passive agressive messages

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lol what do you expect mark to say "yeah sm is overworking lol i feel like im gonna pass out tbh" of course he is going to say he's fine. theres nothing wrong with nct dream having a comeback lol they can just let mark leave first :)))

i know he’s not likely to say he’s tired or anything to keep us from worrying but i think that if he genuinely didn’t want to promote as much as he does he would say smth to Someone or at least not be as vocal abt how thankful he is about all the opportunities he’s gotten so yeah lmao also if rumors are correct then this could possibly be his last comeback w dream (if he’ll even be in it in the first place) so you’ll get ur wish and he’ll leave soon congrats :))))))))))))

The Signs Angry
  • Aries: passive-agressive text messages
  • Taurus: sends a glare that could kill
  • Gemini: angrily talks about why they're angry, making themselves more angry.
  • Cancer: tries to avoid the problem.
  • Virgo: whatev
  • Libra: um. do you fucking mind.
  • Scorpio: trembles with raaaageeeee
  • Sagittarius: throws shit
  • Capricorn: murders someone probably
  • Aquarius: do. not. touch. me.
  • Pisces: seeks revenge.

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Anon here who asked you the original SasuSaku question. All I did was notice that you were ignoring asks if they weren't positive about NaruHina. People who aren't positive about NaruHina aren't necessarily bashing the couple. But anyway whatever, nice of you and your followers to tear me down. I thought you were different from others in the fandom but that was my mistake. That's one blog off the list. But by all means, post a bunch more asks spitting in my face if it'll feel good. #personalblog

You send me a passive agressive anon message and now you are offended?

Nobody is spitting into your gray faced face, anon. I get nearly ten asks a day, I can’t answer them all. I’m not going to waste my time arguing with people over shipping preferences, dispelling rumours that had already been dispelled or worrying about what other shippers think or say.

I’m not interested in debating something that I have debated ad nauseam.  If you want to have lengthy discussions about ships, go to a forum or send asks to people interested in an argument. 

I don’t even know who you are, if you don’t want to follow me because I do not wish to engage in useless shipping discussion then by all means, do what makes you happy. This is a personal blog, I try to be as accomodating as possible when it comes to tagging things but I’m not going to cater to some random anon that wants me to get involved into a shipping debate when I have neither the time nor the energy to do so.