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Imagine. Not remembering anything from your past life in the enchanted forest, but randomly meeting Jefferson and he remembers everything. 

“Hey there.” You said to the man you caught gazing at you. “Is something wrong?” You walked over and sat down on the opposite side of the table. You had just been sitting in silence at Granny’s when you noticed him. “No, you just reminded me of someone I once knew.” He said quietly.”How was she?” You asked looking at him. Something in your eyes made him sure that it was you, your memories replayed in his mind as he smiled. He told you everything about how nice this girl he knew was and how much he loved her, but finished by saying: “she is special.” before rising and stopping in front of the door. “You’re special, Y/n.” And then he walked out leaving you confused. 

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Swan Queen prompt : At a costume party Regine comes as a pirate !

Thanks for the prompt!

Halloween in Storybrooke is always a wild ride. That’s something Emma had learned her very first year here. She’d only been in town for a week, and she was not expecting the dose of wackiness she got that night. People were pulling the usual pranks, shaving cream and toilet paper shenanigans. But then there were the costumes. They were on a whole different level. It was as if every member of town had access to professional movie make up artists. Monsters and creatures and fairy tales everywhere.

At first Emma thought it was ironic that so many townsfolk decided to dress as characters from fairytales, given what she had thought at the time to be Henry’s wild theory. When he proved to her it was true, Emma just sighed and accepted the fact that it was just part of Storybrooke’s zaniness.

What really blew her mind that first year was just how invested everyone was in the holiday. It was serious business. Every house was decorated festively, with what was probably hundreds of dollars of tacky plastic decorations. Trick or treaters were out until almost midnight. The high school threw a party in the auditorium each year, and Granny had her own party for the more adult crowd. And she served punch. Punch that only added to the trip that is Halloween in Storybrooke.

This year, Emma is attending the annual party at Granny’s, and she’s not ashamed to say that she’s enjoyed two glasses of punch so far. She’s off duty tonight and tomorrow, so she’s free to enjoy a few drinks. She’s spent the night hanging out with Ruby mostly. The woman dressed as Cat Woman this year. She’s decked out in black leather and it’s been a big hit at the party. Emma herself dressed as Princess Leia. She couldn’t resist the not so subtle nod to her time in the past of the Enchanted Forest spent in Regina’s company.

Emma has been thinking a lot about time spent with Regina lately. Especially since she broke up with Hook. She can’t help it; the dark woman just won’t leave her mind. So when she sees Regina herself walk into the party dressed as a pirate, she thinks she must be hallucinating.

She immediately excuses herself from her conversation with Ruby and walks over to Regina, taking it all in as she goes. Regina is wearing a deep blue buccaneer jacket and a white button up beneath it. She has two fake cutlasses hanging from the belt attached to her hips. Cinched around the white button up is a black leather corset. There are deep black leather pants to match, and black knee high boots with a four inch heel. The jacket is left unbuttoned, and so are quite a few of the top buttons of her shirt, drawing even more attention to her breasts that are pushed up and perked by the corset.

Emma is obviously gaping and when she finally reaches the woman, she’s at a loss for words. Regina is smirking victoriously at the admiration, and she tugs a little smugly on the collar of her jacket. Regina then reaches out and tucks a finger under Emma’s chin and closes her mouth.

“Charming as always dear, but do try to keep your jaw off the floor.” She rumbles out in her deep voice.

Emma shakes her head to clear it, to be able to respond. “Sorry, Regina. You just look so amazing. What are you doing here though? I thought you hated Halloween.”

Regina’s smirk grows sharper, looking almost predatory and she leans in towards Emma. With a conspiratorial whisper, she purrs, “Let’s just say there was a particular treat I set my eyes on this year. And besides, I heard a certain savior has a thing for pirates.” She winks then, and lets her eyes drag up and down Emma’s body. After all, she was never known for her subtlety.

Emma is taken aback for a moment. It feels like her brain is melting into pudding at the very clear come on. But she has never been one to back down from a challenge, and she certainly isn’t going to miss an opportunity to flirt with Regina and maybe more. So she gathers her wits and her expression becomes lustful to match Regina’s.

“Oh, that’s where you’re mistaken.” Emma gets a small satisfaction out of riling Regina up with that one, then she continues, “I never cared much for the pirate motif.” She drops the game then, eyes shining with sincerity as she says, “But I will say a certain savior definitely has a thing for a certain queen.”

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the best fan fics ?

Ooooh, now that is a very large can of worms you just opened, I love it! You’re my new favourite.

Just be aware that these are the best in my opinion only, and the likelihood of me forgetting some is very high. (I did forget some, and I’ve now added them at the bottom)

I will be adding the summaries in the near future, I just wanted to get it out there.

And one last thing, please check for trigger warnings on any of these fics before reading.

UPDATE: I ADDED ALL OF THE SUMMARIES, SO THIS POST JUST GOT TEN BILLION TIMES LARGER. I’m also going to put the stories that I think deserve a hell of a lot more recognition in italics.

The Collar by littledragonflyson [x]
Summary: When Queen Regina threatened to cast her curse the Charmings sent their baby to safety in another world. But, the curse was never cast. Six years later the Queen seeks to retrieve the child, instead enter Emma Swan age 24, who intrigues Regina enough to make her an offer- become her slave for a year in exchange for a trip home. But, who really benefits from the deal?
(This one is very, very… steamy. Definitely not safe for work)

Flight SQA016 by Curvy Pragmatist [x]
Summary: Emma Swan has recently taken a job with Crown Airlines working in the first class cabin flying from New York to London. Regina Mills is a literal high-flying business executive with terrible social skills.
(I read this entire thing in under 24 hours, and it’s not short either. It addresses disabilities in a refreshing and believable way, and I really cannot wait until it is published in paper form.

Light My Way Home by Oparu [x]
Summary: Emma, Regina and the intrepid crew of the Jolly Roger set out to save Henry from Neverland. Regina’s drained her magic so low she needs a transfusion from the saviour, Gold’s plan to sneak past the Lost Boys is a bit fishy and Emma does things with magic she didn’t think she could do. Mermaids, magic and a long journey by sea, follow.
(Such a wonderful slowburn, and a great take on neverland. Does not get anywhere near as much recognition as it deserves)

Safe by SgtMac [x]
Summary: Afraid of what she’ll do to MM, Emma and Henry kidnap an enraged and heartbroken Regina and take her out of Storybrooke so that she can heal in a place without magic. Along the way, they help each other deal with the traumas and mistakes of their pasts and move towards a possible future together as a family.
(Very heartfelt, very human)

Revenge of the Three Little Pigs by MsKezzles [x]
Summary: Regina and Emma find themselves alone in a dark forest. Two or more little pigs are hunting them. The big bad wolf is drooling. Will Regina face the consequences of her past actions? Will Emma come to her aid, or understand that justice must be served… best served - warm blooded.
(Very… Bloody. Not for the faint hearted)

The Princess and the Prisoner by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Young Princess Emma grew up on tales of the Evil Queen. When she, as a child, discovers Regina is captive in her Castle’s dungeon, she begins visiting her in secret. Regina indulges Emma’s curiosity and grows to love the child immensely, a love which grows and evolves as Emma ages, eventually developing into a romance, which could finally grant her freedom from her magical prison.
(Such a classic.)

Operation Phoenix by queerfemme [x]
Summary: People usually write about Henry teaming up with Emma to woo Regina. This story is the other way around! What if Regina told Henry that she never intended the “love” potion in Welcome to Storybrooke for him? What if it had been for Emma? Beginning set during Welcome to Storybrooke.
(Very sweet and fluffy)

Down East Decisions by FlyYouFools [x]
Summary: Massachusetts State Police Capt. Emma Swan leaves her red-hot career to become the police chief of sleepy Storybrooke, Maine. She’s hoping for a less-complicated, less-dangerous life, a desire that is dashed on both counts.
(Starts cute and fluffy, then gets a little more… dangerous. I do love the OC’s that the author has created)

Lost in Translation by purple hershey [x] 
Summary: AU. Regina is deaf. Emma is the only one who refuses to give her pity. In response, Regina is thrilled by this new challenge and the stand-offs commence, but over time she finds out there is more to the blonde woman than just a target to throw a stinging quip and pointed glare at.
(I cannot express my love for this enough. It really shows how alienated some people can feel, and I love how Emma defies that)

Letters From War by hunnyfresh [x]
Summary: Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming.
(You will cry. Enough Said.)

All Magic Comes With A Price by spookshowbabyx [x] 
Summary: "Wishing the blonde gone and knowing the results that have come from her mother’s rage are two very different things, and if she wishes her son to take her back, she needs to find Emma before her mother tires of playing twenty questions" Set after Emma and Mary Margaret are sucked into the hat. Regina struggles to find them and bring them back.
(I love the Ursula idea. A VERY interesting concept, and you can see the growing feelings between them)

Starting Over Again by AdmHawthorne [x] 
Summary: Regina has to to decide, if she had the opportunity to come at life with a clean slate, would she? Her decision changes everything.
(I really feel for Regina, and especially the results of her actions. We kind of get to see how Regina would have been had her life not been turned upside down and her going evil)

A Fine Line by hunnyfresh [x]
Summary: Upon Regina’s banishment, the small town of Storybrooke becomes protected once again by an enchantment that prevents anyone from leaving or entering Storybrooke. Emma and Regina find themselves on the edge of the town, wishing for a way to the other side.
(Very sad, and cute. Its heartbreaking how they are right beside each other, but are practically worlds apart)

A Pale Imitation by nycz [x]
Summary: Regina is furious with Emma after she brings back Marian, but since she can’t take it out on her, Regina creates a mindless clone of Emma to hit instead. The clone doesn’t stay mindless for long though, developing an obsession with Regina.
(Really freaky. Absolutely love this, and it deserves 100x the recognition)

A Trail of Destruction by starsthatburn [x]
Summary: A hostage situation in City Hall leaves behind a battered, broken sheriff, and a mayor wracked with guilt.
(Very real, and very human.)

How to Make a Monster by Velace [x]
Summary: Regina decides to make amends after upsetting the Savior. What she doesn’t realise is that in doing so, she finds the key to Emma’s heart – food.
(Very sweet, I love the evolution of their relationship)

Tame the Dragon by morshon [x]
Summary: Emma finally comes up with the perfect plan to get Regina to go on a date with her: Ask. Now she just needs her to say yes.
(Lots and lots of fluff. I love how supportive everyone is of Emma.)

Batter Up! by Rebel Byrdie [x]
Summary: The big event on Miner’s Day is the annual softball game and this year Snow convinces Emma to play on the Blue Team. Emma thinks it will be all fun and games until she finds out that her pitching rival on the Red Team is none other then Regina Mills.
(Not what I expected, very action-packed)

Cure by pcworth [x]
Summary: In the aftermath of the season finale, Emma discovers she did bring something back with her from the Enchanted Forest past which could cost Regina more than Emma ever imagined. But will it open her eyes to something else.
(A very sick Regina, and a very cruel Whale)

Cheerleaders and Nerds by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Regina Mills is at the top of the high-school food chain-attractive, popular, and head cheerleader. Emma Swan is at the bottom-the class’s biggest nerd whom the popular kids just love to tease. Regina, however, harbors a secret crush on the nerdy blonde. Will she defy the high-school hierarchy and risk her reputation to be with Emma?
(Truly representative of high school hierarchies)

Destiny is the Rabbit Hole by Maggie Merc [x]
Summary: Henry begging Regina to rescue Snow White and Emma from the Enchanted Forest in the season 2 premiere sets the formerly evil queen on a quest that takes her from the mountains of the Middle Kingdom to the pirate lair of a serial killer and straight into conflict with her own villain, the Queen of Hearts.
(This author really does not hold back)

Emotional Bonds by whiteknight [x]
Summary: When Regina Mills is attacked and Emma Swan comes to her rescue, the two women form a bond they never expected.

Family and Handlebar Moustaches by biggie woods [x] 
Summary: Set as Regina saves Emma and Mary Margaret from FTL. Emma and Regina unknowingly share true love’s kiss. They decide to put the past where it belongs and move forward to try to become the people that Henry needs them to be.
(Absolutely hilarious - contains a certain mayor with an affinity for drawing sharpie moustaches on people. So much fluff)

Feed Me (Give Me Your Heart) by Monchy [x]
Summary: "She’s six years old the first time mother chooses to punish her by sending her to sleep without dinner.“ Or, Regina Mills’ relationship with food.
(Takes a very long time to get to the SQ, but it adds so much emotion and humanity to Regina’s actions)

Fresh Blood by SkyeL4 [x] 
Summary: It’s been 2 weeks since Emma’s sacrifice. Regina’s dreams of her have turned dark & darken more when Emma returns to the town -“You think you deserve to be punished for what happened to Emma. That could explain why someone who cares so much about you is now hurting you in your dreams”. They’re not just dreams’ she almost says, rubbing her sore skin.
(Trigger warning for dub-con)

Gardening by the Moon by purplehershey [x]
Summary:  Regina flees to the Caribbean for a relaxing vacation after the stinging betrayal of her ex-husband, Robin. Unfortunately, her plans are destroyed when Robin shows up with a new woman at the same resort Regina is staying at. She’s miserable until Emma, a beautiful woman with a deep knowledge of the island, reminds Regina what it feels like to fall in love.
(More action than I expected. And who doesn’t love Emma punching Hood to defend Regina?)

Ghost From My Past by Random Dice [x]
Summary: Pulling her gun from its case, Emma ran up the walk way, only slowing when she reached the doorframe. The yelling from inside was louder and she could make out Regina’s voice among the two screaming people.
(Psssssst - Regina’s mother makes an appearance)

Hide and Seek by absedarian [x]
Summary:  Regina realizes some things in Neverland, all of which lead her to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to stand in the way of what she thinks is Henry’s and Emma’s happy ending. She decides to leave but is that really what they want? And why is Snow suddenly acting strange?
(Many unexpected plot twists, very unpredictable and very exciting)

Home by SgtMac [x]
Summary: A portal is accidentally opened which brings Experiment 626 - Stitch - through, and he ends up as Regina’s houseguest all while she’s trying to navigate a nasty illness and an ever evolving relationship with Emma.
(A cute sick Regina, and who doesn’t love stitch?! Utterly hilarious)

Honey, I Shrunk the Saviour by myfairdalek [x]
Summary: Regina, struggling to deal with her mother’s death, is stuck babysitting a 5-inch Emma after a magical accident. They try to work together to get Emma back to her normal annoying size.
(Lots of Regina feels, but also hilarity)

How a Dress Changed Everything by hope2x [x]
Summary: In an act of desperation, Regina enacts a spell that takes her back to the day Henry leaves for Boston. Regina wants to keep the Savior from ever entering Storybrook, but when she takes her son’s place, she finds herself unprepared for who exactly she encounters. She wants to fight fate but Regina begins to realize she may have to gain some allies if she wants to win.
(A what-if? fic)

Many Miles to Avalon by wistfulwatcher [x]
Summary: When Emma is pulled from her happy life in New York to help save her family in the Enchanted Forest, she embarks on a journey to Camelot with Regina, Snow, and Henry to find Merlin’s Twin Blades and stop a deadly threat. But a single savior cannot wield two swords and as their quest unfolds Emma and Regina begin to discover just how much more powerful they are together than apart.
(A great take on Excalibur, maybe season 5 will take this route. I mean, we can hope, right?)

Mills vs Swan by writetherest [x]
Summary: Regina eyes the vest warily, recalling briefly the discussion she and Henry had had about laser tag after their video game adventure. “Laser tag?”
(So much fluff)

My Little Inguene by RowArk [x]
Summary:  Emma is a 17-year-old ballet dancer in Cora Mills’ dance company, who is dancing the lead in Swan Lake opposite 18-year-old Regina’s fiance, Daniel, all while harboring a secret crush on the brunette. Throughout the production, Emma and Regina strike up a friendship as they help each other through rough times.
(Regina and Emma are both suffering under their mother’s wings. They get through it together.)

Not Just a Crossing Guard by Ms.Informed13 [x]
Summary: 'Regina burst forth, using all her strength she tackled the blonde through the open door of Mary-Margret’s classroom, “What on earth are you two doing?” The teacher shrieked. “She tackled me!” Emma cried defensively. “She has a gun!” Regina replied.’ AU Swan Queen in which Emma’s son attends elementary school where Regina works.
(Verrrrrry funny, and cute)

Operation Wings by Dakota829Snow [x]
Summary: There’s only one way for Tinkerbell to earn back her wings: complete the task of finding Regina’s soul mate.
(We can all take a wild and crazy guess as to who this is, right?)

Precious Illusions by RowArk [x]
Summary: After a vicious attack leaves Emma nearly dead and extremely psychologically damaged, Regina magically wipes her short term memory and takes on the task of caring for Emma during her recovery, and Emma finds herself connecting with Regina in a way she never thought possible.
(I love Regina taking care of Emma like this)

Realm of Shadows by Ravens Bear [x]
Summary: When Emma repays the favour owed to Mr. Gold, she finds it is the key to many things in Storybrooke, including her heart.
(I know I’ve said this a lot, but its so sweeeeeet, and I just love it.)

Shades of Black by SerenBex [x]
Summary: Regina Mills returns to Hogwarts, this time as a teacher. Trapped between doing what her family expects of her and what she knows is right, Regina has a lot of choices to make about what is best for her, her son and the people she comes to care about.
(Despite the magical - and amazing - element, it shows a very real relationship between Regina and her mother.)

Snakes and Tales by see-ess-eye [x]
Summary: When the seance to fails to get answers from her mother, Regina uses the Agrabahan viper to summon someone else from Cora’s past instead. Afterwards, Emma notices that Regina isn’t ok and she can’t resist stepping in to help her, but a certain pesky snake keeps getting in the way (and it’s not Hook).
(I love this divergence from canon - basically more swan queen)

Soothing the Distressed Soul by Curvy Pragmatist [x]
Summary: Following Cora’s death, Regina retreats into grief but with the people of Storybrooke baying for her blood and Henry becoming more distant she finally gives up and decides to leave town. Starting a new life in Boston it’s up to Emma and Henry to convince Regina to come home and, more importantly, not to trust everyone she meets in the city.
(Very informative on stranger-danger. Lucky Regina’s got Emma to help her out, though)

Tells by Heligena [x]
Summary: starts out kind of series 1 with Emma & Regina knowing about the curse although it hasn’t been broken and no-one has magic yet; is going to finish up parallellish to series 3. There’s kidnap, shared stories about their pasts, violence, loss, attraction, shared beds yada yada yada. 
(Not much is given away from the description, so I’ll help you guys out a little. The big bad makes Emma blind, and Regina tries to help her navigate life without anyone else finding out, all the while trying to put this villain in their place. HINT: its Zelena)

That Drunken Night (I Hardly Remember) by corikane [x]
Summary: Emma’s wasted and accidentally calls Regina instead of her mom. And Regina isn’t as loathe to talk to the blonde as she usually pretends. Did things change between them so radically while they were in Neverland?
(Very amusing, and I love what develops between them)

The Broken Promise by Venus.Holt [x]
Summary: What will happen when Regina is hurt, and Emma feels it is her fault? Will she go fight for the Evil Queen or will she drive herself insane. Will Emma Swan be able to protect her love and her son?
(Lots of Regina hurt/comfort, and a lot of Robin-bashing)

Flu Love’s Kiss by see-ess-eye [x]
Summary: Magic returns to Storybrooke bringing back magical illnesses as well. ‘Love Flu’ is going around and it’s catching.
(Basically forcing Regina and Emma to get very up close and personal which each other, which, is very amusing)

The Last Resort by Dakota829Snow [x]
Summary: When Snow realizes Gold is after Regina and Emma’s truelove children, the family will do anything to keep them safe-including sending them back in time to the care of their former selves.
(Having children pop up out of nowhere and tell you that their your children makes a very interesting situation)

The Manor House by 11nagrom [x]
Summary: Regina, Emma, David, MM and Henry fall down a swirling portal and emerge in a peculiar manor house after they have just rescued Regina from Greg’s torture. With Regina’s condition deteriorating, Emma takes her into her care with love and honesty. With confessions and confinement, they bond more so than they could have ever have imagined.
(Needs wayyyyy more recognition. Shows the aftermath of Regina being tortured by Greg)

The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go by funnylesbianshipper [x]
Summary:  Regina Mills is coerced into taking her son camping. What starts as a single trip turns into a weekly habit when a blonde camp host helps Regina and her son gain a new lease on life after a tragedy.
(A refreshing take on Regina and Henry taking back their lives after the loss of Daniel, very heart-warming)

The Queen and Her Lady by starvinglunatic [x]
Summary: Set after Welcome to Storybrooke. Regina is in a dark place after the death of her mother and Henry walking away from her. She locks herself away in her house, shutting out the world. She is ready to completely give up when an injured puppy ends up in her backyard. She saves the puppy … or maybe the puppy saves her. 
(Lots of Regina hurt/comfort. Lots.)

The Secret’s in the Telling by pyrophoric [x]
Summary:  “It’s the sixth of October. A pivotal moment in Storybrooke’s history and the turning point in Regina Mills’ life. And it all began with a spell, a Sheriff, and a thief.”
(Will forever be a favourite. This author’s ability to tell a story is amazing)

The Ten Days of Christmukkah by CrazyTaraWitch [x]
Summary: The holiday season is upon Storybrooke, and Mayor Snow has decided the whole town should celebrate with a nine day long Secret Santa. Emma and Regina are closer than ever as they work on Operation Mongoose, but as Christmas draws near will Henry’s newest Operations bring them closer than ever?
(Very cute. Don’t let the fact that it’s about Christmas put you off)

Theory of Magic by janemac24 [x]
Summary: Sixteen-year old Emma Swan is determined to simply survive her final foster home before she ages out of the system, but Storybrooke, Maine, turns out to have more in store for her than she ever imagined. From her foster mom talking to birds to a potential magical war between two of her classmates, Emma’s junior year is shaping up to be a wild ride.
(Teen SQ + Magic makes a very interesting combination.)

Through the Glass by Girlblunder [x]
Summary:  Emma and her family have been on the run from the Evil Queen and King George for years. When she’s taken captive under a cloak of deception one night, she’s thrust right into the clutches of her nemeses and into the throes of an unknown plot. Who is this strange young woman she encounters in the reflections of her new prison?
(Honestly you need to read this. It deserves so many more reviews. Regina has been trapped inside a mirror by her mother before she has the chance to turn evil, and Emma is determined to release her)

To Remember Her Happy Ending by hope2x [x]
Summary: "She doesn’t even remember her family! How am I going to explain this to her when she hates me!“ She was falling apart now. The way the women in the other room had just looked at her, with such disdain. That wasn’t her wife. That was the Mayor, the Evil Queen maybe…but not her wife.
(Shows the perseverance of Emma’s love, and it’s interesting to see how Regina reacts to this new environment)

A Thin Veil by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: Sometimes the hardest thing in life is learning to let go, but sometimes it is far more difficult to hold on. That’s what I did. I held on. I held on to her even after she died, and I refused to let her go. She became my obsession as I dedicated my life to bringing her back. I risked everything-my job, my family, my friends, and even my life. I did this, all of this, to save her.
(I admit, I cried a lot.)

What Lies Beneath by Chrmdpoet [x]
Summary: When Regina becomes curious about the two notebooks constantly tucked under the Sheriff’s arm, she vows to discover their contents. Doing so, however, leads to a much deeper discovery-the discovery of a side of Emma Swan she had never even known existed; a haunted past, a complexity, a talent, and a beauty unlike anything she had ever expected to uncover.
(I also cried at this. I was never one for poetry before I read this and now I love it, so don’t let that put you off. The emotions that Emma portrays through words are heartbreaking, you’ll love it, especially as she slowly opens up to Regina)

Whatever this is by coraline [x]
Summary:  AU from beginning of The Cricket Game. Emma thinks she and Regina are becoming friends, and it’s… weird.
(One of my all-time favourites. So much fluff, plus a li’l angst)

Chasing Henry by starsthatburn [x]
Summary:  Tired of the tricks and lies of both of his mothers, Henry follows the dwarves, Red and Granny when they use Tiny’s magic beans to return themselves to their old land. Emma and Regina both chase after him, and they reluctantly travel together through the Enchanted Forest in order to find him and bring him back home safely.
(I love seeing Regina and Emma work together, falling in love as they do so)

If you are looking for a certain type of fic, don’t be afraid to ask! [x]

The Wayward Warlock || CLOSED fantasy!AU || thedoctorsimpossiblegirl


Once upon a time, in a magical forest, lived a Warlock, or a wizard, if you will. No, he didn’t have a wand or a beard or a broomstick or a cauldron, but he was magical. He was countless years old, for he did not age like mortal humans, but unlike them, he wasn’t accepted by the other species for his magic. He left his previous abode in the countryside and vanished without a trace, some assuming it was yet another one of his ‘parlor tricks’ and he’d return- but as generations went by, he never did.

The man, known only as The Doctor, how lived in the most secluded part of the enchanted forest, past brambles and creatures that most would have not dared to cross. The forest wasn’t scary, of course, but thorns and a unhappy sprite or two was enough to make an explorer turn back immediately- and that’s exactly how he liked it.

That morning, The Doctor left his cottage with a dark green-brown cloak covering his entire tall and lanky figure, a wicker basket in hand for his morning collection of herbs and berries and the like. The sun gleamed through miniscule gaps between the leaves of the amazingly tall trees of the forest canopy, making the dew-covered grass and underbrush gleam like they were all covered in tiny diamonds. That was exactly what he loved about his home- he was completely alone, except for the nature that surrounded him.


Once Upon A Time 4x18 - Sympathy for the De Vil


Late night confession after Robin comes to her vault in 4A. 

She’s curled up in his arms, legs tangled among the blankets in the makeshift bed in the secret rooms of her vault, listening to the steady thump of his heartbeat. For the first time since Emma arrived in Storybrooke, Regina feels safe. She knows it’s an illusion, knows that the Snow Queen is still out there, that Marian is still frozen, that Robin’s honor will demand that he leave her in the morning, but for the moment, she pushes those thoughts away. She matches her breathing to the rhythm of his heart, each coming slower than the last as they both come down from the overwhelming passion that stripped them bare.

He’s tracing his fingertips up and down her arm, making lazy patterns against her bicep. “What are you thinking about, love?” he murmurs.

“Emma,” she says without hesitation, then wrinkles her nose at the realization of what she’s just said.

He huffs in reply. “That’s hardly complimentary, Regina.”

She laughs at that and shifts, so that she’s resting her chin on his chest and looking up into his deep blue eyes. “Not like that,” she says. “I was thinking that of all the men in Storybrooke, you’re the only one who hasn’t fallen at Emma’s feet the moment he saw her. Hook, Neal, August…even Graham. It’s exhausting watching everyone fall in love with the Savior. But you…you didn’t.”

He gave her a crooked smile. “What can I say? I prefer brunettes, particularly those that don’t seem to care for me very much.”

“The thief likes a challenge,” she says with a wicked grin, and he laughs in agreement. He’s silent for a moment, then asks, “Who is Graham?”

She stiffens slightly in his arms, and his eyebrows go up in response. “He was the sheriff before Emma,” she says carefully.

“And what happened to him?”

She doesn’t say anything, doesn’t meet his eyes.

“Oh,” he says softly. At that, she looks back up to find him studying her.

“Oh? That’s all you have to say? Oh?” She pushes herself up on one elbow, challenging his answer. Her past in the Enchanted Forest is one thing, but Graham was here, in Storybrooke. It wasn’t that long ago that she held his heart in her hand and crushed it. Wasn’t that long ago that she was the monster everyone feared her to be.

He brushes away the lock of hair that’s fallen into her eyes. “Whatever happened, nothing can change it now. And I know you well enough to know that whatever condemnation I could call upon you for what happened is nothing compared to what you’ve already called upon yourself. So yes, Regina. Oh.”

She pulls away from him then, curling her knees up to her chest. In the darkness, she finally finds the strength to tell the truth about Graham. She has to get it out, the burden that she’s carried for so long. She knows that telling him about Graham might be the final straw; might be the thing that finally drives him away forever, but she can’t hold it in anymore. “I forced him,” she whispers. “I had his heart, and I made him…I made him be my servant. Be my lover. He didn’t want me, but I didn’t care. I thought he betrayed me, so I wanted to punish him. And I did.” She takes a deep breath. “And then Emma came, and he remembered…and he chose her over me. So I crushed his heart.” She buries her face in her arms. Of all the things she’s done, this is the one that she can’t get past. The townspeople she murdered didn’t suffer, but Graham did. He was her unwilling victim for over thirty years, and she still feels evil and dirty whenever she thinks his name, or sees a reminder of him in the streets of Storybrooke.

Robin is quiet for a moment, and she can feel him weighing his words. He sits up and rests a hand against the small of her back. “I can’t say that what you did was right, because you know it wasn’t,” he says. “And I can’t offer you absolution for your sins. That’s Tuck’s specialty, not mine. But Regina, I can tell you that nothing you say is going to change the way I feel about you. You’re not that person anymore.”

She brushes away a tear, still afraid to look at him. “I’m not a hero, Robin,” she says bitterly. “I’m locked in a vault, surrounded by hearts I’ve collected, and I’m in bed with a married man. I don’t think absolution is in the cards for me.”

With that, he pulls her back to him and buries his face in her neck. “Know this. I’m here because I want to be. Not because you forced me to be. Because there’s nowhere else on earth I would rather be than with you, here in this vault.” He kisses her neck, her jawline, then pulls back and cups her face in both of his hands. “I’m in love with you, Regina, and that has nothing to do with magic, or control, or anything else. I’m in love with you because of you.”

She takes a deep, shuddering sigh at that. He’d said that he was in love with her before, in roundabout terms, but he’d never said it so plainly. She wants to believe him, but her past won’t silence itself long enough for her to relish his words. And try as she might, she can’t muster up the courage to say them back.

He rests his forehead against hers, his thumbs still stroking her cheeks. “My past isn’t squeaky clean either, love. I was a spoiled, selfish man who turned into a thief. And yes, my intentions were good, but my arrows ran through many a black knight. Men who I’m sure had families of their own, men who were doing no more than their jobs. And I have to find a way to live with that, just as you have to find a way to live with what you’ve done.”

“How do you do it?” she whispers.

“The same way you do,” he says tenderly. “By trying to be better. By trying to be someone Roland will be proud of, much the way Henry is proud of you.”

He pulls her back down to him, adjusting the sheet so that it brushes her shoulders. He keeps an arm firmly around her waist, refusing to let her shift even an inch away from him. She rests her head on his chest again, listening to the steady beat of his heart. The heart that she owns, but can’t control. The heart that calls out to her own in the dark of the night. The heart that silences the voices in her head.

Eventually, he falls asleep and his grip loosens. She doesn’t move, but she doesn’t sleep, either; she knows he has to leave her once dawn breaks. Until then, she’ll stay awake and lock every memory of his lips, his touch, and his voice into the aching depths of her soul.

Fic: What Really Happened - Part One

Summary: Regina can’t stand Hook and Emma just wants them to get along. Along the way Emma find out what really happened. A short SwanQueen story that contains some CS.

What Really Happened (Part I) | 3000 words

“I just don’t see why you can’t get along,” Emma muttered with a sigh as she swirled the amber liquid around her wine glass.

“Beats me, love,” Hook replied as he stared lovingly at the blonde across the red and white check tablecloth cover the restaurant dining table.

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