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sparrabeth + elizabeth’s fascination with jack upon first meeting him

  • Mercury signs represents reasoning, communication, and thinking.
  • Mercury in Aries: Quick thinking, very vague thoughts. Comes off as coarse and unrefined.
  • Mercury in Taurus: Slow, very precise. Hates admitting they are wrong.
  • Mercury in Gemini: Scatter-brained, entertaining too many thoughts at once. Excellent communicator.
  • Mercury in Cancer: Guarded, measured words. Thoughts clouded by sensitivity and worries.
  • Mercury in Leo: Authoritative and know it all. Idealistic and loves sharing their thoughts.
  • Mercury in Virgo: High-strung, receptive to appreciation. Open minded yet structured.
  • Mercury in Libra: Diplomatic and pleasing. Tactful and compromising.
  • Mercury in Scorpio: Truth seeking and observant. Passionate, helpful, and strategic.
  • Mercury in Sagittarius: Freedom of thought and has grandiose ideas. Optimistic and fascinating.
  • Mercury in Capricorn: Diplomatic and concise. Methodical and guarded.
  • Mercury in Aquarius: Frivolous and enjoys stirring reactions in people. Superiority complex and detached.
  • Mercury in Pisces: Gentle and vague. Indirect but observant.
  • To calculate your Mercury sign, use this link and follow the instructions. http: //
1D Rebranding and Eventual Reunion: GP vs. Fandom Perception

So I’m seeing a lot of tension an unrest over the way that the members of 1D, Harry in particular, are distancing themselves from the band as they embark upon their solo careers (ie, Harry, or whatever intern runs Harry’s sm scrubbing his twitter clean of 1D mentions). I know people are anxious about this, and I understand that anxiety, but I want to offer a different perspective: I think this could be a good thing, not just for their solo ventures, but for 1D as a whole. Hear me out on this one, long windily and under the cut. 

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I think that’s why I loved her. I fell in love with how she loved; how she was so passionate about what she did, or rather how passionate she was about life. We often question what we need but it isn’t what we need, it’s what needs us. Without passion we are naught, an empty vessel that simply exists for mere observation. Without passion it’s almost as if we don’t exist. I think that’s what we all must find in what seems like a perpetual existence. We must find something to be passionate about. I found passion when I found her, but she was already passionate about someone else.
—  simplyjanel

L O N D O N  (1 8 9 0 - 1 9 0 0)  

” It is difficult to speak adequately or justly of London. It is not a pleasant place; it is not agreeable, or cheerful, or easy, or exempt from reproach. It is only magnificent. You can draw up a tremendous list of reasons why it should be insupportable. The fogs, the smoke, the dirt, the darkness, the wet, the distances, the ugliness, the brutal size of the place, the horrible numerosity of society, the manner in which this senseless bigness is fatal to amenity, to convenience, to conversation, to good manners – all this and much more you may expatiate upon. You may call it dreary, heavy, stupid, dull, inhuman, vulgar at heart and tiresome in form. I have felt these things at times so strongly that I have said – ”Ah London, you too then are impossible?” But these are occasional moods; and for one who takes it as I take it, London is on the whole the most possible form of life. I take it as an artist and as a bachelor; as one who has the passion of observation and whose business is the study of human life. It is the biggest aggregation of human life – the most complete compendium of the world.” — Henry James

Mercury in the Signs

Mercury in Aries: Quick-witted, Straight forward, Sharp
Mercury in Taurus: Careful, Melodious, Sturdy
Mercury in Gemini: Intelligent, Witty, Curious
Mercury in Cancer: Reflective, Intuitive, Gentle
Mercury in Leo: Creative, Loud, Boastful
Mercury in Virgo: Intellectual, Sharp-witted, Accomplished
Mercury in Libra: Critical, Fair, Social
Mercury in Scorpio: Passionate, Observant, Sharp tongued
Mercury in Sagittarius: Philosophical, Honest, Enthusiastic
Mercury in Capricorn: Serious, Methodical, Disciplined
Mercury in Aquarius: Thoughtful, Indifferent, Unorthodox
Mercury in Pisces: Imaginative, Artistic, Inspirational

Maybe, Possibly, No, Definitely, An Unpopular Opinion

For someone who makes viewers cringe, Paige was certainly spilling some major Truth Tea this evening.

I don’t care if you don’t like her because you don’t want her with Emily because you want Emily with Ali because Paige drowned Emily in a pool and then they started dating and you thought that was fucked when Emily should’ve been with Alison all along…because THIS ISN’T ABOUT SHIPS. It’s about maturity. Which Paige has in spades, while Alison is still playing the victim.

Alison still thinks she rules the world and/or that the world revolves around her. Both of these girls know who they are, and are steadfast in their beliefs. The difference is, Paige literally embodies every facet of a grown up, now. Ali is still playing Kick The Can (or in this case the vulnerable girl who isn’t so vulnerable anymore and instead of being complimented on actual growth she’s chastised for actually GROWING UP wow!)

She’s basically my mouth piece for everything I’ve being saying since Day One. Even Emily “I have no idea what is going on” Fields noticed and called Ali out to the tune of that they “weren’t in homeroom before first period” or something along those lines. And then followed up with “why do you want us to keep proving that we love you?”

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  • SIGNS: So to start of there are 12 signs, these are the basic personalities<br>
  • Here are some negative and positive traits of the signs to help you understand them better <br>
  • -<br>
  • Aries Positive: Independent, Generous, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Courageous <br>
  • Aries Negative: Moody, Short Tempered, Self-involved, Impulsive, Impatient</p>
  • Taurus Positive: Dependable, Persistent, Loyal, Patient, Generous
  • Taurus Negative: Stubborn, Laziness, Possessive, Materialistic, Self-indulging
  • Gemini Positive: Energetic, Clever, Imaginative, Witty, Adaptable
  • Gemini Negative: Superficial, Impulsive, Restless, Devious, Indecisive
  • Cancer Positive: Loyalty, Dependable, Caring, Adaptable, Responsive
  • Cancer Negative: Moody, Clingy, Self-pitying, Oversensitive, Self-absorbed</p>
  • Leo Positive: Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging
  • Leo Negative: Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Stubborn, Vain
  • Virgo Positive: Observant, Helpful, Reliable, Precise
  • Virgo Negative: Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering
  • Libra Positive: Diplomatic, Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, Hospitable
  • Libra Negative: Superficial, Vain, Indecisive, Unreliable
  • Scorpio Positive: Loyal, Passionate, Resourceful, Observant, Dynamic
  • Scorpio Negative: Jealous, Obsessive, Suspicious, Manipulative, Unyielding
  • Sagittarius Positive: Adventurous
  • Idealistic,Good Humored, Honest, Educated
  • Sagittarius Negative: Tactless, Rambling, Exaggerating, Careless, Irresponsible
  • Capricorn Positive: responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful. loyal
  • Capricorn Negative: dictatorial, inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative
  • Aquarius Positive: Witty, Clever, Humanitarian, Inventive, Original
  • Aquarius Negative: Stubborn, Unemotional, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof
  • Pisces Positive: Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative
  • Pisces Negative: Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Lazy, Escapist
  • -
  • PLANETS: There are 10 planets, each one has a meaning and is ruled by one or two signs
  • For example Jupiter, if you were born with Jupiter under Taurus you are a Taurus Jupiter
  • If you wanna know what this means you look at Taurus' basic traits and apply that to the meaning of the planet
  • There are personal planets and Public planets
  • The personal planets change faster than the public planets and therefore are the base of your personality and will shine more
  • Here are the planets plus what they mean in your life and how they describe your personality
  • -
  • The sun: The sun is ruled by Leo and is a personal planet, it changes every month and reflects your basic personality
  • The moon: The moon is ruled by Cancer and is a personal planet, it changes every 2-3 days and reflects your emotions, moods and relationship with mother
  • Mercury: Mercury is ruled by Virgo and Gemini and is a personal planet, it changes every 3-4 weeks and reflects your communication and mind
  • Venus: Venus is ruled by Taurus and Libra and is a personal planet, it changes every 4-5 weeks and reflects your love & attraction
  • Mars: Mars is ruled by Aries and (co ruled) by Scorpio and is a personal planet, it changes every 6-7 weeks and reflects your anger, drive and energy
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius and is a public planet, it changes every 12-13 months and reflects your luck, growth and wisdom
  • Saturn: Saturn is ruled by Capricorn and is a public planet, it changes every 2-3 years and reflects your discipline, fears & challenges
  • Uranus: Uranus is ruled by Aquarius and is a public planet, it changes every 7 years and reflects your change, originality and generation
  • Neptune: Neptune is ruled by Pisces and is a public planet, it changes every 10-12 years and reflects your healing process and dreams
  • Pluto: Pluto is ruled by Scorpio and is a public planet, it changes every 12-15 years and reflects your power and transformation
  • -HOUSES: there are 12 houses, each house is the home of one sign and describes a different aspect in your life, they can change every 15 minutes and are used in two different ways
  • The first one is that you have the 12 houses and a sign in each one of them, it describes how you will handle these aspects in your life
  • The second one is that you have a house in each planet, for example if you're a Taurus Jupiter and you're born while Jupiter was in the 6th house you are a Jupiter Taurus in the 6th house, the 6th house is the home of Virgo, so that means you're a Jupiter Taurus Virgo, its like a second sign but less prominent
  • And now here are the houses and what aspect in life they rule, you can use this in the first way of houses and how they are used
  • -
  • 1st house/Ascendant&Rising: the home of Aries, this house reflects the personality, the face you show the world and your physical appearance
  • 2nd house: the home of Taurus, this house reflects earned money and material goods
  • 3rd house: the home of Gemini, this house reflects surroundings, siblings and studies
  • 4th house/Imum Coeli: the home of cancer, reflects the family, home, origins and the father
  • 5th house: the home of Leo, reflects love, pleasure, children and creativity
  • 6th house: the home of Virgo, it reflects everyday life, daily work and health
  • 7th house/Descendant: the home of libra, it reflects marriage, associations and contracts
  • The 8th house: the home of Scorpio, reflects passions, transformation, death, and sexuality
  • 9th house: the house of Sagittarius, it reflects traveling, higher concepts and spirituality
  • 10th house/Midheaven: the home of Capricorn, it reflects social success, careers and the mother
  • 11th house: the home of Aquarius, it reflects friends, support and protections in life
  • 12th house: the home of Pisces, it reflects enemies, difficulties and secrets
  • -
  • GROUPS,ORDER & RELATIONSHIPS: In astrology there are different groups and connections between the signs
  • This shows why the signs are put in this particular order, it shows a pattern
  • In the lists below I'll also explain how this effects the signs and their personality
  • -Elements: the signs
  • Aries: Fire
  • Taurus: Earth
  • Gemini: Air
  • Cancer: Water
  • Leo: Fire
  • Virgo: Earth
  • Libra: Air
  • Scorpio: Water
  • Sagittarius: Fire
  • Capricorn: Earth
  • Aquarius: Air
  • Pisces: Water
  • -
  • Elements: the meaning/keywords
  • -
  • Fire Positive: Energetic, Inspiring, Leaders, Passionate, Creative
  • Fire Negative: Selfish, Flighty, Impulsive, Short tempered
  • Earth Positive: Productive, Practical, Loyal, Determined, Strong Opinions
  • Earth Negative: Materialistic, Demanding, Cold, Fearfull, Greedy
  • Air Positive: Inventors, Social, Nice, Balanced, Smart
  • Air Negative: Superficial, Intuitive, Detached, Scattered
  • Water Positive: Compassionate, Artistic, Helpful, Sympathetic
  • Water Negative: Dramatic, Over-Emotional, Controling, Manipulative
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine: The signs
  • -
  • Aries: Masculine
  • Taurus: Feminine
  • Gemini: Masculine
  • Cancer: Feminine
  • Leo: Masculine
  • Virgo: Feminine
  • Libra: Masculine
  • Scorpio: Feminine
  • Sagittarius: Masculine
  • Capricorn: Feminine
  • Aquarius: Masculine
  • Pisces: Feminine
  • -
  • Masculine & Feminine: The meaning
  • -
  • Masculine: heading forward, pushing the barrier, unaware of emotions, focused on the future, unaware of the things you say and do and the affect it has on people
  • Feminine: Feeling deeply, Cautious when it comes to actions and always thinking before doing, caring & especially for the ones you love
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable: the signs
  • -
  • Aries: Cardinal
  • Taurus: Fixed
  • Gemini: Mutable
  • Cancer: Cardinal
  • Leo: Fixed
  • Virgo: Mutable
  • Libra: Cardinal
  • Scorpio: Fixed
  • Sagittarius: Mutable
  • Capricorn: Cardinal
  • Aquarius: Fixed
  • Pisces: Mutable
  • -
  • Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable: the meaning
  • -
  • Cardinal: The Cardinal signs are those that open a season (Aries Spring, Cancer Summer, Libra Fall, Capricorn Winter) these signs are known for their strong will, they are forceful and can get aggressive when someone stands in their way, they often start and cause things, they add thrill to the world
  • Fixed: the fixed signs are the signs that play when the season is in full working (Taurus spring,
  • Leo summer, Scorpio fall, Aquarius winter) they are passionate and see it as their duty to keep everything in order, they are known for their ego and how they can be very proud
  • They add order to the world
  • Mutable: The mutable signs are those that close a season (Gemini Spring, Virgo Summer, Sagittarius Fall, Pisces Winter) these are associated with leadership ambition, and being versatile
  • They often change their expression to meet the demands of other
  • They add change to the world
  • -
  • Sisters: the signs, opposites and twins
  • -
  • Aries: Libra
  • Taurus: Scorpio
  • Gemini: Sagittarius
  • Cancer: Capricorn
  • Leo: Aquarius
  • Virgo: Pisces
  • Libra: Aries
  • Scorpio: Taurus
  • Sagittarius: Gemini
  • Capricorn: Cancer
  • Aquarius: Leo
  • Pisces: Virgo
  • -
  • Sisters: the meaning
  • -
  • Aries & Libra: "The jock and the chearleader" , With Aries we create, with libra we refine
  • With Aries we make war, with libra we make peace
  • Both Aries and libra are likeable and strong- willed, they have a knack for seducing people
  • Fighting for justice
  • Taurus & Scorpio: "Calmness and Chaos" ,
  • With Taurus we life, with Scorpio we die
  • With Taurus we create harmony , with Scorpio we create drama.
  • Both possessive, magnetic, hard shell soft inside, sensitive
  • Gemini & Sagittarius: "The student and the teacher"
  • With Gemini we learn, with Sagittarius we know
  • With Gemini we jump from opinion to opinion, with Sagittarius we hold on to our beliefs
  • Both very charming, social, smart, witty
  • Know how to entertain and keep people their attention
  • Cancer & Capricorn: "The child and the mother"
  • With cancer we need to be taken care of, with Capricorn we need to do things alone
  • With cancer we feel bad for ourselves, with Capricorn we are hard on ourselves
  • Both Capricorn and Cancer know how to make dreams reality and think in solutions
  • They have high expectations from their lovers and friends and want loyalty and commitment
  • Leo & Aquarius: "The model and the designer"
  • With Aquarius we create, with Leo we show off
  • With Aquarius we are different, with Leo we follow trends
  • Both signs are proud and have a selfish side,they love all forms of art and like to show of their creativity
  • Virgo and Pisces: "Earth and Space"
  • With Pisces we dream, with Virgo we snap back to reality
  • With Pisces we make a mess, with Virgo we clean
  • Both signs are highly sensitive and have a love for concepts and detail
  • -
  • COMPATIBILITY: of course some signs get along better than others, that doesn't say that some signs don't have a chance together, each combination is possible and unique, some just need a bit more dedication
  • Also YOU CANT BASE COMPATIBILITY OFF OF ONLY YOUR SUN SIGN, there are more signs and of course no one will match perfect with each sign, so that's how you can see where you need to work on in the relationship,
  • An Example would be if you have a aries sun and the other person a Leo sun (planet of your ego and personality) it would match when it comes down to basic personality traits, because these two signs are very compatible
  • but if you have a Gemini mercury (the planet of the mind and communication) and the same other person has a Pisces mercury there may be some problems with communication and beliefs because Pisces and Gemini are less compatible
  • But now I'll explain how I know and calculate which signs are compatible, for this it is important to know the order and groups the signs are in (you can look back at the group part in this article)
  • -
  • 100% compatible: the best combination for each sign is one of the same element or the next masculine/feminine sign
  • For example, lets take Sagittarius (Fire and Masculine) best matches for this sign would be Aries and Leo (also fire) or Aquarius (the next sign after Sagittarius that is also masculine)
  • Another example is Pisces (Water and Feminine) the best matches would be Scorpio and Cancer (also water) or Taurus (the next sign after Pisces that is also feminine)
  • -
  • 90% compatible: the second best combination for each sign is their sister sign or the feminine/masculine sign before them
  • So again for example Sagittarius (Masculine) their second best match would be Gemini (their sister sign ) or libra (the first masculine sign before them)
  • Again another example Pisces (Feminine) their second best match would be Virgo (their sister sign)or Capricorn (the first feminine sign before them)
  • -
  • 50% compatible: the half/half matches are matches that could work but need some attention and effort.
  • These are the signs that are ruled by the same planet or are from the same category out of the fixed, mutable and cardinal signs
  • For example for Taurus libra would be a challenge but still has change of working because they are both ruled by Venus
  • Second example is Pisces and Sagittarius they are both cardinal signs so it could be possible
  • Another and last example is Virgo and Gemini, I'd give these a 60% because they are both ruled by the same planet AND they are both mutable signs
  • -
  • 30% compatible: the signs that are around the other sign,
  • So for example for Sagittarius Capricorn or Scorpio would be a hard match because Sagittarius stands between Scorpio and Capricorn on the list
  • And lastly I'd give 30% to the signs that have nothing in common,
  • So no same element, no fixed/mutable/cardinal/feminine/masculine similarity, and no same planet
  • For example Capricorn (Earth/Feminine/Cardinal/Saturn) and Gemini (Air/Masculine/Mutable/Mercury)
  • -
  • -


As usual: P l e a s e take note that I’m comparing their planet positions and while they do help a lot with understanding how these two work together, it’s not exactly a Synastry. I don’t have their birth times, so this is mostly speculation since I can’t place their planets in actual houses, knowing exatcly what they stand for, and therefore cannot do a proper Synastry. 


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Sun Sign Keywords

Aries Sun: Fiery, Impulsive, Bold, Dynamic, Independent, Courageous, Assertive, Impulsive, Aggressive, Humanitarian, Daring, Risk-taker, Energetic, Friendly, Careless, Childish

Taurus Sun: Stubborn, Patient, Materialistic, Loyal, Dependable, Resourceful, Thorough, Stable, Cautious, Deliberate, Slow

Gemini Sun: Communicative, Restless, Witty, Indecisive, Adapatable, Imaginative, Sensitive, Alert, Friendly, Superficial, Curious

Cancer Sun: Protective, Caring, Clingy, Family Oriented, Moody, Tenacious, Calm, Sensitive, Nurturing, Shy, Possessive

Leo Sun: Confident, Loyal, Vain, Ambitious, Arrogant, Dominating, Generous, Creative, Flamboyant, Egotisitcal, Selfish, Attention-seeker, Optimistic

Virgo Sun: Perfectionist, Analytical, Crictical, Reliable, Pracatical, Efficient, Helpful, Timid, Skeptical, Fincky

Libra Sun: Charming, Indecisive, Peaceful, Idealistic, Friendly, Superficial, Cooperative, Fair, Tactful, Objective, Lazy, Cultural, Strategist

Scorpio Sun: Powerful, Observant, Manipulative, Passionate, Resourceful, Intelligent, Cunning, Sensitive, Secretive, Possessive, Vengeful, Investigator

Sagittarius Sun: Philosophical, Aloof, Fun, Blunt, Independent, Honest, Intelligent, Straightforward, Careless, Truth-seeker, Traveler, Talkative, Tactless, Over-confident

Capricorn Sun: Ambitious, Conceited, Responsible, Prudent, Patient, Intelligent, Introverted, Untrusting, Mature, Goal seeker, Traditional

Aquarius Sun: Intellectual, Rebellious, Sarcastic, Original, Clever, Logical, Hard working, Cold, Detached, Stubborn, Opinionated, Unconventional

Pisces sun: Instinctive, Imaginative, Escapist, Compassionate, Romantic, Sensitive, Kind, Unconventional, Emotional, Obsessive, Vulnerable, Shy, Unstable, Risk-taker, Self-pitying

French Movie Night!

For the first part of my series about making AP French summer prep fun, here’s a short list of movies that I enjoyed watching through my years of French! I’ve also included some Youtubers as well, because why not!

Honestly, one of the most important parts of the class is keeping yourself interested in the material, so try to find something in the culture you enjoy!

Movies (many are on Netflix!)

  • Populaire - a film about a young woman who tries to make a career out of her passion for typing
  • Amélie - a young woman’s journey through her life alone and how she observes the world
  • Les Choristes - a film about a run-down boys’ school and how a teacher does his best to spark a passion in them through music
  • Xavier Dolan Films - a variety of films that deal with familial problems, as well as gay relationships throughout
  • Kirikou et la Sorcière - the animated story of a baby who tries to save his village from a sorceress
  • Many other movies, either DVDs or online, have the option to switch languages or even just add French subtitles! Even if it’s a film you’ve already seen, try watching it in another language to see how much you can pick up! That’s how I started!


Feel free to reblog this and add your own! Bonne chance!



passionate, sincere, private, observant, instinctual.

if your moon is in cancer, pisces, or scorpio, you are a water moon. this means that water signs’ qualities are applied to the moon’s feminine energies. they are instinctual when it comes to people (much like fire moons). those with water moon sign appreciate honesty and things that can be expressed without words.

The Signs: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Each sign has their strengths and weakness because nobody is perfect. It is important to recognize not only our strengths but as well as our weaknesses in order to learn from them and grow as a person. The good are the ones that is admirable and makes people gravitate towards you, the bad is the small quirks that could always be improved upon and the ugly is the extreme case of the sign that can cause conflicts with others.

Aries: THE GOOD: Adventurous, enthusiastic, independent, quick-witted, daredevil, energetic. THE BAD: Impatient, stubborn, impulsive. THE UGLY: Selfish, quick-tempered, foolhardy. 

Taurus: THE GOOD: Patient, warmhearted, determined, reliable, loyal, generous. THE BAD: Lazy, jealous, stubborn. THE UGLY: Materialistic, self-indulgent, self-centered. 

Gemini: THE GOOD: Adaptable, funny, clever, youthful, expressive, curious. THE BAD: Gossipy, inconsistent, tense. THE UGLY: Devious, Two-faced, callous. 

Cancer: THE GOOD: Nurturing, protective, imaginative, loyal, empathetic, dependable. THE BAD: Vulnerable, paranoid, clingy THE UGLY: Manipulative, over-emotional, moody. 

Leo: THE GOOD: Loyal, courageous, generous, ambitious, encouraging, creative. THE BAD: Pushy, boastful, over-sensitive. THE UGLY: Domineering, melodramatic, arrogant. 

Virgo: THE GOOD: Observant, modest, helpful, reliable, clever, dedicated. THE BAD: perfectionist, worrier, harsh. THE UGLY: Overcritical, naggy, over-demanding. 

Libra: THE GOOD: Diplomatic, charming, idealistic, peaceful, trustworthy, laid-back. THE BAD: Indecisive, lazy, gullible. THE UGLY: Superficial, complainer, vain.  

Scorpio: THE GOOD: Passionate, magnetic, determined, resourceful, observant, loyal. THE BAD: Resentful, aggressive, jealous. THE UGLY: Obsessive, manipulative, destructive. 

Sagittarius: THE GOOD: Honest, jovial, philosophical, free-spirited, enthusiastic, versatile. THE BAD: Frank, forgetful, careless. THE UGLY: Irresponsible, argumentative, hotheaded. 

Capricorn: THE GOOD: Ambitious, patient, careful, humorous, resourceful, independent. THE BAD: Rigid, distrusting, unimaginative. THE UGLY: Dictatorial, egotistical, detached.

Aquarius: THE GOOD: Humanitarian, friendly, honest, inventive, open-minded, witty. THE BAD: Rebellious, unpredictable, distant. THE UGLY: god-complex, unemotional, contradictory. 

Pisces: THE GOOD: Selfless, compassionate, accepting, devoted, visionary, spiritual. THE BAD: Lazy, vague, escapist. THE UGLY: Self-pitying, weak-willed, temperamental.  

the signs + character development
  • aries: WAS insensitive, rude, over-powering, impatient, impulsive. IS brave, independent, powerful, strong-willed, caring.
  • taurus: WAS lazy, stubborn, possessive, selfish. IS determined, strong, generous, loyal.
  • gemini: WAS two faced, restless, devious, superficial. IS clever, energetic, imaginative, witty.
  • cancer: WAS weak, moody, clingy, oversensitive. IS dependable, caring, loyal, responsive.
  • leo: WAS self-absorbed, domineering, melodramatic. IS confident, ambitious, encouraging, loyal.
  • virgo: WAS over-critical, fussy, inflexible, cold. IS analytical, observant, intelligent, resourceful, reliable.
  • libra: WAS ditzy, superficial, vain, indecisive, unreliable. IS intelligent, idealistic, brave, selfless, loving, adaptable.
  • scorpio: WAS manipulative, jealous, obsessive, suspicious. IS observant, dynamic, passionate, loyal.
  • sagittarius: WAS cold, two faced, rebellious, aggressive. IS self-reliant, responsive, freedom-loving, strong.
  • capricorn: WAS inhibited, conceited, distrusting, unimaginative. IS patient, resourceful, loyal, intelligent.
  • aquarius: WAS detached, stubborn, rebellious, sarcastic. IS witty, clever, inventive, original.
  • pisces: WAS oversensitive, self-pitying, escapist, weak. IS caring, accepting, devoted, imaginative.
  • [based on character personalities from shows etc.]
I know with all my being; that she doesn’t feel the same. But my heart knocks on my chest and shouts: “she’s the one! look at her shine.” And I do. Every second of the day. I watch the way her eyes glisten when I mention something she’s passionate about, I observe her hands and the way she rests her pinky finger on her bottom lip when she’s in deep thought. I swear, her touch stings as if she’s a live flame and I’m a pathetic puddle — but each time, I can’t get enough.
—  k.f