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What do you think about the idea that the Larry fandom is being purposely dismantled and some of the strategies are about creating a fearful unsustainable environment to drive everyone except the most malleable away?

Hey anon!

So I wrote my feelings about the Larry fandom and what’s destroying it here.

The Larry/Larrie fandom has been a fearful, unsustainable environment for a long time. Have you seen how people have been driven out of this fandom for stupid reasons?

Honestly, I’ve been pretty much off Tumblr for three weeks because of life and a really intense course I’m taking, so I am not sure where this ask is coming from. I feel like I’ve missed some big conversations or something.

I don’t know what the purpose of destroying the Larry fandom would be, especially to keep “malleable” people around, unless it’s to turn fans into Harries or Louies for the most part. But that’s already being done–by asshole fans who are screaming that people don’t belong in the fandom if they don’t ____________.

As for “malleable,” look at this fandom. There are loud voices that control how everyone is “supposed” to feel. Remember when Irving was going to sign the whole band and you were delusional if you didn’t agree? God, some of the loudest blogs were going on about how they had “inside info” from their “contact” at Sony that Harry wasn’t going solo weeks before he did.

This fandom is already malleable, you can see it in the people that swallow the Pablum, you can see it in those of us who get bullied for daring to breathe a word against the party line. You can see it in people who mass blog those of us they’ve never actually interacted with because we dare to suggest that, “Hey, you know, maybe an album full of break up songs means something.”

If the goal is to dismantle Larries, someone is fucking late to the party. Larries are already doing it by clinging to fandom canon about two men they’ve never fucking met.