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How To Say Fuck You In Flowers

I found a prompt and just couldn’t help myself. 

Person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slaps 20 bucks on the counter and says “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”

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Kara Danvers wasn’t prepared. Not by a long shot. She opened up the shop early that morning, expecting for it to be a slow day. There wasn’t any major holidays coming up. Valentine’s Day was a month ago. No one sent flowers for St. Patrick’s Day. Kara figured she might get the odd husband getting flowers for an anniversary or someone getting flowers for someone’s birthday. But it was going to be a generally boring day.

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So like, that’s two reyIo threads that have been locked/shut down on the JCF, and every time I go over there it seems to be much of the same thing and it’s becoming alarmingly full of drama. For those of you frequent that site, someone tell me/PM what the hell is going on because I’m honestly losing my patience with this situation and when I lose my patience I tend to resort to drastic measures.

Dear housemate

I do not read passive-aggressive coded hints in the placement of inanimate objects. If you have something to say to me, use words. We are one of the few species (though not the only one) who have evolved language. Use it. Be direct. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

I’ve tried to guess your codes and hints before, and usually been wrong, because our upbringings, past experience of living in group households, and expectations of same are very different.

edit: this post is purely for venting purposes. The person I’m venting at is not on tumblr at all.