past a day

keith: do you ever notice how… nice hunk’s eyes are… like do you ever think about that

lance: all the time. also, his nose? the cutest in existence

keith: he’s got a pretty mouth, too

lance: and he’s so smart…

keith: hunk turned me sapiosexual

lance: ok i know it was a joke and honestly i’d probably call you that to make fun of you but don’t? insult yourself like that? what the fuck,

sunokasai  asked:

Whenever you post something on twitter I am like "Athyra doing gods work for rare pair hell." :'D It's all so pretty. <3

XD! daw thank you! :’D I always have soft spot for rarepairs that and my muse just dictates me to draw whichever ship it wants OTL

i swear this is the last ooc post for tonight, but: if any of my poc followers need someone to talk to, feel free to im me. i’m here for you guys, in whatever way i can be.


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