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4am thoughts at Noon

4am thoughts at Noon
I remember how
You would cut away at me like scalpels and axes as if I was something you wanted to tear down or reconstruct,
You used my body for your temporary highs and instant fixes and didn’t even noticed what you were breaking,
Who forced you so deep into your own closet that you now share closet space with the skeletons that dwelled within,
How did it feel?
To feel yourself pack parts of you away only to trip over them,
You were the only one I’ve ever trusted to see into my soul and despite its beauty all you saw was an opportunity, an opportunity to reach in with filthy hands and clear shelves that took decades to stock,
You took parts of me to replace the parts of yourself that you’ve lost and left me searching for things that no longer existed,
You made your bed and laid besides demons,
You allowed them to take my place and they took more than just that,
They took things that couldn’t be seen and I was the witness,
But there were no courts or judges for me inform just empty rooms of things that once was,
Was I not enough to fill your appetite that you had to play in the dark and all the creatures that roamed there, was my touch not comforting enough for you to stay,
I held you so close with closed fists but you still got away,
But I have a few things to remind me of you
Like these 4am thoughts at noon

By Leon T


To make it easier to find specific fics and whatnot :0 

  1. Inevitable ( Ouma Kokichi and Shuuichi Saihara as cousins) 
  2. You Are Not Alone ( “Since Ouma is compared to Hitler a lot, how about writing something where Ouma is suicidal or is thinking of suicide” )
  3. You Are Not Alone, Part 2 ( “ i need more of that depressed ouma x amami mmdgmdfg” )
  4. My Supreme Ruler ( Amami follows Ouma) 
  5. Care For You ( ”Can you write a self-harm fic without romanticizing the issue?” )
  6. We Were Supposed To Have Breakfeast (”amami kills himself and ouma is the last one to know? maybe he goes into shock…” )
  7. Bandaging The Wounds, continuation of Care For You ( “Can you write the aftermath to the self-harm fic where Amami bandages and comforts Ouma?”)
  8. … Why? ( “ can you write some oumami fluff?? ;v;” )
  9. Teasing Ouma ( “ okay okay but oumami fluff?? ouma carried bridal style?? kisses/??? fluff”)
  10. Should’ve Known Better  (”I wanted to ask if you could write Kaede x Miu fluff?” )
  11. As Expected ( “ Ouma calls himself a liar because a small part of him wants someone figure out his cheery, confident personality is all a facade.”)
  12. The Buddy System ( “ Ouma tells Amami that they should sleep in the same room every night, claiming it’s so he can protect Amami.”)
  13. Not Dead, continuation of We Were Supposed to Have Breakfast (” post amami’s suicide ouma…. at the class trial… for a continuation of your fic where he killed himself yo….” )
  14. Don’t Show Kiibo the Panta (” Could you write Ouma and Amami going on a double date with any other couple/ship for DRV3? c:”)
  15. What Makes a Supreme Ruler? (”Amami nearly dies.”)
  16. Make It Stop ( “ After a particular gruesome execution, the stress of the killing game finally gets to Ouma, and he has a mental breakdown.” )
  17. Anything For You, continuation of Care for You and Bandaging the Wounds ( Could you please write more Oumami, with a depressed Ouma ? (like that self harm fic maybe ? I love how you portrayed Ouma there)
  18. Coward ( “ Ouma… snaps, and accidentally murders him. Imagine the trial” )
  19. To Ouma Kokichi continuation of We Were Supposed To Have Breakfast and Not Dead ( “ ultimate angst, post amami suicide: he (ouma) finds a hidden note thats /very/ detailed , heu” )
  20. Made to Beg ( Someone tries to kill ouma and all of a sudden he realises how weak he is (cause Amami saved him ofc) and he’s really shaken up)
  21. Despair and You   (Yandere!Amami)
  22. Tongue-Tied ( “ Ouma suddenly feels very self-conscious around Amami after realizing his romantic feelings for him.” )
  23. Robots and Chocolate ( “ kiibo comforting a sad kaede” , “Kaede x Kiibo fluff”)
  24. Hugs Make Everything Better   ( “Ouma is mad at himself for crying so much during the killing game. Kiibo doesn’t understand why he’d be upset about that because Kiibo can’t cry himself and has always wished he could cry.” )
  25. ~ Robot Kiibo’s check-up! Overheating Disaster?! ~ ( “ I´d be interested in you maybe trying to write more gruesome executions ? Keebo maybe ?” )
  26. We’ll Be Alright ( “ I saw that you shipped Saihara x Kokichi x Amami, so I was wondering if you could write some romance for it please??” )
  27. Maki the Mother Duck (“ Maki and Kaede adopting baby ducks because they think Maki is their mom?” )
  28. The Real Kiibo ( “  the human kI-bo theory ? (where the human is sick and controls the robot kI-bo). “ )
  29. Your Arms Are My Shield  (Oumami cuddling feelsy fluff galore, including love confessions, comfort, and compliments <3)
  30. Contact ( “ Ouma… associates physical contact with pain. Even something as simple as someone brushing his arm can freak him out.” and “Ouma is in a romantic relationship with Amami and is deeply afraid of sexual intimacy” )
  31. Her Blood ( ouma and saihara being cousins !! …maybe write more revolving around that prompt (not really a continuation of the first one but something else)? like maybe saihara reaches his breaking point and breaks down in front of kokichi etc” )
  32. SHSL Dabster - The Beginning of a Dab-Filled Adventure!~ ( “ write the cringiest and memeingful fic possible?”) (Warning: IS AWFUL)
  33. Claim What’s Mine (Yandere Amami part 2)
  34. ~Angie’s Super Special Pocky Game!~ (The Pocky Day special where some shipping happens and pocky shenanigans ensue)
  35. Where Hope and Supremacy Collides ( “ What about a Makoto/Ouma? Ouma is all jelly because he wants the ultimate hope role or Makoto ends at Ouma’s secret organization base because of his bad luck”)
  36. The Fanservice Episode ( “the two fanservice scenes this game are just 1) ouma shoving amami (while he’s still fully clothed) into a pool and he gets dripping wet and 2) one of the male characters having to strip down to their underwear bc iruma "accidentally” spilled acid around them")
  37. To Rekindle Your Hope ( “Ouma begins experimenting with drugs in the nurse’s office in order to cope with his anxiety of the killing game. After a while, he begins abusing the drugs, and his behavior changes to the point where others worry.”)
  38. So Tired (” Ouma gets depressed and doesn’t even both getting out of bed.”)
  39. Simulation #167 ( “Can you make a fic about Kiibo has a nightmare about that he is manipulated by someone, then he kills people and can’t stop and Kaede conforms him and says ‘no matter if you are a robot, you have feelings and will, that makes you human'”)
  40. We Get What We Deserve ( “ cousin au (au?) Could you please write Saihara having to investigate Ouma’s death? :3″, “…writing executions! Coule we see one for Saihara?)
  41. The Wrong Kind of Love ( “ Ever thought of writing something kind of weird like Yandere!Kiibo/Kaito?”)
  42. You’re Just Short ( “ Maki mistakes Ryouma for a kid but when she realizes her mistake Ryouma starts telling her about how he was always bullied because of his height and Maki tells him that she will be there for him. “ )
  43. Hidden Away ( “ Ouma hates his body’s appearance due to his injuries from his past abuse (bruises, cuts, burns, etc.) and due to the fact his body looks like that of a child.” )
  44. Yes, My Ruler ( “ Can you write where Ouma breaks his arm and Amani takes care of him?”)
  45. Such Despair (Yandere Amami, the third one! :0)
  46. To Please Amami ( “ After dating Amami for a little bit, Ouma realizes he loves Amami and worries he doesn’t love him back…”)
  47. Timeout  ( “ Saihara and Ouma bonding after a fight, and Amami just want his boyfriends to get along and loves them really much.” )
  48. Horrific Harmony (A bunch of ships, death, and a mastermind AU :pp) 
  49. To Feel Good, For Just A Moment   ( “ How about Kaito being the only one who knows about the human hiding and them being in a relationship ? (maybe with some nsfw ? //3// no pwp of course! don´t like that either). Like, kaito checking up on his sick boyfriend, making sure that he has his medication and everything”.)
  50. Love Potion #9 ( “ What about everyone is in love with Amami?” )
  51. Giggling Fits  ( “theres a prompt on ndrv3 headcanons about drunk oumami” )
  52. Alive In Our Hearts (“Kaede and Saihara escaped the killing game but an event beforehand left Kaede deaf, so she suffers from depression cuz she can’t even play the piano anymore and PTSD from all of her friends deaths. Saihara however, is there to help her and encourage her through it and continues to love her no matter what.” )
  53. Death Flags ( more cousin AU stuff, “ aihara and ouma venting to each other about the killing game” )
  54. I Just Want to Say Sorry (Ultimate angst Oumami, featuring Despair Diseases and Amami’s execution)
  55. ~Student Council Killing Game: NDRV3 Style!~ (Watch as the cast of NDRV3 kill each other in an entierly different game 0u0)
  56. The Queens of Despair and Their Robot Pet ( Mastermind Kaede and Maki, with their lil robo-slave Kiibo)
  57. Just One More Time (Sequel to To Rekindle Your Hope
  58. Just Because I Care (Sequel to Hidden Away )
  59. Your Passion ( Ki-bo is kinda looking up to Kaito and really admires and trusts him. While Kaito really likes him aswell and might even have a crush on the robot, he decides to abuse that trust and kills the robot.)
  60. Kiibo’s Party Surprise!   (Kiibo’s b-day party, with some Kaito x Kiibo and some Tojou x Shinguji sprinkled in too! 0u0 ) 
  61. Case #1: The Disappearance of Kaito Momota (Cont. of The Wrong Kind Of Love, Yandere Kiibo. Noire AU perhaps?) 
  62. No Time For Love ( “Ouma is a sex addict and uses his charm to have secret sexual activities with some of the students. He’s hates himself for his compulsive, constant sexual habits but can’t stop. Ouma couldn’t initially persuade Amami to have sex, but they date, and Ouma falls in love with him. However, Amami wants an exclusive relationship and doesn’t know about Ouma’s habits.” )
  63. Let’s Sleep Together Tonight  ( “ Ouma doesn’t know why he is always so flustered around saihara, but then when he’s trying to fall asleep his eyes snap open and he’s like 'Shit im in love’ So he just goes to saihara’s room in the middle of the night”)
  64. Thank You ( “ Where Saihara is dying because he receives a attack of mastermind/Monokuma” Kiibo/ Saihara friendship)
  65. I Trust You ( In which Ouma gets punished by Nasty Monkeys in front of Amami)
  66. Shut Up Amami! ( “ Amami supporting his bf in the scrum debates <3″ )
  67. Straightjacket ( “ Saw that you reblogged that one Ouma theory where he wears his scarf to hide a chain on his neck. How about some Oumami with Amami finding out about that?”)
  68. Me, My Son, and My Son’s Son  ( Human Kiibo, Robot Kiibo, Kiibo Junior meeting up with Kaito and Hoshi)
  69. Troubled Sleep (Hope’s Peak AU with Oumami and bad dreams (references NDRV3 Student Council Killing) )
  70. In His Head (Mind-reading Amami helps a depressed Ouma)
  71. I Am Your Kiibo? ( “ Kiibo used to be an ill human, and died during surgery, and his father/mother/whatever was so sad that they tried to recreate him as a robot?” )
  72. Sick With Lust (Despair Disease and Funk Detective Music Smut) 
  73. Safe To Be Me ( Ouma came from a very homophobic past. Once he enrolled in the academy, he tries hiding his sexuality, thinks everyone is straight, and believes everyone will hate him if they know he is attracted to the same gender. )
  74. Bedside Squabbles (” Saihara x Ouma x Amami where Ouma wants to go somewhere fun (like a theme park) and Saihara protests and like they just fight about it and Amami just wants his boyfriends to get along")
  75. Space to Breathe ( “ I feel like tumblr is lacking toujou x shinguuji so if you can, perhaps write a little fluffy fic of the two?” )
  76. The Arrangement ( Superhero AU Oumami feat. seme Ouma. NSFW) 
  77. The Letters On Our Skin ( Soulmate AU, where whatever you write on your own skin appears on your soulmates 030!!!!)
  78. My Destined One…? (Soulmate AU featuring Kiibo, Ouma and Kaede)
  79. The Letters On Our Skin - Part 2 (Part 2 to the soulmate AU, ehehehe)
  80. Your True Face (Oumami, cousin AU, protective Saihara and Ouma actually tries to be not a shit and lead the class) 
  81. System Shutdown ( In which Ouma finds a broken Kiibo)
  82. The Genderbend Boogaloo (BASICALLY JUST PORN)
  83. Twenty-Four Times ( “ have you ever seen the time traveler amami theory/au? i think it would be really cool to see your personal take on how it would work out!!!” )
  84. I Will Save You ( “ I really liked your soulmate fic!!! So I was so seeing if you could write one where Ouma’s about to get murdered (owo) and he locks himself in his room and writes to Amami on his arm that he’s gonna die and aaaa “ )
  85. ~Quadruple Date Style!~ ( Gonta/Angie, Ouma/Amami, Saihara/Kaede and Shinguuji/Tojou go on a quadruple date. It goes as well as you expect. )
  86. Do Good By You ( “  Write a fic where Ouma and Amami break up but then get back together after a little while. “ )
  87. How to Cuddle a Robot ( Where Kaito tried to cuddle a robot )
  88. To Protect You (Gonta visits Shinguuji before bed. Gonta/Shinguuji )
  89. The One With the Purple Eyes ( “ How about Oumami reincarnation AU? Amami has been dreaming about this purple haired boy lately and tried to find him :D” )
  90. No Programs for Love ( In which Kiibo rejects Kaito )
  91. Can’t Help Falling In Love ( “ The song is called 'I can’t help falling in love’ and it’s a cover by twenty one pilots Just imagine Amami singing that to Ouma whilst playing the ukulele and the rest of the cast sing in the background / ouma proposes to amami” )
  92. Allow Me To Observe ( “ Is It alright if I ask for some Gonta / Shinguuji fluff? Where Gonta decides to take care of Shinguuji during the winter?” )
  93. ~Himiko’s Birthday! A Battle Between Angie and Ouma?!~ (Birthday fic with out fav witchy magician girl <33)
  94. For Their Sake ( OT3, Amami/Ouma/Saihara. “ Can you write kaede killing ouma and tricking everyone to the point where they vote for someone else (Amami) while he just yells at everyone it wasn’t him” and “Amami loses his two closest friends, Kaede and Saihara during the class trial)
  95. Shameless ( “ Amami uses sex therapy to help Ouma deal with his mental illness and emotional problems.” )
  96. Black and White“Before you meet your soulmate, the world is nothing but black and white. However, when you first touch them, the colours will suddenly light up world, and you’ll be able to experience all the colours that paint the land, up until your soul mate dies, to which it all becomes monochrome once more.” Soulmate AU where Ouma is blind)
  97. ~Queen Bee Gonta’s Honey Bath!~ ( Trash. Poor Bee Movie trash. Do not read!!! ;m; )
  98. TalentSwap Part 1 (Part 1 in a trilogy where Monokuma presents the motive of swapping the students talents. This covers ‘Daily Life’ )
  99. TalentSwap Part 2 (Part 2 in a trilogy where Monokuma presents the motive of swapping the students talents. This covers ‘Investigation Time’)  
  100. TalentSwap Part 3  (Part 3 in a trilogy where Monokuma presents the motive of swapping the students talents. This covers the Class Trial )
  101. Sailor Moon Ouma~ ( Ouma is uncomfortable with a male body, but he doesn’t know if he wants to change his gender, so he tries on their skirts/dresses. Amami, Tenko and Tsumugi catch him )
  102. Neither Hope Nor Despair (Continuation of  Where Hope and Supremacy Collides )
  103. The Disappearing Act ( Ouma likes Himiko, and tells Rantaro. and Rantaro wants to help him and randomly decides to bring Kaede along to see it.)
  104. Do Robots Have It…? (A smutty fic based on Ouma’s famous question, “Do robots have dicks?” )
  105. Jealousy ( Mastermind Oumami as the final survivors of the killing game )
  106. Small Moments (Kiiboumami fluff )
  107. I Just Want To Avenge You ( “ Alt ending for “I just want to say sorry” where Ouma indeed dies from the Despair Disease . Amami wakes up to find a dead body by his side…” )
  108. Dreaded Words (A darker take on a Soul Mate AU. Featuring Oumami)
Such A Tease (M)

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Requested Scenario by anon; Yay, it’s open! Can I request a scenario where Jungkook starts a tickle fight with you and it leads to a make out session (maybe more, your choice), please? Thanks you so much. I love your blog!! 😄

Jungkook x You 

Ummmmm, I didn’t really know if you wanted it to be this smutty, but I did it anyways. This smut got me screeching really hard. I love Jeon Jungkook, but damn. hahaha, i hope you enjoy this anon! :) It’s a full smut too, so yeah. You were like “maybe more” so I added more. ;) Plus btw, I didn’t know what to title it, so I named it “Such A Tease” because you kept grinding on him so much, so yeah. Enjoy - Lehgo! ~ XD

Warning: Smut! Rated M! Don’t read if you feel uncomfortable, but please continue if you do. :) -

Arms around each other while watching a movie, was what you enjoyed the most on lazy nights. Jungkook’s head snuggled at the blade of your shoulder, while your back faced him and your eyes fixed on the movie playing. You weren’t paying attention to him as the good part of the movie was playing, but he slyly had his hands at the sides of your waist. You felt a rush of shivers going down your spin from his cold hands, yet you didn’t stop him.

He lightly lifts the sides of your shirt up, and touches your bare skin and you look back at him while he acts like nothing was going on - eyes fixed onto the screen like a little kid. You brush it off and continue watching the movie. You feel the tips of his fingertips lightly brushing against your skin, and you flinch from his sensitive touch.

“Stop it.” You giggle as he continues brushing his fingertips at your skin.

“Stop it Jungkook!” You practically scream as he starts to ferociously tickle at your sides.

You jump up, but he pulls you back down as he lays back on the couch, and you fall on top of him. His face was so close to yours as you stare into his eyes. You let yourself devour into his eyes when you didn’t realize he had placed his lips on yours. You feel his lips moving against yours, and you did the same.

He wraps his arms around your waist as you lay on top of him. He deepens the kiss as he bites the bottom of your lip, leaving you letting out a gasp, and he didn’t hesitate to slip his tongue into your cavern. Your eyes widen as his hot tongue mixes in with yours, and you both move in sync - tongue on tongue and lips on lips. His hands runs down to your ass cheeks and he gives them a rub as he loved the feeling of them. You let out a moan as he bites your lip again, and you shyly laugh at the hot action that just happened.

You position yourself more comfortably and straddle yourself on his laps. You feel something hard on your clothed-core. You look down, noticing his member was harden and you slyly grind on him.

“Stop it.” He growls at you as he knew you were teasing him.

“Stop what?” You question, giving him a sly smirk.

He roughly brings you down to kiss you one more time, and you let yourself devour at the touch of his sweet lips again. Moans were let out from both of you, when you grind your hot core on his still-clothed member, and when he playfully rubs at your ass. He’s needy when he feels you wouldn’t stop grinding on him, and carries you to your bedroom. He walks into your bedroom, and throws you onto your bed.

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