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Supercorp could be a real cliché tatoo florist au where Lena is a passive agressive florist à la Luce in imagine me and you, and always happy Kara who does loads of really sweet sentimental tattoos whose really good with first timers but also super popular with bikers bc she can do hella good intricate sleeves and stuff.

It’s not just her job. It’s her craft. Her art.

So when she gets a request to tattoo a certain type of flower, she buys them, she takes them home. She studies them, she interacts with them. She gets a feel for their nuances and their character, and, when she’s ready, she’ll ink them into someone’s skin.

Sometimes, that someone is a newbie who’s nervous and shivering, who watches Kara’s colleague Vasquez ink someone else with a shudder in their spine and quaking in their voice. Kara will sit them down, will brew them tea. She’ll give them cookies. She’ll ask them what inspired them to put something so important, so beautiful, so unique, into their skin.

She’ll let them pick from a whole set of stuffed animals to hold while she works, and she sings softly, almost more to herself than anything else, while she does it.

Sometimes, the newbies are confused when they come back to thank Kara for the amazing job she did, only to see her laughing it up with bikers with intricate sleeves poking out of their cut-off jackets. They make her blush and she makes them laugh, but her art speaks for itself, and they speak to others, so they all keep coming back, because Kara Danvers gives one helluva badass tattoo.

But when her usual florist closes up shop to experiment with business in a city with less alien attacks, Kara finds herself wondering into a small boutique on the other side of town, on a mission to find the perfect lily as the muse for the appointment she has early next week.

“Excuse me,” she calls, adjusting her glasses and looking around the small shop.

She nearly trips over herself when the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen pokes her head out of the back room, a book in her hand and glasses perched just so on her face. The woman takes the glasses off right away and closes the book, careful to mark her page with her index finger.

“What can I do you for?” she asks with a tentative almost-smile, her Irish accent and the intensity behind her eyes making Kara gulp and adjust her glasses and try not to trip over her words.

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please learn to read posts a second time before you deduct your bizarre conclusions from them.

………how is saying that a girl won’t date you because they’re gay….not lesbophobia…….also i don’t have you blocked you don’t have to send me passive agressive anons lmao

May the bridges I burn
light the goddamn
way to my happiness.

You were never gentle
or caring.
You were a fucking whirlwind
of bullshit advice and false
You killed pieces of myself
that I was too naïve to even understand.
I viewed you as a god.
Aphrodite, or Athena.
In reality, you were only a girl
who was trying just as hard
as I was to find a fucking
reason to stay alive.
You were full of big words
and enchanting views of the universe
and philosophical opinions of why we are even here.
But you were hurting,
God, when I stopped viewing you on a damn pedestal,
everything became clearer.
It was like I was taking pills that made my vision
so blurry, but then someone finally
turned on the lights.
Idealizing people is not healthy.
You were not healthy.

I threw a match,
and I can feel the fucking heat.

—  burning bridges // m.t.
Fake Chats #63
  • Yoongi: Jimin...
  • Jimin: stole Hopi-hyung's sweater again? Writing a new apology song? Need me to sing it?
  • Yoongi: why do you sound so passive agressive? Jungkook already helped me, and this song is for you.
  • Jimin: oh. You wrote a song for me?
  • Yoongi: yeah. So, listen to it, okay?
  • Jimin: hyung...
  • Yoongi: yeah?
  • Jimin: *hugs him tightly* thanks...
  • Yoongi: *is in heaven because of koala Jimin*

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hi! sorry to ask but could you please not tag your salt posts in the main tag? fair enough on your own blog but not where everyone else has to see! thanks and have a nice day!

Tell you what I will leave off the tags if I post anything even slightly edgy or more than vaguely criticizing.

You’re acting like I started calling TG garbage, I feel like it’s a fairly obvious and fair criticism. Does this really need no tags or I don’t know some kind of anti tag? Dude there are crack jokes about characters favorite sex positions on the main tag.

I’ll change it because you asked but please consider not everything that is not pure praise needs to be left out of the tag. Hateful things, accusations sure, but this…? Pointing out something kind of repetitive and not well done in the writing form? 

  • Allo lgbt members: Don't assume straightness! Straight is not the default!
  • Allo lgbt members: Asexuality and aromanticism don't make you not straight! You're not <i>really</i> queer, you're just trying to be trendy. Or at least, you can pass for straight, so you're basically straight.

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About them postcards......

You know a great way to ask a question if you’re a Patreon supporter, is to actually message me. Nothing makes me want to answer less than a passive agressive anonymous message. You can just ask me straight up, it’s totally cool…

This is for @deadherokillianjones for being an amazing person okay. I hope this isn’t a trope you hate lol (although you’re the one who mentioned it once so lets see). If you do then just read the little smut part.

It’s not something a little girl dreams to be, or a very respectful profession, or something Emma can proudly gloat over, but it is what it is. It pays her bills and more and well, she is considered the best.

Emma Swan is a pornstar. A fucking good one at it – having won a few “best performance”, “best body”, “best moans” awards, and surely makes the list of lonely men whose only source of pleasure is watching her fucking another guy (or girl) on screen.

Emma was packing up her bags, changed into her normal clothes (yes pornstars do wear normal jeans and shirts and not just skimpy skirts, or lingerie), when her manager Robin barged in. Making Robin her manager was one of the best decisions of her life since he was a genuinely nice guy who respected her and treated her well, unlike most men in the industry.

“Emma you have to do this – Regina just said the organizers agreed to pay double” he said, holding his phone up to show the e-mail the woman had sent him.

“The guy’s arrogant and cocky” Emma shook her head, “I can’t stand him”

“Well, you just have to have sex with him once and then never see him again” he whined, “This will be a huge fucking deal for both of you and you know it!”

She knew it.

Killian Jones, better known with his porn name moniker Hook (the man had one hand and once he wore a hook on his stump instead of his prosthetic causing an uproar at how much people liked it) was the hot talk of the business. He had taken the porn industry with a wave, his own act, his extremely good looks, and the way he treated his fellow women porn stars had drew in female audiences as well.

She first met him at the awards function about four months ago, him winning the same awards as hers for the male side. He’d been cocky, arrogant, and flirted endlessly with her. But she didn’t hate him for that; being a female pornstar she was used to such behavior, and much worse.

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I am really sorry,

For telling you what I thought was the truth,

I wanted to believe,

because you showed me,

the evidence and proof

But I needed much more from you,

As any love would do,

And fear became my driving force,

And it infected you, my beloved too.

All the things that hurt me,

Lies, betrayal, fear and greed

Anger, humiliation all resided deep in me.

I see the reflection within you of my fear of intimacy,

The anger buried deep in you,

Also buried deep in me.

Passive Agressive behaviour,

Thoughtless careless acts,

Wanting to believe you are the one,

Whilst ignoring all rhe facts.

It feels like a nightmare replay, projecting my karmic relationship onto you,

What happened before feels like it happened again,

And all I do is lose.

The power to forgive you, starts with forgiving me,

And maybe you will forgive me too,

And we can both be free.

Maybe we can start again,

A bridge of love between,

Or the door between us closed for good and never again each other be seen.

I know my fear of relationship runs deep and breaks my heart,

I ask the heavens to heal my hurts,

So a real relationship I can start.

I felt so lonely for far too long,

Yet always close to you,

I kept my distance emotionally,

Not knowing what to do.

Anger drove my thoughts and words,

Blame became my defense,

Watching actions back and forth, seemed like sitting on the fence.

Your words contradicted your actions,

And lies were all I saw,

It reminded me of the threat of death,

That is where men lying lead me to before.

So I couldn’t trust myself fully,

Or let myself believe fully you were my Twin,

I thought I needed you to tell the truth,

So I could let you in.

How can I forgive you,

When you keep repeating your mistakes?

I feel unworthy and punished by your behaviour,

For every step I take.

Maybe the feeling is mutual,

And you feel the same way too?

That in my words and actions,

Somehow I have also really hurt you.

But deep down inside me,

Since I found out about being a Twin Flame,

I swore myself to sacred celibacy,

Until I knew you felt the same.

And if I am wrong about who you are,

I ask the universe to close the door,

To release all thoughts of you from my mind,

To walk away forever more.

But if I am right about what we feel,

And we are truly Twins,

I ask we both relinquish our fears,

And let each other in.

I’m sorry if I hurt you.

I’m sorry if I did you wrong.

I wish things could’ve been different,

And this hadn’t gone on so long.

Today I ask for closure,

Resolution from the pain,

To either end the illusion,

Or to find True Love with you again.

-Rebecca Louise Huggins


Guess who’s sorry he was a dumbass and wants to talk. Nah, dude. You can’t bounce back from asking me to reimburse you for our date. Especially when you mix in passive-agressive comments about me drinking myself to death.

There’s no way anyone in their right mind would consider our not-even-a-relationship serious enough to merit Robert Frost poetry, btw.

As for his most recent email, the bit about taphouse is just pathetic. It’s one of my regular haunts, and before he went with me, it had been probably 10 years since he’d been there, if ever. He didn’t want to go there because he likes hanging out there; he was debating trying to run into me on purpose. Joke would’ve been on him; I wasn’t there last night. I was at a fetishwear fashion show down the street, so there.

I really like how even gmail doesn’t know exactly how to respond to him.

This is the earlier post about this guy, btw:

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why are so passive agressive

dont you want your mom (me) to be happy with her new man (jungkook)

whenever i see you answering asks about jungkook and you’re like “tae who” or something im like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT TAE WHO STOP :))) but yeah be happy with jungkook 

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okay so I originally followed you because a lot of popular blogs followed you right and I thought u would have good original content. Now three months later you're just cooler to me because you have zero original content, you're passive agressive, you're really pretty and I love how you and your friends act.

i’m……. i, uh

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Can you and your little clique of abusers sympathisers stop acting as if your precious character deserves more than disgust? Thank you.

I was going to delete this without bothering to answer because I’m 90% sure that I know who sent it. But you know what? I’m mad. So let’s go for a ride.

Can you and your clique of rude fucks that think confronting people under the protection of anonimity is anything less than a coward tactic of whinning to the air because the world doesn’t conform to your little bitch standars and you are so entittled you can’t stand people not agreeing with you stop thinking I care? 

I love how you get so riled up over people liking a FICTIONAL character (did you know he doesn’t exist and therefore can’t go hide under your bed or something? amazing, trully). I love how the people that like him say “I don’t excuse his actions” and you hear “He’s 100% perfect and unproblematic”. I love how you go around justifying Blue’s shitty feminism “she’s just 16 where you perfect at 16?” and Ronan LITERALLY PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING PEOPLE “he has pstd and… and… well HE’S MY FAB uwu” but pull double standars out of ass the moment it’s a character you don’t like. Because you DO think that everyone’s opinions are less qualified, less valid and less important than yours. 

And you know where this is comming from? You think you’re better than Kavinsky. He doesn’t deserve your respect, time or justification the same way he doesn’t deserve Gansey’s. And that point of view is so deeply rooted on privilege that it can’t be anything but disgusting (didn’t you like that word? I like that word). Everyone on trc is problematic but casually enough there’s only one character that doesn’t deserve to be liked. And casually enough it’s the only non-american character with problemaic behaviour. Casually enough it’s the 17 years old fuck up that hates his life so fucking much he spends every waking moment trying to escape it. Casually enough it’s a character treated very xenophobically, “a refugees face” REALLY? by the narrative. 

It never ceases to amaze me the capacity this fandom has to forgive and justify EVERYTHING Ronan does and vilify EVERYTHING Kavinsky does. Two faces of the same coins my fucking ass.  It never ceases to amaze me the concentration of Special Snowflakes TM per cuadratic metter in this fandom that do think they are better than Kavinsky. And that’s where all this is comming from. You’re better than him, he’s lesser than you. So he doesn’t matter. He doesn’t deserve fans, he doesn’t deserve the redemption arch the Grey Man got, he doesn’t deserve your understanding, he doesn’t deserve to be treated with basic human decency by your faves. 

There’s something ugly and revolting inside of you that you probably wouldn’t say out loud but thinks drug addicts deserve what they got. They got themselves into it. They did it to themselves. They threw their lives to the trash and so YOU can throw them to the trash too. They’re not real people. They’re not people like you’re people. And so Gansey can overlook someone’s entire existence without you minding at all because it’s someone whose existence you overlook every day of your life. It’s the kind of people that don’t count.

“But I have personal experiences with people like Kavinsky and you liking him makes me uncomfortable” First I’d like to hear what you call ‘people like K’ because most of this fandom has the Blue Sargent syndrome and probably would deem despicable someone with a driving fine. Secondly did you catch that bit PERSONAL EXPERIENCES… I know only yours are valid and you don’t care about anyone elses but I have personal experiences too. I have had a collective of horrible experiences with people like Blue Sargent and Ronan Lynch but you won’t see me sending you anon hate for liking them. And my personal experiences makes me identify with Kavinsky more than with anyone else in that clusterfuck. But of course that’s unthinkable in your perfect american bubble where no one is so damaged that they try to claw the world to pieces because in the land of the bling, the one-eyed is the king. 

So no. I will not stop posting in my personal blog about a fictional character I personally like because you are not entittled to that too. And if you want to go around throwing passive agressive insults to me I would appreciate it if you came of anon. Never will happen, of course. Because you KNOW that what you just did with this message is disgusting and your petty friends wouldn’t approve. 

Now, unfollow me if you don’t like my content. And don’t you fucking dare call me abuse sympathiser without knowing anything at all about me or my personal experiences with abusers. And I’m not going to thank you because my parents raised me to be a decent human being and not to try and emotionally manipulate people into doing my will.