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Lucas and relationships

For the most people inside the Fandom, lucas is a person with no interest or even a serve dislike towards touches or signs of affection. This is perfectly fine.
My theory is a little different there.
Doe to the fact that lucas has been bullied he envolve the strong need to be superior over the person next to him.
For example, he throws his food and later the whole plate at Ethan, he kidnaps Mia in front of Ethan taking her right under his noes! Than the scene with the cop were he says that if Ethan is a real man he could stick his hand into the cop.
He is not able to take on other man in a hand to hand fight like his father.
Because of that he always tries to have something (walls, fences, a computer screen, the party room) in between him and his male victim.
He is Physically not able to win a “fair” fight.
A woman on the other hand is easily to handle even for a person like lucas. Not only are they (especially Mia in this case) physically weaker and tend to submit themselfs faster than a man would do.
While I still don’t think he would actually rape a girl (being a psychopathic murderer and being a rapist are surprisingly two complete different shoes)
Yet I do think that he would be that kind of person that would “hold” himself a girl close by that he can make watch how he send people into his party room.
(Having her sitting on his lap in front of the screen and saying something along the line “ keep your eyes open sweety now comes the best part”)
He needs this kind of attention. The feeling of someone worship him and his “puzzels”
(He is filming them so he takes alot of pride in those)
This attention does not necessarily need to come from one and the same girl, like he would probably not having hurt feelings if she dies.
He’d probably feed her normal food though so she doesn’t turn into a molded, because a molded could not appreciate his puzzels!
Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just the feeling I get from him and I wanted to share this.

I was rewatching a season one episode of our beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer just now (because I genuinely love all the seasons, even the first one), and yaknow…

I think almost anyone that starts watching Buffy for the first time in this day and age, must think people like me (who write in-depth emotionally charged meta about it) are absolutely insane.

Viewing season 1 for the first time, you have no clue what’s to come. At all. Sure it’s charming as hell, funny, and someone who’s seen it all before can find depth in it. But for a first time viewer? Not so much. With the possible exception of 1x12.

And I can just imagine them sitting there, watching Buffy fight a puppet, wondering what the hell is wrong with this entire fandom that is utterly obsessed and emotionally attached to this story lmao.
And to you I’d like to say: just keep watching.

People are so used to learning the format of TV shows early on, and expecting it to stay that way throughout the entire show. But Buffy flip flop so much (especially later on) that you never really know what to expect. You never know if you’re gonna get serious drama, horror, or comedy. When you sometimes get all three in the same scene.

I promise, you’re gonna be absolutely flooded and overwhelmed with feelings you didn’t even know you a TV show could evoke in you.

Just. Keep. Watching.

I call to you, Loki, protector of the outcast,
and needler of the comfortable:
help me find the courage to speak out
against the violences I see.
Help me cut the seal of fear from my lips.

Loki, crosser of borders,
straddler of lines:
help me shed the shielded skin of privilege from my form.
For an instant, expose me raw and raging underneath.

Loki, of sly smile,
and weary eyes:
help me bear any punishment that comes to pass.
It is a cost that only proves the necessity.

Loki, liesmith beloved,
who speaks truths others fear:
help me speak,
even through my fear.

Here’s the little prayer I wrote a few days ago to Loki (my first one ever!) about speaking out against oppression. (He helped me file an official complaint against my violent, racist boss.) Reblogs and personal use OK if anyone wants to, though be aware it references being a conditionally white-passing PoC, so it may not be relevant for everyone without modifications.



maybe got a bit addicted to this song and found this

can’t wait for upcoming Olympics now

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Also in 2013, lottie apologized because of the thing she said about larry/larries and posted that wellington pic 💖💖


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:(I’m the anon who said there’s nothing bad with Lottie taking pics on her bday) i hate Eleanor with a passion btw she’s nasty x


Original WIP: Excerpt

I don’t really like to post excerpts of my original writing (it makes me very shy), but this scene has been stuck in my head and doesn’t give away too much. Also, @cloversdreams you’ve shown such love for my OC, Vaughn (thank you so so much!) that I had to post something with him. Also this has Leo! (Who I love with a burning passion btw) I hope you guys like this little bit of writing; it’s a sparring scene between Leo and Vaughn, when Leo was just beginning to train Finn c:

The two teenagers faced each other in the middle of the airship. The breeze combed through Leo’s hair and pulled auburn strands of Vaughn’s across his eyes. Leo forced himself to focus in the hilt in his hand. Yes, he just had to focus on that, and not on Vaughn’s eyes, or the soft curve of his mouth, or the sleek muscle in his skin as he lunged forward—

Shit! Panicking, Leo stumbled backward as he jerked his head back from Vaughn’s swinging blade. Boots fumbling, he heard a chorus of mixed jeers and encouragements from the onlookers. He managed to regain his footing in time to block Vaughn’s next slash with a clang. Vaughn smirked at him over their joined swords. “Distracted?” he asked mischievously.

Leo really hoped he wasn’t blushing. “You wish,” he shot back, and lashed out in a quick strike.

Vaughn moved like water, gliding over the deck as he parried Leo’s blows and returned ones of his own. The two danced around the deck, dodging strikes and blocking others, constantly moving. To Leo, it began to feel smooth, almost choreographed. He was a brilliant sword-fighter, but it was great to have a worthy challenger. Especially if that challenger was his blindingly handsome shipmate. Confidence rising, he sent the tip of his sword toward Vaughn’s head. Faster than a blink, Vaughn bent his body back, dodging while he lashed out at Leo.

“Whoa!” Leo exclaimed as he jumped back, narrowly missing a cut to his stomach. “You trying to kill me here?”

Vaughn twirled his sword lazily. “Maybe you wouldn’t have to worry about that if you were better,” he taunted.

“He got you there, Leo!” Hans called out.

“Not helping, Hans!” Narrowing his eyes, Leo decided to try a different tactic. He darted toward Vaughn, close enough for the other boy to raise his sword defensively. There was the ring of metal as Leo warded off the blow and dropped, sliding behind Vaughn in a crouch. Victory alight in him, he brought his sword down fast.

To his shock, Vaughn whirled around with inhuman speed to meet his blow with one of his own. He didn’t stop there either; the slashes kept coming, fast and hard. Vibrations traveled up Leo’s arm with every strike. He found himself trapped in a steady rhythm of avoiding Vaughn’s hits and returning ones of his own, each movement of his sword knocked away with barely a glance. But he was moving forward now, not back. Vaughn’s back faced a crowd of watching crew. Exclaiming over the fight, the shipmates scattered to either side to give the mock-fight more room.

“Give up yet?” Leo asked between the scrape of steel.

Vaughn lifted a hand up in a half-shrug, nonchalantly parrying Leo’s sword with his other hand. “You should know me better by now, Leo,” he replied. “I don’t give in easily.” The dark tone should’ve been a warning, but Leo didn’t catch it until it was too late.

Suddenly, Vaughn fell into a smooth crouch, a booted foot sweeping into Leo’s right leg. Gasping, Leo staggered in a desperate attempt to stay upright and ended up tripping over his own feet. Before he knew it, Vaughn had switched their positions and was right in front of him, blade flashing as it sliced toward his neck. He got his sword up at the last minute. Their blades hit and Vaughn pushed, forcing Leo back against the rail of the deck. The harsh grating of metal raked the air as their swords crisscrossed between them. Vaughn had him pinned. A loud cheer of satisfaction surged from the crew at the ended fight.

Breathing raggedly, the two remained there for a minute. Leo’s mind was reeling from how flawlessly Vaughn had fought and the speed with which he’d stopped the battle in its tracks. The railing pressed into the middle of his back, but he didn’t care. The hard wood was a stark contrast to the warm press of Vaughn’s body at his front. Their legs were nearly tangled, hips touching, joined by their blades meeting between them. Vaughn’s eyes were closer to Leo’s than they’d ever been and now Leo could see that they were all shades of yellow, from honeyed sunshine to dark amber.

Vaughn’s lips tilted up into a smile and Leo realized that he’d been staring at his mouth. “Not bad,” Vaughn remarked, the breathiness of his voice sending a shiver down Leo’s spine.

“Not bad yourself,” Leo replied. He was so caught up in that smile. He had to grin back, flushed from their fight, and their closeness.

I’ll forever love Theon Greyjoy who gets abused and torn down into almost nothing and uses it to learn and be a better person and help and save people who go through the same

Whereas other characters (fucking guess who) use their abuse as justification for their actions on others. My Daddy didn’t love me so I’m going to say something rude to you. Like?

Don’t justify your actions because someone abused you. Use your abuse as a means to treat others with respect and not feel the same shitty way.

I wish people would stop hating on Theon Greyjoy, who’s one of the strongest and greatest character developments I’ve come across.

Klamille went from Klaus kissing Camille on the cheek in a dream

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Then to an almost kiss in 2x04 (this was actually several times but I like this one more)

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Now after 5,217,403,013 years Klamille finally kissed (which was passionate btw)

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Only for it to end in TRAGEDY by killing Camille

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Or is she?

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NHK World J-MELO special talk show at NHK WONDERLAND (150719)

Guest: Suzuki Kanon, Iikubo Haruna, Oda Sakura, Nonaka Miki

fan reports :
- Sukatto my Heart outfits
- J-Melo 1 hour free talk with the members
- They had a few re-takes. NG moments by Harunan.
- Kanon looks great. She looks like she no longer feels uncomfortable showing her belly.
- Nonaka was very interesting.
- Oda Sakura talked passionately about Hatsune Miku
- fans had a great time listening to their talk.
- Broadcast date is late August.

credits: Amped @JPLOP