yo dont send biphobic shit to my gf thinking she gonna kiki w you lmao??? on what actual planet does ya dusty self think she gonna date my hella Bi ass and gonna be about u being a dry sponge lmao that shit gets screenshotted and directly sent to me and i gotta be the one to calm her wrath down cause she ain’t here for that biphobia she just ain’t about it like lol??? go outside?? do yoga?? take a laxative?? the person u are trying to reach is unavailable - please hang up and try again???

i think the only thing more terrifying than somebody typing “lol” at the end of a passive aggressive post would be “el oh el” because then you would need to fucking run for the hills that person is unhinged and ready to murder

angst is lit and all but one of my favorite things is domestic future fics! give me 27 year old lance being captured bc he had a space cold and wasnt at the top of his game and is all chained and just sighs like “jesus fucking CHRIST am i gonna get roasted when they come rescue me who eve gets captured anymore smh keith is gonna kill me i dont want his passive aggressive post capture cuddles” 

or when they find a new place to go to and it’s a rocky planet and shiros like “oh man we better keep hunk back we don’t want his rock kink to come out :/” shiro’s a SAVAGE even at 35

they visit their families and have a bigass dinner and their fams are like :/? i do not understand?? bc they have their own ‘been together in space figting aliens for 10 years’ language

they still ROAST keith for I CRADLED YOU IN MY ARMS!!! klance are cuddling and it’s 6 am and it’s space mall day and they have a few more hours before it’s time to leave and they’re chillin and lanc just whispers “we’re having a bonding moment! im cradling you in my ArMs!” and keith punches him ://

also coran being really weird? but still sweet and as a lil 18 year old baby lance confesses he feels like a 7th wheel and coran is :/? wat that Mean?? and when lance explains coran builds a vehicle that needs 7 wheels exactly and pidge helped bc she didnt fucking know and coran is so PROUD when e presents it… that 9 years later they still use it for going around in the castle and lance is :’) when he sees it (and keith gets rly sappy with him)

matt stays with them (sam goes home) bc he wants to be there for shiro and pidge and they’re so cute together and allura liked shir but seeing him with matt made her really happy (she has a princess gf or something) and lance and matt compete over who’s a cuter couple (it’s a tie bc shiro and matt play dirty but keith is so sappy but also doesn’t know that there’s a competition)

Your RP Partners Are People

Your RP partner is not an object. Your RP Partner is a person. They have thoughts, feelings, down days, real life troubles and time constraints, finicky muses, and other priorities. They do not exist to cater to your needs.

RPing is about having fun for everyone involved, not just one person. Your RP relationships are actual relationships with actual human beings. Because of this, however, there are also abusive RP partnership behaviors to be aware of:

Objectifying/Manipulative RP Behaviors
1. Being possessive about who a partner can and cannot rp with.
2. Demanding replies (if a partner gives you nothing, just move along, don’t harass people. NO ONE owes you ANYTHING EVER).
3. Posting passive-aggressive ooc posts or sending passive-aggressive or trolling anons in an attempt to manipulate a partner into RPing with you or reacting in certain ways.
4. Ignoring or blatantly disregarding a partner’s stated rules, triggers, or boundaries.
5. Minimizing your partner’s real life circumstances (real life ALWAYS take precedence over RP).

Do not be a manipulative, abusive, or objectifying RP partner. Your RP partners are people as well, and that must ALWAYS be respected. If you are unhappy with your relationship arrangements, discuss it one on one, not anonymously, and communicate. If there is no way to come to a solution, then decide to go your separate ways. 

Treat one another with respect and dignity please.

I am your meme source

Hey, did I reblog a meme? Do you want to do the meme too? Reblog it. What if you don’t have any ideas for sending one to one my characters? Reblog it. What if you’re having a quiet tumblr day and just reblogging a bunch of memes but not really sending any or replying? Reblog it. What if I just reblogged five memes in a row and you love all of them? Reblog them. What if you’ve owed me a thread for a month and you don’t have muse right now but I’ve been reblogging cool memes for days and you just want reblog a ton of them? Reblog them.

You know how that will make me feel?

Glad that you’re following my blog! Happy that you’re seeing my posts! If we haven’t interacted in awhile, and maybe it makes me miss you a little, maybe it will inspire me to hop in chat or an ask and say hi!

Please reblog anything you want from my blog regardless of whether you send something back.

Okay listen, I gotta throw a little salt on this sugar. You know what makes me 1000% more anxious than someone asking me for a reply? Passive-aggressive posts about people reblogging your memes and not sending them back. I reblog memes, pretty pictures, those little headcanon quotes, like a kid in a candy shop. So if I start to feel like I have to pay attention to make sure I don’t reblog too much from a particular blog…that just makes me hella anxious, and it makes reading my dash less fun.

Sugar on the salt: I can’t tell you what to feel. If you see me reblogging all sorts of your stuff but I owe you replies and/or I never send you memes back, and it makes you feel down, pop in chat or an ask and tell me.

And because this post complains a little about passive-aggressive stuff, but is inherently passive-aggressive, go ahead and assume it’s not about you, okay? If you post stuff that makes me uncomfortable, I’m gonna follow my own advice and tell you about it. If you’re reading this, it means you’re following me and I love you.

An RPer's Pledge

I solemnly swear:

  • that I will not interfere with other character’s relationships. (unless it’s part of a plot)
  • that even if my partners thread with other people, I will not post passive aggressive items calling attention to myself.
  • that when my other partners find more partners to play with, I will not hurl abuse at the new partners.
  • that I will treat all partners fairly and equally. Yes there will be times that other threads will catch my muse’s interests, but that does not mean that I care for my partners any less.
  • that when I say Separate Verses, that I MEAN it.
  • that I will not send anon hate to an RPer just because I don’t like their characterization of a canon character
aftg characters as cards against humanity white cards
  • neil: dropping a chandelier on your enemies and riding the rope up
  • riko: penis envy
  • andrew: vehicular manslaughter
  • aaron: passive aggressive post-it notes
  • nicky: waking up half-naked in a denny's parking lot
  • renee: nipple blades
  • allison: child beauty pageants
  • dan: team-building exercises
  • matt: doing the right thing
  • jean: The French
  • wymack: a middle-aged man on roller skates
  • abby: copping a feel
  • dobson: pretending to care
  • nathan: jerking off into a pool filled with children's tears
  • lola: being a dick to children
  • romero: heteronormativity
  • (bonus):
  • andreil: dead parents, children on leashes + sad handjobs

lokiguyuniverse  asked:

What does flowey do other than play games?

Talk a lot of smack. Photosynthesize. Mourn the fact that he can’t eat food. Troll Internet forums. Talk more smack. Homework. Scare random children by making creepy faces at them. Mope because his soul speck always low-key hurts and feels incomplete. Leave passive aggressive post-it notes. That kind of stuff.

the signs as cards against humanity cards

aries: Taking off your shirt. // Penis envy. // Pistol whipping a hostage.
taurus: Appreciative snapping. // One thousand Slim Jims. // Exactly what you’d expect.
gemini: Fabricating statistics. // Friends with benefits. // A look-see.
cancer: Home video of Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine ™. // The miracle of childbirth. // Teaching a robot to love.
leo: Bitches. // Getting drunk on mouthwash. // Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.
virgo: A balanced breakfast. // Genetically engineered super-soldiers. // Statistically validated stereotypes.
libra: A homoerotic volleyball montage. // Child beauty pageants. // “Tweeting”.
scorpio: Sweet, sweet vengeance. // A cooler full of organs. // Giving 110 percent.
sagittarius: Bosnian chicken farmers. // A Gypsy curse. // My humps.
capricorn: Republicans. // A mopey zoo lion. // Getting in her pants, politely.
aquarius: Actually taking candy from a baby. // Seppuku. // The forbidden fruit.
pisces: Puppies! // A really cool hat. // Passive-aggressive Post-it notes.


Consumers Aren’t Confused, You’re Just Upset That We Like It Better

I’ve been thinking about stuff like this all week. People complaining about how labeling vegan products as “milk” or “sausage” or “meat” etc. is somehow deceptive and confusing for consumers.

Meanwhile I’ve never seen someone buy peanut butter when they meant to buy dairy butter. I’ve never seen someone buy a can of coconut milk when they meant to buy dairy milk. I’ve never seen someone confuse the flesh of a young coconut for animal flesh. These are foods that have existed, and have kept the same name, for years and yet have not rustled anyone to the point of writing poorly-penned NPR articles about it or posting passive aggressive tweets about plants being “naughty”.

Using words typically associated with animal products to describe plant-based products IS NOT a new thing. People are only butthurt about it now because these popular non-animal based products are a challenge to the profit they build off of exploitation. Pay attention to who produces the most content about these products being “deceptive”, because almost 100% of the time they’re also the ones making the most money off of using animals.

Farmers, sponsored nutritionists and politicians make a lot of wild claims about how these foods “confuse” people. The article on “can you legally call it milk” even cites one sponsored nutritionist who claims people are confused because they think it means anything labeled “milk” has the exact same nutrients. 

But let’s make it clear: 

1. consumers can read the label on the side of the carton. 

2. There are more reasons people purchase plant milks than just nutritional values (like cooking and convenience). The majority of people who buy dairy milk don’t do it because they “know they need their calcium”, but because it’s just a part of their everyday lives. My mom doesn’t put milk in her tea because of health concerns - she does it because that’s how she likes her tea. We might justify our eating habits by listing its nutritional value, but the majority of consumers do not eat for optimal health - they eat around a lifestyle that they and their culture has cultivated. 

3. Ever hear someone mention drinking dairy for vitamin A or vitamin D? That’s fortified, just like it is in plant milks, making the “but it doesn’t have the same nutrients” point essentially ignorant. Dairy milk, unfortified, really doesn’t have the benefits so many marketing companies boast about. What they do boast about are the fortified nutrients, and so often just omit the fact that it’s added in during processing. 

4. Plant milks are not devoid of nutritional value - like I just said, many ARE fortified, just like dairy milk is, but beyond that the ingredients chosen also have their own nutritional value. Almonds, oats, peas, cashews, soy. These are foods with nutritional benefits. The myth that plant milks lack the same essential nutrients, like calcium, or any nutritional value at all, is really just that. A myth.

And can you really convince me that people are buying sausages out of health concerns? And that meat-free alternatives aren’t healthy, if not healthier?

We get it. You’re upset that our culture is changing and progressing. But throwing a tantrum about plant-based milks, meats, condiments, or anything else is not earning you support. Your arguments are transparent and consumers are not as confused as you’d like to believe.

There’s so much rudeness and cynicism on here lately, it’s really fucking disheartening. Like, there’s a bunch of nice, sweet posts, and some chucklefuck always comes in saying something rude to undermine it. Like I get it, the whole positivity flower crown love yourself  aesthetic isn’t for you, but you don’t have to make mean, passive-aggressive comments on posts endorsing that stuff, just… leave them alone?

I’ve been receiving a few asks about shipping and what my take on it is, so here:
I don’t ship anyone in Gorillaz. It kinda makes me happier to see them as a big ole dysfunctional family. If you ship nudoc, 2doc, 2nu or any other ships, then that’s you! I’m okay with it! You shipping them doesn’t have any impact on my life, so you do you. I don’t really like ship bashers tbh. I’m more of a “If it doesn’t concern you, don’t let it bother you” kinda girl.

So yeah! There’s my take on it. Have a nice day 💕

Advice For Your First Year At University

So now my first year at university is over, I thought I would reflect on the year gone by and come up with a list of 10 things I would tell new students starting this September. This is just from my personal experience but I think they are some valid tips and definitely things I will be taking on board going into my next year.

1. Go to your lectures!: Trust me, the extra sleep in the morning might seem worth it at the time but it makes it a lot easier to keep up with the work load if you actually turn up

2. Use your breaks: Try to use those free hours between lectures wisely. Go over what was on the previous lecture, revise some other notes or catch up with some extra reading. Then you’ll have a lot less to do in the evenings/weekends so you’ll have time for recreational/social activities

3. Set a budget and stick to it: It doesn’t have to be super detailed, but work out how much you have to spend each week/month/term and make sure you budget enough for your essentials (rent, food, travel) to save yourself living off whatever is left in your fridge whilst you wait for your next student finance installment

4.Stop looking at everyone else: It’s easier to look at other people and think they’re doing more work than you, they’re going out more than you, they’re doing better on tests and assignments. But at the end of the day, you’re at university for yourself. Focus on what you’re doing and stop stressing about everyone else

5. Try new study methods: You might have found that up until now, you’ve gotten through tests by using one set method of studying that works for you. But people often find at university that this suddenly won’t cut it anymore. In the first few weeks, try a few different methods of taking notes and going over them to see what works for you. Using a combination of methods to try and learn things can often work a lot better at helping you to retain information than just one

6. Talk things out with your flatmates: Some people find they get on great with their flatmates, and for some people they hardly talk to them. Either way, there are bound to be troubles between you all at some point, whether it’s an argument over dishes in the sink or someones disagreeable personality. Passive aggressive post it notes or posting on facebook might seem like a great idea, but it’s better to take someone aside or try and get together as a flat to talk about things and try to resolve issues. Remember, whether you’re best mates or not, you have to live with these people.

7.Bring your own food/drink: It might seem like a pain to make a lunch to bring into university with you, but in the long run it’s a lot cheaper than buying meal deals every day. If you like hot food, try making food in bulk and split it into multiple tupperwares that you can easily take in with you each day. (These can be frozen to last longer and easily reheated in a microwave)   You can also do this with leftovers from your dinner. Same goes for hot drinks, rather than an expensive costa, just make your own and bring it in a flask. 

8. Take opportunities when they arise: University is the perfect place to get involved and try new things so don’t let this go to waste. Try joining a society, whether it’s something you’ve done before or something you’ve never heard of. Go to events you hear about, volunteer for positions within the university, try and get involved best as you can. You’ll need ways to take a break from studying and it’s a great way to meet new people. Plus, some things will look great on your CV

9. Don’t overload yourself: Although it’s great to do as much as possible, you need to know your own limits. There might be 10 societies you have an interest in but it’s not going to be realistic for you to do all these on top of your studies and other interests. Don’t feel pressured to do every single thing the university has to offer. Sometimes all you’ll want to do is laze in bed on a Saturday, and that’s okay!

10. Take care of yourself: University can be really tough. For some of you, it’ll be the first time you’ve ever lived by yourself. There’s a lot of new pressures you’ll experience and there will be times you breakdown and struggle to cope. Talk to your friends and family or make use of the support the university offers. And if you find that your mental health is suffering because of all the work, take a break. Go have a chat with some friends, play an instrument, read a book, take a walk or even just a long shower. It’s okay to have bad days, and remember it is okay to ask for help.

white people making white people jokes isn’t racist.

white people being racist is racist. you fucking idiots.

edit: okay, going back to re-read my earlier posts I see that in my eye-rollingly heavily-sighing haste made a linguistic error. more specifically I didn’t specifically clarify what I meant to say, and used a phrase that I didn’t mean to use. when I said white people jokes here, I was specifically referring to the post template where you end passive-aggressive rant posts with a middle aged suburban white soccermom’s name, jeanine. this was a grave error on my part and I do apologize for any confusion this clerical error has caused. however, I don’t apologize for the intended meaning behind this admittedly overly brief post. my intent with this post was to say that if something isn’t actually racist, specifically the “white people name” meme, then it’s not racist, and that things that actually are racist are, in fact, racist. it’s probably a bit too late and this nonsense is snowballing out of control but I figured I should put this here anyway instead of just leaving it unaddressed to fester in my archive until inevitably somebody tries to pull receipts on my and call me a nazi again.

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I feel like some bloggers are trying to invalidate peoples' feelings and calling everyone who is slightly annoyed by this dumb and dramatic. Like yeah obviously I know Harry loves the boys and loves being in One Direction, but it's the APPEARANCE of removing the photos. The gp goes by appearances and this just feeds into the narrative. GP doesn't actually care to take the time to figure out that Harry loves the boys, they just take what they're given, and this is what they see.

that’s exactly what’s going on and it’s not a good look.

tbh for me it’s not even about the GP it’s about the fandom and the kind of nasty behaviour it encourages and enables. this only feeds the ‘harry hates his band mates/harry vs ot3 image’ that i’m positive harry does not want or agree with. i think it’s a dumb, tone deaf move in a fandom that’s already so divided and toxic.

i don’t care if people don’t agree with me or have a different interpretation of what’s going on that’s totally normal and to be expected especially in a fandom this size.

but having a different opinion is not an excuse to act like you’re still in high school and to make passive aggressive text and tag posts trying to shame the people you disagree with. 

unless someone’s opinion is actively harmful or damaging then just roll your eyes and keep scrolling past posts you don’t agree with. 

lbr is it really a surprise so many people are afraid to express their opinions on their blogs when they know they’re going to get mean girl’d in response?

Today, I Learned a Lot

When I started shipping Outlaw Queen I felt like I had found a fandom of people who were nice, who seemed to be anti bullshit, who said nice things to me when I gave them compliments. Who told me they liked that I was bold and stood up for people who didn’t have a voice.

They made me feel like I was part of something, and I’ve never been much of a joiner, but I joined the OQ fandom, willingly. I reblogged posts, fan art, fan fiction, sent nice little asks…and then I slowly realized that I was pushing myself into a place where I didn’t belong. Still I brushed it off as insecurities, told myself “Chill out, they like you Dee-see they Reblog your posts, they respond to your nice words. You’re just tripping, these people like you. Don’t make such a big deal out of it”.

Today, I witnessed a very ugly side of fandom. There were people whom I have had lots of chats with, people whose fanfics I read and love, people who I felt respected me.

Today, those very people either bitched about my OQ post as if I couldn’t see it, unfollowed me on social media, or took slick shots about my OQ post on Twitter but didn’t have the guts to @ me.

They banded together…against me. Isn’t that funny? They downright ostracized me today. It’s like, the more people reblogged my Tumblr post the more people kept making post about how it was okay to not be over Robin being dead and how nobody has the right to make you feel otherwise.

Today, people that I respected very much, folks whom I thought would read my post and do what they always do-bring the peace, respect everyone’s opinion and keep it moving, didn’t do shit.

Today, those people in the Outlaw Queen fandom that I thought would help me, who I looked to, were silent.

I honestly expected more from OQ shippers. Today I was left to drown in a pool of my own blood.

The reaction I received today makes me feel even more confident in my post about OQ fans. It confirmed a LOT of what I said. They would rather defend themselves and how they feel then to actually listen to what I, a WOC have to say and how I feel.

I got whitesplained, Whitesplained about my own damn feelings 😂😂😂 the laughing emojis are to keep me from throwing my fucking phone because of how mad and disappointed I am.

At first, I felt bad for what I said; I even told my mom “I didn’t mean to start a war”. I was made to feel guilty for having a voice…no, no, no I was guilty for having an opinion that didn’t make people feel good about themselves or their ship.

As a result, I found myself in an apologetic mood even though all I did was spoke my mind. My anxiety was through the roof all damn day. I had shit to do today but I was so fucking distracted-on edge about who would say what and what other person would be condescendingly patronizing that I was unproductive as fuck. I literally laughed (and cried) as I imagined how many people wouldn’t bother to read, process, and then respond. Because I wrote that post last night at least 8 times or more. Because I didn’t wanna offend anybody. But then I was like “fuck it, you’ve been watching this shit go on for nearly 2 years; there’s no nice way for it to be said”

Granted what I said wasn’t in a nice manner, but I had been sitting on my issues/ feelings for a long time, a very long time. I was a ticking time bomb that blew up.

As I sit and look at the carnage of my own self destruction I sadly see that hardly anyone from my own ship stopped to help me, save a few people. I even had two of the biggest voices of OQ step in and say “respect Dee’s opinion and voice” and STILL people are over on twitter passively aggressively bitching about my post, or acting like it was a blip on their radar.

I got more support and understanding from people who detest Robin/OQ/Sean Maguire than the people who claim to love him and Regina and OQ so much. That’s ironic; they hate Robin but came to my defense.

I’ve got a mix of emotions running through me right now-numbness, shock, anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, bewilderment.

I honestly held OQ shippers in such high regard but today…I don’t even know if I’ll be able to even read another OQ fic, write another OQ fic because the disappointment hurts you guys, it hurts forreal.

It’s like finding out Santa Clause isn’t real (though I never believed in him but I can imagine this strange feeling is how little kids must feel).

What’s sad is that these people, these same people are still following me (well, some of them are) and they’re going about their day, still protecting their shipper status, still claiming to be allies and so progressive, but a Black girl from Alabama makes a post that challenges that position and everybody either loses their shit, becomes passive Aggressive or pretends not to notice what’s happening.

Today OQ fans, a ship mate jumped ship and y'all let her drown.

Y'all let ME drown; in fact y'all mothefuckers saw me jump off the ship and didn’t bother to stop me.


This was a valuable lesson, a sad but valuable lesson for me.

You OQ shippers have real deal left me without words…y'all can have Robin and Regina, I don’t want either of them at this point.

They’re not worth it and neither are y'all…