past and present

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Mostly, ffr, do you have any advice for that old nugget "everyone blames white people for privileges we don't have or things we didn't do from the past"

Things done in the past still affects the present and some are still occurring. Privilege doesnt stop existing when one doesn’t notice them.


Past and Present Danger

Here it is! The very first fic written for my coven!verse!

Summary: An introduction to my coven!verse. Jared and Jensen are powerful witches, over a thousand years spent together. They drift from place to place with their coven, experiencing everything the world and the changing times have to offer, experiencing each other over and over again, lifetimes between them of something more powerful than simple love. But the centuries of life hold a past, one that might not be as far gone as they thought.

Word Count: 6200

Warnings: polyamory, blow jobs, anal sex, witchcraft


There’s nowhere else worth being tonight but in the city. The hot summer air smells like asphalt after a rain, a surprisingly fresh scent amidst the stink of the city, the trash and the sweat and the smoke hovering over everything. That stink is a smell that every New York City native loves and everyone else hates, a smell that becomes part of a person while he’s in it regardless of his personal feelings about it.

Jared’s already sweating in his jacket. It’s too hot to be wearing it, but where he’s going, clothes are never about the weather. The safety pins and metal studs decorating the black leather don’t really hide the fact that the jacket is new, though they probably should. It won’t fit in at the club this way, especially with his designer jeans and his half-combed hair.

He’s lacking the poverty of the underground culture here, the garish color and grit of it.

But he has an abundance of the passion and the anger, so maybe he does belong there tonight.

He can hear the drums and bass thumping from a block away. It makes his dick hard as he walks down the sidewalk, ignoring the few glances he gets from women and men looking for a fight or a fuck or both. A silent nod is all he gets from the bouncer at the door. No need for more than that, as he has spent practically the entire summer here, simmering in the music and the alcohol while he waits for the sun to come up. He nods back, slides a twenty dollar bill into the man’s hand and heads inside.

Once the door closes behind him, he can’t hear a thing except the band. People are screaming at each other or at nothing at all, bottles are being dropped, a fight is going on in the corner. But it’s almost as if none of it exists, as if the only real thing is the man on stage wailing into a microphone, the guitar and bass on either side of him, and the woman slamming away at the drums.

Jared doesn’t bother looking for Jensen. He just stands still for a moment and waits.

The pull is instantaneous and strong, practiced over a thousand years, an instinct instead of a choice now. He moves with it until he’s right behind Jensen, close enough to touch. Jensen doesn’t turn around or look away from the band. He sticks his hand out behind him instead and curls it around Jared’s, pulling until Jared’s arm is wrapped around him and resting on his stomach. They watch the band that way for a couple of songs, the only two people not thrashing around or screaming along. They stick out, but no one stares or says anything to them. No one even comes near them. Maybe it’s the vibe they give off. Maybe it’s something more. Jared doesn’t care what it is, he’s just glad of it.

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Hi! I was wondering if you know of any spells to conjure any past lives? Or past memories? 🌛🌝🌜 Thank you!

Try thinking of things you like in this life that are not easy to explain, maybe you’ll find there a clue to help your quest *✰

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Midoriya Izuku: supports All Might, idolizes All Might, adores All Might and wants to be like him since he was a tiny broccoli in a onesie (and as a hero still wears a costume that mimics All Might’s distinctive traits)

Iida Tenya: supports his big brother Tensei, wants to be a hero like him, to lead like him, has been inspired by his big brother since he was a toddler and wants to avenge his tragic fall

Uraraka Ochako: supports her parents and wants to be the best daughter she can be, wants to be a hero to finally provide financial stability for her family and give her parents back all the love and support she received 

Kirishima Eijirou: wants to be a hero like Crimson Riot, his idol, to the point he changes his hairstyle to imitate him and adopts a similar costume