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Horoscopes by Gil Hizon - Week of October 1-7, 2017

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LIBBY JUJU (September 23 – October 22)

Let’s face it. You can be a manipulative ho who don’t give a fuck how others feel or what other bitches wanna do with their time. But you hide it sooo well that we usually have no idea whenever you pull the rug from beneath us until it’s too late. Some queens are beginning to notice what lurks beneath your charming façade. So, watch it, LIBBY!

SCORPIES (October 23 – November 21)

It’s not everyday that the universe chooses to align with your desires. Although you may feel guilty about taking advantage of this glorious situation, I’m gonna need you to get over yourself and milk that shit for all its worth. Every misfortune you’ve ever experienced in your life has converted itself to karma coins. It’s time to collect. With interest, gurl.

SAGITTICARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

You’ve picked the best time to get your shit together, SAGGY. Everyone else is in recovery mode from this past summer and most of the movers and shakers around you have decided to just stay still. I know that you’re not the most organized person out there, but if you just allow your strongest desires to manifest themselves in front of yo ass, you’d have an easier time planning your strategy around that.

CAPRICORN-ON-THE-COB (December 22 – January 19)

You’re usually a shady bitch who likes to keep her biznits hidden from errbody else. This week, this quiet confidence exists within you and you’re just all about being transparent with your everyday dealings. I think that’s swell and all, but you’d still want to keep a major side eye on anyone who might want to take advantage of your “transparency.”

AQUEERIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Usually, it’s enough for you to put your full belief on the shit that you’re trying to sell us, but this week, that’s not gonna fly. Other bitches have been used to your default mode that it’s gonna take a bit of creativity and innovation in your part to get your “colorful” ideas across. There is still room for you to surprise us, you just gotta dig deep within your bag of tricks.

PI-SHEESH (February 19 – March 20)

There is some shit bubbling within you which you’re more than happy to unleash on any unsuspecting bystander. But, until you can fully grasp the very specifics of what is bothering yo ass, I advice you to keep mum. Doing the opposite will just increase the chances of you embarrassing yourself. The more you stick to the facts, the less crazy we’ll think you iz when you finally reveal your concerns.

ARIES IS BURNING (March 21 – April 19)

There’s something about you that’s turning heads this week, and gurl, it’s not that new deodorant you’re raving about. What bitches may be seeing is a complete alignment of your soul and your physicality, and that shit is manifesting itself in lots of ways – through your interactions with others and just by the way you’re carrying yoself. Really hold on to that feeling of unity, ‘coz this is definitely one of those “while-supplies-last” kind of gigs.

TAURY SPELLING (April 20 – May 20)

Sit yo ass down, Mary! Here’s the thing. You’ve been sooo busy catering to other people’s shitty ass needs that you’re forgetting about yourself. Remember –You? I think you’re afraid that actively pursuing your desires will make you seem selfish to others. Well, let me free you from yourself when I say that no one has any fucks to give what you do with your spare time. It’s time to really pamper yourself, queen!

GEM IS EXCITEMENT (May 21 – June 21)

You have all this altruistic energy and you want to make sure you’re spending it on a meaningful cause. But you’re so obsessed about making sure that the cause you pick to champion is the right one that you’re actually working counterproductively. Shed your worries about what others may think. Pick the mission that feels right to you. Who cares if it don’t feel right for others?

KUH-KUH-KUH-CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Oh gurl – you are all about the bonding experience this week that you’re willing to grab anyone from your posse to make sure it happens. You’re not even choosy about which ho to pick – it’s like any basic bitch would do. I think that the best way for you to get your money’s worth is by trying to find a like-minded ho who shares the same passion in digging into life’s adventures the same way as you do.

LEO MCQUEEN (July 23 – August 22)

Look, bitch. We get that you think you’re Christy Turlington this week, but you might want to take it down a couple of notches. Bitches be trying to concentrate on getting all their shits together and that’s becoming impossible to do when they keep seeing this loud, shiny queen at the corner of their eyes. Always remember: what you do with your rampant flame has a strong impact on others’ futures and sanity.

VIRGO/BEYONCÉ (August 23 – September 22)

You’ve always been able to control a lot of factors in your life. But the one thing yo ass can’t fully control is muthafucking people. And their emotions. You can stomp your cute li’l heart out and throw passive-aggressive temper tantrums, but in the end, people are people. Bitches be bitches. They all have their own beliefs about what’s good for them. You need to allow them to live their lives.

(DISCLAIMER for all entries: This is all a shitshow!)

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tough love : promotion of a person’s welfare, especially that of an addict, child, or criminal, by enforcing certain constraints on them, or requiring them to take responsibility for their actions.  

Dean has never shied away from taking responsibility, he has never refused to grow up, he has never failed to acknowledge his faults. Given how self aware he is, there is absolutely no reason to enforce tough love on him. 

Do you know who would benefit from some tough love? It’s not the guy who gets blamed for everything, it’s not the guy who had his childhood stolen and destroyed. It’s the guy who got himself addicted to demon-blood and power, who still throws passive-aggressive tantrums, who refuses to grow up. It’s the guy who never takes any responsibility and blames his brother for his own shortcomings. Yup, as you can guess, it’s Sam who could use some tough love, not Dean. 


Remember when I said I’d be posting the Zelink Week Master Quest prompts late? Well, guess what? Chapter One is here! And it’s also really long!

And here begins the tale of Princess Zelda of Hyrule and Prince Link of Calatia and their bitter fight against each other and their arranged marriage.

Light | Forest | Fire | Water

Queen Elaina was interrupted by a knock on her study door. She sighed already knowing who was behind the door and what she was going to say. She rubbed her temples slowly, forcing down her irritation with each step she took toward the door. The other mothers at court never claimed to have this much trouble with their children.

“Lead me to her room, Alice,” the Queen said before the maid could even curtsey. “I might as well deal with this myself. It’s Gerrik and I she’s truly upset with.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” Alice bowed slightly then rushed them off to the Princess’ room.

Elaina didn’t knock, simply strode through the door to her daughter’s antechamber. Dresses were strewn across the couches, petticoats were resting inside out on the end tables, and shoes decorated the floor like confetti. Elaina repressed a sigh and turned toward the arches that led to the bedroom. A scarf was thrown across one of the wall sconces and even more clothes littered the floor. The bed was arguably the most presentable thing in the room with three large suitcases opened and completely empty atop it.

“Alice, would you please-” Princess Zelda started before spying the Queen. She plastered an amiable smile across her face. “Hello, Mother. As you can see, I am currently unpacking.”

“Rather violently I gather,” Elaina glanced around the room again. The more she looked, the worse the room seemed. “Such a shame. The Bathorys will be rather perturbed to see you with only one dress for a week-long trip.”

“Now we seem to have had a misunderstanding,” Zelda smiled brightly. “I will not be going to Kakariko Village to meet with the Calatian Royal Family. I will stay here and continue my studies and observe the Council meeting coming up, entertain the court. There is so much I still must learn before I become Crown Princess.”

“Zelda,” Elaina sighed as she watched her daughter gather up the silk wrapped hangers from the floor. “You cannot miss this meeting. It was set in place specifically for you to attend.”

“And there was no need for it,” Zelda shook her head with slightly forced laughter. “I have no need for a husband, Mother. I am capable of ruling Hyrule by myself; you and Father have said so.”

“How many times must I repeat myself?” Elaina reluctantly felt herself fall into ‘Queen Mode.’ “It is not about questioning your right to rule; it’s about creating an alliance between Hyrule and Calatia.”

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Man, my thoughts on Han/Leia are so complicated. As a kid, I enjoyed it without caveat, but, as a grown ass woman, I now have a boat load of caveats. I think their relationship offers an interesting lesson on how to romance, but all too often (male) fans learn the wrong one.

See, Han/Leia in ESB is deeply uncomfortable. Both of them are attracted to each other but Leia isn’t ready to be in a relationship. Han tries to force her into one with ultimatums, tantrums, passive-aggression, unwanted physical contact, and insisting he knows what she really feels and wants. As someone who has been on the receiving end of that sort of behavior, I can confirm that it is NOT COOL. It shows a fundamental lack of respect for Leia, her boundaries, and her ability to make decisions about her own wants and emotions.

Then in RotJ, Han changes his tune. He waits until Leia is ready and agrees to respect whatever decision she makes. End result? He is rewarded with a relationship. See, it’s a great lesson. Treat women with respect, stop pushing their boundaries, and they’ll love you for it.

The problem is that too many fans look at the relationship and insist that it was Han’s ESB behavior that won him the girl. They figure that they too can wear down the ice princess until she agrees to a relationship. A lot of other writers have also decided to recreate this dynamic in their own works because apparently UST sells or something. The problem is that they often leave off the RotJ lesson and just end up reinforcing the misconception that harassment and violating women’s boundaries are the proper way to get laid.

my john lennon/paul mccartney modern au headcannons:
  • roomies at uni
  • paul wears colorful vans and skinny trousers and stripped shirts under cuddly sweaters
  • john wears chelsea boots and ripped jeans and paul’s shirts, really (paul throws passive-agressive tantrums about this the first couple of weeks, then it becomes normal, then it becomes endearing)
  • there’s always an opened six-pack of cheap beer in the fridge, a small mountain of mcdonald’s mayo packets and one garlic clove
  • there’s also a jar with a dubious yellow-ish substance in the otherwise empty vegetable container. it looks like it’s already grown its own ecosystem and there’s apparently a sort of silent agreement to never mention it, never touch it and never smell it
  • john suspects it’s from that one time he tried to make homemade baileys with cheap whiskey and condensed milk. paul is pretty sure it’s leftover whipped cream from that day he watched cupcake wars for exactly twenty minutes and felt the need to frost everything
  • paul photoshops a sign that says “[__] DAYS SINCE WE LAST HAD TO HIDE A CAT” because apparently one of john’s hobbies is to pick up the smelliest cats in the neighborhood and bring them to the dorm. the biggest number paul gets to write on the sign is an eight, and he has to erase it an hour later when he hears a suspicious meowing coming from under john’s bed. 
  • (both of them are hoping the other hasn’t seen the very-likely-radioactive jar in the fridge yet. no one really knows how old the thing in question is, but it looks like it expired somewhere around 1986.)
  • paul’s instagram is full of pics of parties, motivational quotes and selfies with a dozen filters.  john’s instagram is full of pics of kittens, ten-second-long vids of him playing the guitar and paul’s selfies.
  • there are fifa tournaments and both paul and john are AWFUL
  • john has a sort of secret life goal to reply to at least 90% of paul’s texts with gifs or weird memes. paul finds it funny at first, but it gets very annoying very quickly, so he counter-attacks by doing the same.
  • it takes approximately two days for it to go from a fun gag to their sole form of communication. they only realize it’s weird a week later, when paul asks george to read one of john’s texts for him and george says, ‘uh, it’s just a gif of a puppy licking a window?’ and paul just nods, says, ‘ah, okay, that means we gotta pick up a hamburger for him on the way home’
  • george doesn’t ask, just rolls his eyes and drives paul to the nearest burger king
  • paul’s spotify runs on rihanna and the xx and kings of lion and coldplay and ed sheeran
  • john’s spotify runs on anything that isn’t ed sheeran, really. thinking out loud  was ruined for him after the three hundred and fifteenth time paul played it while banging someone in the adjacent room. or folded like a lawn chair against their fridge. or on top of the bathroom sink at three am on a tuesday.
  • but there’s a rainy day sometime around july when both of them skip classes and camp out on their couch with a giant bowl of popcorn to have a disney marathon, and paul plays photograph for john in the guitar afterwards, sings so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans and we made these memories for ourselves andyou won’t ever be alone, and. john is cool with ed sheeran right then.
  • paul doesn’t play that song to anyone else.

The Death Note (especially the old fandom) can be quite hypocritical and bias to the characters sometimes.

That one Near hater: “UGH, I hate Near! He is so childish and too cocky! Nothing but a knockoff of L! L was better!”

L: *explicitly said that he is ‘childish and hated to lose’, eats sweets all day which can be something attributed to younger people just like playing with toys, throws a passive-aggressive tantrum when the Kira case isn’t going the way he wanted, relies on Watari to help him do basic human necessities, just like Near relies on Rester and Gevanni (and to a lesser extent, Roger). Seriously, how the hell do you condemn one character and praise another character for the exact same thing?*

docloudscomeinpurple  asked: any "tim still loopy on painkillers after surgery" headcanons?

*cracks knuckles* ho boy yes

  • makes terrible, cringe-worthy puns like there’s no tomorrow and laughs at them unabashedly while his family just grimaces
  • talks a lot, holding absolutely nothing back, has no filter. you will know exactly what he thinks about you, which, depending on his mood, isn’t always a good thing
  • very physically affectionate (has tried to hug Damian. did not end well for either party) 
  • cries a lot bc he’s not lucid enough to keep his emotions in check. this is his outlet okay. let him have it.
  • talks with his hands, by which he has 1) smacked himself in the face 2) smacked anyone within arm’s reach in the face
  • asks the same question over and over bc he keeps forgetting if anyone answered him the first time (this can be hilarious or extremely exasperating, depending on who he’s talking to)
  • eats Way Too Much™ and throws a very passive aggressive temper tantrum when someone tries to get him to stop
  • laughs randomly at nothing?? which is really creepy??
  • tries to do things when he should be resting and when he’s scolded, he’ll just lie on the floor and pout. these episodes can last hours bc he is stubborn

anonymous asked:

Isn't it bad that Lucas is jealous of Josh and made that face when he came in? I don't mean to be rude or anything, but you kept saying about how bad it is that Lucas was jealous of Charlie & now Evan, but you're not saying the same thing about Lucas being jealous of Josh.

As was stated over and over when this was talked about the other day: Jealousy isn’t a problem in and of itself. It’s a feeling, and a natural one at that. You can’t help it.

It’s throwing tantrums and acting like somebody needs your permission/blessing to talk to other people that’s a problem.

I’m good with a grimace and obvious agitation shown via body language, but I’m crossing my fingers Lucas’s ‘tude about Josh doesn’t cross over into temper tantrum/passive aggressive stalking off/acting like Maya needs his permission to talk to Josh (or other people) territory.

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My take on why GR Is suddenly out having a 'family' pictures with his gf? See the (engagement) ring Gwen is sporting? Bet GR knows something's happening soon or already happened and this is his way of dealing with it. If the boys are happy it's fine, but I just don't like the look on King and Zuma in those photos, not exactly thrilled with their dad stunts.

I feel the same as you.  I think in GR’s self-created reality he thought he could win Gwen back one day.  That ring, the new songs Blake and Gwen have both written, how in love and secure they always look, it all must be driving him nuts.  He knows now he’ll never get her back (he never was going to but again, he’s in his own world).  The clearly set-up pap pics are definitely a shot at Gwen.  The increasingly snide and nasty comments he makes about Gwen in interviews.  Basically, he throwing a passive aggressive tantrum.  And Sophie just wants headlines.  That’s how being famous for being famous works.  So perhaps, they are a perfect match.

- B