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Tornado Warning

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“All residents in the area are advised to fall into usual safety precautions. The tornado is expected to visit very soon…” Charles turn off the TV and tells the other professors the gather the students into the lobby.

Once everyone is there, he makes an announcement. “We want all of you to proceed to the basement. The tornado is very close and we want no injuries today.” He says, trying to stay calm.

“If you would follow Hank- where’s Peter?!”

Everyone looks around, the silver haired boy is missing.

Charles doesn’t do this often, but he looks inside of Peter’s mind. “Jesus Christ.” He shakes his head and looks out the window.

In the far distance you could just make out a small silver blur chasing the tornado and running around it.

Charles sends Peter and message, telling him to come inside. They communicate with thoughts.

“No way! I’m just having fun, I also took great pictures of Gerald!”

“Who’s Gerald? Come inside right now!”

The running slows down and Charles receives another thought from Peter. “Fine.”

Once Peter is back inside, he shows everyone the pictures of the tornado. He named it Gerald.

“That boy…” Charles shakes his head and chuckles.

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like if you save.


If you have an issue with me, you’re more than welcome to approach me about it. Respectfully, but honestly. I am open-minded & will listen, and am even willing to consider changing my position if presented facts & concerns.

Ignoring/unfollowing/blocking/spreading rumors do not have to be the first & final resort.

This goes for the community at large.


she used to stare at you the same way you look at the plain image of her now. as if you’re the only thing left, only thing important, the only reason to keep going, worth fighting for. she breathes no more, but she would wish you to be alive

dedicated to @hurtslikeyourmouth, @rey-of-luke, @englishmajor226, @roguelotus

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.


you’re next to me in my life

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