i literally dont have a life so i spent like an hour compiling this masterpost of useful posts/websites i’ve found over the time that i started bookmarking these things. i did find a lot all of these on tumblr and stumbleupon so nice.

shit about writing

shit about books

shit about photoshop

shit about computers

shit about education

shit about self improvement

shit about if you’re feeling down or sick

shit about career planning

shit about music

1. I’ll stop stay up all night rereading your texts wondering at what moment you realized we weren’t going to last.

2. The pictures on my phone will remain, but I’ll save them in a password protected space as if it were that easy to lock away the feelings that I still have.

3. When I pass you in the halls I’ll stop giving you a second glance and I’ll pretend that I didn’t notice the new shirt that you bought yesterday.

4. I’ll try and stop picking out your voice in the voice of everyone rushing by but oh god it’s the only sound I can hear.

5. I won’t fall asleep to our song anymore because it no longer makes me feel the same way it did.

6. I’ll stop begging for a second chance because there never really was a first and I will try my hardest to swallow down that thought.

7. I’ll promise that I will stop drowning myself in vodka and filling your inbox with messages about how much I love you so you don’t have to worry about hearing from me again.

8. My tongue will learn to stop spitting out stories about us every time your name is mentioned because us doesn’t exist any longer.

9. I will find happiness somewhere else even if I have to crawl through the broken remains of us to get to it. I might come out bloody, but I will find happiness again.

10. One day, when someone asks me if I love you, I’ll be able to respond with I used to and it will be okay, one day it will be okay

—  The 10 stages of getting over you 
You Must Read

I don’t know if you guys have seen the post going around lately, but since I can’t reblog, I took a snapshot of it for you.

These are the FUCKERS (8chan)that are behind the Supernatural bashing that has lead to 3 deaths already, and they intend to keep going on New Year’s Day. For my own safety, I’m shutting off anon options, and I might even shut off all asking/submitting options until I see the storm is over. But this isn’t for me to tell you that is why no one can send anything to me (well, it kinda is, but I digress)

This is my warning for all of you.

I don’t care if you think this is bluff or not, they have done shit like this in the past, and it even sent people to the hospital, so for your own safety, at least turn off the anon option if you haven’t already. They are going to target the biggest fandoms they can find, including feminism, and as being a feminist myself, that is where I draw the goddamn line. So, I hope you at least take some action, as I care for each of my followers and don’t want you to be effected as those have been so much they chose to take their own lives. Later in the week, I will be more than happy to open everything again, but not until after I hear the shitstorm has died down.

Keep yourselves safe, and if they get to you, remember that I will always be there for you. Make sure to message me once I open them again and tell me if you saved yourself. Consider me a temp safe blog for now.

Even if you don’t believe this, research some, you’ll see that these fuckers are presistant as all hell to ruin our happiness.

UPDATE: After reading a few articles, people are trying to blame this on attention whores. While maybe that’s the case, maybe it’s not, but I feel strong in saying that there are some people who are speaking the truth. Do not feel discouraged if you have recieved hate and no one is giving it any creditability. You just lookout for yourself, keep yourself safe. They obvious won’t be very effected if they are attacked or not. This is a situation where you need to put yourself first, it doesn’t make you selfish, it makes you wise. So don’t feel bad, just keep your safety in mind if others are being skeptical.

Be safe, everyone. I love you all


Tumblr is NOT your “safe space”.  It is a public blogging site with over 275 million other people on it.  Anything you post can be seen by the eyes of millions, including people that–gasp!–don’t think exactly the same way that you do.  It has never been strictly for any single type of person.  You have ZERO governance over this site, nor over anyone here but yourself.

If you truly wanted a “safe space”, you would password-protect your blogs so that only those you approve of can view its content.  But, clearly, this isn’t about having a private place, is it?  It’s always been about getting attention, including deliberately tagging your hateful opinions in the hopes of making others feel bad about themselves simply for who they are (wallowing in self-imposed victimization that you see as justified by how the world has allegedly “wronged” you, and essentially becoming the bullies you always wanted to be while appropriating marginalization in an attempt to excuse it).  It’s always been about building a hugbox of bobbleheads around yourselves to tell you that you’re “perfect”, and that you never have to change or mature.  It’s a means to gain the superficial “popularity” that you clearly aren’t capable of obtaining in reality (since, you know…people you interact with face-to-face aren’t only being shown what you pick and choose to present of yourself, and can actually best judge you as a person).  There have been forums for many years where people of various identity traits can interact with others that share those traits:  Empty Closets, Anxiety Forum, My PTSD Forum–type it into Google, and you’ll find a forum for it.

Tumblr was NEVER “yours”.  It will never BE “yours”.  If you can’t handle having what you choose to publicly post on the internet being criticized, then perhaps you don’t belong posting to the internet unsupervised in the first place.

Hockey player sex tapes (hypothetical)

Seguin: His is saved on his desktop in a password protected file. The password is his dogs name.

Ovechkin: There are 3 copies, one for him and one for each of the 2 ladies who acted as his costars. His copy is on a DVD with his face on the cover. He keeps it in his living room on his movie self, right between the mighty Ducks and The Avengers. 

Jagr: His is on a dusty VHS tape. Its in a box in his garage, between his tennis racket and Christmas decorations. He makes a point of taking it out every Thanksgiving  and watching it.

Hall: His was a snap chat video. He Drunkenly sent it to Eberle, who deleted it immediately.

Eberle: he snap chated a video to Hall labeled “sex tape”. It was really just a Rick Roll.

Sedin: Daniel says its Henriks. Henrik says its Daniels. Only they will ever know the truth.

Crosby: Sidney Crosby does not have a sex tape. Sidney Crosby does not know how sex works. He watched part of a porn once on accident. He thought it was going to be a heartwarming tale of a resourceful babysitter who finds an alternate way to pay for pizza. 

So I can’t give much of an opinion about Cody (aka 1derboy aka an awesome guy) password protecting his blog because I don’t know really at all what happened, but I can say that I’m sad about it. I really enjoyed his sassy gif responses, his witty remarks, his need to make sure every one of us felt loved and beautiful, his determination to ignore the hate.

I will miss smiling and laughing at his posts and asks, or constantly refreshing his blog during an honesty hour. Some may have called me a “Cody girl”, but really I just enjoyed Cody’s blog and who he was as a person. Because unlike some people on the internet, I actually believed that he meant nearly every word he posted. And I really liked that he was so honest.

No matter what happened though, I don’t feel like Cody just woke up morning and decided, “Well, today is the day I’m going to password protect my blog.” There must have been ignition that caused it. Whether that be something happening in his life, haters, management, or whatever it is we may never know. But I do believe that he didn’t just shut out all of his followers for no particular reason whatsoever.

Either way though, I will miss his blog. I’m sure we all do. And hopefully whatever his problems may be will be fixed, and that his blog can be reopened again to the public and to the people that love him.

secret agent au
  • “I’m in charge of recon and now the higher ups are wondering why your file is two times larger than the actual person I was supposed to be keeping tabs on.”
  • “I’m only sleeping with you for information, but I wouldn’t mind doing this again as I slip you my personal cell phone number.”
  • “We’re from two opposite agencies in charge of the same person.  This is not going to go well.”
  • “You’re trying to destroy the document that I’m protecting.”
  • “The password is password.”
  • “I’m an innocent civilian running for my life because the bad guys thought I was associated with you.  I just wanted to know where the nearest bookstore was.”
  • “I quit the company years ago.  I’m not going back because there’s no one else who can crack codes like me.”
  • “Can you please stop staring at me?  I’m just counting cards at this sketchy casino.”
  • “I just wanted to tell you that for a secret agent you sure dress too flashy.”
  • “Are you the fucking secret agent or am I?”
  • “Just because my mom was your top agent does not mean I want to follow in her path.  I’m not quitting my completely normal job to be thrust into a world of insanity.”

Who wants to watch the Persona 3 stage plays? :D

(Well, the most recent one, at least. You can watch the second one online here; if the first one is online anywhere, I haven’t found it. Let me know if you’ve seen it somewhere, you’ll save me like 70 bucks)

But anyway! I have Persona 3 the Weird Masquerade: Bismuth Crystals to share with you guys. This is the third P3 stage play, and it starts with a recap of the Hanged Man battle and ends after the school trip to Kyoto.

The stage plays really are worth watching, with fantastic casting and some really neat special effects - even if you’re not sold on the idea of a live-action P3 adaptation, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you give Weird Masquerade a shot.

Watch it for Ueda Keisuke being unspeakably gorgeous, if nothing else.

Very important.

female protagonist version | male protagonist version

The files are password-protected; the password is the name of the protagonist, surname first, with no capital letters or spaces, and each file has a different password. If you need more hints, the Megaten wiki can probably help you out!

Please don’t reupload these videos. I love these plays and I want to make them more accessible to people who can’t import the DVDs from Japan, but I will take them down if people are jerks about it. ;_;

and please reblog this post, so your fellow fans have a chance to check out Weird Masquerade!

It’s 2015, so you’re probably well aware that you shouldn’t use ‘password’ as your password.

1) A passphrase consisting of multiple words is much better than a single word.

It’s also easier to remember than a garble of random characters.

2) The more varied the characters in your password, the stronger it is.

Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers, and symbols like ?!$%. Put the exclamation point in the middle of your password, where the brute-force program won’t expect it.

3) Avoid common tropes.

You wouldn’t name your favorite pet after your brother’s birthday, or your bank account after your favorite pet—that would be creepy. Don’t do that for your passwords either. While unique to the individual, those kinds of ideas are common password tropes and are easily guessed by anyone with a little information about you.

The Keys to Good Password Hygiene



i. neptune

ii. saturn

iii. west

iv. mars

v. mercury 

vi. arctic [bonus instrumental song that makes me feel things]