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Favorite wardrobe moments from Depressing News -

  1.  Margaret’s ducky underpants
  2.  BJ’s Chucks + Hawk’s suspiciously 80′s tennies
  3. - 5. Klinger’s many hats + Potter’s painting outfit
Lucas and relationships

For the most people inside the Fandom, lucas is a person with no interest or even a serve dislike towards touches or signs of affection. This is perfectly fine.
My theory is a little different there.
Doe to the fact that lucas has been bullied he envolve the strong need to be superior over the person next to him.
For example, he throws his food and later the whole plate at Ethan, he kidnaps Mia in front of Ethan taking her right under his noes! Than the scene with the cop were he says that if Ethan is a real man he could stick his hand into the cop.
He is not able to take on other man in a hand to hand fight like his father.
Because of that he always tries to have something (walls, fences, a computer screen, the party room) in between him and his male victim.
He is Physically not able to win a “fair” fight.
A woman on the other hand is easily to handle even for a person like lucas. Not only are they (especially Mia in this case) physically weaker and tend to submit themselfs faster than a man would do.
While I still don’t think he would actually rape a girl (being a psychopathic murderer and being a rapist are surprisingly two complete different shoes)
Yet I do think that he would be that kind of person that would “hold” himself a girl close by that he can make watch how he send people into his party room.
(Having her sitting on his lap in front of the screen and saying something along the line “ keep your eyes open sweety now comes the best part”)
He needs this kind of attention. The feeling of someone worship him and his “puzzels”
(He is filming them so he takes alot of pride in those)
This attention does not necessarily need to come from one and the same girl, like he would probably not having hurt feelings if she dies.
He’d probably feed her normal food though so she doesn’t turn into a molded, because a molded could not appreciate his puzzels!
Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just the feeling I get from him and I wanted to share this.


“Hey, Noh. Who’s that? She’s cute. Isn’t your ex?… Can I date her?”

“Sure. If you like her and make her smile, then go ahead…”

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themunchkinface  asked:

Baby's Breath and Tulip! (for the botanical asks)

baby’s breath: 5 things you associate yourself with:

1. pink
2. roses
3. memes
4. skating
5. design

tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?

i did this so ill say another makeup product i love! DEWY FOUNDATION atm i use Bare Minerals tinted gel (i think) and it gives me that nice supple dewy finish i barely ever use highlighter and this is why A GOOD FOUNDATION IS NECESSARY YOU DONT NEED TO PACK ON HIGHLIGHTER JUST GET A DEWY ONE HEHEHEH <3


Why Numbuh 4 Undoubtedly Has Borderline Personality Disorder

yo yo yo it’s ur fav borderline here to talk about his fav borderline son!!

- One of the biggest things that stands out to me is Wally’s attachment to Nigel. He’s totally Wally’s favorite person. Wally becomes hysterical if he thinks anything’s happened to Nigel (Op. SAFARI is a great example), completely breaks down when he thinks Nigel is leaving the team (like in Op. BUTT when he starts screaming and crying), and depends on Nigel for safety and support (Op. LICE when Wally calls for Nigel as he panics)

- Again with Nigel, in INTERVIEWS, it’s said that Wally took it the hardest when Nigel left. Obviously this is because his favorite person is leaving him, which is a really awful thing for any borderline with an FP to go through. Wally also shows signs of splitting from Nigel in INTERVIEWS when he is both angry at Nigel but telling him about how he cares for him so much and will come running if Nigel needs him.

- ANOTHER thing with Nigel being an FP is in Op. CAKED, Nigel literally just has to snap his fingers and Wally will do what he wants (in that case, being a small attack dog and taking a beating). A big thing for borderlines is doing what their FP wants, no questions asked, to try and keep them happy and avoid abandonment.

- Wally has a very hard time controlling himself and his emotions, especially his anger. He’ll go from crying to screaming angrily to laughing in a matter of seconds (this literally happens in Op. BUTT), and has a lot of angry outbursts that he seems to regret pretty quickly. His mood swings are pretty evident.

- At the end credits of Op. CAKED-FIVE, Wally totally binge eats on cake until he’s pretty much immobile. Binge eating is another symptom of BPD, since borderlines do most things in extremes, including eating.

- Wally looooves attention and being in the spotlight. In Op. SAFETY, when Joey takes everyone’s attention away from Wally, he gets absolutely furious and starts shouting at Joey. I also think that a big reason that he wants to be leader so badly is for the attention he’ll get from his teammates, since they’ll be looking to him for orders and direction. 

- Wally shows a lot of examples of splitting and black-and-white-thinking. He either hates something or cares deeply for it, and if someone he cares about gives him a reason to split, he s p l i t s. Numbuh 30C was someone who Wally didn’t like right off the bat and he was persistent with that the entire time, no matter what his teammates thought. 

- Self-destructive behavior is really common in borderlines, and Wally does have this behavior. He gets in a LOT of fights, punches walls, and sometimes hurts himself in frustration (tearing at his hair, hitting his head, etc). Getting into fights is especially common in people with BPD.

- On a happier note!! Wally is extremely creative and passionate! He comes up with ways to make things more exciting (like his schoolwork), seems to have an interest in art, and cares deeply for his friends, family, and even inanimate objects (Mr. Fishy from Op. FISHY or the dandelion from Op. FUGITIVE). He’ll often put his own self at risk to help someone/something he loves.

That’s about everything I can think of atm!! I’m sure there’s much more, if you think I missed anything hmu, I’d love to hear any other ideas!

Daiya no Ace and (mostly) Miyusawa headcanons - Part. 2
  • one night Miyuki was so wasted he thought he was Bilbo Baggins and started running in the middle of the road screeching “I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE”;
  • the same night he assaulted Kuramochi in his bed with a flashlight trying to transform him into stone like a mountain troll, earning a kick in the butt and almost choking in crossface arm trap;
  • Eijun did nothing but taking photos and making videos, laughing his ass off;
  • on Eijun’s first day of college Kuramochi went back to the home he shared with Miyuki just to find Miyusawa making out on his couch, he just slammed the door closed yelling “NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD YOU DISGUSTING SAPS”, proceeded to kick the two of them out and call Ryousuke to rant;
  • Ryousuke just shrugged, pointing out how he deserved it for sharing a flat with Miyuki;
  • the year Eijun joined the same college team Miyuki was in, everyone could see the catcher for the huge dork he really was, turned in a blushing mess by the new pitcher from time to time;
  • the first match in college with Eijun was for Miyuki an unique experience, watching the cheeky brat that wouldn’t call him senpai for shit so grown up, broad shouldered and, wait, when did he get so tall? FOCUS MIYUKI FOCUS YOU’RE IN A MATCH GEE;
  • btw, he almost got a passed ball, lost in his own fantasies;
  • eventually Eijun starts call him senpai; 
  • he was all hot and bothered between Miyuki’s legs;
  • Miyuki flushed so hard he almost fainted KINKY BASTARD;
  • Miyuki woke up on his birthday to eijun dressed in underwear and a pink apron, making pancakes while singing along with the Footlose main theme;
  • that was the best birthday sex ever btw;
  • Eijun’s passion for old movies and musicals never ceases to amaze Miyuki, who eventually starts to mumble and hum along with eijun’s screeches;
  • Kazuya’s favourite IS NOT GREASE. ABSOLUTELY. NO WAY.
  • (Liar. Grease totally is his fave)
  • one night he dreamed eijun dressed in tight leather pants singing “you’re the one that i want” tho;
  • he woke up to eijun humming that same song from the bathroom;
  • he could never watch at Grease the same way again btw;
  • the scary thing is that eijun would totally wear tight leather pants and sing “you’re the one that i want” to his face if he ever knew;
  • eventually Kuramochi fled to ryousuke’s from that unholy place he shared with kazuya, stating it “reeked of kazuya’s hormones in there jesus fuckin christ”;
  • Eijun loves to do the Risky Business scene when he’s alone at home;
  • dressed just in a shirt and white socks, sliding on the floor;
  • (he does a terrific impression of tom cruise btw);

Klamille went from Klaus kissing Camille on the cheek in a dream

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Then to an almost kiss in 2x04 (this was actually several times but I like this one more)

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Now after 5,217,403,013 years Klamille finally kissed (which was passionate btw)

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Only for it to end in TRAGEDY by killing Camille

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Or is she?

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I think Fitzsimmon’s kind of romantic relationship is a lot more important than some people give it credit for. Fitzsimmons are often accused of being better as friends, as having a more of a “friendship” based chemistry than a “sexual/lustful” one. And yeah. They do. Sort of.

I will not try to deny their bond is more emotional than physical but… so what? I think that’s part of the reason I relate so much to them as a romantic relationship. I’ve read people commenting that Jemma is better off with Will because they have better sexual chemistry (and while that’s fine if that’s what someone wants) I think using it as the defining factor of a relationship, as THE most important thing, is missing a few key points.

1) Not all relationships are the same. Jemma’s relationship with Will looks different because it is different. The focus is more on passion. Sure, they get along well enough, and they work OK together, but they are not the partners Fitzsimmons are, and they are not as emotionally bonded. They are different kinds of relationships. And that’s OK.

2) A romantic relationship with a strong friendship factor doesn’t mean that the characters aren’t going to have a good sex life. Look, they can enjoy making out and having sex without having to prove it by being hot for each other all the time. They are allowed to view each other as partners/friends sometimes too. It’s OK that they aren’t always getting swept away by passion. (Which btw they DID get a bit swept up during that kiss sceen soo…..)

[Side note: remember how Simba denied wanting to marry Nala? “Ew, she’s my friend” “Yeah, it’d be so weird” SURPRISE it wasn’t. They were still friends, and became lovers too.]

3) Romantic relationships are not all about sex. A romantic relationship is a partnership. You are choosing to share each other’s lives, to share a home, a bed, chores, responsibilities, emotional ups and downs. Why wouldn’t you want to do this with someone who is also your best friend? Sure you need physical attraction too (unless you are asexual of course) but THERE IS PHYSICAL ATTRACTION between Fitzsimmons. Just because it isn’t in your face doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the friend’s to lovers trope. Nothing at all. There is nothing wrong with characters being in love who also feel a strong friendship towards each other, who care deeply about each other’s emotional well being, who are able to enjoy each other’s company in ways other than making out (although again making out is nice too). This is the basis of many very strong relationships I’ve seen in my life. Nearly all of the couples I know say that they are with their “best friend”. My own parents tell me that. And it’s my own goal for a relationship, to not only have that wonderful spark, but to have a deep emotional bond, much like Fitzsimmons’ bond. Much like my parents.

People like to harp about how we don’t have enough “male/female friendships” (apparently ignoring Fitz and Daisy, Daisy and Mack, Mack and Bobbi, etc…) But why does no one ever complain about the lack in many shows of relationships that are based off strong friendships and emotional bonding? Where the characters ARE friends first? (or better yet take the time to celebrate it)

Honestly, I relate to this a lot more personally. I get there are differences, there are different kinds of relationships and that’s fine. But you know I think it’s ridiculous to harp on Fitzsimmons for being different in this perfectly functional, relatable, touching way. Why do Fitzsimmons need to be best friends OR lovers? Why does the fact that they were best friends for so long make them less believable as a ship rather than more concrete?