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  Is inktober season, and I know, I’m behind those inktober challenges and I’m catching up real bad…school works and stuff still chasing my hot bum… 
   So relief all stress with Oni Hanzo for the Halloween season, inktober tradition cuz I’m draw on paper more faster than I done on computer ( weird right ? ), so I hope everyone’s happy with the looties and the event, sorry for being inactive for a while 

I call to you, Loki, protector of the outcast,
and needler of the comfortable:
help me find the courage to speak out
against the violences I see.
Help me cut the seal of fear from my lips.

Loki, crosser of borders,
straddler of lines:
help me shed the shielded skin of privilege from my form.
For an instant, expose me raw and raging underneath.

Loki, of sly smile,
and weary eyes:
help me bear any punishment that comes to pass.
It is a cost that only proves the necessity.

Loki, liesmith beloved,
who speaks truths others fear:
help me speak,
even through my fear.

Here’s the little prayer I wrote a few days ago to Loki (my first one ever!) about speaking out against oppression. (He helped me file an official complaint against my violent, racist boss.) Reblogs and personal use OK if anyone wants to, though be aware it references being a conditionally white-passing PoC, so it may not be relevant for everyone without modifications.


Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit
Lucas and relationships

For the most people inside the Fandom, lucas is a person with no interest or even a serve dislike towards touches or signs of affection. This is perfectly fine.
My theory is a little different there.
Doe to the fact that lucas has been bullied he envolve the strong need to be superior over the person next to him.
For example, he throws his food and later the whole plate at Ethan, he kidnaps Mia in front of Ethan taking her right under his noes! Than the scene with the cop were he says that if Ethan is a real man he could stick his hand into the cop.
He is not able to take on other man in a hand to hand fight like his father.
Because of that he always tries to have something (walls, fences, a computer screen, the party room) in between him and his male victim.
He is Physically not able to win a “fair” fight.
A woman on the other hand is easily to handle even for a person like lucas. Not only are they (especially Mia in this case) physically weaker and tend to submit themselfs faster than a man would do.
While I still don’t think he would actually rape a girl (being a psychopathic murderer and being a rapist are surprisingly two complete different shoes)
Yet I do think that he would be that kind of person that would “hold” himself a girl close by that he can make watch how he send people into his party room.
(Having her sitting on his lap in front of the screen and saying something along the line “ keep your eyes open sweety now comes the best part”)
He needs this kind of attention. The feeling of someone worship him and his “puzzels”
(He is filming them so he takes alot of pride in those)
This attention does not necessarily need to come from one and the same girl, like he would probably not having hurt feelings if she dies.
He’d probably feed her normal food though so she doesn’t turn into a molded, because a molded could not appreciate his puzzels!
Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just the feeling I get from him and I wanted to share this.

Play for Me

It is the sounds of piano that draws Amélie to her practice room in Zurich, the dancer previously intent on staying away. It isn’t Gérard—he is away on Overwatch business again, and, honestly, he was never that talented. The doctor, Ziegler, can play, but not as elegantly and she refuses to on the base. It also isn’t Amari, her playing always dwarfed by her daughter, banging on the keys in their private piano lessons.

It picks at her brain until she cannot ignore the tune—she doesn’t know who is playing, but she intends to find out.

Whomever it is has locked her practice room, and Amélie tisks softly as she pulls out her key, letting herself in before locking the door behind her. From the door, she cannot see who it is playing her piano, but she can hear them, and she closes her eyes, listening as she breaths in and out, inhales and exhales.

For the first time in weeks, she wants to dance, and that is enough to make herself fall in love with the mystery player.

(Her marriage be damned—Gérard spends more of his time with his computer to the point that Amélie believes he may as while be married to his file on Talon, rather than her.)

She pokes her head around the corner, eager to see who is playing and to ask them if they would play for her, and gasps.

The music stops. The bench screeches as the player stands in a rush. A cowboy hat is clasped against their chest.

Jesse McCree stands behind the piano, looking around, looking anywhere but at Amélie.

She realizes that he’s looking for an escape, a quick way to duck out and hide and never speak to her or of this again. She realizes that she doesn’t want to let that happen.

“I—I’m sorry ‘bout that, Ma’am. I just never noticed the piano before and I wanted to try it out. I’ll just be leaving now and I’m sorry again—“ Jesse stammers, before freezing up as Amélie moves forwards, crowding his space and grabbing his shoulders.

“No! No, please, stay,” she says before her hands move to cradle his face. “I don’t have anyone to play for me while I dance, and I want to dance. Play for me?”

He nods, slowly, and only once Amélie steps back does he sit. Cracks his knuckles. Begins to play from the sheet music projected on the piano—The Firebird is one of her favourite performances, and she reaches over his shoulder and flips through the projected notes until she finds the score she wants.

It doesn’t take Amélie long to lose herself in the music, to fall back into her role as the Firebird, but once the music stops she is left gasping for breath, somehow exhausted and exhilarated at the same time. And she tells herself that is the reason that she kisses Jesse on the piano bench, even as she feels him freeze, even as she removes his hat and settles on the bench with him, even as she winds her fingers in his hair and pulls him in towards her.

Hours after entering the practice room, Amélie sits on the floor, fixing her hair, adjusting her outfit until everything is as it was. Jesse is sprawled on the floor, hands resting on his chest as he looks up at the beige ceiling.

It didn’t take long for the pair of them to abandon the piano bench, something she is sure both their backs appreciate, and after a few more minutes of fussing, Amélie pulls herself to stand.

“Will you play for me again?” she asks, the smile on her face one that could almost be described as wicked, and he pushes himself up with one hand to look at her.

There is a silence, one filled with the guilt that Jesse is trying to keep from filling his eyes and tinging his words, before he nods, tips his hat to her once he places it back on his head.

“Of course.”

“Stealing” and taking influence are two completely different things. I’m not exactly sure what songs you’re referring to but I’d love to see some receipts.

They did not just follow trends, and they are undeniably groundbreaking. The entire Sgt. Pepper’s album is influenced by Indian music, which most artists back then didn’t pay attention to at all. They took a HUGE risk with that album and lost a shit ton of fans because of it. So let’s not pretend like they’re these culturally insensitive white boys that just wanted the fame. They cared about the music and if you listen to that album, it’s pretty obvious.

As for the John Lennon scandal, “Getting Better” is a song that’s on Sgt. Pepper’s about how he abused his then wife and how he regrets the person that he was. He’s already addressed it multiple times but of course people will keep giving him shit for it. Like what else is he supposed to do? He’s allowed to forgive himself for the awful mistakes that he’s made and move on.


She works as a florist. Her beetle bug car is her best friend and when she drives past fields she likes to take pictures of the flowers she sees and then watercolour bouquet designs. She binge watches The Office and dreams of learning to play the violin, no correlation. She loves to play records from the 40s and read romantic novels from a time so long ago, people often say her head is in the clouds and to Betty, that’s the greatest compliment there is.


“Hey, Noh. Who’s that? She’s cute. Isn’t your ex?… Can I date her?”

“Sure. If you like her and make her smile, then go ahead…”

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Why Numbuh 4 Undoubtedly Has Borderline Personality Disorder

yo yo yo it’s ur fav borderline here to talk about his fav borderline son!!

- One of the biggest things that stands out to me is Wally’s attachment to Nigel. He’s totally Wally’s favorite person. Wally becomes hysterical if he thinks anything’s happened to Nigel (Op. SAFARI is a great example), completely breaks down when he thinks Nigel is leaving the team (like in Op. BUTT when he starts screaming and crying), and depends on Nigel for safety and support (Op. LICE when Wally calls for Nigel as he panics)

- Again with Nigel, in INTERVIEWS, it’s said that Wally took it the hardest when Nigel left. Obviously this is because his favorite person is leaving him, which is a really awful thing for any borderline with an FP to go through. Wally also shows signs of splitting from Nigel in INTERVIEWS when he is both angry at Nigel but telling him about how he cares for him so much and will come running if Nigel needs him.

- ANOTHER thing with Nigel being an FP is in Op. CAKED, Nigel literally just has to snap his fingers and Wally will do what he wants (in that case, being a small attack dog and taking a beating). A big thing for borderlines is doing what their FP wants, no questions asked, to try and keep them happy and avoid abandonment.

- Wally has a very hard time controlling himself and his emotions, especially his anger. He’ll go from crying to screaming angrily to laughing in a matter of seconds (this literally happens in Op. BUTT), and has a lot of angry outbursts that he seems to regret pretty quickly. His mood swings are pretty evident.

- At the end credits of Op. CAKED-FIVE, Wally totally binge eats on cake until he’s pretty much immobile. Binge eating is another symptom of BPD, since borderlines do most things in extremes, including eating.

- Wally looooves attention and being in the spotlight. In Op. SAFETY, when Joey takes everyone’s attention away from Wally, he gets absolutely furious and starts shouting at Joey. I also think that a big reason that he wants to be leader so badly is for the attention he’ll get from his teammates, since they’ll be looking to him for orders and direction. 

- Wally shows a lot of examples of splitting and black-and-white-thinking. He either hates something or cares deeply for it, and if someone he cares about gives him a reason to split, he s p l i t s. Numbuh 30C was someone who Wally didn’t like right off the bat and he was persistent with that the entire time, no matter what his teammates thought. 

- Self-destructive behavior is really common in borderlines, and Wally does have this behavior. He gets in a LOT of fights, punches walls, and sometimes hurts himself in frustration (tearing at his hair, hitting his head, etc). Getting into fights is especially common in people with BPD.

- On a happier note!! Wally is extremely creative and passionate! He comes up with ways to make things more exciting (like his schoolwork), seems to have an interest in art, and cares deeply for his friends, family, and even inanimate objects (Mr. Fishy from Op. FISHY or the dandelion from Op. FUGITIVE). He’ll often put his own self at risk to help someone/something he loves.

That’s about everything I can think of atm!! I’m sure there’s much more, if you think I missed anything hmu, I’d love to hear any other ideas!

anonymous asked:

How close are jongin and yixing?? Everyone will keep saying stuff such as oh yixing and jongin aren't close ,they are so awkward with each =_=

Kaixing are actually very close, and have been since predebut. Right now, what with Yixing having to go back and forth between China and Korea, Yixing isn’t exactly very close to any one particular member (if we wanna get technical). Kai has talked about how Lay and he use to dance at all hours of the night when they were trainees (some times Taemin would pop in and help out) and has expressed before that he missed those “nights of passion” (literal translation btw) with his hyung. We also have record of Kai actually admitting to thinking of Lay every time he dances, he’s “this precious to him(me)”. There was even a time (Yixings birthday meet a few years ago - I think 2) when Kai out right said they are very close and Yixing pointed out, “we dont talk much any more”. Fans actually had to cheer/chant “Don’t cry” (even Chen joined in) at Kai because he seemed to get upset at the fact that Yixing didn’t consider them very close anymore. Yixing had to save the situation by assuring Jongin they would change that. Speaking of the unicorn, Lay has also expressed before how close he is with Kai. Much like Jongin, Lay also holds Kai and his late night training sessions close. He often recalls Kai being more of a teacher he looks up to when it comes do dance rather than his equal in the art form. (Kai never let’s Yixing be humble btw, he makes sure Yixing is praised as his equal in the dance world) Yixing also likes to imitate a lot of Jongins dances. I don’t really know if he learned them along with him, or just picked them up later, but imitation is a sincere form of flattery - and Yixing likes to do so a lot. Yixing also likes to talk about and reffer to his members when he’s in China, but Jongin is the only one he’s ever called by his Chinese name before, rather than his Korean stage name ( he also likes to talk more about Kai than any other based on how often he brings him up over little things ). There is also the fact that when Kai has been injured it has been sited that Yixing (if he was there when it happened) is the first on the scene to make sure he’s okay, even helping take care of Kai when he was in Korea and able to do so. Both of them show they are close even when time and distance like to rear in their ugly heads. They may not always express it out right like Chanyeol and Baekhyun (for example) or Chen and Xiumin, but they are closer than people like to remember. There’s also the more shipper side of me that can tell you that Kai has said on camera “Lay hyung, I love you!” and also said in person (while holding hands, and staring into his eyes) “I love you” to the unicorn. Yes, Lay said it back btw. It was at the birthday fanmeet from fan accounts since video was not permitted at the event. Also worth nothing that a famous saessang fan of Suho’s was convinced for a while that Kai and Lay were dating because (from what I assume) they were together a lot and in constant contact while Lay was away. So are Kaixing close? Yup. Are they real? Idk but they cute af. If I had to put a cliché couple type on it?: Kaixing are that one couple that keep you guessing for weeks if they are dating or not, and just when you think “okay, they’re just close friends”, Yixing kisses Jongin hard on the mouth because he’s leaving for a week and Jongin can’t seem to let him go.

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