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just like a moth is drawn to the flame

PAIRING: Pietro & Reader

WARNINGS: SMUT. Language, unprotected sex, light orgasm denial.

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The dull roar of the crowd around them was absolutely no distraction to her as her eyes fell on the face of the most handsome man she had ever seen in her life. He was across the bar and she could feel her heart beat rising, pounding against her chest. She had absolutely no chill setting when it came to him, and she knew it. There was always denial, which was something she clung to as if it held the last grain of hope she could muster. No, she was smarter than that. She knew full well that denying the feeling wouldn’t make it go away, just like she couldn’t deny the scar from the bullet wound in her leg. She could try and try, but come morning that ugly scar would still be on her right thigh. She wanted to pretend that she hadn’t spotted him next to the bar, looking insanely good in that dark blue shirt. Lying might have been an easier task when she gathered some kind of control.

She bit down on her bottom lip, the pain distracting her as she quickly turned her head away from him. The last thing she needed was to get caught starting at him. She ran her thin fingers through her tangled hair as she took a deep breath, calming herself as the air filled her lungs. This wasn’t her idea, and frankly she thought it was a pretty lame plan to begin with. She felt out of her element, in a dress that felt almost too small and it hardly covered much of anything. She felt emotionally and physically on display and she hated that. It was like feeling weak, which she too hated. Her entire life she was forced to climb and pull herself up, with no other support than what she was able to muster. It always felt like her against the world, at least until she met the Avengers.

“Chill the fuck out.” She mumbled only for her ears as she raised the brown beer bottle to her mouth, taking a swig. She never really was able to get used to the taste—it still tasted like piss to her, but she was starting to ignore the awful taste in her mouth. It was almost a fair exchange for the buzz that would soon great her. She never expected to like drinking, but there was something about the high buzz and courage that came crashing with it. It was a thin line she sometimes danced a little too close too, but she started to like the thrill that came with living her life on a more stable dangerous side. Danger wasn’t really appealing to most, but she felt secure in the chaos. It was almost familiar, and it reminded her of why she fought so hard to stay alive.

She finally decided enough time had passed and it would be as safe as it possibly ever would be, so she turned her head back to the bar. She saw several faces, but none of them belonged to him. It figured he was lost in the crowd, another face amongst the mass. It was all he had been to begin with, honestly. She had little desire to get close to anyone, especially someone with a handsome face and smooth tongue like his. There was something more to him though, she learned in the months after meeting him. He was more than the ideas of him she had in her head. She still chuckled with the amount of ways she was wrong. She had him pegged, almost certain he was the way she imagined. Never in her life had she been happy to be wrong.

He proved her wrong day after day, but it still took Y/N a long time to let her walls down. Trust… Trusting someone was not something that came easy to the girl. She never was able to rely on anyone but herself, and in her life everyone else became a potential threat. The best way to handle a threat was eliminating it, and thus she cut everyone off and never let them close to her. It didn’t work like that with the Avengers though, no matter how hard she tried. She never figured it possible, but she found friends there. She found people she trusted and relied on. Wanda had become the first friend she really ever had, and the best friends she could ever ask for. The two girls found they had a lot in common, plus Wanda had been both kind and supportive…

She was also really supportive of the fact that Y/N had started a relationship with her twin brother. It was an accident, honestly. Y/N knew the feelings had developed a while before either of them acted on it. She was almost too afraid to be alone with him, simply because of the emotions that brewed inside of her. She wanted Pietro in ways she never experienced before. It was almost maddening to have the images of them together in the most intimate of ways. She was almost too sure that it would never be able to last, and so she avoided him as much as she could. It hardly lasted though, as Wanda and a room locked with magic had forced them both to confront the secrets they both were keeping.

That had been almost a year ago, and while things were good, Y/N knew she was still skating on the edge, hanging onto the wall to keep herself safe and standing upright. She had started keeping something from him again, and her natural default was to avoid him. Which she now had been doing for almost three weeks, which was starting to wear her down emotionally. Wanda had threatened to lock them both in a room together, but she begged her not too. She would tell him, when she was ready. There were some steps she still struggled with taking. This happened to be one of them.

Avoiding him was damn near impossible. She was pulled to him naturally, always wanting to be with him. She started to rely on him a lot as her support system, and she didn’t like that security being taken away. Sleeping anywhere but his arms had been a nightmare, and she wasn’t sure she had a goodnights sleep since the night she left the room. Pietro had tried time and time again to convince her to just open up to him, but she had stayed silent. He finally had stopped coming by her new room. It was what she told him she wanted, but it still hurt like hell. It wasn’t what she wanted at all.

“Y/N, Pietro, threat has been spotted and disbanded. You can report back to headquarters.” Wanda spoke in her ear via ear piece. She sighed with relief, glad this mission had ended. She somehow doubted the suspect would ever show up in the club, but apparently he frequented the guest list. It was the only reason she and Pietro had been assigned here tonight. She liked being on missions with him, she knew he’d have her back even with all the shit that had brewed between them.

“You look nice.” A soft voice spoke in her right ear. Pietro. She turned her head, but he was already gone, the blur of him rushing down the street. She was unable to stop the tears that spilled down her cheeks as she walked out the door of the club.

—- —- —- —- —- —- —-

“Are you awake?” She wasn’t sure what she was doing. It was after three in the morning, and she was outside of his bedroom door. She knew better than this, but she was aching in ways only he could comfort. She was tired of lying to both him and herself. She was sick of walking past him, as if she didn’t miss him dearly.

She was tired of hiding the fact that she was in love with him.

Wanda assured her it was almost silly to hide this, because there was no way he didn’t love her in return. Y/N didn’t doubt his feelings, but more of the emotion that she felt. It scared her being in love with him. She always viewed love as some weakness, something that tied you down and held you back. If she had to choose though, between losing Pietro and feeling weak, she knew there was no choice. She knew her own strength, and knew she was a survivor. There wasn’t much worth surviving for without him though. She knew that for her, there was absolutely no comparison. She would much rather be weak than ever lose him.

It had just taken her some time to finally admit that. It had been staring her directly in the face for quite some time, but she had to learn to accept that. She struggled a lot with emotions, especially this. She hoped that someone he got that. He knew.. He knew her path and the way she was, but she knew the silent treatment had hurt him, which was something she never wanted to do. She wanted to fiercely protect him and keep him safe from the dangers their world faced. She wanted to make sure that he never felt anymore cruel pain the world had, and yet she herself inflicted a wound.

“Y/N?” His voice was low and horse, meaning he had just woken up. She heard the door handle turn as he opened the door, standing there in only flannel pajama pants. “Are you okay?” He asked, with the tone of concern clear in his voice.

“I–” She didn’t really even know what she was anymore. “I’m just tired, P.” She said quietly as she leaned against the door frame. “Avoiding you these few weeks has left me completely exhausted.” She admitted as she looked up at his face, their eyes locking.

“You always hated sleeping alone.” He pointed out and she let a light laugh leave her mouth as she nodded. She never slept well when he had missions. The bed was too big and too empty without him there beside her.

“Yeah,” She said as she played with the bracelet on her wrist. Her eyes dropped and she now focused on her feet. She closed her eyes the second she felt his warm touch under her chin, raising it slightly.

“Look at me,” he prompted and she obeyed him by opening her eyes. “Pretty Girl, I know you didn’t come here this late just because you are tired.” He knew her too well for that. He was the one person who was able to read her like a book, which was both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes she struggled to decide which.

“Of course not.” She pressed her lips together, mostly to keep her from biting down on her bottom lip.

“Do you want to come in?” He offered as he opened the door more. “There is no need for you to be in the hallway, this is your room too, after all.” He said watching her as he spoke those last words. She couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her face. She didn’t say anything as she entered the door, leaning against the closed door, remembering how many times he had her pressed against the door, moaning his name over and over again.

“I miss you.” She finally said, breaking the minutes of silence that passed. He had decided to lean against a wall, watching her as she tried to figure out the words she wanted to say. She had none of this planned, but more was making it up as she went. So far, she wasn’t sure if she was succeeding or failing.

“I miss you too, Pretty Girl.” His voice was soft and sincere. She closed her eyes, nodding slowly as she took a deep breath in a way to muster all the courage she could. Opening her eyes she noticed he was moving towards her, at probably the slowest pace she ever saw coming from him. “I missed you so much, night after night. I still don’t know why I have to miss you, instead of just having you. You don’t talk to me and Wanda refuses to betray your trust.” He was even closer now, his hand reaching out to touch her face, his warm touch heating her skin. “I’m tired of missing you though, Y/N.”

His mouth was pressed against her in one quick movement. She never realized how much she missed the feeling of his lips against her lips. Both of his hands were now on her hips, fingers digging into her skin. The small pain was enjoyable, adding pleasure into the sensations that coursed through her. She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down and closer to her. She didn’t want to let go ever again, and was happy with the idea of staying here forever, just with his mouth against hers once again.

“I also really missed doing that.” He said with a laugh as he broke the kiss to press his forehead against hers. “So, you going to finally fill me in?” He asked slowly, his eyes locked back on hers.

“You’ll think it sounds stupid.” She slowly said.

“Try me, Pretty Girl.”

She took a deep breath, trying to steady her heart beat as she took a leap that she never had once dared to imagine. “I love you.” She admitted, wanting to close her eyes and step away from him. It took all the strength she had to stand still, her eyes on him as she watched process those three words.

“I love you too, Y/N.” He said before moving back slightly. “Is that what this was about, you afraid I didn’t love you?” She just shook her head and he looked confused for a moment before the realization washed over him. “Oh, you were afraid of your feelings for me.” It wasn’t a question, nor did he sound like he was accusing her. It simply stated it as the fact they both knew it was.

“I’m so sorry.” She was and she wasn’t sure how to even start the repair process for her fear.

“Don’t be, Pretty Girl. I told you the night Wanda locked us together that I knew you had been through more than anyone should ever suffer, and that I would always be there in any way I could be to help. I meant it, and if that means that you need to run away to process what you feel, I get it. I know you always think emotions tie into strength of one. I don’t agree, but I know.” He said softly, placing a kiss against her head. “I like to think that I know you, Y/N.” He said smiling at her.

“You do; it is one of the many reasons why I love you.” She said, the words spilling naturally from her now. She felt silly for her fear, now that the truth was out there.  His mouth connected with hers again, the kiss searing through her. Her arms instantly wrapped around his neck again as his hands lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist.

“I love you, and I missed you.” He spoke as he trailed kisses down her neck, paying special attention to the few spots that always caused her toes to curl and a gasp to leave her. A loud cry left her as his teeth sank into the skin of her collarbone, despite the cloth of her shirt. She felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons on her shift as he slowly opened her shirt, exposing to her to him and the cold air in his room. A second cry left her lips as he bit down on her other collarbone, his tongue darting over the sensitive skin causing a shiver to run through her body.

“P–” She whispered, an airy tone to her voice as she tried to capture her breath. She had missed this side of him. She never really liked feeling exposed and vulnerable unless it was under his demanding touch. She moaned when his hands cupped her breasts, his fingers slowly pinching her nipples. She sucked in air as he slowly brought his head down, licking over the right nipple before blowing on the exposed, cold skin. “Fuck.” She cried out as she rocked against him, an ache now pooling between her thighs.

“You like that, hmm?” The smug bastard asked as if he already didn’t know the answer. His tongue darted over her left nipple, again blowing air against her.

“Y-yes.” She mumbled as her fingers grabbed down on the skin of his shoulders. He grinned, his mouth pressing against hers in a light kiss.

“Mmm. That is good to know.” The way he said that kind of had her curious, but before her mind could really start to process his words he had moved her away from the wall. All she could now think about was the fact that he was carrying her to the bed. He laid her down, his lips kissing her neck again as her back hit the blankets on the mattress. She missed this bed, and being in it with him. Oh the ways she had missed this man.

“Please,” she whispered slightly as she started to move her hips, wanting friction in the once place that ached for it the most. A smug grin flashed across his face as he sat up some, staring down at her.

“I really do love these little black shorts.” He spoke of her favorite pajama bottoms. His fingers grabbed the hem as he pulled the cloth down her thighs, tisking slightly at her. “No panties?” He asked teasingly. “My, you are a naughty little one, aren’t you?”

“Maybe, but only for you.”

“It better be.” He said as the cloth hit the floor, leaving her completely naked underneath him. He used his hands to push open her thighs, a shaky breath leaving her. His teeth sank into her skin again, this time it was her thigh, She hissed as she grabbed a fistful of blankets, rocking her hips in the air.

“Fuck.” She mumbled her eyes shutting. She heard a dry chuckle leave him, but before she could say anything his mouth was pressed against her core, causing the room to spin. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She chanted as his tongue flicked over her clit.

“Mmm. You always taste good.” He mumbled, his hands squeezing her thighs lightly. She just laughed at his words. His mouth returned to her, causing her hips to raise off the mattress as her back arched. She moaned out at the sensations, always loving the way he made her feel. Two fingers quickly entered her, moving in and out at a quick pace. She cried out, grabbing a fistful of blankets again.

“Oh fuck.” She whispered, as he started sucking on her clit, a mix of tongue and teeth. His mouth against her always drove her insane in the best way possible. It never took long either, as she always turned into putty under his touch.

“Hold it until I say so.” He said and a loud sob left her. This was a game he liked playing, but she wasn’t nearly as fond of it. It was a challenge, sure. It was one she almost always failed at too. She tried to hold off her orgasm, but she nearly always failed.

“Pleaaase.” She whined, drawing the word out as her hips thrusted up against him again.

“Not yet, Pretty Girl. You get to come only when I decide to let you.” His voice was low, a warning laced in with the words. She nodded her head, trying to think of anything but how much she wanted to come right now. Of course he added a third finger, curling them. The asshole would make this damn near impossible for her.

“I’m close—“ she sobbed, her hips rocking again and again.

“Hold it.” He growled and she wanted to listen to his command, but it felt too good. She just nodded her head as she took a deep breath. After a few minutes he finally mumbled the one word she was desperate to hear, “come.” He spoke against her thigh before biting down on her clit, causing her to moan loudly as her orgasm washed over her and she came against his mouth. She felt his fingers still working her over, and his mouth never left as he continued to suck on her. She cried out as her second orgasm built up in just a matter of moments.

“I-I-” She cried out, her hips now wildly bucking against him.

“Come, Pretty Girl.” He spoke as she came for a second time, moaning his name. She opened her eyes to watch him lick his fingers clean from her before he made quick work of his pants.

“I love you, P.” She repeated for the third time, a large grin was on his lips.

“I love hearing that, almost as much as I love you.” He said pressing his mouth against hers. She moaned into the kiss as he started to tease her with his tip, circling her wet heat before slowly entering it. Pietro was never quite the fan of slow, until he used it to tease her.

“Please,” she whispered and he groaned before thrusting his hip forward, sinking all of him into her. “Oh fuck,” she whispered as he started a steady pace of thrusting. His fingers found her clit, and all it took was a few seconds before she was close to her third orgasm.

“You feel good.” He growled, his hands firmly placed on her hips. His speed increased slightly as he leaned down to capture her lips in a hot kiss that left her breathless.

“I wanna come.” She whispered and he nodded.

“Come for me.” He said biting down on his lip, a sign that he was close to his own orgasm. She obeyed his command as another loud moan left her mouth as she came for the third time that night. She was certain that she was probably loud enough to wake others in the tower, but she didn’t really care.

“Fuck.” He growled in a low tone before his pace picked up again, his fingers sinking into her skin as he came, her name falling off her lips.

He collapsed next to her on the mattress, pulling her into his arms. He placed a soft kiss against her hair as he held her there, sleep slowly washing over her.

“I’m sorry about avoiding you for weeks.” She whispered, yawning.

“I’m glad to know I didn’t do anything. I was afraid it was something I did.” He admitted. She opened her eyes before shifting slightly to look at him.

“Of course no, P. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. I know the Avengers saved me physically, but emotionally you are the glue that holds me together.” She whispered placing a kiss against his lips.

“You hold me together too, Pretty Girl.” He said as she settled against him again.

“Let’s just agree to stop avoiding and to keep holding on then.” She said, but knew it was more focused on her.

“You honestly think I would ever let you go?” He asked.

A loud pounding on the door startled them both. “Look, I am glad you too sorted this shit out, but I am sick of hearing you two fuck!” Wanda called, pounding on the door again. Pietro laughed before pulling the blanket over the two of them.

“Sleep, my Pretty Girl. I have weeks to make up for, and don’t plan on letting you leave this bed for a few days.” His words caused her to shiver in anticipation.

She loved him, and it was the best feeling in the world.

It was something that scared her, but there was nothing better for her than facing her fears.