passport release

Your father did not tell you
about the day he was arrested
hands cuffed,
he tried explaining
he just returned from Ghana
after they heard his thick accent,
after they saw his passport
they released him.

Your father did not tell you
about the day
he was almost killed
six weeks into his second job
as a security guard.

He calls you every saturday
hearing you tell him
how school has been

He sends your mother school fees
for his only child must have the best
your friends fathers are all doctors,
lawyers and businessmen
you lie that your father
is a lawyer in London.

Your father did not tell you
how he held your baby picture
in his wallet, kissing it every morning
for strength to survive.

Ten years ago
you heard the news reporter say,
“three hundred confirmed dead in the plane crash”
and you soon came to realize
your father did not tell you,
he wanted to surprise you
in Accra
for your birthday.



Ijeoma Umebinyuo


(FAN ACCOUNT) horrible airport staffs asking for signatures from SJ at immigration counters -____-;; 

inspectors didn’t release passports until sj signed for them. managers looked for help to complain then staffs stopped for last few’s not their obligation to sign for you, even more not at the immigration counters!! & who are you to threaten them with their passports

airport staff and she dare bring her sfs album to sj to ask for signature even when manage didn’t allow..even fans beside hae told him not to sign for her and yet she abused her authority as an airport staff to get near them to ask for sig zzz..because hae was too kind and sorry, he stopped a signed a “DH” on her album and it’s because she asked again after manager stopped her…

pics by: Babomeimei  trans pic by:eunhaes_ 

Just kidding, false alarm.

Take a severe lack of continuity, add a dash of poor character development, then stir in a lack of commitment to heavy, multiple-episode drama and what do you get? Four seasons of Rizzoli & Isles false alarms.

Case(s) in point:

Jane takes a bullet to the gut. NO, NO, no, no. That’s not how this was supposed to go! Will she live? How will she recover? How will everyone cope? (…) Just kidding, of course she didn’t die. And don’t worry your pretty little heads about all that serious stuff. Here, have a grumpy detective in sweatpants instead. What a cop out. Pun coincidental.

Maura gets a surprise visit from the love of her life, Ian Faulkner. Wow, he’s the first person (besides Jane) that has actual chemistry with Maura. It’d be interesting to see where this might go. (…) Just kidding! He’s wanted by Interpol and disappears faster than you can say ‘dodgy multiple passports’. Well, shit.

Newly released jailbird, Tommy, gets arrested for bank robbery. Shut the front door! He didn’t, did he? Hahaha, no, just kidding. He’s a totally reformed character. Probably. Facepalm.

Jane and Maura hate each other. For one episode. And ‘Hate’ is a bit strong; verbally foreplaying is more accurate. But still no one apologises for how they behaved or the nasty things they said. Sure, ‘cos that’s perfectly normal adult female behaviour. Are you kidding me?

Maura might lose her leg. But doesn’t ‘cos Jane’s a quick learner and how hard can emergency medicine in the dark actually be? There goes Maura being overly dramatic again; there’s barely even a scar. Cry baby.

Another female detective, Riley Cooper, comes on the scene. Ooh, this could be interesting. Bitchyness, cat fights, jealousy, and … Where’d she go? Never mind, nobody cares.

Lydia’s baby might belong to Frank Sr. Just kidding. It’s all good; the baby is Tommy’s and nothing is weird.

There’s a toxin in the lab. Oh my god, my heart started pounding in my chest when Dr. Isles smashed that emergency button. I hope they’re both going to be okay. (…) Just kidding, they’re fine. Nothing a decontamination shower with your naked bestie won’t fix. Do the CDC charge for callouts? I hope Maura doesn’t get billed for that.

Jane gets kidnapped. Don’t worry, even though she could be literally anywhere and chained up by a genuinely scary, unstable psycho, she is rescued in record time thanks to Maura’s uncanny ability to identify 20th Century radiators and window frames at 50 paces. Who needs a therapist when you’re home in time for evening cocoa?! I’ve got nothing but a headshake.

Angela gets lumped with a massive tax bill. Goodness me, not Mama Rizzoli! Will she lose her livelihood? Go to jail? She’ll spend her life trying to pay that off… or as long as it takes for Tommy’s check to come through. Drinks are on him! Groan.

Casey’s surgery could kill him. Woah, there’s a high chance our least favourite beard could be paralysed for life. Or die. It might take months, years for him to recover fully. Or die. Even Dr. Isles is pessimistic; it doesn’t look good. (…) He looks so good after his miraculous recovery it’s as if that roadside bomb never happened! Hallelujah. Bollocks.

Cailin needs Maura’s kidney. Will she, won’t she? Of course she will, but don’t tell Cailin. Cailin finds out and rejects it. Maura still wants to help but don’t tell Cailin. It’s all over in the blink of an eye, without so much as a scar. It’s not like there are life-long health considerations if you only have one kidney, right? Who the fuck knows?

Maura goes to jail. She can’t possibly be guilty, can she? What the hell happened to her? It’s all so nerve-wracking and I can’t stand the suspense! (…) Of course she didn’t do it, you fools! She’s fine. Totally fine.  And going straight back to work like any un-traumatized person not covered in mysterious bruises. Sigh.

Jane’s getting sued. Just kidding. No normal person ever has an accident unless the stranger you bump into secretly wants your apartment. Riiiight.

Detective Martinez is up to no good. Nope, just kidding. He’s a bit of an ass but he’s just undercover. You didn’t really think some cops were dirty, did you? Idiots.

Maura gets a nosebleed after sniffing a dead body. Evacuate the area, this is some seriously scary shit if Maura’s calling for Hazmat again! (…) Just kidding, she’s fine. Everyone back to work, go about your business, nothing to see here. For fuck’s sake! I hope Maura doesn’t get billed for that. Again.

Dr. Isles holds a ticking bomb in the precinct. WHAT?! She just barely survived a deadly nosebleed-causing toxin (!) and now this?! What are the odds! (…) Just kidding. Frankie has a scratchy beard and its comedy hour all of a sudden. It’s not like anyone nearly died (twice) today. Relax. Fuck you.

Frank Sr. has prostate cancer. Oh. Everyone’s tense and serious and my poor babies are crying so much I want to crawl in the TV and hug them cos he might die… wait a second… early stages? Very treatable?  Everyone as you were, we’re shipping the insufferable asshole straight back to Florida. What was the point?

Jane’s getting married. Maybe. She’s thinking about it. That’s right, think long and hard, girl. You know it’s not right… wait, what? She said yes? Well that’s just… hold on, he’s not coming back? Phew, that was close. This show is giving me trust issues.

Jane thinks she’s pregnant…

Now here’s where I want the false alarms to stop. The thought of Jane being pregnant isn’t ideal, but in terms of serious drama this is a great opportunity for the show. I also wish they hadn’t swept so many other things under the carpet quite so quickly in S4. Just imagine the potential for Jane’s storyline and character throughout S5 if she had to cope with an unbearable amount of loss; her fiancé left, her partner died, she miscarried, AND her father had terminal cancer.

S5 could be epic. I’ve no doubt Angie and Sasha could act the fuck out of some really emotional, heavy stuff. I’m not convinced we’ll get anything like that but I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s not a huge false alarm. I might gripe, but I still love this show.

American suicide bomber returned home before Syria attack

The New York Timesreports that a man from Florida who launched a suicide bombing in northern Syria had returned to the U.S. before the May attack.

An F.B.I. spokesman Michael Kortan declined to discuss Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha but said “U.S. officials have warned for months of the difficulties of identifying Americans who travel to Syria to engage in armed conflict.”

Photo: Moner Mohammad Abu-Salha destroying his passport in a video released on Monday.