so try not to kick me as a reflex.”

Before Akko can protest, Diana pours some of the clear liquid on the wound. Akko flinches—had it not been for Diana using her other hand to hold Akko’s leg down she would have been kicked—and bites down on her lip to prevent a shout from coming out. As quickly as it comes, the pain fades away. Akko sighs in relief as Diana starts to cover the wound with the cloth.

As she dresses the cut, Diana notices small scar on Akko’s leg from past injuries. Some are old and faded and some seem a little new. Even on the exposed skin from the arm that rest on the top of her leg, Diana notices other past reminders of failure’s.  

“How often do you hurt yourself that you have scars all over you?”

Akko stays quite for a moment before answering. “A lot. I have been getting better since my magic skills are also getting better but I just want to learn and be who I aspire to be so I keep pushing myself as hard as I can. I don’t know if you would understand struggling all the time, coming from a long line of witches.”

Diana does not answer. She finishes patching Akko up before standing up and sticking her hand out. “Just be easier on yourself. A witch who may not be the greatest but can still learn is better than a dead one.”

Akko nods and takes Diana’s hand. She is lifted to her feet. With the help of Diana, Akko wraps her arm around the back of Diana’s neck to support herself as she keeps her injured leg up. “Thank you…”

“You are welcome. Let’s find the brooms and then find our way out of here.”

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hi! do you know the fic "the revenant" by atalanta84? Do you have a pdf or any copy of that fic? Thanks!

Hello. We don’t have any copies or PDFs of the story as it is still available to read over on Hawthorn and Vine.

The Revenant by atalanta84- MA, 10 chapters, complete

Sometimes fate brings us far from home, and sometimes it brings us back again. When a friend’s mysterious death causes Draco Malfoy to return to Britain, he is finally forced to face his past, and the love he left behind. A story about second chances.

- Wynken

Pain’s an old friend.

Doctor Stephen Strange

@areyofstarshine pointed out to me that Doctor Strange is a superhero that lives with chronic pain, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since.  All those broken bones, those damaged joints–he’s human, after all, and prone to the frailties we all share.  I’m imagining the kind of pain one feels in a healed bone, years & years after the injury is past; the way that damp & cold & even changing air pressure can affect it. Are those pins permanently in place?  Such pain In his hands, his most vital instruments outside of his brilliant mind.  Certainly he could use magic to alleviate it–but never at the expense of where his magic is meant to be directed, in service of mankind & the multiverse.

It really tugs at the ‘ole heartstrings, doesn’t it? And you can bet that, though Strange may never speak of it aloud, Benedict–consummate Actor that he is–will carry that sad fact in mind as he continues his portrayal in future films.
The Fortunate Fall
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: lomonaaeren | Word Count: 28.6k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Draco’s sure he suffered an irreplaceable loss at the end of the war. Harry’s not.

Review: I honestly can’t deal with how wonderfully fulfilled and emotional I felt reading this fic! It has lomonaaerens classic trademarks of individualistic, strong characters, with the backdrop of such a lovely, romantic and frankly uplifting story. 

The story is set after the war, when someone - whose identity remains to be seen - attacks Draco, leaving him permanently scarred. Horrified and riddled with insecurities, Draco hides himself away… until Harry comes along. And as sudden and strange as it is to Draco that he’s suddenly there and actually interested in Draco, as a reader you also see how Harry feels about events as they unfold.

The growing warmth and trust between Harry and Draco as they discover what they are to each other was so charming and real, as they explore what it would mean for each other if they were to let the other into their lives and hearts.

Content/Warnings: Injury/Disfigurement, Past Harry/OMC

Mood Music: Lay It All On Me - Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran

Nobody (Part 3)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: mentions of past torture/imprisonment, language, injury, shooting, violence, deaths….can’t think of anything else.

Words: ~3000 (i got carried away and felt bad for being MIA for so long)

A/N:  Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. Hope this next part makes up for it!  

Reader’s POV

You couldn’t be completely sure given your terrible vision, but the man seemed to be smiling at you which was weird since nobody ever smiled at you.  People snarled, growled, grimaced, hollered, spit, laughed, and sneered at you, but nobody ever smiled at you.  He’s probably not smiling

The man took a step forward, studying your tired, sunken eyes and the bruise patterns which peppered your hollow cheeks. He cleared his throat and spoke in that soft angelic voice again.  “What’s your name?”

Didn’t we just go over this? You couldn’t help the furrow in your brow at these two new guards.  Everything they did was completely backwards.  But it’s best not to argue.

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Reflektor, Chapter 5: The Knights of Ren

TITLE: Reflektor


RATING: E (previously M), language, eventual sexual content, graphic depictions of violence

NOTES/WARNINGS: An update! I’m so thrilled to be getting back to this story! I do hope to be doing so more regularly now, and I do intend to finish this story before Episode VIII.

Please note that the rating have been upped to E from M. The graphic depictions of violence are, indeed, graphic.

A HUGE thank you to @southsidestory for making this chapter the best it could be.

Please take a moment to let me know what you think! I appreciate any and all feedback!

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Kylo Ren took a quick inventory of his injuries and bit his cheek against grinning at the sheer number. He’d expected her to land a hit or two, but she’d broken bone. She’d drawn blood.

He looked across the room to her, and that inclination to smile dissipated. He’d broken more bones, if her limp hand and her favored leg were anything to go off of. He’d drawn a considerable amount more blood as well, as he watched it drool thickly from the corner of her lip. He’d probably knocked loose some molars in one of his defensive strikes.

“Come,” he said as he strode over to her, the sharp ache in his side doing nothing to slow his purposeful steps. “We’ll go to the med bay and get you healed.”

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