Dara was spotted at Changi Airport heading to Philippines yesterday. She was wearing Saint Laurent Jeanshemd Shirt - $750 (SOLD OUT), Blue Blude Faded and Destroyed Jeans - $745 (SOLD OUT), Signature California High Top Sneaker in Silver, Red and Turquoise Metallic Leather - $645 and holding Goyard Sac Hardy Classical Goyard Pattern Tote Handbag - $3,100 and Leather Classical Goyard Pattern Passport Holder Purse - $750. Dara was also wearing Saint Laurent Feathered Hat in Black Felted Rabbit Fur - $655 (Taeyang used to wear this necklace when he was at his Rise Tour in Beijing Press Conference, check it out)

Photo Source : gohyanling


GD was back from Japan on July 4th. He was seen wearing the SSUR / COMME DES FUCK DOWN BEANIE that he wore before, and the THOM BROWNE Loafers . Not sure about the blue shirt, similar to the Balmain shirt but I think he torned the collar? So, not sure about it.. The white t-shirt is probably Balmain since he claimed that he has 50 Balmain t-shirts (LOL). Accessories are from Chrome Hearts, including the red passport holder.

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Passport Holder | Poppytalk

If you know someone who is travelling, this is the perfect present. Because really, who uses those travel diaries?! You always start with the best intentions but then you have too much fun and the entries stop around the third day. But this present is different, because not only is it practical but it’s pretty too. I have to say that my passport holder was invaluable, especially because I’m pretty bad with losing important stuff!