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me:a ryder meme.

i was tagged by @giantmudcrab to do this fancy dancy ryder meme thing! thank you so much!! ❤ your ryder sounds amazing already!

name: oberon ryder.

gender: male.

ethnicity: mostly white. everyone’s a lil bit mixed by the 22nd century, tho.

eye color: cornflower blue.

hair color/description: dark brown. medium-length and kind of permanently disheveled in one way or another.

skin (color, blemishes, tattoos, ect): he’s a skinny pale nerdmess. on his knees and hands, he’s got a little light scarring from a childhood spent outside. he’s also got his top surgery scars, but they’re much lighter than you’d expect given the advances in surgery by the 2100s. he’s got a black bar down his spine that faces just past his shoulder blades and his birthday tattooed on his inner wrist to match his sister.

misc physical attributes: he’s double-jointed.

preferred romance option: jaal, hopefully.

relationship with alec & sibling (do they get along? ect.): he gets along with both cressida and balthazar. he can be a little terse with his dad, but it’s only because their personalities clash more than with cressida.

projected bff (the squad mate who isn’t bae but you always take): probably peebee!

dreams/hobbies/likes: his #1 dream is building a house in the helius cluster and making a home out of it. hobbies are drawing/sketching, reading, day-dreaming. he’s very artistic and imaginative. belle’s “i want adventure in the great wide somewhere” is basically him. he is belle.

fears/dislikes: suffocating/drowning. spiders.

other (what else should we know about your ryder?): he sleeps in the fetal position, and the entire ryder family snores. cressida is the loudest, and oberon has quiet little snuffly snores. balthazar is somewhere near the middle.

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"right before his KSI promo, " "hadn't been mentioned together in six months" sure it's been said before but 1. suggesting tom and Taylor haven't been mentioned together since the breakup is very untrue. Some street photographer went so far as to set up a picture of tom running past her face because of the clicks it generates. As for right before promo, the whole point of those profiles is not to talk about the film but about the person. And lbr he was always gonna be asked. He said nothing bad.

to clarify, when i said mentioned their names together,,… i was referring to the fact that practically every news outlet known to mankind besides the NYT and LA TImes picked that story up. Tv, radio, print, online, you name it, that story was run. Some more than once. The whole tom-running-past-the-cartoon was not reported as such, mostly seen on twitter and tabloid sites, and it had a lifespan of like a day. “Most” people (you know outside fandoms) had dismissed hiddleswift from their minds. It wasnt on access hollywood or ET or TMZ or any of those shows, or major celebrity mags like People or Us Weekly, since september. Thats where the gen. pub is getting their celeb news. 

The GQ article came out on Feb …7? and it is still breathing now a few weeks later, To me there is quite a difference there… look how it was the lead in on a bunch of the interviews that aired in the last 2 days. But yet… notice how  no one..thus far…has asked specifically about Taylor Swift. The closest they can get is how does he manage having a public persona and a private life. So i’d contend he wasnt gonna be asked, or it’d be on the no q list, if he hadnt brought it up. Because the press is there about KSI, not about his ex girlfriend.  So i disagree with the ‘lbr he was gonna be asked.’

And yes of course GQ runs profile pieces. Like VF. Nothing new there. Profile pieces talk about the person, their dreams, goals, childhood, upbringing, family, pastimes, and yes sometimes the celebrity’s love life. But Tom, being the adult he is, is in full control of what he chooses to share with a reporter, and what he does not. I think even the Tom fans will agree with me here…….there is a lot more to talk about regarding Tom Hiddleston that is super interesting to people besides Taylor Swift.  


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Rebelcaptain | Pacific Rim AU

Cassian was one of the best Jaeger pilots of the PPDC until, during a fight with a huge Kaiju, he felt his co-pilot dying. Key was his best friend, his only friend, and Cassian never recovered, choosing to retire, to escape far from the battlefield.
Burdened by self-pity and an oppressing sense of guilt, Cassian struggles to survive, until one day General Saw Guerrera, his old boss’s co-pilot, finds him, asking him to come back. They need pilots, all those they can find. They need him.
The exact moment Cassian enters the Shatterdome he realizes he’s home.
Jyn Erso is Saw’s adoptive daughter and a great pilot. Or at least she is on paper as Guerrera has always prevented her from piloting one of those metal giants she loves so much. The official excuse? She’s not ready. In reality? He just doesn’t want to lose the one member of the only family he’s ever had.
As Jyn and Cassian try to persuade Saw that they are drift compatible, Bodhi Rook lab technician is trying to find a way to understand Kaiju’s attack’s pattern. His research brings him face to face with organ smuggler and Kaiju enthusiast Orson Krennik. Not his brightest moment.
Bonus: the mighty Jaeger known as Force Alpha is piloted by married couple Chirrut & Baze, Jyn’s old friend and Cassian’s old acquaintances.
Jyn’s and Cassian’s Jaeger is called Rogue One by Bodhi, because “you are both scoundrels”.


This gorilla mask, it’s just like the one I saw on the tape! It’s a sign, these are all signs.

  • white people: ugh Moana looks just like elsa/anna/rupunzel!
  • Pacific islanders: look at her nose! she has my nose!!! and the hair! i used to hate my hair but moana has it! and Moana has my body shape <3

*pretends to be cool like I didn’t just throw a jacket over my PJs to go buy popping candy*