past beliefs

as innocence loves
physical cravings
preposterous dreams
counting on clocks
pained past belief
you’re mistaken
you will come back
won’t you
won’t you
will you

too far gone
to listen

this too
will pass

So the game is finally in a playable state again, but I do still need people.

I am currently in need of:

  • A level designer
  • A level modeler (I already have someone doing textures)
  • Enemy/boss programmer
  • Enemy designer (I have tried many times to create non-boss enemies that actually fit in and have only come up with two)
  • Someone to help out with concept art because honestly all I’m good at is character sketches as far as concept art goes

For a brief overview of this game, it’s a 3D metroidvania with Zelda-esque gameplay. The levels are supposed to be open enough to where there’s some degree of exploration while staying linear enough to where the player doesn’t get lost or spent too much time just walking to one destination. It focuses on a girl fighting through the wilderness to get home after being wrongfully banished, along the way finding out more about the world’s past and having her beliefs questioned.

HC: SoS and Angel

  • being raised in the belief that all demons are evil
  • being trained from the moment you could walk
  • always consulting your grandmother when you and your father can’t get along
  • enrolling in Cram School because you wanted to study regularly and not only be taught by your father
  • meeting Rin and being completely smitten by him and his adorableness
  • trying to keep a secret because you know how ugly your dad’s over protectiveness can get
  • but your grandmother noticing it as soon as she lays on you; telling her all about Rin and her being overjoyed and pushing you to tell her more
  • being crushed when your father is fighting against Rin and hoping against hope that the blue flames don’t mean what you think they mean
  • not feeling betrayed like Ryuji but being severly confused because of your past down belief that all demons are evil and Rin was not??
  • Rin trying to talk to you like he did with all of his friends and rambling about “please, just listen to me. don’t hate me too…”
  • thinking for the first time really how much rejection he must have faced because of Satan and the Blue Night
  • “don’t worry. I’m just confused, I could never hate you” while cupping his cheek to make him look up and that’s when you two really hit it off
  • quickly after that a friendship between you evolved; the whole nine yards, inside jokes, teachers never allowing you to sit next to each other because you distract the other, sending messeges during class and whispering answers
  • you kind of eased into a romantic relationship. People told you that you were perfect for each other and you always laughed, saying you were just friends but at one point you kissed and at first you laughed ebcause “look what we just did!” but seconds later, you were kissing again, and again, and you couldn’t stop and were all smiley and giggling.
  • It wasn’t like you had exchanged love for friendship. Rather that your friendship leveled up and you know where also able to kiss your best friend
  • Arthur finds out by you wanting to introduce Rin to your grandmother and him barging unannounced in and your grandmother spilled the beans because she’s just so happy that her favorite (and only) grandchild found someone they love
  • Arthur flips his shit and is already trying to kill Rin for corrupting his daugther but grandma to the rescue
  • She literally scolds drags him back by the ear and scolds him in front of you while Arthur tries to explain that Rin’s father caused the blue night but grandma only gets a blank expression 
  • “So what? He didn’t. Children aren’t responsible for what their parents do. Plus, tell me, Rin-kun, where you raised by Satan?”
    “No, ma’am. I-”
    “See, get over yourself Arthur and let you own child be happy, hmph.”
  • it goes without saying that you never have been prouder of your grandma and she became you and Rin’s number one supporter, always calling her own son out on his bullshit

Ok no but honestly, my favourite thing to do as an Atheist in the LGBT community, is to remind religious LGBT peeps that whoever they believe in still loves them unconditionally and that they have nothing to worry about, and they are valid ♡

There’s this one guy I know who’s super emotional and is super easy to get riled up/angry, particularly during political and philosophical arguments… I think I’ve made him cry about twice now? (Due to high emotions, not me bullying him. I was actually on his side during a lot of the discussions; he just gets worked up.)

I wonder if he’ll start associating me with negative emotions in the future if I continue? But I just love the feeling of winding up a person so gradually like that, and I’ve had such a lack of stimulation lately that its hard to resist

I want it all.
I want you when you’re sleepy with no make-up on. I want you when you’re at your worst, I want you to not feel afraid to bother me or call me whenever you want. I want out of the blue calls and texts that you’re thinking about me. I want to be able to send you things to your house or even just turn up at your door unsuspected just so I can see your face light up. I want to receive and send you goodnight and goodmorning messages. I want to hold your hand and kiss your forehead in public and behind closed doors. I want us to be comfortable around each other and walk round in our underwear with no cares. I want to talk about anything and everything, your past, your future and beliefs at 3am. I want to be drunk with you and hug you from behind at every chance I can.
I just want it all, with you.

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Never get why any Ukrainian/Russian would want to be associated with nazis as the real nazis wanted the Slav people exterminated...

Well, but was that an actual moral belief or the result of the geopolitical climate at the time? In 1940 Russians = Communists, and that certainly isn’t true today. I think it’s silly to not look at those past beliefs in context. 

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why would someone be born with their nodes intercepted? is there a lesson within that?

I think like any other interception, the suppressed energy would have to be brought to surface and actively developed…in this case the self discovery. I’m on/off with past-life belief, but maybe the life mission was neglected, taken advantage of or it wasn’t appreciated. Perhaps it was left unattended for too many lifetimes…just some assumptions, who knows

It seems to me that the ‘redemption’ that players of Dragon Age: Inquisition (and, for that matter, writers and producers of Dragon Age Inquisition) usually attribute to Cullen Rutherford actually, more rightly, belongs to another person.

Because I played through the game and I do not recall hearing a single moment of anything that could be characterized as remorse, redemption or even questioning of past actions and beliefs on the part of Cullen. You know who I did see quite a lot of this from?

Cassandra Penteghast.

As early as Haven, Cassandra will tell you in conversation that she thinks her people – the Seekers – dropped the ball in Kirkwall, and that if they had done their job right, if they had heard out the concerns of the mages and acted on them, things might not have gotten so bad. She feels responsible. She, who was not even personally involved, feels the need to atone for her part in the massacre.

Cullen – who was second-in-command throughout the worst of the Kirkwall atrocities – still insists that Meredith was ‘protecting people.’

Cassandra sees corruption in the Templars, the Seekers, and the Chantry and becomes determined to root it out. The institution which trained her, made her, to which she was for years ardently devoted because that’s what kind of person she is. When she finds out what that institution has done, she’s prepared to tear the whole thing down.

Cullen continues to run his army the exact same way the Templar Order was run. Cullen’s primarily focus is teaching everyone in Thedas – from the Inquisition recruits down to the dog – the best way of killing mages.

Cassandra, alone of any of the major Chantry authority figures in the game, will actually TALK TO a victim of the templar-on-mage violence – Cole – and listen to his story. Cassandra is horrified by what she hears, she is distressed, it instills in her a conviction to change things, to never let it happen again.

Cullen only cares about how the Chantry and the Templar order have hurt him, personally.

Show me one time in the game where Cullen comes face to face with a victim of the violence he perpetrated for so long. Show me one time where Cullen shows remorse for the people he hurt. Show me one time where he gives even the slightest indication that he cares about making the world better for anyone other than himself. Or else leave off about the Redemption of Cullen Rutherford.

Cassandra’s not perfect, but at least she tries.  Cullen doesn’t even try, and yet the game treats him as perfect.

Scandinavian male, married (2x), early 40s, seeking soulmate/playmate/best-mate for:




–philosophical discussions

–possible three-ways

You must have:

–Dark hair

–Non-Scandinavian background

–Non-Norse religious beliefs

–Some past experience as a slave

–Talent with art and/or cosmetics

Finances are not an issue. Gender is unimportant

Reply to Ragnar L., Kattegat.

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Your outer world can only change when your inner world changes.

When you start going deep within yourself to release old limiting beliefs, past hurts, and you begin loving yourself for what’s inside of you not on how you look, that is when your outer world begins to change.

You can get a new job, relationship, house, etc. but you will keep facing the same type of situations until you go deep within.

Do the work it takes so that you can live a BOLD & FREE life!

-Jhon LeBaron

Anyways I’m gonna talk about this for everyone who is still on the fence abt defending Nazis (heaven knows why you would bother defending Nazis but anyways) because I’m gonna admit something very personal and shameful

That when I was younger I was one of those people who thought that it was against free speech to allow Nazis to express their beliefs. If younger me had seen everything that was going on Im terrified that I mightve been one of those people who would preach to “not punch nazis”. That fear of my past beliefs still haunts me. While I wasn’t screeching at people “NAZIS DESERVE FREE SPEECH TOO” to people who obviously are oppressed and hurting, I was definitely complacent and i now realize that i was stupid and young and wrong

and honestly the easiest way my eyes were opened were just for people to remind me that Nazism is a fascist, violent, racist, antisemitic, genocidal ideology. I don’t know how i possibly could’ve forgotten that (i partially blame glamorization of nazi-like villains in popular media). Or well, I didn’t forget it, I just figured even then it was still protected under free speech. I was wrong.

Even if in the current moment they aren’t spitting out their vitriol, THEIR BELIEFS ARE STILL VIOLENT AND GENOCIDAL. I’ve heard far too many people say “well we can’t do anything about it RIGHT NOW because they haven’t done anything violent yet” which 1) is untrue, and 2)

If their existence is an inherent threat to oppressed minorities (particularly Jewish & Rroma people, Black people, disabled people, LGBT folks, etc) they don’t deserve a platform to speak.

If anything should make you pro-nazi punching, it’s that their beliefs to the core are already a violent threat. Publicly admitting you believe in Nazi ideology (even if you don’t want to be “labled a nazi” or u “prefer to be called Alt-Right”) is a already a threat, they don’t have to actively be shouting slurs to be violent. You don’t try to rationalize with Nazis. Nazis want you dead. Punch Nazis

Also, btw… if you sympathize with Nazis that literally makes you…. a Nazi sympathizer. Shocker I know.

Friendly Reminder: Spiritual Kin

Remember, there are kin out there for spirituality, not just coping.

Spiritual Kin could include:
•Having a strong spiritual connection with the animal(s)
•Belief in being the animal(s) in a past life.
•Belief they were reincarnated into the wrong body.
•Not all spiritual kin are animals.
•Galaxykin at times believe they were sent to earth to help. I believe they’re called starseeds (correct me if wrong).

While coping kin are important too, it seems to be all anyone focuses on. There are those of us who are spiritual about it.

Feel free to mention what I’ve missed, loves.

A little before that, I decided I was going to believe in you. A hundred percent. That’s how I managed to to sleep like that with total peace of mind. I knew I’d be all right, I’d be safe with you there.
—  Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami