To the Caryl Fandom before the hiatus

The thing I hate the most about any season-ending hiatus aside from the obvious lack of Caryl (and Melissa/Norman) on my screen, is missing everyone from the fandom who I’ve come to appreciate so much in keeping me grounded in my love of Caryl. Before some of you depart or lay low for the hiatus, I want to thank you for always giving me the strength I need to keep on Caryling even when the trolls make it their life’s mission to tear us down.

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone that has made my time in this fandom fun and thought-provoking all at once.

Shout out to all of you who put a smile on my face with your enthusiasm and wit: @haleyymae89 @dixonscarol @dixonrocks88 @ghostycaryler123 @imorca @zainapbaraketcaryl @dandelioncherokee @silversundown2 @shanahaniganz @desmond-is-our-king @grey-haired-queen-bitch @carylisbeautiful @everlastingbalm @ciaomichaella @leigh57 @melanneniel 

To the Carylers who are just cool as shit and reading their posts make my day: @ginger-zombie @cool-avaspuppies @alil2confident @alienscorpion @archersqueen @thereadersmuse @na-bruma-leve @ikkleosu @oasis-haze @edithmcbride-lovingmisswatson @bluebell218 @youwereneveraslicebitch @psychoanthrowalker

A big ole “Thank You” to the Carylers that have been my favs for longer than I can remember and for many different reasons….these are my “ride-or-die” blogs: @oohhshiny @alannastara @leonstrenton @skhskh1996 @ocean514 and @othergrayhairedqueenbitch 

Last, but not least, a shout out to @ripleytwd for always being fair to Carylers when it comes to spoilers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Also the incredibly talented Maria a.k.a. @lapicesypantones for keeping Caryl sexy AF.

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I do not regret telling you I loved you over one hundred times a day. And I do not regret telling family, friends, pets, people I have barely met, or anyone that I love them. I want to spread my love the way the sunlight spreads its rays on earth - passionately and of no advantage to itself. Love needs to be treated like a strong word, not a sacred word. I want every person that has ever touched me, even with only a small gesture, to know I care about them deeply. We spend too many days wondering who cares about us when it can be answered with one simple word. And tomorrow, when someone asks me how much I like the warm weather, I will reply, “I love it.”
—  Why does love have to be a sacred word?