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What Kinds of People Do The Zodiac Signs Respect?

Aries: People who give their all and don’t dwell on what has already passed

Taurus: People who are good with their hands, empathetic people

Gemini: Honest people, people who are willing to be affectionate in public and aren’t embarrassed about relationships with family/friends/lovers

Cancer: People who are steady and can bare emotional weight, people who can lead others when needed without restricting others

Leo: People who can stick up for themselves and won’t let everyone walk over them

Virgo: Mature people, people who aren’t frivolous and are good at dealing with money, responsible people

Libra: People who speak, dress, and act with class, people who are willing to open up instead of clamming up because they aren’t comfortable

Scorpio: People who are willing to share the more private parts of themselves, devoted people

Sagittarius: People willing to learn and accept that they don’t know everything, people who make their own fun when they get bored

Capricorn: Sympathetic people who understand emotions, people who work for status rather than just taking it

Aquarius: People who are tolerant of all kinds of views while sticking up for their own

Pisces: Protective people who can stick up for themselves and their family/friends/lovers

Ideas for Your Grimoire

Ideas for your Grimoire (or a journal/collection/file similar to a Grimoire):
• Diary Entries

• Meditative Pages

- Inducing different states, emotions, 
trances, mindsets, and triggers for spells, 
realms, etc.

• Spirit Communication

• Symbol Meanings

- Alchemy, elements, zodiac, Futhark Runes, 
your own, etc.

• Symbology

- Animals, mythical creatures, any items

• Herbology

- Both medicinal and metaphysical

• Chakra Meanings

- Or Energy Points, whatever you refer to 
them as or similar points that you use in
your craft

• Healing Methods

• Divination Methods

• Spells

• Rituals

• Rites

• Incantations

• Portals

• Deity Worship

- If you worship any deities of any sort, you
can include them in your Grimoire if you’d

• Deep Feelings

• (Divination) Readings

• Notes from Your Books

• Research in General

• Mythology

• Egregores

- Thought forms, concepts

• Coding Methods

• Psychic-Gathered Information

• Spell/Craft Logs

• Correspondences to Easy-to-Get Supplies
and Substitutes

• Key Things You’ve Discovered in magic, the Paranormal, the Astral, the future, your abilities, etc.

• What Colors Mean to You

• Lore!

• Traditional Known Methods

• Urban Methods

• Your Methods!

• Potions

- They don’t always HAVE to be all herb-
based, just so you know. There’s plenty of 
magic in fruits and veggies.

• Correspondences/Your Own Correspondences

• Craft and Food Recipes

• Blessings, Curses/Jinxes/Hexes, 

• Spirit Friends

• Things about your Past Life

- If you’ve reincarnated (or have past lives in
your beliefs or… Well.. Anything that gives 
you a past life)

• Your Passions

• Your Morals

• Fun Activities You Find/Make

• Astral Travel Experiences

Be Authentic

There is only one you
You do not need to be like other people
You do not need to fit in

So many people are trying to fit in but they don’t even know what they are fitting in to.

Understand yourself
Be honest with yourself
Desire change? Then make change.
Be the best version of yourself
In your own eyes
By your judgement

Not by comparison with anyone
Just by comparison with where to want to be
Celebrate the wins
Learn from the mistakes
Every step is forward, no matter how small

Say aloud
I am loved
I am lovely
I am honest
I am forgiving
I am trusting
I am new each day
The past has no hold over me
I am living in the present
I am happy
There is only this minute, I am happy in it.


Hey guys. I was going through and deleting my old posts on Facebook page I used to run when I was an SJW and I just wanted to share some of the gems. All of these were posted completely unironically btw. I was complete cancer.

I know a lot of you all are also former SJWs so feel free to reblog and add your own past posts or post beliefs as well.

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I'm from the same church as you are. I am in need of advice. I feel like my past life is coming back in very small pieces and I'm afraid that it won't be little bits of it in time, but all of it come back. I'm trying to fight it. I've had some little victories, but I'm scared. Thanks

Thank you for sharing the concern. I appreciate the openness of people esp when it comes with pcs. of the heart. I hope is this response helps.

As we take on this concern, let me begin with God’s Word for your heart and mine. Let’s read together in 3… 2… 1…

Psalm 103 (NASB) Praise for the Lord’s Mercies.

A Psalm of David.

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And all that is within me, bless His holy name.
2 Bless the Lord, O my soul,
And forget none of His benefits;
3 Who pardons all your iniquities,
Who heals all your diseases;
4 Who redeems your life from the pit,
Who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion;
5 Who satisfies your years with good things,
So that your youth is renewed like the eagle.

6 The Lord performs righteous deeds
And judgments for all who are oppressed.
7 He made known His ways to Moses,
His acts to the sons of Israel.
8 The Lord is compassionate and gracious,
Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness.
9 He will not always strive with us,
Nor will He keep His anger forever.
10 He has not dealt with us according to our sins,
Nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.
11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
So great is His lovingkindness toward those who fear Him.
12 As far as the east is from the west,
So far has He removed our transgressions from us.
13 Just as a father has compassion on his children,
So the Lord has compassion on those who fear Him.
14 For He Himself knows our frame;
He is mindful that we are but dust.

15 As for man, his days are like grass;
As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
16 When the wind has passed over it, it is no more,
And its place acknowledges it no longer.
17 But the lovingkindness of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children’s children,
18 To those who keep His covenant
And remember His precepts to do them.

19 The Lord has established His throne in the heavens,
And His sovereignty rules over all.
20 Bless the Lord, you His angels,
Mighty in strength, who perform His word,
Obeying the voice of His word!
21 Bless the Lord, all you His hosts,
You who serve Him, doing His will.
22 Bless the Lord, all you works of His,
In all places of His dominion;
Bless the Lord, O my soul!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that it is by Your Light that we see sin now. Thank You for making known to us our sins and giving Your grace to us as a gift. Thank You for Your lovingkindness and compassion that never fails. Please forgive me for the times I look to myself more than I look to You. As You have given Your Word on Psalms 103, please use Your Word to remove the lies I believe and replace any doubt with the certainty we receive from Your grace and glory. In the Lord Jesus we trust and pray, Amen!

Sender and fellow disciple,

The Bible says, “ Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and He has committed to us the word of reconciliation. (2 Corinthians 5:17-19 NASB) Self-doubt and fears that are not aligned with God’s attribute and His work in us need to be rebuked. We need to acknowledge such thoughts and habits as sin but also as NOT HELPFUL cycles to go around with. We need to commit to stop participating in self-pity that leads us to more doubts about God’s grace in our redemption. Here are a few steps that may help the process of overcoming the fear and lie of “being the same person as I was” after receiving God’s grace:

1. Read the Gospel to yourself. A Christian needs the Gospel as much as a non-Christian needs Christ Jesus in his/her heart. God’s Word is provision for us and its work always begins with what God did for us: the Good News.

No lie and no doubt can be overcome apart from knowing and keeping the truth. Read the Bible and rely on what the Lord Jesus has done. Go to the Gospel books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Read about the Lord Jesus and what He has done. Go as far as reading about what His disciples witnessed and wrote in the New Testament. You can even read back to the prophecies He fulfilled in the Old Testament. Make time. Sit, read, write, and repeat.

Read the Gospel to yourself and memorize what you can :) Yes, keep God’s Word in your heart only then will there be less room and no power for lies. One of the Scripture I dearly hold on to and share is Colossians 1:19-20 NASB: For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say, whether things on earth or things in heaven.

2. Replace pity with prayer. To take every thought captive to the authority of the Lord Jesus in us means praying as needed. When Satan lies to us or even simply when our own flesh or heart tempts us to believe a lie about ourselves or God’s grace, we have to pause and pray. Take that pity up the cross and leave it in the glory of the Lord Jesus’ saving grace. Pause, pray, and move forward in the presence of God from the moment you had with Him in prayer.

3. Don’t count on good works to feel good about your walk. Loved one, we’re redeemed from the lie that we can work for everything we need. If we truly believe only God can save us, then we have to live by that same truth knowing only He can make our path straight. Obedience to the Law is not equal to salvation - we have been enlightened by the Good News over this. Our salvation is a gift and only then can we obey, not the other way around.

In this time of history where Christians are “highly encouraged” to perform/show their salvation through much work, let’s first be a Mary in the presence of the Lord Jesus. See Luke 10:38-42. Christ-confidence needs CHRIST first to really be a moving, encouraging confidence.

While the to-do list can go and on, I believe these 3 steps are crucial. Any matter of the heart must be dealt with from the heart – and only God can do that.

God always graciously speaks in His Word, the Bible, and lovingly listens to us when we pause and pray. While there are many helpful steps, I encourage you to keep the Lord Jesus first and above all in terms of intimacy and wisdom. After all, He is our Lawgiver and Judge. Surely, as you spend time with God, He will bless you with enlightenment if you’re really becoming like the past or not. He will even give you His own steps as your guide for this concern. Time with God and trust in Him first then the rest follows. *hugs*

I hope this helps you, dear. Will be praying for you and excited for how the Lord Jesus will bless you with more of Him through His Word and your walk together ♥

tbh i don’t get the whole deal with anti kin. otherkin and fictionkin is literally just a spiritual belief. that’s it. that’s the whole thing, dude. it’s nothing unhealthy, because it doesn’t overpower our real lives. it’s just a part of our belief. that’s it. like, are you going to shit on somebody for believing in spirits or fairies or gods or whatever? no? then why the fuck are you shitting on somebody’s belief of past lives / different lives? it’s so stupid. yeah it can be annoying to some of y’all but like, just carry on, it isn’t that hard.

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Can you explain what counter-transference is? I mean, I know the textbook definition, but I was wondering if you could give me examples or something. Thanks!


for those who don’t already know, countertransference refers to a reaction that a therapist has towards a client. the term originated with Freud, but most (all?) other therapeutic approaches also use the term. it. Freud was talking about how a therapist’s unconscious feelings, beliefs, etc., are projected onto a client. current schools of thought would more broadly say that countertransference is about how a therapist’s identity, past experiences, beliefs, etc., influence their understanding and emotional response to the client. although people tend to talk about countertransference as an always negative thing, both Freud and current approaches would disagree. Countertransference is always present- a therapist is never a blank slate -and while it can be a harmful thing, it can also be helpful or neutral. The trick is in identifying countertransference, its source, and its potential impacts on the client so that you can prevent any harm and appropriately gain any benefit. 

transference is the opposite- it’s about how a client’s identity, past experiences, beliefs, etc., influence their understanding and emotional response to the therapist.

so- examples. I’m going to use one from my own experience to discuss potentially helpful countertransference and potentially harmful countertransference- because they often overlap. I’m also picking this example because often countertransference is presented as exclusively romantic or sexual, but again, countertransference includes all aspects of emotional reaction and connection to the therapist’s identity, beliefs, and so on. 

I notice the most countertransference when I see young women, like 18-30ish. It’s probably because I am a young woman (or, I used to be) and it’s easier for me to identify with them. I worked with a particular young woman for a long time, and in some ways really identified with her- both intelligent, with common interests, with some overlap in important shaping experiences. That was in some ways a good thing- this client had a personality disorder that other clinicians struggled with, but I easily empathized with her because of our similarities and my general connection with young women. That meant that it was easier for me to work deeply with her and provide quality and empathetic care even when our interactions were difficult. In some ways it had the potential to be harmful, too, because at times I felt frustrated that this woman with all this talent and potential was resigned to being unable to work and unable to go to school for the rest of her life. That could lead me to attributing her ambivalence towards treatment as a lack of effort rather than as an aspect of her symptoms. Fortunately I had excellent supervision and a great team to work with that helped me manage my countertransference. 

A Deep Analysis of Spring Day MV (warning: long af)

Aight folks, Spring Day mv just came out, and it’s so fuckin’ good, holy shiet!!1!! But yeah, I decided to do what I did for the Blood, Sweat & Tears MV and analyzed the fuck outta it (pretty much scene by scene, so this is seriously going to be long as shit. Also, pretty repetitive ‘cause there’s an overarching theme). Feel free to read my take on the mv and to add on whatever you thought as well!! 

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Hi, I was wondering what advice you had on writing other races in a fantasy setting? The country it's set in is loosely based on Slavic countries and the nation is xenophobic but I want to have a diverse cast. If it's an entirely fictional world, how do I navigate race?

Thank you for your question, love! That’s a challenging one, though. I think it’s something that varies between each different world — each story and its history. Some writers make the mistake of having their universe completely
mimic ours; some make the alternate mistake of making all racial and cultural relations completely, almost unrealistically smooth. So how do you decide what makes sense for your story?

Get a basic idea of what you’re after. In general, you should know what kind of relations your different peoples have. If you’re looking at tension, prepare reasons for that tension. If there’s an allyship between two countries/races, trace that back to logic, too.

Take examples from real history. Look at the famous alliances and hostilities between large and small countries — look at the primary causes of different wars. Don’t limit your references to what you’ve been taught about your own country. Especially try to find history about nations that are similar (environmentally, economically, and politically) to your fictional nations.

Develop history for your world. Leave nothing inexplicable. Sure, you don’t have to share all this worldbuilding information with your readers — but having it and reasoning it out helps you remain consistent and realistic.

Remember that everyone has friends and enemies. There is no “bad” country/race that is the enemy to every other country/race. There is no perfect one, either. Even if every ruler in every country were perfect, the different governmental and economic constructs of each nation will butt heads. Religion and science will challenge each other. Different catastrophes, illnesses, and enemies will challenge countries, and some allies will interfere, and some will stand aside. This determines whether or not your character will be a friend or an enemy, wherever they travel.

Remember that not everyone is a strict patriot. Just because Country X hates Country Y does not mean Character X hates Character Y. Behind all national relationships, there are people and activist groups attempting to heal relations. There are people who don’t hold grudges — who advance past prejudice or traditional beliefs. Behind them are people who do hold onto those things, but aren’t aggressive toward others — they judge quietly but don’t act out. Don’t make your writing unrealistic by having everyone act violent and hateful. Those people exist, but they’re not the only ones.

Every nation changes… constantly. Think of how different America is now, since the last election season. Politics shifted, and everyone reacted. People of certain beliefs were brought to the spotlight — the relationships between races and religions changed. Other nations watched and reacted. Their opinions of America changed one way or another. Some relations were damaged. Others (cough Russia cough) were improved. Every action has a reaction, and that reaction changes nations. Quickly.

Racism and animosity creates an effect on those involved. If Race Z is put under constant discrimination and pressure, they will evolve as a culture. Self-defense structures will develop. Cultural and psychological walls will be put up — the same way that Races A, B, and C, who discriminate against Z, will put up walls to keep out Z’s requests, complains, and outreach — their culture, ideology, and anything that would make them sympathetic figures. Peoples will demonize their enemies; they will defend against their enemies. And this mindset changes the way children are raised — and deep-seated discrimination is born.

That’s all I can think of right now, but I hope this helps you in some way! If you have any more specific questions, be sure to send them in and I’ll answer within the week. Good luck :)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

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One more q for the mods: this may seem simple, but is it easier to confuse aux and tert functions, or dom and aux? I know people who are close on aux and tert (myself included), but I also have friends who, for example, are between ISFJ and ESFJ, which difference significantly shifts their functions. I tend to see the types as a spectrum of sorts, because most people are not their type to its fullest extent. Do you believe in the possibility of a person being no one type in particular? -S

I have never met a real introvert who thinks they might be an extrovert, but I know plenty of extroverts who think they might be introverts.

Since introverts know how much social situations drain them after awhile, they don’t often mistype as extroverts. Extroverts, on the other hand, underestimate that the right kind of stimulation (depending on the type) winds them up, and assume their need for “down time” in order to process the day, their feelings, etc., means they might be an introvert. The difference is, they’re usually ready to socialize again right away.

I should have known I’m an extrovert when this conversation happened:

ISFJ: I’m thinking how awesome it would be to rent a house on the beach and stay there for a week. All alone. Read, walk in the surf, process my thoughts.

ENFP: … that would be cool… wait, you want to go alone?!

ISFJ: Yes. I’m so tired. I need some down time.

ENFP: Like… alone-alone? ALONE? Like, not even one other person there with you? Wouldn’t you have more fun with a friend with you?

ISFJ: I think you fail to understand the concept of alone. Yes, ALONE. By myself. With my thoughts. I could entertain myself just fine. I do it a lot.

ENFP: Okay then, weirdo. ;)

ISFJ: Well, what would you do if you rented a house on the beach?

ENFP: I’d take my friends along, of course! I’d be bored out of my mind after about four hours alone. I like having people to talk to!

ISFJ: Whatever, freak. ;)

Good rule of thumb: if someone feels they MIGHT be either an extrovert OR an introvert and really struggles to decide, assume they’re an introverted extrovert. It happens all the time.

Dominant functions can be hard to spot in oneself (since it’s like breathing, and you’re unconscious of using it), but shouldn’t be too hard to spot in other people once you’re familiar with what the function does, though it is way easier to spot extroverted dominant functions than introverted dominant functions.

When in doubt, look for the extroverted functions. In both introverts and extroverts. They’re there. They manifest. On a regular basis. How? When? Why? That tells you something.

I could not see Fi in myself (my Ne was screaming so loud) until I acknowledged that… yeah, I use Te. A lot. And it kicks in under stress, and I am not myself.

The best possible thing everyone confused about types on the internet can do is stop trying to figure out introverted functions (which are subjective, impressionistic, and different based on each person using them) and look for the extroverted functions. Learn what they do, how they manifest, what they look like, and how to spot them. Where you get one, you get the other. You find two of those, you’ve narrowed 16 types down to 4 options.

Extroverts are easier for me to type IRL than introverts, because there’s at least two extroverted functions screaming at me at all times. (The order can sometimes be wonky – I mistyped an ESFJ as ENTP when I was first starting out, because he was in a Ti grip and therefore more critical than he would be otherwise; but his endless focus on “we should be doing more for society,” made me realize: DUH. FeSi, high up. Fe = “WE, SOCIETY,” and Si “get up off your ass and contribute to your community in some way” (also Fe).)

Ne/Se is easier for me to spot in introverts than Ni/Si, and it doesn’t take much to suss out a preference for logical precision and correctness with an aim toward a good work ethic and results-oriented ideas (Te) and the warm, people-centric tendencies of a Fe.

The type profiles are stereotypes; real functions are blueprints on which a personality is imprinted, but it also has an Enneagram triad, past experience, past traumas, upbringing, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc., etc., on top of it – so no one is going to be the same.

I think everyone has a dominant personality type, yes; the only exception would be people with literal multiple personalities. :)

- ENFP Mod

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What's so bad about SWDBS? I mean, obviously the (hopefully unintentional) homophobia is Less Than Ideal, but other than that I'm quite enjoying it? (Just curious of your opinion because I really respect it)

It’s funny that you should ask, because I was just re-reading an old @dramatic-gwynne post that discussed enjoying problematic dramas. She had a lot of good, truthful things to say, and compared watching morally tricky shows to finding a cockroach in a bowl of ice cream. You can overlook the cockroach, you can mitigate the damage it caused by scooping out of the ice cream around it, or you can throw away the whole bowl. I’ve loved lots of shows that were deeply problematic, and I sometimes even found writing about their problematic aspects to be a pleasure. But there are just one too many cockroaches floating around in this particular bowl of ice cream for me to keep watching.

SWDBS is cute, and I can see why people like it so much. I even kind of regret dropping it now that it’s clearly hit peak cute. But from spousal abuse to cartoony brawls with gangs of thugs to crazy, mask-wearing kidnappers, there is no aspect of this show that is free from the taint of casual violence. The only thing more pervasive in it is misogyny—the second male lead is a controlling jerk, and Bong Soon interprets his condescending disregard of her agency as a sign of his affection. I thought we’d gotten past the belief that boys being mean to you on the playground was proof that they liked you, but I guess not. 

The male lead isn’t free of sin, either. First he teaches Bong Soon to control her power, because presumably in like three days of knowing her, he somehow developed insight into her condition that generations of women in her family couldn’t suss out for themselves. How did that happen, again? And then he actively hindered Boon Soon’s professional growth so he could continue to lord his chaebol power over her. There’s a reason bosses shouldn’t date their subordinates, and that is it. And while I suspect this gets better in later episodes, his first response to Bong Soon’s attempt at creating a game is to utterly dismiss everything she has to say. The girl summed up casual gaming, you lout! That’s an enormous engine in the global gaming market today, and you could learn a little something about it by listening to her. Not every game needs to include a big-breasted woman with a sword. (As unlikely as that may seem, based on the signage in your gamer-gate-friendly workplace.)

And let’s not even get started on the face-twisting horror every single character experiences at the thought of homosexuality, or the swishy stereotype of a gay man introduced as one of Bong Soon’s coworkers in episode 10. I know this show wasn’t created for me and I shouldn’t judge it as if it were part of my culture, but to me this represents plain old hate speech, and I won’t be a party to it.

Before I started writing this post, even I didn’t realize how much simmering hatred I had for this show. The final verdict, though, is that there’s just nothing for me to enjoy here. The deeper I look, the more problems I find. Even Bong Soon’s special powers—the conceit the entire series is built around—are carefully engineered to make her something other than a regular girl. While being a regular girl isn’t enough for this production team, it is enough for me.

I’ve been debating making a post about joysparklebs for a while and it looks like the time has came, so here we go.
I found joy when she still had under 400 subs, I commented on some of her vids and we chatted a bit. I told her I was the one that wrote the Polyamory vs. Polygamy rant, to which she said she loved and so on. She even offered to pay me for an “interview”, to which I’m glad I didn’t, on the subject. Some weeks later I started the chat and she was one of the first to join, being there for the first chat. When I started the chat I wanted it to be a “safe place” for everyone to talk about onion. Things that we couldn’t talk about on our blogs and such. I try to screen everyone before adding them to the chat for this reason.
Granted there were some pretty big red flags from both her and her minion Angel, but I give people chances and over looked it for the time being. About a month into the chat I found konstigo’s vid. Like I said in the chat when I posted it for everyone to see, I didn’t want this to be posted about because she is a teen after all and she is brainwashed by onion, not her fault and something she will grow out of. I didn’t want this girl to get hated on or anything. Well joy decided to seek her out and do an interview and we all saw how that played out.
I do not agree with what happend to this 17 year old girl at all, which joy likes to say she stole, but she wouldn’t have anything if it wasn’t for that girl anyway (and saying she spent time editing it is hilarious, you only added your intro). It was a witch hunt. During the last interaction you also said “I didn’t know what rob was going to say” but you had tweeted him a few hours before asking him to email you about the 17 year old before he made the vid.
You, joy, should have never contacted her, she is a fan, she is naive, but you are a grown ass woman. You should have known what you were getting yourself into by the mentally his fans tend to have. This is your fault to begin with. Then she displeased you by “stealing” (again something you wouldn’t have with out her) and go on a rage calling her a bitch. This is a child, she is one of the one’s you say “you’re trying to help”, you know her brain is not as developed as 30+ year old you, and again you knew she was a brainwashed. I didn’t want her posted at all cause I didn’t want any hate her way, you brought hate to her.
In the beginning I tried to help joy. I told her I was appart of lolcow (and despite what angel said to joy in their private chats, I didn’t lurk her thread until the konstigo thing happend), I tried to give her advice on it when ever she got her first thread and such as to not draw attention to herself, instead she (and angel) decided to troll them. Then we started noticing that angel would come in and say nothing, very weird, after her and joy came in together being defensive, so I figured something was up. Around the konstigo incident joy and angel had a falling out, I’m still unsure why (I have a few ideas though) and angel posted a vid of their skype convo. Granted it was a fast vid but me and another from the chat got some nice screen caps ( and if you wamt joy I can post those caps too) of them talking about us and the chat. Funny how joy is now saying not to talk behind people’s back and everything but in the chats they talk about eavesdropping on us and talking shit like “what a waste of time” after telling us we “know our stuff and are knowledgeable” (and ya know taking info from us to use for your gain). It was the 2 faceness I didn’t like and that she didn’t know about when we finally blocked her. I’m wise to your game. Now I have been apart of your lolcow thread, and you are everybit as bad as onision. You say you want to help these kids but your actions prove other wise (not just in Do5 case).
In your meltdown chat lastnight/today you also brought up how people were bringing up your past, mainly your beliefs. I don’t have a problem with what anyone chooses to believe in as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, but (much like onision again) you are indigo, you (info from your old myspace) have made money scamming people into believing you talked to angels. I’ve seen your writings of healing people and the indigo documentary you tried to make. You are doing the same now. Going off on people like Mr Rep for criticism of how many vids you made vs the info in them. I didn’t blame you for making many onion vids because each had some new stuff in it and was for the most part worth it, but this, making up to 12 vids a day with each vid being repetitive with maybe one new fact is not the same, that’s using the issue to make money, which you say you’re donating SOME (she never has said all) but still no “ receipts”. Then also bashing others who have done way more for this family then you have or ever will (nick, based, chambers…. even if I don’t agree with each of them 100%). You are a user, you used them just like you used us, just like you’ve used many before.
I’m going to end this here for right now, but if you would like to come to the chat and talk private about this, joy, we will welcome to a new different chat with those who were affected by you in the original chat, you know how to reach me. And in your onision like narc rage your in right now if you want the “FAAAAAXXXXXXX” me and a couple others have many many caps for you.


Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し Tōrō = lantern / nagashi = cruise, flow) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns down a river. This is primarily done on the last evening of the Bon Festival, festival based on the belief that this guides the spirits of the departed back to the other world. The white lanterns are for those who have died in the past year. Traditional Japanese beliefs state that humans come from water, so the lanterns represent their bodies returning to water.

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Thoughts on TERFs?

TERFs try to pretend trans women are identical to cis men, which is stupid. They got a point though that trans women are different from cis women in many important ways, as are trans men from cis men. AMAB/AFAB status gets overlooked a lot in the social justice community, and leads to dumb things like people excusing hatred towards trans men cuz they’re men and therefore automatically scum.

Newsflash: Socialization is super duper important to someone’s past, personality, beliefs, and how they treat people, and recognizing that is helpful, NOT hurtful, for trans women. The knee-jerk reaction I’ve often seen on this dumpster fire of a site, to box anyone who talks about socialization at all as a fugly “TERF”, is stupid and needs to die.

Also, “womyn” is the ugliest word I’ve ever seen. Just say you’re cis lol. It’s also funny how TERFs are on both sides of the acecourse, but I’m not going to even go near that can of worms. 

tl;dr TERFs are idiotic but not everything they say is.

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So when does the witch hunt for houies start? I'd like a warning so I can delete my blog and avoid the hate please

Hi anon,

There is no witch hunt coming from here or from the OP I reblogged.

At no point have Louis and Harry said they were in a relationship and it was something Louis denied so thinking it happened in the past but they are not together now means believing Louis lied and it requires buying into the idea of Eleanor as a beard and all that entails. The OP and I are of the opinion that is disrespectful and it is still tinhatting.

On my blog I discuss the ideas and consequences of tinhatting I do not directly attack other bloggers or encourage anyone else to do so.

There are growing numbers of larries and ziams realising that what is happening now in these men’s lives does not fit with the tinhat theories and different people are coming up with explanations that allow them to hold onto past beliefs and not have to confront the idea they may have been wrong. At the moment some of these explanations rely on very distorted views of Liam and Harry as people project their anger onto them.

These are real people and their personal lives should be respected.

It seems to me that the ‘redemption’ that players of Dragon Age: Inquisition (and, for that matter, writers and producers of Dragon Age Inquisition) usually attribute to Cullen Rutherford actually, more rightly, belongs to another person.

Because I played through the game and I do not recall hearing a single moment of anything that could be characterized as remorse, redemption or even questioning of past actions and beliefs on the part of Cullen. You know who I did see quite a lot of this from?

Cassandra Penteghast.

As early as Haven, Cassandra will tell you in conversation that she thinks her people – the Seekers – dropped the ball in Kirkwall, and that if they had done their job right, if they had heard out the concerns of the mages and acted on them, things might not have gotten so bad. She feels responsible. She, who was not even personally involved, feels the need to atone for her part in the massacre.

Cullen – who was second-in-command throughout the worst of the Kirkwall atrocities – still insists that Meredith was ‘protecting people.’

Cassandra sees corruption in the Templars, the Seekers, and the Chantry and becomes determined to root it out. The institution which trained her, made her, to which she was for years ardently devoted because that’s what kind of person she is. When she finds out what that institution has done, she’s prepared to tear the whole thing down.

Cullen continues to run his army the exact same way the Templar Order was run. Cullen’s primarily focus is teaching everyone in Thedas – from the Inquisition recruits down to the dog – the best way of killing mages.

Cassandra, alone of any of the major Chantry authority figures in the game, will actually TALK TO a victim of the templar-on-mage violence – Cole – and listen to his story. Cassandra is horrified by what she hears, she is distressed, it instills in her a conviction to change things, to never let it happen again.

Cullen only cares about how the Chantry and the Templar order have hurt him, personally.

Show me one time in the game where Cullen comes face to face with a victim of the violence he perpetrated for so long. Show me one time where Cullen shows remorse for the people he hurt. Show me one time where he gives even the slightest indication that he cares about making the world better for anyone other than himself. Or else leave off about the Redemption of Cullen Rutherford.

Cassandra’s not perfect, but at least she tries.  Cullen doesn’t even try, and yet the game treats him as perfect.