it frustrates me how awareness of vitally important disability issues, concepts and human rights violations is so unlikely to spread beyond the disability community

like, it’s gr8 that tumblr is there to defend me if someone says ‘oh my god, I’m so OCD!’ in my presence– but you know, that’s a minor annoyance. even last semester, when my lab instructor repeatedly said 'don’t do that, that’s just retarded’ in reference to various mistakes that I myself was liable to make– okay, I admit it contributed to me skipping lab several times and instead cowering miserably in the student lounge, but I still don’t need the entire nation jumping on it.

but if in future I am consistently and arbitrarily denied employment because I flapped my hands and used the wrong tone of voice in an interview– well, that’s discrimination. and I’m already going forward in life with the knowledge that I MAY NEVER GET A JOB.

and the kind of pervasive mistreatment that occurs invisibly in institutions but also permeates the culture at large, that robs humans of their dignity and autonomy, that infantilizes and degrades every single day: nobody’s talking about that. except us.

i mean i’m not an activist i am shit at anything remotely socially conscious but idgi what is this lip service even about if no one pays attention to cases of serious bigotry and abuse

i mean gr8 all i see is a lot of people talking amongst themselves about how we can’t call people stupid and crazy without regard to WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ACTUAL STUPID AND CRAZY PEOPLE (LIKE ME AND MY FRIENDS)

when someone comments on your cleavage in a photo where cleavage is literally unavoidable

like. wow. yes. girls have boobs, now can you get ahold of your damn self? can you appreciate the struggle i went through to take that photo instead? the process of taking that photo was literally the most unsexy thing i’ve ever done between trying not to fall off the chair and trying to keep my wig on and i was also trying to channel my inner Demon King Brenda so i look like i’m ready to kill a man so of all things do nOT tell me i’m just trying to get people to admire my A cup cleavage

and then say lol just kidding after it. ya sick nasty trash

because i refuse to be abused by fake niceties.

You wrap intent so tightly 
in sickly sweet sentences
beckoning unsuspecting
spectators to have a taste
and fall into your snare.
But poets know, as do I
that other poets use
pretty pretentious words
to speak the truth through lies.

I am happy that I found your truth
and refused to fall into your trap,
because oh boy (sorry, man)
you are full of crap.


Here are some of the comments below the status

  • “The better you(the female) look the easier it is to start having that thought in your head. Men are simple and our body has a natural drive to find a mate 24/7. Its 100% biology”
  • “men and women CAN be friends. It happens all the time. I am just saying that more often then not sexual tension builds to a point where it needs to be adressed weather it is on one side or another.”
  • “ Men were never meant to just be friends. Naturally we always want more…" 

and then when girls got involved and called them out on their shit….

  • "Believe it or not, there is guys out there that don’t want to get in your pants 24/7.” (hmmm contradictory much?)
  • “Guys can be friends, and that’s how it mostly is. Usually when the girl and the guy agrees to be "friends”, it’s usually on the girls side more, and the guy is just going with it.“ (Are you saying that no man has ever turned down a girl with intentions of staying friends? Hmmmm? pffft.)

I just…. I don’t normally get into these things but… the "friendzone” is bullshit. Everyone gets turned down. Live with it. Don’t be a baby. 

I just can’t handle this. 
*makes tea*

Pet Peeve: Bad Characterization

Some things written about established characters just leave you going…

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs

payroo replied to your post:When I finally see the quality range for a card set I specifically inquired about yet received no invitation for

ah, that’s the worst feeling… they probably realized your art would be too awesome for the set tbh

Yeah, I’d be lying if it wasn’t bummed about it. Ya know, if the set called for god-tier level, strictly realism painted art I would’ve somewhat conceeded because maybe what I do isn’t what they’re looking for (especially when it comes to actor likenesses; They’re VERY strict about that these days). But when I finally saw the samples, and compare to what I’m doing at the moment for someone’s personal collection:

I’m like “…yeah, definitely not THOSE requirements.”

I guess what miffs me is that I actually asked about this set’s possibility a whole year before discovering it being in production on a forum. A note saying “Hey, remember that possible set you asked about a while ago? Sorry, you’re not the style we’re looking for.” would’ve been nice.

ASDFGHJKL sorry sorry about the passive-aggresiveness, it’s just disappointing knowing I could’ve killed on this set seeing how much I love the films =_=