passive aggressive roommate



My roommate legit actually put this on the fridge. She has been passive aggressively complaining about our two roommates that never clean their dishes or up after themselves after they cook and eat. Ironically enough, this roommate didn’t start doing her dishes until she got engaged, but that’s besides the point. I’d been complaining about the dishes the entire school year and finally just gave up. 

I’m literally cackling!

As someone who’s a real arachnaphobe but likes spiders and wants to peacefully coexist with them I really wish I could just leave them passive aggressive roommate notes.

Just like “hi! I see you’ve moved in. Welcome, please help yourself to any bugs and insects you find crawling around. Just one thing–could you not crawl around on the ceiling above my head while I’m trying to sleep? It’s a personal space thing. Also if you’re going to lay eggs could you do it in the walls because if I see a clutch of eggs hatch into a ton of baby spiders my soul will depart from my body. Thx, see you at movie night!!”

i’ve long said i’m nasty and lazy and household things don’t bother me.  i’ll take the trash out when it bothers me, but until then… i’ll usually just leave it.  if you want me to do it, instead of passively aggressively refusing to touch it until someone else does… JUST ASK!  I’ve made this offer multiple times to everyone i live with.  I cannot read your fucking mind.  so if you want me to do something, FUCKING ASK!