passport photo

Photo tech problems

Me: takes a passport pic for customer, shows them the result.
Cust: “I don’t like it, can we take it again?“
Me: “Sure, how’s this one?”
Cust: “Eww nooo, can we take it again?”
Me: “How about this one?”
Cust: “No”
Me: “How’s this?”
Cust: “No”
Me: “This one’s nice.”
Cust: “Eww no.”
Me: “This one?”
Cust: “No”
Me: ?
Cust: “No”
Me: ?
Cust: “No”

(30 years later)

Me: ?
Customer: “Eww NO!!!”

170824 Leo Twitter Reply Compilation

T/N: Be sure to check this tweet first.


얘들아 알겠어 오로치마루 잘 알고있었어
실트까지 갈 일이니🙂

Kids, I get it, I knew Orochimaru
Did you have to make it a real time tweet🙂

크으으 실트도 알고 신세대네요👍🏼👍🏼

keuuu you know real time tweets you’re new generation👍🏼👍🏼

Leo: 뿜뿜도 배웠음

I learned bboom bboom too


You know FanAJou, right?

Leo: 팬아저는 뭐야?

What is FanAJou?

(T/N: This is short for ‘to save/download even if you aren’t a fan.’)

뿜뿜이 뭐야????

What is bboom bboom????

Leo: 말로 설명하기는 좀 힘들고.. 어…

It’s difficult to explain in words.. Yeah…

복세편살은 알ㅇㅏ?

Do you know BokSePyeonSal?

Leo: 복받을세상편하게살자

Let’s live comfortably in this world receiving happiness

(T/N: It actually is short for ‘let’s live comfortably in this complicated world.’)

오빠 어덕행덕은??

Oppa, what about OuDoukHaengDouk??

Leo: 어묵은덕분에행복했덕

The fish cake was happy thanks to you

(T/N: It actually is short for ‘If your going to be a fan, let’s be fans happily.’)





RAVI (@AceRavi):

오로치 착하지

Good Orochi

(T/N: Ravi is making a play on words with Leo being like Orochimaru and the beginning of ‘Chained Up’ when he says “good boy” (or technically the genderless equivalent;;))


Ravi: 레오 여권사진으로 쓰면 되겠다🙃

Leo should use that for his passport photo 🙃

Leo: 지금 뒤에있으니까 얼굴 보고 말해 트위터 하지말고👽

I’m behind you right now, so look at my face and say it, don’t do it on Twitter 👽

RAVI (@AceRavi):

나른한 분위기의 멋진 레오로 훈훈하게 마무리🙃

A heartwarming ending with a cool Leo with a drowsy atmosphere🙃

식이가 이제 반말해ㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋ 형의 위엄이 낮아진건가ㅋㄱㄱㅋ

Shikie speaks informally now ㅋㄱㅋㅋㄱㅋ Has your dignity as hyung deterioratedㅋㄱㄱㅋ

Leo: 2년은 넘었다

It’s been over 2 years

Leo: 뜬금없만 고맙다

It’s out of nowhere, but thanks

(T/N: This last ☆ account is private so their message doesn’t show up.)

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