With the move coming up, I’m trying to think up some cute ideas for the new moving space.

Since we’ll have an extra bedroom now, we’ll be converting it to a gaming/book/music space. I know that I want to do a Mass Effect/Dragon Age-themed shelf with all of my books, comics, figurines, and various memorabilia on it. I was browsing home decor ideas today and I found a suggestion to get coloured tape in place of frames – it’s cheap, versatile, and you don’t have to put holes in the walls. I’m thinking I’m going to get a collection of my favourite fanart, print it out on high quality paper (with permission from the artists, of course), and frame it using coloured tape in cool shapes/designs.

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Alright alright why is it that Louis always has the most passionate lyrics of the song? Like he always has the part that's all I need someone to make me complete and fuck my life?? At the same time I'm like Louis and Harry are so in love!! But then I think Louis baby you don't need anyone to make you complete you're perfect as a person on your own. This whole ask is a mess I'm sorry.

 Hahahaha and ugh. 😭😭😭 Don’t worry anon I’m a mess too.



I do not regret telling you I loved you over one hundred times a day. And I do not regret telling family, friends, pets, people I have barely met, or anyone that I love them. I want to spread my love the way the sunlight spreads its rays on earth - passionately and of no advantage to itself. Love needs to be treated like a strong word, not a sacred word. I want every person that has ever touched me, even with only a small gesture, to know I care about them deeply. We spend too many days wondering who cares about us when it can be answered with one simple word. And tomorrow, when someone asks me how much I like the warm weather, I will reply, “I love it.”
—  Why does love have to be a sacred word?