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What is it Like to be a NASA Intern?

We asked prospective interns that follow us on social media what questions they had for our current interns. 

You asked…they answered! Let’s take a look:

Answer: “Yes, sometimes astronauts request to run through the International Space Station simulation that we have using the hyper-reality lab.”

Answer: “Persistence is the key to getting your first NASA internship. Work hard, study hard, keep applying and persevere.”

Answer: “NASA is looking for passionate, smart and curious, full-time students, who are U.S. citizens, at least 16 years of age and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.”

Answer: “In addition to STEM majors, NASA has many opportunities for students studying business, photography, English, graphics and public relations.”

Answer: “The highlight has been the chance to learn a lot more about embedded systems and coding for them, and just seeing how everyone’s efforts in lab come together for our small part in the AVIRIS-NG project.”

Answer: Yes! Here at the Kennedy Space Center is where all the action takes place. Check out the schedule on our website!”

Answer:  “There are 10 NASA field centers and they all accept interns.”

Answer: “Yes, we do! I am currently working in tech development for an X-ray telescope that is launched into space to take pictures of our galaxy.”

Answer: “The greatest thing I’ve learned as a NASA intern is to not be afraid of failing and to get involved in any way you can. NASA is a very welcoming environment that offers a lot of opportunities for its interns to learn.”

Answer: My favorite experience from being a NASA intern is meeting people from all around the world and being exposed to the different cultures.”

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MBTI + strengths and weaknesses
  • ISFJ: + very supportive, enthusiastic, loyal, hardworking, patient, observant, reliable, practical
  • - shy, overload themselves, take things too personally, hate change, altruistic, repress their emotions
  • ENTP: + knowledgeable, quick-thinkers, original, excellent brain-stormers, energetic, charismatic
  • - very argumentative, intolerant, can find it difficult to focus, impractical, insensitive
  • INFP: + idealistic, seek harmony, open-minded, flexible, very creative, passionate, energetic, dedicated
  • - set standards too high, too altruistic, impractical, dislike dealing with data, take things too personally, very private
  • ESTJ: + dedicated, orderly, organized, loyal, patient, reliable, strong-willed, honest, direct
  • - inflexible, judgmental, uptight, worried, selfish, wary to change
  • ISTP: + optimistic, energetic, level-headed, creative, practical, relaxed, rational, mildly spontaneous
  • - stubborn, reserved, very private, easily bored, insensitive, risk-takers, hate commitment
  • ENFJ: + tolerable, reliable, charismatic, altruistic, natural leaders
  • - overly idealistic, too selfless, too sensitive, indecisive, fluctuating self-esteem
  • INTJ: + strategic, quick-thinkers, self-confident, decisive, hardworking, determined, open-minded, knowledgeable
  • - arrogant, judgmental, too analytic, hate structure, clueless in romance
  • ESFP: + bold, original, observant, sense of beauty, practical, excellent people skills
  • - have difficulty focusing, very sensitive, poor planners, always seek excitement, academically challenged, loathe conflict
  • ISFP: + sensitive, observant, charming, open-minded, artistic, curious, imaginative, passionate
  • - low self-esteem, easily stressed, academically challenged, competitive, unpredictable, fiercely independent
  • ENTJ: + efficient, energetic, inspiring, self-confident, strong-willed, strategic thinker, charismatic
  • - stubborn, intolerant, impatient, arrogant, bad with emotions, cold, ruthless
  • INFJ: + creative, insightful, inspiring, convicting, decisive, determined, passionate, altruistic
  • - very sensitive, overly private, perfectionists, impatient, always need a cause
  • ESTP: + bold, honest, perceptive, original, rational, practical, good people skills, direct
  • - rule breakers, risk-takers, academically challenged, insensitive, impatient, miss the big picture
  • ISTJ: + knowledgeable, strong-willed, responsible, dutiful, calm, direct, orderly, practical, honest
  • - stubborn, insensitive, judgmental, always by the book, blame themselves
  • ENFP: + curious, observant, energetic, enthusiastic, very friendly, good communicators, can relax
  • - impractical, bad at focusing, over-think things, easily stressed, highly emotional
  • INTP: + great analysts, imaginative, original, open-minded, direct, enthusiastic, objective, honest
  • - private, withdrawn, insensitive, absent-minded, condescending, hate rules, second guessers
  • ESFJ: + looks for win/win situations, loyal, sensitive, warm, practical, can connect with people
  • - egotistical, inflexible, unwilling to improvise, very vulnerable to critisism, too selfless, very needy
Celtic tree zodiac

24 December - 20 January: Birch - The Achiever: Driven, tolerant, tough, leader, quick witted

21 January - 17 February: Rowan - The Thinker: Cool exterior, original, motivated, thoughtful

18 February - 17 March: Ash - The Enchanter: Artistic, easily inspired, imaginative

18 March - 14 April: Alder - The Trailblazer: Passionate, charming, gregarious, focussed

15 April - 12 May: Willow - The Observer: Very creative, intuitive, mystical, patient

13 May - 9 June: Hawthorn - The Illusionist: Creative, passionate, curious, great listener

10 June - 7 July: Oak - The Stabilizer: Champion of the underdog, nurturing, generous

8 July - 4 August: Holly - The Ruler: A natural leader, noble, confident, intelligent

5 August - 1 September: Hazel - The Knower: Academic, organized, detail-oriented

2 September - 29 September: Vine - The Equalizer: Unpredictable, empathetic, refined

30 September - 27 October: Ivy - The Superior: Smart, compassionate, loyal, graceful, spiritual

28 October - 24 November: Reed - The Inquisitor: Easy to talk to, love stories and finding meanings

25 November - 23 December: Elder - The Seeker: Thrill seeker, thoughtful, honest, a bit wild

Listen: Yousef Acar is the best character in skam. he is open minded, accepting, kind, empathetic, patient, reasonable, mature, educated, curious, passionate, loving, caring and forgiving. he is the APEX Skam character. he is, in fact, the apex millennial. Yousef Acar is everything good about our generation. he is the apex human. 

what other element i think the signs could be

Aries: Water. Intense, emotional, and protective.
Taurus: Water. Caring, affectionate, romantic.
Gemini: Fire. Friendly, enthusiastic, restless.
Cancer: Earth. Protective, generous, reliable.
Leo: Earth. Stubborn, loyal, independent.
Virgo: Air. Rational, logical, analytical.
Libra: Water. Gentle, considerate, imaginative. 
Scorpio: Fire. Intense, passionate, strong.
Sagittarius: Air. Curious, open minded, original.
Capricorn: Fire. Ambitious, natural leader, determined.
Aquarius: Earth. Logical, values friendships, steadfast.
Pisces: Air. Detached, creative, gets easily lost in their thoughts.

Albert Einstein (whose birthday we celebrate today) once said:

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

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I don’t understand people. I thought maybe I did a little, but I know absolutely nothing because everything is so confusing. Especially when it comes to love. Because if you give someone love and affection you have to give them the “right amount” because if it’s too much it seems like they eventually pull themselves away or feel suffocated, but If you give them too much space they think you’re being cruel or they just let you go because apparently your presence has no effect on them. I try to play their games, but it always results in me being ignored. I’m nice to people, I hold conversations, I’ll make you happy, I’ll make you feel important and be there when you’re sad. I’m passionate, curious, and I’m into science. I want to be something in this world. Why doesn’t anything work? What am I not doing right? I try to tell myself it’s them and not me, but how many times do I have to be shut out before it can’t be “just assholes” or the “wrong person”. How could it be anything except me.
—  e.m.
The oppositions(a.k.a. sister signs)

Aries & Libra
Similarities: Active, romantic, positive, extraverted, funny.
Differences: Blunt vs. diplomatic, sporty vs. elegant, ego vs. the people.

Taurus & Scorpio
Similarities: Sensual, ambitious, stubborn, possessive, passionate.
Differences: physical vs. mental, practical vs. emotional, down-to-earth vs. intense.

Gemini & Sagittarius
Similarities: Good students, social, unique, smart, deep thinkers.
Differences: Superficial vs. philosophical, Curious vs. passionate, fun vs. impressive.

Cancer & Capricorn
Similarities: Loyal, traditional, introverted, serious, caring.
Differences: Mother vs. father, intuitive vs. practical, follower vs. leader.

Leo & Aquarius
Similarities: Proud, friendly, extravagant, flirty, original.
Differences: Impulsive vs. calculating, ego vs. humanity, warm vs. distant.

Virgo & Pisces
Similarities: Knowledgeable, rich inner world, obsessive, communicative, manipulative.
Differences: Practical vs. emotional, Reality vs. fantasy, ambitious vs. indolent.


Hogwarts University of Witchcraft and Wizardry  is known for global leadership in education, the faculty is composed of wizards and witches who are first-class experts. Faculty members are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own expertise while teaching at Hogwarts University. They come from across the country and all over the world, bringing with them a diverse wealth of knowledge. Hogwarts University is devoted to excellence in developing leaders and successfull individuals in many magical disciplines, who make a difference globally.

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@mylatestobssession brought up an interesting thought that would this sl be meaningful if the “twist” is not a pregnancy, but a story about dubious consent and that it in fact can happen to males as well?
Because while they have been trying to “redeem” Rebecca’s character over the past few weeks, let’s not forget, this is not the first time that we have discussed consent in relation to her.
When she arrived in emmerdale, she consistently put herself in Robert’s personal space, made sexual advances to him, and tried to kiss him even after he repeatedly turned her down. And after she was turned down, she repeatedly mocked his sexuality. She would act like the scorned party, as if she was the one that was in a relationship with him. Then do it all over again. It seemed to me that she acted as if she was entitled to him because of their past. This is not even taking into account what happened last week which was even more uncomfortable then what I just mentioned.
That being said, do y'all see this happening? And if it did, would it make this sl justifiable?

Here are some more fantastic everlark fics to check out. These fics have everything you are looking for: fluff, angst, action, smut..and Everlark. Have fun reading!

Hybrid House Aesthetics: G R Y P H O N C L A W
Guinevere Gryphonclaw
Colors: Violet and Silver
Mascot: Hippogriff
Attributes: Creative | Passionate | Spiritual | Curious | Artistic
Common Room: Charms Corridor, concealed behind a spinning bookcase. Gryphonclaws must open a specific art history book, a new one every week, and find a painting they like before they may enter.
2015-2016 Prefects: Ayisha Kapoor and Danny Finnegan

At the union of bravery and intelligence comes the hybrid Gryphonclaw house, home of artists, thinkers, and activists. Founded by Guinevere Gryphonclaw of the mountains, the Gryphonclaw common room is full of student art, strange antiques, sparkling crystals, club signup sheets, and lively discussion where intellect and feeling are equally welcome.

anonymous asked:

what traits do u use to guess someones sign? what traits does each sign have that would be a giveaway?

Well, I’ll just give you a quick, basic rundown of the signs’ traits

  • Aries: projects self-confidence, competitive, blunt, energetic
  • Taurus: stubborn, aesthetically appealing, materialistic, persistent
  • Gemini: inquisitive, childlike, sociable, paradoxical
  • Cancer: loyal, emotional, innocent, nurturing
  • Leo: generous, self-absorbed, entertaining, courageous
  • Virgo: smart, modest, organized, critical
  • Libra: outgoing, indecisive, charming, diplomatic
  • Scorpio: passionate, intense, mysterious, trustworthy
  • Sagittarius: curious, optimistic, restless, preachy
  • Capricorn: mature, serious, hard-working, reliable
  • Aquarius: independent, unpredictable, friendly, ‘quirky’
  • Pisces: ‘artsy,’ compassionate, idealistic, selfless

Mars in the 8th House

Mars’ sexual and passionate nature is emphasized in the 8th house. People with this placement often have a high sex drive and use their sexual and passionate personality to attract curious and submissive relationship and sexual partners. 

The 8th house represents sex, death, regeneration and transformation. When it is in the planet of Mars, this placement often goes through many transformations of where they put their energy and ambitions in. Anything to do with their sexuality may change as well.

When these people get heated (angrily or sexually) they take it to the extreme. They may be very vindictive and unforgiving to someone who crossed them and will often suffer mentally and physically from doing so. This is also reflected in their sex life, they want to dominate and control and will use their all in those situations. This placement can indicate STI’s and other sexually related diseases if not careful.

These people tend to be fearless and laugh at the face of fear, they see it as another learning experience and another opportunity to transform, as long as they don’t take it too far then they will use it to their advantage and will be able to succeed because of their undying determination.

What Mars in the 8th needs to learn is that it can’t be all or nothing for every situation and that if they continue to metaphorically die and then rebirth as the 8th house does, eventually they will end up getting hurt and will be stuck in a prison of their own thoughts, unable to escape and fulfill their duty of transformation.