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Imum Coeli (IC)

The  Imum Coeli (IC) is always the polar opposite sign of your Midheaven (MC). While the MC covers your career and external path the IC  has connections to family, past, and even family karma.

Aries IC: Growing up has become separated from the family somehow, not necessarily physically or emotionally. Independent, different views. The past is filled with times of loneliness and/or aggression somehow. Karma has ties to standing out in the family. The past is usually not visited a lot. Anger, conflict, passion, or times of excitement are remembered most.

Taurus IC: Likely center of family somehow, probably the glue that holds everyone together. The family’s rock.  Karma revolves around bringing stability and routine back to the family or receiving stability and safety that was lacking. Past is easy to remember, proof of memories, sentimental items, clarity, but also possibly scars, broken walls, torn papers.

Gemini IC: Always the communicative family member, always knows what’s going on, nurtures and shares beliefs. Past can have a lack of communication, a lack of people to talk to/who will listen, and detachment. Is pushed by karma to connect family members, to be the messenger, to have an open mind when it comes to family. The past and memories are tied in communication, ideas, and information family members are attentive of and push forward.

Cancer IC: The karmic family ties are STRONG here. Might have to learn how to let go or there to teach the family to let go. The past is filled with hardcore family attachment but also withdrawal from nurture.Clings to family members, traditions, and views. Karma pushes them to reflect on family a lot, might be the most introspective and perceptive family member. Karma might make them the protector of their family. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago. Memories and the past are part of their being. Emotions are always tied to memories. They interpret memories via emotions.

Leo IC: The golden boy or girl of the family, rarely disappoints the family but also fears disappointing them. There are themes surrounding pride in the past, good or bad. Karma gives them an abundance of attention and self-esteem. Shines in the family, maybe restores honor, fame, or general pride in the family. Others in the family always remember them. Their memories are tied to ego and actually security somehow.

Virgo IC: Being overly protected, attempting to meet high standards, maybe extreme innocence, and worry/anxiety is tied to their past. Karma pushes them to bring order, routine, practicality, and self improvement to family members. They are the family critics but also helpers. They never forget or miss any detail from their past and present. Karma could push them to help family members in the physical world like take care of the sick, tidy up, financially support, etc.

Libra IC: Karma pushes them to bring harmony and peace to the family. They help members reconnect. Suppression of individuality, pressure to please others, and lack of training to deal with tension/conflict can be seen in the past.  The past is known to them mentally, intellectually but they can hide their feelings of the past for their own protection/fear.

Scorpio IC: Lots of mystery when it comes to this persons past. Maybe adoption, family members have many of their own secrets, or trauma. Karma pushes them to discover family secrets, to contain the family of its troubles, and to push family past long-standing pain. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago. Memories are tied to passion and emotions. They remember what they felt more than the events.

Sagittarius IC: Karma pushes them towards freedom and independence that was lacked in the family somewhere. The past is filled with control or a push to make them find inner security via independence and vitality. Their past can contain intense family beliefs, traveling, and judgment, either tolerant and open or closed and intolerant. Revisiting memories and regret is not common for them. They have their experiences and then move on.

Capricorn IC:  Family expects a lot out of them, past is filled with responsibilities, seriousness, maybe pessimism, and they grew up too fast. Karma gives them security and control of themselves and within the family. They can develop to be the family’s rock. They can regain the family’s authority. Memories tend to be painted in melancholy or over-practicality. They don’t like to share memories but keeps them like a picture in a wallet.

Aquarius IC:  There is karma surrounding being the family outcast/black sheep. They have a unconventional family and views of family. Karma pushes them 2 ways, to detach themselves from family for their own growth or learn to be apart of it in their own way. Can be forgetful of memories, they are stored in a mental library to only be visited if forced to or for practical means.

Pisces IC: Past has many illusions. Could have been mislead, highly sheltered, or manipulated by family. Engulfed in family’s emotions and history. Memories can get lost in emotional translation or trapped in subconscious. Has a hard time separating self from family. Karma pushes them to heal many different types of long-standing family wounds. Despite healing influences karma pushes on them strongly to find their own destiny away from family, likely healing in itself. Can still feel the vibration of family traumas even if it was generations ago.

What Kinds of People Do The Zodiac Signs Respect?

Aries: People who give their all and don’t dwell on what has already passed

Taurus: People who are good with their hands, empathetic people

Gemini: Honest people, people who are willing to be affectionate in public and aren’t embarrassed about relationships with family/friends/lovers

Cancer: People who are steady and can bare emotional weight, people who can lead others when needed without restricting others

Leo: People who can stick up for themselves and won’t let everyone walk over them

Virgo: Mature people, people who aren’t frivolous and are good at dealing with money, responsible people

Libra: People who speak, dress, and act with class, people who are willing to open up instead of clamming up because they aren’t comfortable

Scorpio: People who are willing to share the more private parts of themselves, devoted people

Sagittarius: People willing to learn and accept that they don’t know everything, people who make their own fun when they get bored

Capricorn: Sympathetic people who understand emotions, people who work for status rather than just taking it

Aquarius: People who are tolerant of all kinds of views while sticking up for their own

Pisces: Protective people who can stick up for themselves and their family/friends/lovers

Ideas for Your Grimoire

Ideas for your Grimoire (or a journal/collection/file similar to a Grimoire):
• Diary Entries

• Meditative Pages

- Inducing different states, emotions, 
trances, mindsets, and triggers for spells, 
realms, etc.

• Spirit Communication

• Symbol Meanings

- Alchemy, elements, zodiac, Futhark Runes, 
your own, etc.

• Symbology

- Animals, mythical creatures, any items

• Herbology

- Both medicinal and metaphysical

• Chakra Meanings

- Or Energy Points, whatever you refer to 
them as or similar points that you use in
your craft

• Healing Methods

• Divination Methods

• Spells

• Rituals

• Rites

• Incantations

• Portals

• Deity Worship

- If you worship any deities of any sort, you
can include them in your Grimoire if you’d

• Deep Feelings

• (Divination) Readings

• Notes from Your Books

• Research in General

• Mythology

• Egregores

- Thought forms, concepts

• Coding Methods

• Psychic-Gathered Information

• Spell/Craft Logs

• Correspondences to Easy-to-Get Supplies
and Substitutes

• Key Things You’ve Discovered in magic, the Paranormal, the Astral, the future, your abilities, etc.

• What Colors Mean to You

• Lore!

• Traditional Known Methods

• Urban Methods

• Your Methods!

• Potions

- They don’t always HAVE to be all herb-
based, just so you know. There’s plenty of 
magic in fruits and veggies.

• Correspondences/Your Own Correspondences

• Craft and Food Recipes

• Blessings, Curses/Jinxes/Hexes, 

• Spirit Friends

• Things about your Past Life

- If you’ve reincarnated (or have past lives in
your beliefs or… Well.. Anything that gives 
you a past life)

• Your Passions

• Your Morals

• Fun Activities You Find/Make

• Astral Travel Experiences

Being in a polyamorous relationship with Diana and Steve would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo DIANA AND STEVE 😍😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Diana and Steve loving your company so much they both end up falling for you, making them both fight for you in their way, only for you to settle it yourself and suggest to be all together

-Diana always telling you to be yourself and do whatever you believe to be right, only for Steve to have to butt in and tell you otherwise whenever he thinks it’s a bad idea

-Steve wanting to keep you both safe and doing whatever it takes to do so, only for Diana to feel the same for you and him

-Diana enjoying to talk about her past life and her beliefs, truly amazing you and Steve but him most of the time still being somewhat skeptical and looking at you weird and making you laugh

-Steve and you laughing and smiling whenever you’d both witness Diana being excited or impressed by the most simple things around you, only for the both of you to explain to her

-Diana loving to show you her armor and how to fight the way she does, only for Steve to sometimes freak out when he sees you being thrown around and trying to butt in

-Steve enjoying to take you both sightseeing different places he’d visit and truly giving you each of you a dating experience

-Diana being blunt and honest when it comes to what truly pleasures a woman in bed and such, only to make Steve blush and for you to find yourself agreeing with her

-Steve being kind and soft when it comes to making love to you, while Diana knowing exactly how to pleasure you

-Them loving you with all their hearts and promising to one another to take care of you if anything were to happen to them

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Your plot and your character development do not have to be separate entities! 

Under this theory…

Your plot should produce tension
which should produce character growth
which should provide more tension
which should produce more plot

In order to achieve their short and long term plot related goals, your character should have to develop, whether that be positively or negatively. They should face their flaws, beliefs, and past actions, and make a conscious or subconscious choice to change as a person. This growth should then create openings through which more plot can attack your character and force them to develop again. 

The exact same principle can be applied to character relationships, to action scenes, and to most other manor types of subplots and scenes. 

Every aspect of the story should be connected and intertwined, so that one cannot exist without the others.

I found I am afraid to write about today. Perhaps it is too raw.

But I learned something today. I learned more about trust. I have struggled with an irrational fear that people for whom i care will be taken from me because I don’t deserve love or what I need.

I also believed that because I am difficult (emotional, intense, loving, have needs.. or am a typical girl. 🙄).. that others would leave.

I see through current and past experiences, my beliefs are incorrect.

In 2014, I had a friend that I had been close with help me see myself and life through a new lens. During that huge transformation, I really struggled with fear of loss. He taught me that Gone doesn’t mean Gone. Our relationship has changed over the years through many phases. I no longer have panic attacks that he will die as I used to.

Today I learned through an incredible man that I can trust. Trust him to be Home.. and trust my intuition…and I will leave it at that. 🏡

Be Authentic

There is only one you
You do not need to be like other people
You do not need to fit in

So many people are trying to fit in but they don’t even know what they are fitting in to.

Understand yourself
Be honest with yourself
Desire change? Then make change.
Be the best version of yourself
In your own eyes
By your judgement

Not by comparison with anyone
Just by comparison with where to want to be
Celebrate the wins
Learn from the mistakes
Every step is forward, no matter how small

Say aloud
I am loved
I am lovely
I am honest
I am forgiving
I am trusting
I am new each day
The past has no hold over me
I am living in the present
I am happy
There is only this minute, I am happy in it.

Okay but bet. BET. S3 vld is going to feature Keith and Shiro’s Pre-Kerberos days via a flashback by Keith. Imagine Keith feeling all this pressure as the Black Paladin™, at first being headstrong and definately due to Lance not accepting the fact that mullet became the (temp!) leader. But then Keith takes off his helmet, calms his breathing, remembers “patience yields focus”, and will convince himself that he can do this because there was a reason Shiro chose him. And BET its going to be due to some sort of memory wherein Keith showed exemplary leader skills in Shiro’s presence. Maybe it was a sim maybe not but i bet you this is how we get to see their past !!

pomrania  asked:

If someone wants that angst factor, but also wants to be more accurate... what about a trainer who's an abusive human being towards the character outside of training, but isn't an abusive trainer?

The best way to go about getting the angst factor is with the trainee themselves post-training, where you have someone who genuinely did buy in and then came to a realization later. They hate what they were trained to do, more importantly they hate what they did, and they hate themselves for it. They’re still excellent at what they were trained to do as they trained hard for it, it’s in their bones, an inextricable part of who they are, but the idea of doing it again makes them sick.

This is the setup of an internal conflict that is realistic, but requires an admission of personal responsibility. The “I Once Believed But Now I Don’t” is the foundation of a few hundred, grizzled and experienced action protagonists.

The trick behind this set up though is to go all in, the Atoner needs to have something they’re atoning for. The “I was forced” bit just weakens the motivation and gives them an easy out where they can divest themselves of responsibility. Maybe they do come from a background where they were taken/stolen from their parents at a young age and maybe they did fight against what was done to them in the beginning, but at some point they did give in. At some point, they made the choice and committed. That’s where the Atoner’s drama is. It’s born from personal choice and regret over actions taken. It really was their fault, and now they’re either running away or making up for it.

Abuse in martial combat training isn’t on the floor, it’s in much more subtle and coercive elements used to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do. It’s certainly possible to be victimized by martial combat training, used and abused. That abuse is just unlikely to come in the form of a physical beating. The problem is that martial combat is also, simultaneously, empowering. Adrenaline makes you feel good, and the act of taking control over yourself makes you feel strong. Add control over another person into the mix, get a head rush.

A good example of an abusive martial arts setup are the Karate Kid movies with the evil martial arts master. The other important reference point from these movies is a somewhat universal truth: the student is a reflection of their teacher.

Debates about use of force aside, you will occasionally find abusive setups in the real world as bullies are, unfortunately, a phenomenon where fiction reflects life. Students who come from these setups are likely going to be either abusers themselves or more prone toward falling into that category.

Strength first. Weakness is to be punished. Finish your enemy.

“Do not stop when our enemy is down. No mercy in the studio. No mercy in competition. No mercy in life. Our enemy deserves pain.” - Master Li, The Karate Kid.

Sentiments which all feel right, except the contexts they’re applied in are universal. Notice too, it’s all “us versus them”. Master Li in The Karate Kid remake is a well respected martial artist with a huge school and is famous for his ability to produce winners. The issue is where his values lie, and how he pushes his students. His hardcore, aggressive training tactics are applied only to those students who merit his personal attention, who excel. We see the values he’s instilled in his students through Dre’s conflicts with them. They all look up to him. He’s their father figure.

You’re right in that the attitudes of the trainers are the place to look for when looking for abuse rather than the training itself. You’re looking for scenarios that are emotionally abusive rather than physically abusive, and they run in a pattern similar to those used by emotionally abusive parents.

If you want to use these dynamics in your stories, it’s important to recognize the affect these figures will have on your characters. The student/teacher dynamic is a tightly knit one. This person is akin to a second parent. They are part and parcel to the character’s values, who they are, and how they’ve been shaped. Combating abuse takes real work, and it’s not as simple as shuffling the blame onto someone else.

Most of the issues when the fictional “abusive training” tropes pop up involves the author’s desire to get angst and allowing the character avoid taking personal responsibility through their victimization. Their experiences aren’t character defining, but rather perfunctory and act as a means of giving them some angst. It’s also a key means of identifying that this character is special, unique, and different from all the other rubes. In true cognitive dissonance, the presentation of this character is aces with their backstory except all the traits they’re claiming should be the ones they’re rejecting.

Atoning is an exercise in service and humility. A true Atoner is someone who has been humbled. This is a character type directly at odds with wish fulfillment. After all, the western version of this trope is Catholic. However, Atorners come from all over the world. Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin is a classic example of the trope, where in his desire to help others perverted his training and became the era’s most famous warrior (and mass murderer). He becomes a wanderer traveling Japan with a katana whose blade is reversed and blunted so he’ll never kill again. (Ignore for a moment that most of Kenshin’s techniques would absolutely still kill people via blunt force trauma and go with it.)

There are a myriad of places to take someone who has turned the people who trained them, on the system, or on their past beliefs. The Punisher is an example of a character who has decided to strike out on their own, he’s not truly atoning but rather is vengeance driven.

The problem with angst is that the good kind can’t be cheated into existence. Quality fictional angst comes from a personal place, usually resulting from a sense of personal responsibility for a situation (whether or not its their fault). A character can still be a victim of a system while also regretting the actions they took. The trick is understanding that being a victim is not automatically absolving, especially not from a personal point of view. A person can be both victim and victimizer at the same time. A bully with abusive parents isn’t automatically absolved for the bullying they’ve done, even if we feel sympathy for their situation and understand them better.

If you want to write an abusive trainer, this is going to be someone who is first and foremost emotionally abusive. If there’s physical abuse (and there may be), it will come long after the victim’s emotions have been secured. The victim will model themselves after their teacher, much like they would a parent, and become a “mini-me” because that is the best way to avoid punishment. They will become good at shuffling blame onto someone else, or trying to escape it because punishment is painful. That pain is likely to come from an emotional source rather than a physical one.

It will be difficult for the student to recognize their trainer is abusive. Their teacher will be someone they want to please, and the training will reinforce what the trainer says justifying the victim’s treatment in their own minds. All the good emotions you feel from doing exercise and the power felt by taking control over your body/over your mind becomes a parcel used to justify the emotional abuse. The student links their good feelings to what their teacher does to them and pursues it harder.

The key aspect to understand about an abusive training environment is that it is not automatically different from a normal training environment on a basic level. Which is to say, it’s not any better or any tougher or makes one a better fighter. Those in the abusive environment will believe their abusive training is the foundation of their skill and they wouldn’t be the same in a different program, but that is not necessarily true. What makes the training abusive is the way their teacher treats them and the values that are instilled. An abusive environment is often dominating, top down, and everything reflects back to the teacher.

Abuse is about control.

You can have two different teachers who do exactly the same things, but is abusive and one is not. This is why it’s so hard to tell whether or not a situation is abusive, because it’s based in attitude and outlook not in teaching techniques. The difference between an abusive teacher and one who is not is the psychological damage they leave behind.

A character with an abusive instructor may become a great fighter, but they will also be emotionally crippled. Like a bully, they will feel the need to exert control over their environment, create their own little kingdoms, and lash out at those who threaten their authority.

A character who cannot embrace their teacher’s outlook will be shattered, chased by self-doubt, and end up too mentally insecure to succeed at warfare. Their confidence is crushed, and whatever they learn from their teacher they don’t have the fortitude to use.

That’s the consequence of an abusive instructor.

You embrace them and become like them.


You reject them, and they break you.

This is not physical, they break their student emotionally through neglect, through failure, by critically hampering their ability to succeed, by undercutting them, or changing the goalposts on them.

This is where the fantasy of “the hardcore abusive training creating the best warrior ever who was never into it from the beginning” falls apart. A student is a reflection of their master.

A student in an abusive system survives and succeeds only by buying in. They can come to a different conclusion later and abandon it, but at some point they’ll be a True Believer. With the abuse serving as a means of motivation, a desire to please their teacher because of what that will earn them. Whether that’s glory, success, or just not being hit is all up to the teacher.

I hope that clears this concept up some.


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Moon Phases 🌙

The Moon’s tranquil waltz around the Earth is divided into eight equal and rhythmic parts according to how much light the Moon receives from the Sun. After being gifted sunlight, the Moon gently offers us her reflection from up above. These are called Moon Phases and they’re an essential part of natal charts in the sense that these phases represent the intimate relationship between the Sun and the Moon in a certain point in time.

Because the Sun symbolizes consciousness, creativity and individual purposes in life, and the Moon represents our inner, emotional and subconscious selves, the analysis of the Moon Phases of a chart gives some insight into how the personality works towards its ultimate goal, which is often achieved by fulfilling the Sun’s purpose.

Each lunar cycle lasts about 28 days, and the Moon Phases are 8, so each phase lasts around 3 to 4 days. And because so many people are born under the same phase, the interpretation of the Moon phase in a chart assumes a universal or general meaning. Although accurate, the interpretation of Moon phases does not offer specific details.

Each Moon Phase can be also correlated to one of a cycle of eight reincarnations, which generally point to some recurrent lesson that must be learnt within these eight reincarnations before inaugurating a new cycle, a new lesson, a New Moon.

To figure out which one of the eight phases blessed you at birth, you should look at the distance, around the Zodiac, that separates the Sun from the Moon.

1. New Moon (Moon from 0° to 45° ahead of the Sun)

A New Moon symbolizes the moment when the Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth. Illuminating sunlight is filtrated through the Moon’s scintillating waters, which become warm and fertile. Lunar seeds and sunny expectations pour onto humanity, symbolizing the beginning of a new experience; a celestial representation of opportunity. This also symbolizes divine unity between conscious and unconscious. People born under a New Moon are generally spontaneous and lively. Their sense of realization and creativity is linked to their unconscious habits and feelings, producing a charming and instinctive individual. Those born under a new Moon are on a quest for finding their true selves and for expressing themselves genuinely through being dynamic and experiencing new things in their lives. New Moon people are considered quite “lucky”; it’s as if the universe were able to adjust itself, often placing these people at the right place at the right time. Good or bad, life-changing experiences happen as if by divine providence, without conscious intention. The individual can be self-centered. A new seed is planted.

2. Crescent Moon (Moon from 45° to 90° ahead of the Sun);

Growing roots break the seed’s shell. A Crescent Moon symbolizes the manifestation of the will to live that is needed for surviving. Here, the Moon’s only starting to light up, symbolizing the first difficult steps we must take towards our goals. People born under a Crescent Moon must find a way to be assertive, confident and decisive. They’ve got what it takes to let go of the past, but moving forward can prove challenging. They’ve already understood their New Moon personality; in the Crescent Moon, they’re trying to project this personality forcefully and also making their way to their independence.

3. First Quarter Moon (Moon from 90° to 135° ahead of the Sun);

After breaking the seed’s shell, roots must let the initial seed behind and fight their way through the ground, creating a stable and reliable structure upon which the plant will be able to grow. People born under a First Quarter Moon are energetic and have a strong force of will. They often find themselves in crises that demand letting go of memories or destroying past and useless things in their lives, creating space for what’s to come and expanding their horizons.

4. Gibbous Moon (Moon from 135° to 180° ahead of the Sun);

When the roots are already stable, it is time to focus on producing beautiful stems and leaves in order to accomplish one’s purpose. People born under a Gibbous Moon are perfectionists. They look for meaning and usefulness in all things through analysis and, when they do not find it, they question such a thing’s existence. This process is generally turned inwards, so the individual may be constantly questioning themselves and their motives while in search for their true purpose. They’re constantly looking for signs that they’re on the right way.

5. Full Moon (Moon from 180° to 135° behind the Sun);

Gorgeous flowers blossom from the meticulous and careful stems. The Earth is placed between the Moon and the Sun, so it is now filtrating sunlight and returning the Moon’s seeds and dreams back at her in flowery forms. The Moon receives the Earth’s flowers and the Sun’s light, achieving complete understanding of her intentions under her initial New Moon form. People born under Full Moons are relationship-driven. They generally have a deep understanding of the world and know that there’s more to human relationships than only “good” or “bad”. They’re often able to consider multiple perspectives, opinions and points of view. This is a reflection of their important polarization towards their two selves: emotional (Moon) and conscious (Sun), which often manifests through their relationships. These people, much like the Moon, overflow with enlightenment and comprehension, but they may lack drive or ability to materialize their knowledge on Earth.

6. Disseminating Moon (Moon from 135° to 90° behind the Sun);

Eventually, those marvelous flowers turn into sweet fruits, which can serve as nourishment while assuring the progression of the cycle. People blessed by this phase often have the ability to consciously materialize their knowledge, which wasn’t quite possible on previous phases. This means they’re focused on distributing their observations and theories, helping other people grow by offering advices or teachings. The nutritious fruit is what gives material and practical value and meaning for a beautiful flower.

7. Last Quarter Moon (Moon from 90° to 45° behind the Sun);

Fruits perish and die, all the while being completely conscious of their drowning state. Those born under this phase are blessed with the ability and purpose to undergo radical transformations in their consciousness and way of thinking, constantly changing their perspective towards life. This individual presents himself as more sober than most, for they’re continuously letting go of previous beliefs and past achievements, creating space for something greater, yet intangible, in an ethereal future.

8. Balsamic Moon (Moon from 45° to 0° behind the Sun);

A decomposed fruit places a hopeful seed on the ground. This phase symbolizes the completion of karma or the end of the cycle. People born under this phase are future-oriented and have a subtle, but wide understanding of their life’s purpose in general. Generally considered to be wise, these people are now completing a task, so they may feel as if they were constantly putting the finishing touches in many aspects of their lives. Often considered to be quite sensitive or eccentric, Balsamic Moon people excel at interpreting hidden meanings which may be inaccessible to others, reproducing spiritual and universal information in order to heal or transform other people.

Signs Imum Coeli (IC)

The  Imum Coeli (IC) is always the polar opposite sign of your Midheaven (MC). While the MC covers your career and external path the IC  has connections to family, past, and even family karma.

Aries IC: Growing up has become separated from the family somehow, not necessarily physically or emotionally. Independent, different views. The past is filled with times of loneliness and/or aggression somehow. Karma has ties to standing out in the family. The past is usually not visited a lot. Anger, conflict, passion, or times of excitement are remembered most.

Taurus IC: Likely center of family somehow, probably the glue that holds everyone together. The family’s rock.  Karma revolves around bringing stability and routine back to the family or receiving stability and safety that was lacking. Past is easy to remember, proof of memories, sentimental items, clarity, but also possibly scars, broken walls, torn papers.

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tbh i don’t get the whole deal with anti kin. otherkin and fictionkin is literally just a spiritual belief. that’s it. that’s the whole thing, dude. it’s nothing unhealthy, because it doesn’t overpower our real lives. it’s just a part of our belief. that’s it. like, are you going to shit on somebody for believing in spirits or fairies or gods or whatever? no? then why the fuck are you shitting on somebody’s belief of past lives / different lives? it’s so stupid. yeah it can be annoying to some of y’all but like, just carry on, it isn’t that hard.

anonymous asked:

I read one of your tags talking about even and isaks cabin trip. Would you care to expand? I can't get enough of your words <3

  • it was Even’s idea, casually brought up over dinner one Thursday. if Isak had any plans three weekends from now, if he’d maybe like to go to the cabin of a friend of a friend of a friend, not too far from Oslo, just the two of them. and Isak is skeptical at first, just a little bit, still not completely over all his past insecurities, his past beliefs, tells Even in between bites of pasta, two guys in a cabin… sounds pretty gay... Even levels him with a look, says, we had sex two hours ago and Isak shrugs, blushes, tells him, yeah okay then.
  • it was a long bus trip, Isak leaning against Even, playing a game on his phone while Even mumbles which move he should make next, right before kissing the top of Isak’s head. they talk about school for a little while, about Even’s plans for next year, about how Isak’s mom is doing and it’s quiet and it’s comfortable. Even falls asleep after thirty minutes and Isak takes seventeen pictures of him with funny snapchat filters to send to the boys and one normal one, just to keep safe.
  • it was sitting on opposite ends of the couch when they got to the cabin, a blanket thrown over both of them, hot chocolate that Even made them on the table, Isak reading a difficult book on philosophy and Even reading a magazine on obscure indie bands. every once in a while Isak pushes his toes in Even’s shin to tell him about an interesting fact he’s just read, and Even’s all ears as always, asks Isak questions about his opinion on that, his vision on this, because he genuinely wants to know, tells him his chocolate’s getting cold and Isak thinks he could probably stay here forever.
  • it was naked cuddles by the fire, boardgames, cooking together and sleeping in. or, it was Isak sleeping in anyway, Even starting the day off hours earlier by taking a walk around the cabin, taking cool pictures of the lake, and the trees and a deer he spots, coming back with rosy cheeks and a spark in his eye, and forcing Isak to post the pictures on his instagram. it’ll ruin my illuminati vibe, Isak tells him as he picks the right filter for a picture Even took of of Isak’s face as he’s reading a book. or does it? Even replies, as he makes a triangle shape with his fingers and walks away to put on another hoodie.
  • it was three seasons of house of cards and endless discussion about who the bad guy really is, it was a lazy trip back home as Even draws a heart for Isak on the bus window and it was knowing there will be many more to come.

Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し Tōrō = lantern / nagashi = cruise, flow) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns down a river. This is primarily done on the last evening of the Bon Festival, festival based on the belief that this guides the spirits of the departed back to the other world. The white lanterns are for those who have died in the past year. Traditional Japanese beliefs state that humans come from water, so the lanterns represent their bodies returning to water.

anonymous asked:

I'm from the same church as you are. I am in need of advice. I feel like my past life is coming back in very small pieces and I'm afraid that it won't be little bits of it in time, but all of it come back. I'm trying to fight it. I've had some little victories, but I'm scared. Thanks

Thank you for sharing the concern. I appreciate the openness of people esp when it comes with pcs. of the heart. I hope is this response helps.

As we take on this concern, let me begin with God’s Word for your heart and mine. Let’s read together in 3… 2… 1…

Psalm 103 (NASB) Praise for the Lord’s Mercies.

A Psalm of David.

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And all that is within me, bless His holy name.
2 Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget none of His benefits;
3 Who pardons all your iniquities,
Who heals all your diseases;
4 Who redeems your life from the pit,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion;
5 Who satisfies your years with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

6 The Lord performs righteous deeds
And judgments for all who are oppressed.
7 He made known His ways to Moses,
His acts to the sons of Israel.
8 The Lord is compassionate and gracious,
Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness.
9 He will not always strive with us,
Nor will He keep His anger forever.
10 He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
Nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.
11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
So great is His lovingkindness toward those who fear Him.
12 As far as the east is from the west,
So far has He removed our transgressions from us.
13 Just as a father has compassion on his children,
So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
14 For He Himself knows our frame;
He is mindful that we are but dust.

15 As for man, his days are like grass;
As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
16 When the wind has passed over it, it is no more,
And its place acknowledges it no longer.
17 But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children,
18 To those who keep His covenant
And remember His precepts to do them.

19 The Lord has established His throne in the heavens,
And His sovereignty rules over all.
20 Bless the Lord, you His angels,
Mighty in strength, who perform His word,
Obeying the voice of His word!
21 Bless the Lord, all you His hosts,
You who serve Him, doing His will.
22 Bless the Lord, all you works of His,
In all places of His dominion;
Bless the Lord, O my soul!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that it is by Your Light that we see sin now. Thank You for making known to us our sins and giving Your grace to us as a gift. Thank You for Your lovingkindness and compassion that never fails. Please forgive me for the times I look to myself more than I look to You. As You have given Your Word on Psalms 103, please use Your Word to remove the lies I believe and replace any doubt with the certainty we receive from Your grace and glory. In the Lord Jesus we trust and pray, Amen!

Sender and fellow disciple,

The Bible says, “ Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation. (2 Corinthians 5:17-19 NASB) Self-doubt and fears that are not aligned with God’s attribute and His work in us need to be rebuked. We need to acknowledge such thoughts and habits as sin but also as NOT HELPFUL cycles to go around with. We need to commit to stop participating in self-pity that leads us to more doubts about God’s grace in our redemption. Here are a few steps that may help the process of overcoming the fear and lie of “being the same person as I was” after receiving God’s grace:

1. Read the Gospel to yourself. A Christian needs the Gospel as much as a non-Christian needs Christ Jesus in his/her heart. God’s Word is provision for us and its work always begins with what God did for us: the Good News.

No lie and no doubt can be overcome apart from knowing and keeping the truth. Read the Bible and rely on what the Lord Jesus has done. Go to the Gospel books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Read about the Lord Jesus and what He has done. Go as far as reading about what His disciples witnessed and wrote in the New Testament. You can even read back to the prophecies He fulfilled in the Old Testament. Make time. Sit, read, write, and repeat.

Read the Gospel to yourself and memorize what you can :) Yes, keep God’s Word in your heart only then will there be less room and no power for lies. One of the Scripture I dearly hold on to and share is Colossians 1:19-20 NASB: For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.

2. Replace pity with prayer. To take every thought captive to the authority of the Lord Jesus in us means praying as needed. When Satan lies to us or even simply when our own flesh or heart tempts us to believe a lie about ourselves or God’s grace, we have to pause and pray. Take that pity up the cross and leave it in the glory of the Lord Jesus’ saving grace. Pause, pray, and move forward in the presence of God from the moment you had with Him in prayer.

3. Don’t count on good works to feel good about your walk. Loved one, we’re redeemed from the lie that we can work for everything we need. If we truly believe only God can save us, then we have to live by that same truth knowing only He can make our path straight. Obedience to the Law is not equal to salvation - we have been enlightened by the Good News over this. Our salvation is a gift and only then can we obey, not the other way around.

In this time of history where Christians are “highly encouraged” to perform/show their salvation through much work, let’s first be a Mary in the presence of the Lord Jesus. See Luke 10:38-42. Christ-confidence needs CHRIST first to really be a moving, encouraging confidence.

While the to-do list can go and on, I believe these 3 steps are crucial. Any matter of the heart must be dealt with from the heart – and only God can do that.

God always graciously speaks in His Word, the Bible, and lovingly listens to us when we pause and pray. While there are many helpful steps, I encourage you to keep the Lord Jesus first and above all in terms of intimacy and wisdom. After all, He is our Lawgiver and Judge. Surely, as you spend time with God, He will bless you with enlightenment if you’re really becoming like the past or not. He will even give you His own steps as your guide for this concern. Time with God and trust in Him first then the rest follows. *hugs*

I hope this helps you, dear. Will be praying for you and excited for how the Lord Jesus will bless you with more of Him through His Word and your walk together ♥


Hey guys. I was going through and deleting my old posts on Facebook page I used to run when I was an SJW and I just wanted to share some of the gems. All of these were posted completely unironically btw. I was complete cancer.

I know a lot of you all are also former SJWs so feel free to reblog and add your own past posts or post beliefs as well.

anonymous asked:

What exactly did she retcon about Kent? Not snarky, just really curious, because he's my favorite and I want to know what changed about him. Was it her feelings about him where she said that he was one of her favorites and she had to change it by saying "they're all my favorite"? Or was it a characteristic of him? I want more Kent. He's he only thing keeping me invested at this point because he has motivations and stuff. And I want him to be happy if happy endings are the endgame of this comic.

Just to be clear, retcon refers to reframing past events to serve a current plot need. For an old-timer like me, but maybe it’s just me?–the Kent/Jack relationship was retconned.

I started following the comics a few chapters in, lost interest in it, and came right back before when Kent was first introduced.

I want you to imagine reading right there with me.

So I liked this new character Kent but we knew so little about him. We knew then he’d figure in Jack’s life–and this was before Parse 1 2 3–because he was right there during Jack’s awkward teen years, Jack backtracks talking about Kent while Bittle was having his moment. Updates were scarcer than the number of movies Robert De Niro made in 2013, we pick up bits and pieces of what we could in between long time gaps, try to make sense of them (to be honest, speculating about Kent’s motivations and backstory was the most fun this comic ever was, but also the worst because haters). There were little bits of information that were set in stone:

To a Parse fan like me who’d been reading along, these weren’t just bullet points. I held onto them like a lifeline. These were the only ‘canonical’ material we had on Kent except one night of douchebaggery, but even that reeked of yearning and lashing out out of spite out of being rejected; notably what we knew of Kent and Jack before they had a falling out were largely painted in a positive light. I think you’d have been blind then to ignore how it was heavily implied that that relationship was emotional in nature. Arguably romantic, but definitely emotional. To quote a more expounded meta on this:

it’s been established that jack and kent were best friends when they were teenagers. jack is characterized as kind of awkward and private. he grew up with celebrity parents and was a hockey prodigy growing up around a lot of attention and pressure. i think it’s important to acknowledge that while jack was probably going through a lot around this time, parse was able to befriend him and support him as a best friend. as best friends they probably trusted each other with a lot of secrets, but after whatever happened to break that trust with each other, those secrets turned into ammunition. in parse3, parse happened used his on jack to express his anger and bitterness. jack probably has ammunition on parse as well, but wasn’t in a position to use it. based on the reading, i think the most realistic theory is that jack and kent are involved in a conflict where both parties are at fault.

Looking back on it now, I’m trying to read all of the above and ask myself if that was a lot of extrapolation to have made. Because right now, I still can’t look past the belief that that’s a perfectly reasonable assumption to make. 

Now, after the Year 3 Comic 7 update, if you take Jack at his words, they (1) only hooked up a few times, (2) it’s Kent who never got over it (3)that relationship with Kent wasn’t anything more than “physical hockey.” Should we take him for his word? Maybe, maybe not, but I think that’s a moot question, because the comics hinged Kent’s relevance based on how heavily he affects Jack. And after that update, Kent’s relevance is nothing. The comics would present Jack now as a matured, well-adjusted adult with a lot of perspective (without any trace of his other issues existing at all) and that’s who he’s supposed to be when he says those words, and according to him, it was a meaningless relationship and Kent was just a guy he used to do sometimes.

Did we over-interpret? Maybe Jack only smiled a lot because he was getting some? But how about the things he knew he should apologize about to Parse? What about freezing out his best friend and shutting him out for years and refusing to talk to him even though he apparently knew Parse had feelings for him?

Maybe N changed her mind midway. Maybe the canon was intentionally misleading. In any case, the tvtropes page for retcon includes this:

As the number of twists and misdirections in a story becomes higher, it becomes more difficult to tell whether an event actually is a retcon (which implies that the writers changed their minds), or a misdirection (which implies that the writers intended the “retconned” version all along, and had been deliberately misleading the audience before). In some cases, it is impossible to tell, short of reading the author’s mind (even then, it might not helped, as it’s entirely possible for an author to be on the fence about what they’re planning to do)

But at the end of the day, it was still Jack buddyfucking his bestfriend while calling him a petname, and then snubbing him afterwards.

But to answer your question here are some of the information that have their ORIGINAL source material deleted by Ngozi:

this post which the wiki cites as material for the following

  • Kent is 5'10" and about 175 pounds
  • He arrived at the Epikegster in a rented Porsche 918 Spyder, which the lacrosse bros took pictures with.
  • He was Jack’s first best friend. 
  • He is the only one who calls Jack “Zimms”

most of the above info were reposted here except the Porsche bit.

The sources for the following information were deleted by Ngozi too:

  • Kent’s middle name starts with V
  • that Kent has a cat
  • that Kent was born in NY 
  • on July 4, 1990
  • that tweet where she says Kent was Jack’s first best friend.