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I don't want to be rude but you most likely will think I am, what my religion is or if I even have a religion doesn't matter right now. I just wanted to ask you why you tag your posts with #religion. A lot of atheïsts blogs do that and when I subscribed to Tumblr religion was a topic you could subscribe to. Atheïsm is not a religion and it's a bit annoying to constantly get atheïst posts on my dashboard. Why exactly do you tag things with religion, atheïsm is not a religion...?

Ah ok lets break this down. First by saying that you don’t want to be rude you know you in some way are being rude. From this whole thing I just hear some whinny religious person complaining while claiming this is not supposed to be rude. The rude thing about this isn’t how it’s worded but that they think complaining will get them anywhere. I know how people work you aren’t really asking why you are just complaining and want it to stop. I can also ask why I find Christian posts in the atheist tag. It’s not like when we see one we will automatically go praying back to god to forgive our sins. If you’re so butt hurt about this get off the internet. You really want to know whats annoying, people like you. Religious people who think they are privileged. Everyday non believers encounter tons of religious people, posts and other religious things but you don’t see us complaining at everything. We learn to deal and live with it. Scroll past it and carry on with our day. But once somebody religious sees something that makes them question their beliefs or is against them they freak out. We tag atheist posts in religion because it is to make you think. To make you question what you were taught and told to believe. It’s annoying to hear I am wrong and going to hell everyday. It’s annoying to not be able to express my beliefs because of people like you. It’s annoying to see a world brainwashed by the same ideas but never even opening up to the possibility that they are wrong. Even though atheism is not a religion it is under the same topic. When you learn about religion in school you don’t learn about atheism at a different time it’s all together. It’s a general topic. Tags are there to spread the post to the largest audience available so therefore I add the tag #religion. I want people to think even if it’s for a second it still gets them to think. 


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about the passive aggression of christ post: ya, that's Robert Webb. I believe it's from That Mitchell and Webb Look

ahhhh i still gotta see all their stuff i love peep show


Shameless 4.08: Hope Springs PaternalI know you don’t trust me, I know you want to punish me. And I get it, I want to punish myself. I have no way to prove myself to you or anyone. But Christ Lip, this relentless passive aggressive bullshit, it’s killing me. I need my family back, ok. Please?

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I really wanna know what you think on tattoos and piercings? The bible says that our bodies are the temple of God and that we should honor it and what not but i see pastors and ministers and worship leaders with tattoos and piercings and I'm curious. Some people say that God doesn't care because he cares about the heart of his servant but I'm confused.

Hey my friend, I know this is a tough issue that I couldn’t possibly hope to explore in a single post, but it really requires a deeper conversation about motives and art and expression.  I know we won’t all see eye-to-eye about it either, and that’s okay.

I love every brother and sister in Christ no matter how they look or their style.  Almost nothing causes me to flinch.  I generally trust the decisions that people have made with their bodies: because I absolutely love the freedom of art and expression, and God has given us each a body to express a different part of His image into the world.  If a pastor or worship leader feels compelled to get a tattoo or piercing: I will trust their conviction that it’s with the right heart.  Certainly there are boundaries with this, but I do not define those boundaries for anyone else except me.

I must also add: I don’t believe tattoos are wrong in themselves, but I have to say that the motives involved can often be misguided.  Usually (in my small-minded opinion) it seems to be for the wrong kind of attention and not for purely artistic reasons.  But: I can’t judge this either.  We’re all a mixed bag of motives in a constant process of self-discovery, and if everyone waited for a pure motive to act, we’d die quietly.  So if a person asks me, “Is body art wrong?” — I could only ask, “What’s it for?” and then arrive to some place of spiritual peace about the decision.  I feel like maybe a few more minutes of thought about your body could prevent a lot of regret, or it could adjust the motives into right reasons. 

Several times, I’ve almost gotten tattoos, then always chickened out.  I have a piercing in my left ear, and once had a cartilage hoop.  One of my friends actually tattooed something on her hip that I wrote a few years ago.  I thought this was both crazy and very cool.  To be truthful, I was really honored. 


Here’s my bigger concern.  Our bodies are a temple: and this means any extension of our bodies are meant for God’s Kingdom.  So rather than worrying about ink or piercings, I’m more worried about what we say on our social media.  In our backroom talks.  Behind closed doors.  Because these things leave a trail of permanent markings that do not always honor the temple of the body of Christ. 

I see passive-aggressive blogs that continually reblog others with smug commentary: and I wonder if this is any better than someone’s pseudo-judgment of a person’s external style.  I see theological conflicts and church politics and mean-spirited discouragement across our church culture: and I wonder if this is actually marking up the body.  Perhaps I’m over-spiritualizing, but that’s the problem: we don’t dig into the root of the issues quite enough.  We find it easier to judge the skin and not the sin.  I’ve met wonderful Christian brothers and sisters who have enough piercings to set off metal detectors, yet they’re the kindest most Christ-like people I know.  And then there are others who wield the Bible like a weapon instead of a mirror for repentance, who presume that a “clean outside” means they’re right with God.  They’ll be surprised in the end.

So I’m exhorting us to be thoughtful about these things.  This needs a sitting down and talking it out before we make it a right-or-wrong black-and-white issue.  If someone with a tattoo is an attention-hog and a people-pleaser, then the problem is not the tattoo, but something underneath that needs grace.  If someone with a blog is a cruel bully, then the problem is not the blog, but some buried anger and hurt and hostility that needs rebuke and restoration.  We meet at the heart level.  Then we can talk about everything else.

— J