passive tantrum

my john lennon/paul mccartney modern au headcannons:
  • roomies at uni
  • paul wears colorful vans and skinny trousers and stripped shirts under cuddly sweaters
  • john wears chelsea boots and ripped jeans and paul’s shirts, really (paul throws passive-agressive tantrums about this the first couple of weeks, then it becomes normal, then it becomes endearing)
  • there’s always an opened six-pack of cheap beer in the fridge, a small mountain of mcdonald’s mayo packets and one garlic clove
  • there’s also a jar with a dubious yellow-ish substance in the otherwise empty vegetable container. it looks like it’s already grown its own ecosystem and there’s apparently a sort of silent agreement to never mention it, never touch it and never smell it
  • john suspects it’s from that one time he tried to make homemade baileys with cheap whiskey and condensed milk. paul is pretty sure it’s leftover whipped cream from that day he watched cupcake wars for exactly twenty minutes and felt the need to frost everything
  • paul photoshops a sign that says “[__] DAYS SINCE WE LAST HAD TO HIDE A CAT” because apparently one of john’s hobbies is to pick up the smelliest cats in the neighborhood and bring them to the dorm. the biggest number paul gets to write on the sign is an eight, and he has to erase it an hour later when he hears a suspicious meowing coming from under john’s bed. 
  • (both of them are hoping the other hasn’t seen the very-likely-radioactive jar in the fridge yet. no one really knows how old the thing in question is, but it looks like it expired somewhere around 1986.)
  • paul’s instagram is full of pics of parties, motivational quotes and selfies with a dozen filters.  john’s instagram is full of pics of kittens, ten-second-long vids of him playing the guitar and paul’s selfies.
  • there are fifa tournaments and both paul and john are AWFUL
  • john has a sort of secret life goal to reply to at least 90% of paul’s texts with gifs or weird memes. paul finds it funny at first, but it gets very annoying very quickly, so he counter-attacks by doing the same.
  • it takes approximately two days for it to go from a fun gag to their sole form of communication. they only realize it’s weird a week later, when paul asks george to read one of john’s texts for him and george says, ‘uh, it’s just a gif of a puppy licking a window?’ and paul just nods, says, ‘ah, okay, that means we gotta pick up a hamburger for him on the way home’
  • george doesn’t ask, just rolls his eyes and drives paul to the nearest burger king
  • paul’s spotify runs on rihanna and the xx and kings of lion and coldplay and ed sheeran
  • john’s spotify runs on anything that isn’t ed sheeran, really. thinking out loud  was ruined for him after the three hundred and fifteenth time paul played it while banging someone in the adjacent room. or folded like a lawn chair against their fridge. or on top of the bathroom sink at three am on a tuesday.
  • but there’s a rainy day sometime around july when both of them skip classes and camp out on their couch with a giant bowl of popcorn to have a disney marathon, and paul plays photograph for john in the guitar afterwards, sings so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans and we made these memories for ourselves andyou won’t ever be alone, and. john is cool with ed sheeran right then.
  • paul doesn’t play that song to anyone else.

docloudscomeinpurple  asked: any "tim still loopy on painkillers after surgery" headcanons?

*cracks knuckles* ho boy yes

  • makes terrible, cringe-worthy puns like there’s no tomorrow and laughs at them unabashedly while his family just grimaces
  • talks a lot, holding absolutely nothing back, has no filter. you will know exactly what he thinks about you, which, depending on his mood, isn’t always a good thing
  • very physically affectionate (has tried to hug Damian. did not end well for either party) 
  • cries a lot bc he’s not lucid enough to keep his emotions in check. this is his outlet okay. let him have it.
  • talks with his hands, by which he has 1) smacked himself in the face 2) smacked anyone within arm’s reach in the face
  • asks the same question over and over bc he keeps forgetting if anyone answered him the first time (this can be hilarious or extremely exasperating, depending on who he’s talking to)
  • eats Way Too Much™ and throws a very passive aggressive temper tantrum when someone tries to get him to stop
  • laughs randomly at nothing?? which is really creepy??
  • tries to do things when he should be resting and when he’s scolded, he’ll just lie on the floor and pout. these episodes can last hours bc he is stubborn

anonymous asked:

Isn't it bad that Lucas is jealous of Josh and made that face when he came in? I don't mean to be rude or anything, but you kept saying about how bad it is that Lucas was jealous of Charlie & now Evan, but you're not saying the same thing about Lucas being jealous of Josh.

As was stated over and over when this was talked about the other day: Jealousy isn’t a problem in and of itself. It’s a feeling, and a natural one at that. You can’t help it.

It’s throwing tantrums and acting like somebody needs your permission/blessing to talk to other people that’s a problem.

I’m good with a grimace and obvious agitation shown via body language, but I’m crossing my fingers Lucas’s ‘tude about Josh doesn’t cross over into temper tantrum/passive aggressive stalking off/acting like Maya needs his permission to talk to Josh (or other people) territory.