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I feel like Steven is going to have to come to a decision to either shatter or spare a gem (maybe a diamond), and of course he's not going to because he's going to be different then his mother. It will play out similar to how in Avatar that the past Avatars wanted Aang to kill the fire lord but he made the choice to spare him instead.

I could see that.


Seismic sense is a sub-skill of earthbending that constitutes for physical sense. This skill enables earthbenders to detect vibrations in the ground to perceive objects, people, and other aspects of their environment, essentially acting as sonar, but through earth and metal.


The final scene of Book 3- as it should have been!

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Au + 5hc assuming korra didnt lose connection to her past lives: korra asks the past avatars for love advice re asking asami out

1. Aang advises Korra to not under any circumstances tell Asami she would rather kiss her than die.

2. Roku tells her that if Asami says no, it’s not the end of the world, because there are plenty of other people who will care about her, and love shows up in unexpected places.  Also being the Avatar has perks, and a boost to romantic prospects is one of them.  Korra does not really like this advice, thank you, it was not what she asked.

3. Kyoshi’s advice is surprisingly useful.  She tells her to be honest with Asami, but not to overwhelm her, to give her the opportunity to back out, and to find something Asami likes and to offer to take her to do it.  She also tells her not to come home dripping with the blood of her enemies until they have been together for at least a year.

4. Kuruk is banished from the discussion because he’s wearing the skin of a polar bear dog, and Korra is not dealing with that right now.  Yangchen bows out, feeling she has nothing to contribute.

5. Wan hangs around just to grin and drop the occasional embarrassing double entendre until Korra is just about ready to double his entendre, with her fist.  He also passes her a note from one of the airbending avatars, who is kind of terrifying, and has a big spear, that says: “Look, she’s obviously head over heels for you, just ask out her already.”


"In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves. To bend another's energy, your own spirit must be unbendable, or you will be corrupted and destroyed."

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What about the mental image of the past Avatars arguing like Mulan's ancestors over Aang's choose on running away?

Kyoshi: I knew it, I knew it, that Aang was a flake from the start!

Yangchen: Don’t look at me, he gets it from Kuruk’s side of the reincarnation!

Kuruk: He’s just trying to have a childhood.

Roku: If he isn’t found, he will eventually die, in the Avatar State! Our line will be forever broken, resistance to the Fire Nation will disintegrate!

Wan: Not to mention Vaatu will destroy the world.

Yangchen’s Predecessor With The Cool Hat: My reincarnation never caused such trouble, she became an Air nun.

Roku: Well we can’t all be Air nuns!

Kyoshi: No, somebody’s next reincarnation had to get himself frozen in an iceberg!