I forgot to tell you guys the cutest Passover story! 

So last week my congregation held its annual communal Seder (I led it, actually!) and after dinner, all of the kids went off to find the Afikomen. I thought I heard them say they found it out in the foyer, but then when I went to check in on their progress, a few of them told me the search was still going on. Another ten minutes passed, and when I went back out in the foyer, most of the kids were just hanging out, watching on and giving hints while the smallest of the children looked around for the Afikomen. 

I asked them what the deal was and they explained to me that the guy who had initially hid the Afikomen put it up in a spot that was kind of up high, so naturally it was the older kids who found it. They decided this wasn’t fair to the others, so the 11-12 year-olds re-hid it for the 7-10 year-olds, and then told them that once they had found the Afikomen, that they should then re-hide again it for the 4-6 year-old kids. 

So without any adult input, a group of about 15 children between the ages of 4-12 made the group decision to have an equal-opportunity Afikomen hunt for kids of all ages and sizes. 

I just think that’s the best and sweetest thing, and it makes me so proud of the kids at our schul and gives me hope for the future. 

im so tired of goy being so uneducated and insensitive to jewis culture so just some basics:

• if you’re not jewish you dont get to say “jew” period
• holocaust, hitler, and nazi jokes aren’t funny period
• seriously quit saying “grammar nazi”
• also when the subject of the holocaust or hitler happen to come up DONT TRY TO SAY THAT HITLER WAS DOING WHAT WAS BEST FOR HIS COUNTRY OR THAT HE WAS HUMAN
• dont make jokes about us being penny pinchers or greedy or any of that its gross and racist
• if youre a goyim dont tell me that “_____ was a very jew thing for me to do”
• dont use yiddish, goy always mispronounce it and tbh it sounds stupid when you try
• dont call our traditions weird just cause theyre different
• be aware that jewish holidays dont get the same respect from society as christian ones do
• seriously our holidays are almost never seen as “a legit reason” to miss work/school

A gorilla eats matzo, a traditional handmade unleavened bread for Passover, at the Ramat Gan Safari, near Tel Aviv, Israel, April 6, 2017. Gorillas and other animals are usually fed bread, but since the zookeepers and handlers cannot touch any leavened products during the week-long holiday of Passover, that marks the biblical Jewish exodus from Egypt, they are given matzah. (Photo: Sebastian Scheiner/AP)