past and present

i think we forget that love is a dynamic thing.
love is alive.
it changes.
it crescendos.
it ebbs and flows. 

you can fall in love with the same person for
a million different reasons and
in a million different ways,
multiple times a day.

you can love them for things
they’ve done in the past and
who they have become.

you can fall out of love,

if you find yourself only loving the past version of that person;
if you do not fall in love with that person daily,
that love is growing stale.

because love is only truly alive
in the present.

love that person for who they are right now,
not for anything they did in the past nor for
anything they promise for the future.

love can only grow in the present,
so learn how to love it
and how to love in it.
—  a.s.m

Ghostly Images Of London Landmarks Then And Now

These incredible images show locations throughout England’s famous old capital as they looked both in history and today. Released by the Museum of London, the composites create a ghostly visual of the city old and new, and include such landmarks as Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and Piccadilly Circus.

The images have been revealed to mark the launch of the Museum’s Streetmuseum 2.0 iPhone app, which is available on iTunes now. The app guides users to sites across London, where hidden histories of the city dramatically appear, illuminated thanks to the institution’s photographic collections.

1.Gloucester Road Station


3.Duncannon Street in the City of London

4.Oxford Street

5.Bow Lane off Cheapside

6.Blackfriars station

7.Covent Garden

8.Tower Bridge, west side

9.Byward Street

10.Palace Theatre


With Google Maps, It’s Now Possible To Travel Through Time

We can all be Marty McFly thanks to a new tool in Google Street View that offers seven years of views from street corners around the globe

By Helen Thompson

A lot can change in seven years: buildings rise and lanscapes change. Whether you’re standing near the ocean in Japan or in the middle of Times Square, your view will likely be quite different in less than a decade.

That’s the premise behind Google Maps’ newest time-lapse tool, launched today. Since it was released in 2007, Google Street View has allowed users to explore a given area from the perspective of walking along a sidewalk, but with the new tool, they’ll actually be able to see how the street and its surroundings have changed.

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