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This is a very sensual bachata dance! 😍💃🏻🔥


The boy had a way with words, he sang, he moved with grace
He entertained so naturally, no gesture out of place
His road in life was clearly drawn, he didn’t hesitate
He played, they saw, he conquered as the master of his fate

Happy Birthday Freddie! (5 September 1946) 🎉🎁💖

Thank you for your beauty, your creative genius, your innate musicality, and the many, many beautiful songs you left to us. Thank you for playing the piano with rhythm and passion, even though you doubted your own talent, and for keeping up with those three chords on the guitar. But most of all, thank you for sharing your voice with the world - a singer so versatile you can go from heartbreaking high notes to vicious rock lyrics on the same album (sometimes the same song!), but always with power and true emotion. A lot of artists in the charts, then and now, can carry a tune, Freddie, but you are able to make us feel the pleasure (or pain) behind the words. You remain the heart and soul  - and the crowned king - of Queen.

I wish I was old enough to have been one of the ‘sweeties’ or ‘beautiful people’ who saw you perform  live, but your music at least is timeless. Your modesty, dedication and self-made success are an inspiration, but your shyness, humour, love of cats and Earl Grey are some of the little reasons why I love you too :D

Thank you, Freddie, and happy birthday x

Heat of the Moment

I infinitely long for
The goosebumps on my skin
From your fingertips slowly trailing
The curves of my sides
From my neck to my thighs..
What a sweet treat it’d be
To feel your breath on my ear
To feel your hand in my hair
To taste your lips within mine..
Oh it’d be nice to comprehend
The feeling that we’d get
While our fingers interlock
And our heartbeats seem to stop.

 Now heartbeats are racing,
My insides are aching
My whole body’s shaking-
Im craving your touch
To fulfill this rush

Hands on hips
Lips on skin
You’re pulling me in
You’re pulling me in
Closer to you
What more can we do
I don’t want this to end
I don’t want this to end


March 22 2017

God, I can only imagine Yoongi’s moans… With that deep but breathy voice sounding into your ear as his lips glue to your neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin while his hips smash into yours at a slow but deep pace. Pinning your hands down to the bed, he would close his eyes because this time you weren’t being rough- you had set a passionate rhythm, and something about slowly burying his dick deep inside you had him shaking and tightly gripping your hips, groaning as he felt your core tighten around him

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Locking Windows

Requested:  Hey hey there, beautiful person! I was hoping you could do a Jughead x reader imagine where they are best friends, but Jughead is secretly in love with the reader. And maybe Jughead can’t take it anymore and goes to the readers window in the middle of the night to confess his feelings and maybe things get kinda heated..¿ thank you thank you :)

A/N: Sorry school and life, in general, has been so crazy and I have had such a hard time coping and my anxiety has started to relapse. I promise a more structured schedule sometime soon.

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Being the daughter of a serpent was hard. Some looked past what your father did and helped you like Betty and Veronica. They would never understand how you felt; yes Veronica stood out too, but she had money and was a Vixen, you would never have that. The only person who knows who you felt was Jughead. FP and your father had been friends since you and Jug had been kids.

“I still don’t understand why you won’t just leave? This place isn’t good for you.”

“I’m fine, Jughead”

“No, you aren’t. You could live with me at the drive-in…”

“Jughead you know I can’t”

“Then ask Betty, she’s been offering since this whole Jason thing started.”


“Look I know you want to take care of Y/D/N but it’s not safe.”

“It’s never been safe, why now?”

“I can’t tell you, just believe me.” Jughead gave you a bear hug and hopped back out the window and to god knows where.

Moving to Betty’s was the only option left. You came to this conclusion after a few depressed glances around the spare room on the second floor of the Cooper house. They tried their best to make you comfortable nonetheless you felt anything but, due to the growing family tensions. Relief came in the form of a beanie crowned serpent that crawled into your window every so often… like tonight.

“Thought you said you were gonna lock the window, there could be a strange man out there just checking the windows of neighborhood girls, they could serial murder you without having to break a thing.”

“But if I locked the window I’d have to come all the way over there to unlock it” You reasoned sitting up in bed.

“Good point” Jughead swung his legs over the sill and closed the window behind him.

“So what brings you here on this fine evening?”

“Just looking for someone to play Find the Self- Esteem, can you believe no one’s won yet?” Jug sat on your new bed and painted on a wilted smirk.

“Jug, what’s-”

“Let’s play a game, Truth or Dare”

“You aren’t answering my questions, Jughead, you can’t avoid it with a game.” You scooted closer trying to catch his hand in yours.

“Just play ok?” He looked at you with the same eyes you had seen the night he told you that things in the South Side where bad.

“Ok” You consented, adjusting your regular PJ’s.

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” You said a moment after consideration.

“I dare you to look me in the eyes.” You followed his instruction, even though you were baffled by his abruptness.

He continued to start your turn while still holding your eyes to his, “Ask me.”

“Truth or dare”

“Truth” Jug answered, slowly running his hand down your jaw.

“Why are you here tonight?” There was silence for a moment, a tension that knotted in your throat until you looked up at Jughead. He looked scared, with small droplets leaking down his face. You cupped his face mirroring him, you slowly kissed his forehead, to reassure him. There was an intake of breath.

“I’m sorry, I know, I should leave.” You leaned into him, and trailed kisses down his nose, and waited for him to catch on.

“Please stay.” You whispered, also letting tears escape.

Jughead began to respond, taking off his hoodie, dragging his shirt up to reveal his torso. He pulled you closer, practically sitting on his lap. Jughead leaned in timid at first, quickly falling into a passionate rhythm of dominance.

There was a moment you could feel every inch of skin you shared with him, every movement made it worse. For a second your mind drifted from the present and confirmed that you wouldn’t be locking your window anytime soon.

not-the-stupid-cat-again  asked:

Hi! If you're still taking prompts, FitzSimmons + 24) things you said with clenched fists, maybe?

‘This? Now? You want to talk about this now?’

He can’t quite believe what he is hearing. He is minutes away from following Coulson onto the quinnjet, heading straight for the eye of the storm and the heart of the battle, and yet Jemma has chosen this exact moment to talk to him about that, of all things.

If the situation were different, he might even be tempted to laugh.

As she stands in front of him, Fitz can see how her eyes are glistening and as he watches her lips quiver with the words she is waiting to say. By her sides, her hands are held into fists, her fingers curled tightly inwards.

‘No…’ She gives a half-hearted laugh as he turns away again, stuffing more equipment into his backpack. ‘We don’t…’

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Did My Kitten Miss Me while I’d Been Away? ~

Characters: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff + Suggestive Smut
Summary: Your boyfriend has been away on tour for three months and you miss him so much that each night he comes to haunt you in your sleep.
A/N: Enjoy. 😁

My body was on fire. All I could feel were his hands raking the length of my bare figure. Touching, stroking, grasping. His lips scattered kisses along my jaw. As he descended the length of my neck, his kisses slowed into a more passionate rhythm, his open mouth teasing, sucking, biting.

Instinctively, my hips moved upward grinding against his looming stature. His large hand roughly gripped my hip halting my desperate attempt at creating any form of friction.

“Taehyung… please!” I manage to gasp out, as his hand moved along my inner thigh, moving dangerously close to my core. 

“Did my kitten miss me while I’d been away?”  

His gruff voice whispering in my ear jolted me awake. As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, heavy breaths escaped my lips I closed my eyes running a hand over my face. It wasn’t the first time Taehyung had invaded my fantasies and it definitely isn’t going to be the last. His work had kept him from me for the past three months, I missed him so much that every night treated me to a new dream featuring him. At this point the dreams felt like nightmares as they haunted me continuously.

I glanced to the right to see the bright red glare of my alarm clock telling me it was half past three in the morning. I closed my eyes in frustration and groaned, turning away from the clock; I snugged back into my sheets. 

“I see you’ve become more of a restless sleeper over the last few months.”

I gasped at the sound of the same voice that haunted my dreams. My eyes searched the darkness before me trying to adjust to the dim lighting in the room and sure enough there was a devil between my sheets.

His angelic face was resting on a pillow, which he was embracing close to his body. His hair was slightly falling to the side, showing a tiny bit of his forehead. His eyes were closed which caused his long thick eyelashes to rest against his cheeks. His lips were in their natural pout. Swiftly, his tongue darted out dampening the lips I had just been admiring. 

My hand reached forward and rested against his cheek, almost as if to assure myself that it wasn’t a dream, he was really within my reach.  One of his eyes peaked open and glanced at me as he felt my hand rest on his cheek. His lips curved into a small smile as he placed his hand on top of mine. The pad of my thumb brushed against his soft cheek.

“Did my kitten miss me while I’d been away?”

A/N: Did you like it? ~

Missing You (Draco Smut)

   So, we got a request for another Draco imagine a super long time ago so I’m finally going to write it.
    It was along the lines of: You’re needy and sneak into Draco’s dorm room for some smutty times. 


     It had been what seemed like a million years since you’d had even a small amount of alone time with Draco. You’d both been busy with O.W.L.’s and he’d had Quidditch practices. You’ve been missing him like crazy the past couple days and today was even worse. You’d only had a few glimpses of your boyfriend all day and each time had caused you to become even more desperate for him. 

      Throughout your classes, all you could think about was having at least a few minutes alone with Draco. He’d spared you a few grins and suggestive winks while passing in the hallway.

     You’d finally been able to catch him in the Great Hall during lunch for a moment, before Flint whisked him away to talk Quidditch. You sat him down again in the Common Room for a while before practice, but you’d only been allowed a slight peck before he was rushing off with Zabini and Parkinson. 

      It was now nearly one in the morning and you still couldn’t sleep because of your ache for Draco. You were becoming extremely desperate and after a couple seconds, you made you decision. 

Slipping out of your bed, padding down the stairs into the Common Room and making your way to the boys dormitory. It was a risky idea and if you got caught, you’d be punished for breaking at least ten schools rules.     You winced at the cold of the stone against your feet, but continued down the hall.

     You hesitated at the door, unsure if you should enter. You could go back to your dorm and wait for a safe time, but it was too late for that. You’d come all this way, you’re going to at least try to get what you came for.

     You cringed when the door squeaked, trying to stay as quiet as possible. You tiptoed to the bed you knew all so well. Draco’s mess of blond hair and pale skin was visible through a gap in the curtains. You pulled them further apart and slid under the blankets next to him. 

     He didn’t wake right away, like he normally did when you joined him during the night. So, to rouse him, you pressed your frigid feet against his legs. Draco jerked up, breathing in so sharply, he choked. You immediately tried to quiet him, trying not to wake up the rest of the dorm.

     “Y/N? Bloody hell! You almost killed me.” he whisper-yelled at you, laying back down. You repressed a giggle. 

     “You are so dramatic, Draco. You’re fine.” You dropped next to him, smiling at his sleepy state.

“What are you doing here? You could get in trouble.” He murmured, as he traced his fingers along your skin, smiling fondly at you.

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      “I know, but… I wanted to see you.” Now that you were here, you felt silly for what you were asking of him. I was stupid to think you could just waltz into his dorm and tell him that you wanted to have sex while his roommates were sleeping. “Nevermind, it’s stupid.”

     You began to climb out of the bed when Draco’s reached out to stop you, hand on your arm. “C’mon, you can talk to me, Y/N.” You fell back into his embrace, allowing his arms to wrap around you. 

     “We just haven’t seen each other at all, for the past couple weeks,” you murmured, “I miss you, Draco. I just want things to be normal. I want you.” You were sitting up now, looking down at him, searching his eyes.  

      He sat up, reaching out to take your hand. “I’m sorry, Love. I know. I miss you too. I’ll try harder. I’ve just been really distracted.”

      “I know..” He wasn’t exactly understanding what you were trying to get at. He thought you were just upset with his absence. Which, admittedly, was part of it, but right now, that wasn’t important. 

      “What? Something’s still wrong.” His voice was laced with anxiety. He knew you too well. He knew that he hadn’t fixed it, something was still bothering you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you onto his lap. Your knees were settled on either side of his thighs, arms draped over his shoulders. “Talk to me, Darling.”

      You buried your face in his neck, your cheeks heating up in embarrassment. “Draco, I don’t think you’re quite understanding what I’m saying,” you mumbled into his neck. 

     “Oh.. Oh. His chest rumbled with a chuckle, finally understanding you. You pulled away slapping his chest, “What the hell are you laughing about?” You were upset now, he was laughing at you. You couldn’t believe he would do this. 

     “No, baby, I’m not laughing at you,” he defended, “Well, not really. It’s just cute. You could’ve just come out and said it.” You were pouting now, arms crossed, lip jutting out. 

     “I did! But, you’re terrible at picking up hints.” He smiled at you. He slipped one arm around your waist and the other rested on your hip, thumb rubbing the exposed skin. 

     “I’m sorry, OK? I really am. But, if the offer’s still on the table, I’ll gladly accept,” he said with a wink. You shook your head at him but still pressed a kiss to his lips. 

     “You’re so lucky I love you, Malfoy.” you stated, pressing your forehead to his. His eyes locked with yours and he smiled, briefly, before flipping you over onto your back. 

     “I know,” he grinned and kissed you again. This kiss lasted much longer than the first one and took your breath away. Every time his lips met yours, everything stopped and it never failed to amaze you. 

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     As the kiss got deeper, so did your desire. You were ready to get what you came for. He didn’t seem as desperate as you were to move past the foreplay, so you decided to take matters into your own hands. You kept one arm wrapped around his neck and the other moved to undo the tie on his pajama pants. “Woah, love, someone’s eager,” he chuckled. 

     “Draco,” you whined, “I haven’t seen you in weeks, I don’t want to wait.” You finished untying the pants and reached up to pull your shirt over your head.

     He smirked at your bare chest, “Were you planning something?” You hushed him with another heated kiss. Your chests pressed together, drawing a low moan from Draco.

     “Shh, Draco, do you want the rest of the dorm to wake up?” 

     “I’m sorry, babe. We’re going to have to be extremely quiet then, which I know isn’t easy for you.”

     With an eye roll, you reached for your wand and cast a silencing charm around the two of you. The minute your wand was set on the nightstand, Draco’s hands were back on you, tracing skin, dipping into curves. His eyes roamed your body, drinking in the sight of you. 

     “God I love you,“ and his lips were on yours, then moving down you neck, sucking bruises. And then he was kissing his way down your shoulders, chest and abdomen. He moved back up to mouth over your breasts, sucking chastely on each nipple. Your back was arched, trying to press yourself into him further. 

     Finally, you’d had enough, you needed him completely. No more teasing, you wanted to feel the closeness that came with making love with Draco. 

     “Please, Draco, stop with the foreplay. I can’t take it anymore.” He took his lips off of your collarbone, where he was leaving a mark. With a smirk, he slipped off his boxers, you following with your panties. 

     His fingers trailed along your body, a fond look on his face. He settled himself between your legs, arms on either side of your head. He shot you a look of caution, you’d been intimate uncountable times, but every time he asked for consent. You nodded your head, reaching up to kiss him gently.

     He lined up and pushed into you, slowly, knowing it had been a while and you needed to adjust. He buried his face in your neck, nosing along the skin, holding himself back from going too fast and hurting you. 

     “Okay, move, I’m okay.” He pulled out, and pushed in gently. “C’mon Draco, I’m fine. I need you.” 

     With that, he sped up, thrusting in and out. Small grunts fell from his lips, while you let out little whimpers. Your hands tangled in his hair, tugging slightly, while his arms wrapped around you, lifting you up into his chest.

     He continued to press into you, gaining speed with each thrust. Your hands roamed his body, running down his back, ghosting across his chest and caressing his neck and face. Draco’s lips pressed against yours passionately, as his rhythm began to get sloppy. 

    You could feel your release fast approaching and you could tell Draco’s was too. You arched your back, pushing yourself closer to him. He let out ragged breaths and broken moans. You were so far gone that the only noises leaving your mouth were choked cries and whimpers. 

     Draco moved one hand from the bed next to you, down to your core, finding your clit immediately. He rubbed it vigorously, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. After a couple more seconds you were crying out, arching into him as your orgasm ripped through you. After another few thrusts, Draco round his release, spilling into you and moaning loudly. 

     He pulled out after a little while and rolled onto his back next to you. You both laid there in post orgasmic bliss, basking in each others presence. He propped himself on his elbow and looked down at you. He brushed a piece of hair out of your face and kissed you gently. He then laid back down and pulled you into his chest, cuddling you as you both fell asleep. 

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     You awoke the next morning to Zabini, Goyle and Parkinson jumping around and shouting, while Draco screamed at them to look away. You frantically covered yourself with the sheet as he herded the boys out of the room. 

     “Well, maybe next time we should remember to go back to our own beds…”


I’m so sorry… this has been in my drafts for weeks.. I’m a terrible person but I finished it now. At like midnight.. I’m so sorry to whoever requested this months ago. Hopefully you’ll see this and know i didn’t forget..



Prompt: It’s no secret you and Draco always have been in love. After Astoria’s death, your paths crossed again, until you’re engaged to each other. In your wedding night, Draco gets too happy and wants to provide the best for his wife in every single way.

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Warnings: none.

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It was a moment too fleet to be detected by the crowd but an eternity for the lover. Time has two faces, Khayyam said to himself. It has two dimensions, its length is measured by the rhythm of the sun but its depth by the rhythm of passion.
—  Amin Maalouf, Samarkand
Honored (Smut) [Requested]

“John, I- I have something I’d like to ask you.” You play with your fingers, looking down.

“Okay.” He looks up you with a smile, something he only shows you, sporting a frown any other time, from your shared bed.

“I-” You pause and take a deep breath. “I want you to- I want you to take my virginity.” He loses his smile and stands up.


“If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. But if I’m losing my virginity to anyone I want it to be with you.”

“I- are you sure?” You nod and he does the same thing to himself, mulling it over, “Y/N, I’d be honored to take you. But you need to be absolutely sure you want this. That you want me.” He stresses the word “me” and you smile, knowing how insecure he is. Not that he would ever show or tell you willingly. You had picked up on it.

“I want this and I want you, John.” He hesitantly smiles. He quietly asks when you wanted it to happen. “Tonight? After everyone is asleep?” He nods and then he’s cradling your face in his hands and kissing you slowly. The two of you break apart and separate outside of your tent, going to the workplace you had been assigned.


“You’re absolutely sure? No doubts?” You just kiss him hard, grabbing his hands and putting them on your hips, your own hands moving up his chest to his hair before wrapping around him.

“I want you, John. Always.” He smiles at you lovingly.

“We should get naked then. And then move to the bed.” He takes off his own shirt and your eyes look at his flat stomach covered in scars. Your gaze meets his embarrassed eyes and you smile, kissing him gently before taking off your own shirt and toeing off your boots and socks. You look back at him to see his back as he takes off his pants. You stare for a bit before taking your own pants off. You were both in only your underwear when his arms wrap around your waist and his lips press against yours, moving is a slower, more passionate rhythm that had you panting. Murphy’s hands move up your spine to your bra clasp. He looks at you for permission before unhooking it and helping get it off of you. His eyes don’t move down until you whisper words of encouragement. “Beautiful.” He whispers, kissing your chest.

Things go slow as he kisses your skin and whispers about how beautiful you are. You draws moans and gasps from you when he goes down, licking your clit and telling you he loves your sounds when you blush and try to keep quiet.


Murphy rocks in and out of you slowly, watching for signs of pain. Eventually he speeds up, still watching you. You lean up and kiss him, slowly at first and then it gets desperate. His pace quickens at your command and he groans as you tighten around him, your orgasm hitting you full force. He finds his soon after and pulls out, holding you close to him and kissing you softly.

“Was that good? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Murphy asks quietly and you just smile, kissing him again.

“It was great. And no, you didn’t hurt me. Thank you.”

“Thank you for letting me be the one to do this with you.” He says, but you had already fallen asleep in his arms, a smile on your face.

Is that alright with you-A Soryu Oh ( Kissed by the baddest bidder) smut shot! (jealousy)

Soyu Oh was a silent man, who tended to disregard his own needs and emotions most of the time, especially when it came to feeling jealous towards you, his beloved girlfriend, knowing that his irrational behavior might scare you or even worse hurt you. But as he watched you talking to the Maruta guy in the doorway who confessed his feelings for you a few days ago, he couldn’t help but clench his fist in irritation as the man kept invading your personal space, acting too friendly towards you.

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Doin’ Dirt

Request: “Barry Allen fic of Doin’ Dirt by Maroon 5.” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Fem!Reader 

Warnings: A wee bit of smut, fluff, sexual tension. (By the way, I don’t usually do music imagines, so I’m sorry if this is shit..) cussing, etc.

Your P.O.V

It’s been a long and endless week. Barry and I haven’t been able to spend time together because of our different schedules. And when we do get to be with each other, the only thing we do is work.. We don’t cuddle or talk or anything.. We just work on finding the meta-human that seems to be causing mischief. All I wanted was to be with Barry romantically.. and ya know. 

Oh yeah, Oh yeah 

Hey you, don’t wanna love you on the telephone. 

You’re hanging up and I’m all alone. 

Baby you’ve got me doin dirt, doin dirt, doin dirt. 

And now I want to find you but you’re off the run . 

My hearts exploding like a burning sun. 

And I know you like it when it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts. 

We paced the lab back and forth, crossing paths every few seconds. Caitlyn and Cisco had the day off and Mr.Wells was at a science convention. So we ‘volunteered’ to hold down the fort. Our thoughts completely and utterly developed within our work. All of a sudden, I heard a loud gasp. I turn towards Barry, concerned. “You okay?” He nodded, rolling his eyes. Never had I seen this type of frustration exhibit from him. I muttered under my breath, pulling out my phone to check the time. “I’m gonna grab some food for us so we can take a break.” He merely nodded, allowing me to leave without a seconds glance. I wonder what’s up with him?

Hold me down, we’re dancing in the dark of the night. 

You’re shining like a neon light. 

I light you up when I get inside.

So won’t you touch me ‘cause everybody’s watching us now.

We’re putting on a show for the whole crowd. 

So turn it up baby make it loud.

Hey you, say that you’re only having fun and then.

You call me up at 3-AM again. 

Baby you got me doing dirt, doing dirt, doing dirt. 

And now all I got is just a microphone. 

To let you know that I am all alone.

I know you like it when it hurts, when it hurts, when it hurts.

The next day.. 

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I walked in my house, setting the work down on floor. I took off my jacket, stretching out my arms. Rubbing my neck in a soothing manor, I leaned against my door. I groan, running a hand through my hair. All of a sudden, a large mass flipped my body, so that it was facing away from the front door. I looked up to see Barry smirking at me wickedly. I gaze at him, confused. “Barry? Are you-” Before I could finish, he slammed his lips into mine. Soon, we fell into a passionate rhythm. He wrapped his hands around my wrists, shoving them roughly above my head. 

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When he spoke, his voice was low, lustful and sexy. “I’ve missed you so much.” He rubbed his hand up and down my back. I grinned with the kiss. “Eager are we?” He grinned, wickedly. “God yes.” He lifted me up, caring me to the couch. He was gentle when he set me down, but then attacked my lips once more.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Hold me, we’re dancing in the dark of the night. 

You’re shining like a neon light.

I light you up when you get inside.

So you won’t touch me ‘cause everywhere’s watching us now. 

We’re putting on a show for the crowd. 

So turn it up baby make it loud. 

Yeah come on. 

So right now, I wanna leave with you right now. 

I wanna be in the car with you all night so lets go. 

Yeah so let’s take it home, take it home, take it home. 

So right now, I wanna leave with you right now. 

I wanna be in the car with you all night so lets go.

Yeah so let’s take it home, take it home, take it home.

Hold me, we’re dancing in the dark of the night. 

You’re shining like a neon light. 

I light you up when I get inside. 

So won’t you touch me ‘cause everybody’s watching us now. 

We’re putting on a show for the crowd. 

So turn it up baby make it loud. 

Our bodies moved together in a passionate and messy motion. His hands gripped, tightly around my waist. I drove my nails into his neck and hair. Gasping for air. Both of our breaths in motion. This was gonna be along, wild night. 

(I hope you liked it!!!)