passionate declarations

oh but i love so easily. i want to be an enigma, or cool and collected, or mysterious and lovely. instead i blurt out information you don’t care about, tell stories that last too long, declare my passions. i gush and trust and wish too hard. i chase people away because i like them too much, i chase people away because i don’t like people very easily. i accidentally mention things like my mental illness and am somehow surprised that people are uncomfortable around me. i’m trying to get better. i’m trying.


“In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries many middle-class women had relationships with each other which included passionate declarations of love, nights spent in bed together sharing kisses and intimacies, and lifelong devotion, without exciting the least adverse comment. … Lillian Faderman’s book Surpassing the Love of Men details innumerable such friendships between women which met with such social approval that a woman could cheerfully write to the male fiancé of the woman she loved, saying that she felt exactly like a husband towards her and was going to be very jealous. … It is not the existence of love between women that needs explaining but why women were permitted to love then in a way which would encounter fierce social disapproval now. … Faderman explains that women’s same-sex friendships came to be seen as a threat in the late nineteenth century as the women’s movement developed to challenge men’s dominance and new social and economic forces presented middle-class women with the possibility of choosing not to marry and be dependent on men. She sees the sexologists who classified and categorised female homosexuality, including within it all passionate friendships, as having played a major role in discouraging love between women.”
Sheila Jeffreys, The Spinster and Her Enemies

And the winner is...

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Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: The Company x reader, Thorin x reader at the end
Genres: humor,fluff
Words: 1.559
Summary: based on and imagine “Imagine always cooking and taking care of the Company all the time and them deciding who should ask you out” - requested by Anonymous

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no, but seriously. is there a single member of the fantastic four that peter parker HASN’T kissed, gone on a date with, flirted with, or declared passionate love to?

He’s kissed half of them:

Gone on a date with Sue:

Flirted with Johnny:

Told Reed he loves him:

and i’m sure there’s stuff i’m forgetting (especially with johnny/peter).

here’s to peter parker’s continuing love affair with the ff.

Always her.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Amara

Warnings: Angst

Words Count: 962

Author’s Note: Songfic required by this splendor >> @chaos-and-the-calm67
The song is “The Best of My Love” by Eagles.
I hope you like it!

This was the name tortured the Dean’s thoughts. It had been weeks by now, since that woman had put her lips on those of Dean. And he hadn’t pulled away; he wanted Amara not kiss him, but he felt something inside him, over his body, over his mind, keeping him from getting away from her.
But when the woman turned away from Dean, the hunter felt something different, like.. remorse. He shouldn’t have accepted the kiss of Amara, she was the enemy. And then.. Dean tried to remember something.. someone.
She was there, while Dean was in the arms of Amara, watching the scene helplessly. When Dean turned around, he met her eyes, destroyed by grief, full of tears. Y/n said nothing at the time, and she said no more in the days following.
Dean felt at pieces; he and y/n.. there was a special relationship between them. Dean loved her, and she loved Dean. But since the Mark of Cain was gone, and they had liberated Amara, the hunter did nothing but think of the wrong woman. And he was angry with Amara, with Cain for giving him that stupid Mark, with Metatron who had killed him.. but Dean basically, he knew that the fault was only himself to. It was he who had decided to take the Mark, it was he who had gone to meet death fighting with Metratron, and it was he who had turned into a demon, into a monster. And despite everything, y/n was always there at his side. She had never given up, because the love that she felt for him was too strong.
Dean tried to close his eyes, and dream y/n, how happy they were, first of all that mess.
But Dean could only think of the pain he was causing to the girl; He was thinking how should feel y/n, on the other side of the wall, in her bed. He heard her crying every night, and what could be done Dean, if the cause of those tears was himself?

Every night I’m lyin’ in bed
Holdin’ you close in my dreams
Thinkin’ about all the things that we said
And comin’ apart at the seams

Suddenly Dean thought back to when a few days before, he had finally got the courage to talk to y/n, explain her how he felt, to apologize for what he had done, how he felt weak and useless in that moment, because he couldn’t , he couldn’t do anything to comfort her.
Y/n began to cry, and she couldn’t help but scream all that felt toward Dean, the disappointment for what she had seen, the pain of betrayal, the fact that despite everything she couldn’t not love him.

We try to talk it over
But the words come out to rough
I know you were tryin’
to give me the best of your love

Dean expelled the bad memory from his head; he only had the desire to remember y/n when she was happy with him, when nothing and no one would have divided them. Dean remembered the days when he and she were traveling in the Impala, riding around the world, with the windows open, the wind that caressed their faces. Dean looked y/n like a delicate flower, that she needed protection, he wanted to protect her at any cost. Dean remembered those moments with her between the sheets, when they made love passionately, while both declared their love to each other.

I’m goin’ back in time
And it’s a sweet dream
It was a quiet night
And I would be all right
If i could go on sleepin’

But by now those were only distant memories; in his bed, Dean turned between the sheets. He was tired of that situation. He opened his eyes, and in the darkness of his room, he decided to get up. Walking quietly in the corridors of the bunker, he noticed that the door of the y/n’s room was open; Dean came up, and he noticed that the girl was not there.
The hunter continued to wander around the bunker, until he saw the library lit; he entered in the enormous room, and Dean saw her.
Y/n was standing with a book in her hands, as she went back and forth in silence. Suddenly, the girl turned to Dean, noticing his presence.
Dean looked at her, saw her eyes dull, her tired body, but also for him at that time, she was beautiful, and he loved her; even with Amara in thought to torment him, he couldn’t forget the woman he really loved. Y/n.
“Dean, what are you doing here?”
Y/n’s voice relaxed him; it was for days that he didn’t hear her, and those few words, had revitalized him.
“Someone told me to follow my heart.” Dean said, and striding, he walked over to y/n and kissed her. He kissed her urgently, and despair. He moved closer to himself, with the hope that y/n not away from her.
Dean was surprised when he saw that the girl didn’t pushed him away. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck, and pulled him even closer to her, eager to have him in her arms.
And in that moment Dean just wanted to have her for himself, make it clear to her that she was the one for him. He wanted to make it clear to her that despite his mistakes, although there was also Amara in his mind, for Dean y/n would be always come first. Dean would always love her.

You know we always had each other baby
I guess that wasn’t enough
Oh, but here in my heart
I give you the best of my love
Oh, sweet darlin’
You get the best of my love..

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hcs for Dazai, Chuuya, Atsushi, Akutagawa, and Ranpo + type of hug?

Dazai Osamu

With Friends

  • Personal space barely exists in Dazai’s mind, and he’s a drama queen. Mix those two facts, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a man who’s always throwing himself around you in a hug that’s energetic enough to snap bones. Expect to be crushed at random intervals at least once every three days, usually after he’s been abused by Kunikida and is whining about how nobody appreciates him but you.
  • Normally, Dazai’s hugs consist of him tossing a bandaged arm around your shoulders and tugging you tight into his side. Keeping things casual is his goal; rarely does any deep feeling swim through a hug, so he avoids embraces from the front like a plague.
  • Dazai’s hugs are intoxicating, his arms sending a sort of energetic shiver down your spine. They’re comfortable and smooth, but laced with mischief. It’s the sort of embrace you might expect at a Friday night party, right before he slams back another shot and tries to set you up with the hottie that’s been staring at you for the past five minutes.

With S/O

  • What Dazai’s feeling in the moment dictates how he wraps his arms around you. His hugs are just as versatile as the rest of him. What sort of hug you receive—whether it’s bubbly and sweet or crushing in a way that sends aches through your skeleton—all depends on Dazai’s mood.
  • Normally, Dazai’s hugs are playful. He slings his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, as he’s trying to spread a smile on your face or lure you into some game. Dazai rocks back and forth on his heels, swaying you to and fro as he teases you.
  • Be careful not to let Dazai’s light-hearted hugs linger for too long; if you don’t pry him off, his hands will eventually start wandering. More than once, a cute moment has screeched to a halt as Dazai’s nimble fingers slowly wind his way down and past your waistline, dancing patterns as they burrow underneath your clothes. If you think Dazai’s above subtly fingering you in the middle of a restaurant booth, you are sorely mistaken.
  • Sometimes, though, Dazai’s hugs aren’t so much fun. Whenever he bolts upright in the middle of the night, slick with sweat and nightmares ghosting his mind, expect to be crushed in a hug that shatters your heart. Dazai buries his head in your shoulder, arms winding around your waist and squeezing for dear life. He never cries, or whimpers, or even explains these hugs, but with the way his hands tremble against your skin, you probably don’t want to know what’s crossing his mind anyway.

Nakahara Chuuya

With Friends

  • Chuuya’s not big on tugging his friends in for a hug. Wrapping his arms around someone just treads too near to romantic territory. Not all hugs are declarations of passionate love; Chuuya realizes this, but he still can’t shake the feeling that something’s just off when friends go for a hug.
  • If you’re in rough shape, though, Chuuya shoves aside his own reservations to pull you into bone-crushing embrace. He tugs you into his chest, hand snaking up to rest on your head as he lets you sob through your troubles. Inside of Chuuya’s arms feels warm and safe, like the kind of hug a big brother snatches their siblings into after finding them with skinned knees and leaking eyes. He’ll stay, holding you, for as long as you need to collect yourself.

With S/O

  • Expect to be in Chuuya’s hugs more often than not; you’re squished into him so frequently, you might as well live in his arms. Whether you’re out wandering the streets on a date, visiting him in his Port Mafia office, or simply lounging around in his penthouse, Chuuya tugs you in for a quick squeeze whenever he pleases (and the mood strikes often).
  • Every single one of Chuuya’s embraces is paired with a kiss. If he pulls you in from the front, pressing you against his chest, be prepared for something romantic; his fingers slip to your chin, gently angling your lips to meet his, working your mouth slowly as his arms slide around your waist. Otherwise, he tugs you into him from behind, crossing his arms over your chest as his lips dip onto the top of your head.
  • Chuuya’s toned muscles aren’t just good for bashing people's’ teeth in; his strength means you’ll be spun around, a lot. If you sprint up to him, excited to attack him with a hug, he intercepts you, hands wrapping around your waist before you can throw your arms around him. Then he proceeds to lift and twirl you like a princess straight out of a Disney movie. As soon as your feet are solidly back on land, he tugs your waist flush against his, capping off this dramatic show with a tight and practically neverending hug.
  • After he’s downed a few glasses of wine, Chuuya’s hugs are much more fun. The poor man thinks he’s being suave as his fingers ‘sneak’ across your pants. It’s so painfully obvious that he’s just trying to cop a feel, though. Don’t worry; if you’re not up for some tipsy fingering, you won’t have to wait long before Chuuya practically passes out on your shoulder.

Nakajima Atsushi

With Friends

  • Affection’s still a bit foreign to Atsushi, but hugs are something he craves and adores with a passion. If you want to make his day, simply tug him into your arms and crush him a bit. 
  • Despite the fact that he loves hugs, embraces make Atsushi feel a bit awkward. If your arms wrap around anything lower than his shoulders, he’s immediately hyper-aware of everyone watching, every inch of skin rubbing. Even though he always hugs back, his cheeks are always dusted light pink. 
  • With Atsushi, there’s no such thing as a light embrace. The second a hug starts, he’s immediately flinging his arms around your shoulders and squeezing with all his might (and he’s got a lot of it; likely, you won’t be able to breathe properly until he detaches). Usually, Atsushi can’t help but let a laugh spill out of him. Hugs wash over him with a wave of euphoria and he simply loves the innocent gesture of affection.
  • If you’re in Atsushi’s arms, it’s impossible not to feel like the most loved person in the entire world. Every embrace is focused specifically on you; when you’re hugging him, his full attention’s devoted on the way you feel squished by his arms. His hugs are lighthearted and warm, refreshing but comfortable like a balmy breeze.

With S/O

  • Kissing’s guaranteed to fluster the poor tiger boy, so a hug’s the perfect way to spread a little bit of casual love to Atsushi while in public. He still notices every single pair of eyes shooting over to you two when your arms cinch around his waist, but at least he’s his normal shade and not blushing like a tomato. If you notice another girl staring, a predatory glint in her eyes as she looks Atsushi up and down, hugging him is a perfect way to mark your territory without flustering your boyfriend. 
  • Atsushi never looks at you while you’re hugging. If his head isn’t buried in your shoulder as he basks in your arms, your head’s probably buried in his. If you’re short enough, Atsushi settles for resting his chin on your head. He doesn’t evade your gaze on purpose; it just sort of happens without him even noticing.
  • You’re the only one that Atsushi hugs around the waist. To him, that’s pretty much a danger-zone; after all, the stomach’s such an intimate place! Sharing such close affection is something he’s only comfortable doing with you.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

With Friends

  • Prepare for the fact that you’ll never be hugged by Akutagawa, ever, in your entire life. Unless you’re knocking on death’s door, he would rather spend a day locked in with a pack of ravenous dogs than suffer through such an awkward, touchy-feely ordeal.

With S/O

  • Even holding hands is enough to unnerve Akutagawa. Hugs aren’t much better. He can only truly enjoy them while he’s relaxed, and seeing as pure, innocent affection practically winds him tight as a bow string, a good hug is nigh unto impossible. Comfortable embraces only happen after Akutagawa’s been dating you for a good long while, or late at night when you’re snuggling and he’s too exhausted to be grumpy. 
  • At first, Akutagawa’s embraces are undoubtedly stilted and awkward, but as he gets more comfortable with his skin brushing up against yours, hugs loosen up. No longer are all of his muscles bunched together when you throw your arms around him; in fact, he finds he enjoys this type of affection. Eventually, Akutagawa’s even comfortable enough with hugging that he gets a bit naughty when you embrace him. Don’t be surprised if Akutagawa’s fingers wander into your underwear in the middle of a hug.
  • No matter how much he grows to like hugs, surprising Akutagawa with one is generally a no-no. Being touched without his permission sets him on edge like he’s just heard someone whisper ‘Dazai’. If Akutagawa’s enjoying an unexpected hug, it’s because he surprised you, not the other way around.
  • Akutagawa’s got a go-to hug posture that he rarely strays from. One hand’s resting on the back of your head, his fingers slightly threading through your hair. His other hand’s gripping your stomach, his arm wrapping around your waist and tugging you closer. Practically no space separates your bodies as he pulls you closer against his skin.

Edogawa Ranpo

With Friends

  • Mere friends don’t deserve the privilege, the blessing, of Ranpo’s hugs. If you’ve managed to snatch the title of ‘best friend’, you might get a tight squeeze now and then, but chances are slim. Normally, the closest you’ll come to an embrace is Ranpo dramatically draping his limbs over you when he wants to catch a quick cat nap or complain about something.

With S/O

  • Much like everything else in his life, Ranpo’s hugs are either 0 or 100; nowhere in between. If he’s craving your love, he’ll often bug you to come and wrap your arms around him, whining until you drop whatever you’re doing to pay attention to him. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book, brewing tea, or even trying to finish up an exam; if Ranpo wants a hug, he’ll do anything in his power to get one (as long as he doesn’t have to stand up). Of course, sometimes the mood strikes him; he’s nearly stalking you for a hug. Ranpo will straight-up ambush you, cornering you in the bathroom while you’re pissing if he doesn’t see any other way to force some affection.
  • If you’re attacked out of nowhere, nearly tackled from behind, don’t worry; it’s probably just Ranpo. He rarely warns you before diving in for some unexpected attention. For someone who survives only on taffy and fruit-flavored soda, he packs surprising strength; don’t be surprised if you both end up on the floor with a few bruises. (He won’t be satisfied unless you kiss them better, of course. If you do a good job, though, he’ll return the favor.)
  • Don’t expect romantic hugs from Ranpo; unless he’s in a rare mood, all he wants from an embrace is light snuggling. Normally, after Ranpo’s got his arms around you, the next thing he does is drag you to the couch for some lazy cuddling. For him, effortlessly tangling together as you marathon shitty crime shows is much better than actually putting work into squeezing you in his arms.
  • Ranpo prefers to be wrapped in your arms, rather than the other way around. Unless he’s trying to get your attention by flinging his body parts across you, the detective’s out to be snuggled, not do the snuggling. After all, why hug back when he can just enjoy your head burrowing against his chest and your arms wrapping around his chest? Ranpo hugs back if you start pouting, but if he can get away without putting effort in an embrace, his arms just lazily drape over your shoulders.
brick walls

 bughead fanfiction - oneshot - fluff - unbeta’d


“A house is made of wood and stone
but only love can make a home.”


When he was younger—even before his parent’s separation—Jughead Jones would sometimes dream of buying a house.

A house where his neighbors wouldn’t blare trashy music at three in the morning. A house where you couldn’t witness its town’s unfavorable group commit illegal transactions in broad daylight while children ran through dilapidated sprinklers nearby, conditioned to view such repugnant behavior as normal.

No, as much as he excelled in epitomizing misanthropy, Jughead wanted white picket fence. He wanted blue shutters and porch swings and okay, maybe not literally—but what he really wanted was the lifestyle it symbolized:

Stability. Family. Home.

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iliankashingekinohogwarts  asked:

Eemika headcanons on their first time together? plz plz plz

  • Eren is super nervous about being not lasting long
  • Eren doesn’t last long
  • Mikasa reassures him with a beautiful little speech about it not mattering because its with him and just being with him and expiring this with him is more then enough
  • Mikasa’s bra doesn’t defeat him because while its their first time going all the way its not the first time they’ve messed around, Eren is proud of this
  • Eren gets a little to passionate and loudly declares he’ll make her cum next time for sure
  • Mikasa assures him shes fine, he doesn’t need to go down on her
  • Eren is determined to make her cum so he goes down on her later
  • He does it twice just to be sure then again in the morning because he loves her and he loves doing it anyway
  • Eren tickles her to get her on her back then kisses down her stomach and …
  • they try again in the morning and it slightly better but not much to eren chagrin
  • Armin stocked the drawer next to the bed with condoms and left a little note “pls dont make me an uncle, im to young. Plus id like a bestman for my wedding. P.s enjoy yourselves..but not too much :)”
  • It doesn’t not amuse Eren. It makes Mikasa giggle
  • It wasnt actually planned 
  • Mikasa is embarrassed because her undies have strawberries on them, she wasn’t prepared 
  • Eren’s boxers have smiley faces on them, he has no room to laugh but does anyway
  • the morning after they go eat pancakes at their favorite dinner, Eren orders strawberry topping and earns a kick to the shin
  • Eren cant stop telling her he loves her after
  • its messy and the actual act of sex is kind terrible but its perfect anyway
INFPs with crushes

-We will overanalyze everything that you do.

-We constantly day dream about you.

-We periodically glance at you to check if you are staring at us.

-We avoid contact with you at all costs because we fear embarrassing ourselves in front of you. 

-We image scenarios where you passionately declare that you are in love with us.

-We get nervous when we are around you. 

-We try to get to know as much about you as we can. This may include stocking your social media or asking are friends personal questions about you. 

-We idealize you. In our minds, you are the epitome of the perfect human.

anonymous asked:

So I've had a kind of rough dayand was wonderi g if you could right about Ransom and Holster being protective of Bitty. Like, some is mean to Bitty or aggressively hitting on him and R&H go into protective big brother mode.

(let it be known: my kryptonite? coming to me b/c you had a rough day. i’m so flattered i’m blushing.)

It starts on the ice. The jerk from BC can’t keep up with Bitty. He knows it, and Bitty knows it, and by the time Bitty’s on the breakaway and shooting past the glove of the BC goalie to tie it up, everyone in the stands knows it too. The BC crowd, bloodthirsty as ever, boos their own guy. He gives them all dirty looks, and after the next faceoff, he blatantly trips Bitty hard. It’s only the ref’s quick shuttling of the bastard – Mason’s his name – to the box that saves him from getting to be the filling in a Ransom and Holster knuckle sandwich.

But the shit really hits the fan after the game. Bitty’s showered and changed, and he’s heading out a couple of steps ahead of the rest of the crew. He likes the scenery here, and he kind of wants to walk around the BC campus a bit before he’s got to head back to the bus. He sent tape here too, even though Samwell was his first choice, and he really does enjoy the look of the place, even though he’s so happy where he is.

And then he’s facing down a gang of hockey goons, like something out of an ‘80s movie.

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So I saw the scenario in which Jean's S/O got into a fight and I was wondering what would happen if it was Eren's S/O?

Sure, anon! I hope this is alright. Eren is my #1 boyfriend, but mod Spookzz excels at writing him over me, but I had an idea and I went with it. Enjoy!

“What the hell happened?” You took a deep breath through your mouth and gathered up your courage in order to look Eren in the eye, an overwhelming mixture of concern and confusion written on his features. His words made you feel like a small child in need of reprimanding, but you knew your boyfriend well enough to comprehend that he wasn’t angry but, rather, perplexed and flabbergasted at your bloodied knuckles and disheveled appearance.

 “I, um…,” you awkwardly trailed off, tearing your eyes away from his own. It was too much to look him in the eye; you felt like you were being examined underneath a microscope. Tightening your hand (the one that hadn’t been the victim of your well-aimed right-hook) on your lap, your teeth snagged your bottom lip as you quietly confessed, “I got into a fight. But it’s fine, now! Captain Levi broke it up before it got bad and I have stable duty for a month, but—”

 Your words were silenced by Eren leaning in closer to your face, his bright and expressive eyes searching your own. Under normal circumstances, you would have drawn back with pink cheeks and a stammered response to make up for the lack of conversation, but you knew that Eren knew fighting and arguments were severely out of character for you. For the most part, you were compassionate, if not a little foolhardy; your personality and unparalleled kindness had been the thing that made him fall in love with you in the first place.

 A heavy silence lingered between the two of you until Eren eventually sighed, plopping himself down beside you on the medical wing’s cot. “This isn’t like you,” he pointed out, head tipped back to stare into the cracks that ran along the ceiling’s plaster.

 Fiddling with the leather straps of your uniform, you tore your eyes away from your boyfriend and into your lap. “I know.”

 “So…why? You could have been hurt!” His worry was beginning to seep into his voice and the last thing you wanted to do was to add onto that, but Eren wouldn’t stop until you told him the truth.

 You drew your legs up from the floor, tucking your chin underneath your knees in order to avoid the intense stare Eren was sending beside you. “He called you a monster,” you confessed, tightening your grip around your legs. You could hear him shift beside you, the tension so thick that you could almost cut it with a knife. Before he could say anything along the lines of self-degradation, you turned your face and met his eyes, a subtle fire burning behind your irises as you passionately declared, “Don’t. You aren’t a monster, Eren. You’re an amazing person and that stupid idiot had it coming. He’s lucky it was me and not Mikasa that overheard him, in all honesty.”

 There were plenty of things Eren wanted to say to you but, the more he stared at you and how worked up you were because of him, the less motivation he found to scold you for fighting one of his battles. Even if he felt like a monster, you and the people who loved and cared about him made him feel human.

 He leaned forward and tenderly placed his forehead to your own, his voice soft and almost out of character as he spoke, “You’re impossible.”

 “I wonder where I get it from,” you replied and smiled warmly, closing the gap between the two of you. You soundly kissed him for a few, chaste moments until you pulled away and sighed, reaching for his hand before allowing the pad of your thumb to gingerly trace patterns into his skin. Eren’s arm wrapped around your waist, tugging you closer into him as the both of you shared the quiet moment among yourselves.

Love - part 01

Love - part one | Conor Maynard | imagine
Word count: 983
Request: Could you do an imagine in which Conor is in love with Y/N, but she’s in an abusive relationship and her boyfriend is very over protective? In the end, Y/N shares she has feelings for Conor as well and they kiss.
A/N: First of all, guys, we got to talk about this seriously. If you know someone that is in an abusive relationship or you are in one yourself, PLEASE, try to talk to them/try to get out of it. If you think you can’t do it, talk to someone! I would recommend you to speak with an adult about this, but if you don’t want to, just go and talk to your friends. You can even talk to me, if you want! I’m always here.
Love is about happiness. Love doesn’t leave marks, unless love bites; Love doesn’t scream, unless it’s a passionate declaration in the middle of the street; Love doesn’t hurt your body, doesn’t hurt your mind. Love can break your heart, but never your soul. Love is not worth it if the person who makes you the happiest, also makes you the saddest.
You all been such sweethearts to me, it just kills me to think someone can hurt one of you. Please, guys, don’t let it happen. Also, let me add that you don’t need Conor Maynard to get out from this situation. You’re strong enough to do it, baby. I believe in all and each one of you.
Love always,
*: I’m using the name Francis to the boyfriend, but I never met any Francis. Sorry to the Francis around the world. And let me add that I don’t know exactly how many parts are going to be (maybe 5), but they’ll be short and I will try to post everyday until it ends.
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open   

Day 01.

“Oh no, Y/N.” Conor complained. “Stay.”

It was Conor’s birthday and although he was Y/N’s best friend, she said she should get going, not hitting the club with him and their other friends.

She smiled softly as she got up from the sofa. “I can’t, Con.”

They were in Conor’s apartment, where they went to Conor shower. They supposedly then would be going to Y/N’s house, so she could prepare herself to go to the night out, but, as they were at his living room talking (because neither of them mattered if they would be late for any other activity if they just sat and chat more), she announced she was going back to her home now and would be skipping club.

“Tell me one good reason for you leaving now.” He asked, taking Y/N’s left wrist, so she couldn’t slip away. He wasn’t holding her tight, but she felt a despair sensation through her body. If Conor only held her a little more towards her elbow…

“Someone needs to feed Francis, you know.”

“He can cook his own food.” He told her. Conor disliked his best friend’s boyfriend since always. They never clicked.

She knew her boyfriend were capable of cooking his own food, however he wouldn’t be happy if Y/N stayed all day out and go to a club after, especially if it was with Conor. Francis didn’t enjoy Y/N going out with her girls friends, he disliked her going out with male friends and, when it came about Conor, Francis absolutely hated Y/N going out with her best friend. So instead of saying the real problem, Y/N would always give some excuse for why she had to live earlier  or why Francis were more explosive than the average people.

“Francis?” Cooking his own food?” She laughed ironically. “Please.”

“Please, Y/N.” Conor asked. “You can’t abandon your best friend in his own birthday. I’ll miss you…”

Y/N laughed for real now. “I spent all day with you!” She argued, searching for her shoes around the room.

“And you should spend the night with me too.”

Y/N ignored the shiver she had by hearing those words. “C’mon, Con.” she spotted her shoes on the other part of the living room and started pulling her arm from Conor’s grip, but he didn’t let her go.

“No. I want my best friend with me in the best part of my day.” He argued, holding Y/N’s left arm with both hands now. Y/N grimaced.

Ouch.” She exclaimed, although she didn’t want to say a thing.

Conor immediately stopped holding Y/N, worried. “What?” He asked, he didn’t hold her tight, couldn’t had hurt her.

“It was nothing.” She said, on the other hand, she was holding her left arm with the right one close to her body.

Conor was curious. “What did you done in here?” He asked, gently taking her hand to pull her arm and take a look in it.

“It’s nothing, Con.” Y/N told him again.

Y/N was using a long sleeve shirt, so Conor needed to push the fabric up. He did it softly and it revealed a huge purple mark. Y/N was right for grimacing, any small pressure should hurt her. She held her breath, Conor exhaled his.

“What the fuck, Y/N?”

She wasn’t randomly attacked by someone. She was his best friend, she would’ve told Conor about this. And Conor was sure it was a hand mark by the shape of it. The rage started to accumulate at the bottom of his chest.

“Who did this?” He questioned to be sure, getting up from the sofa as her.

“Con…” Y/N hesitated.

“Y/N, who did this?” He inquired again, releasing Y/N’s arm before he lost his patience and started hold her closer. “It was Francis, wasn’t it?”

Y/N didn’t want to say it was him, but she didn’t want to lie to Conor either. “Conor, I gotta go.” She announced, going back to search her shoes.

“Y/N!” He exclaimed. “Are you going back to him?” He asked, non-conformed.

“I’m going back home!” She explained, putting the snickers.

“What the…” Conor was furious. How could Y/N ever think in sharing the same room with Francis? Breath the same air? “Are you insane?” He inquired, following her through the flat as she took her purse, ready to go out. “What are you thinking, Y/N? For God’s sake.”

“I’m thinking I’m going home, Conor.”

“I got that.” He affirmed. “But you didn’t break up with Francis, so I’m assuming you are also going back to him.” Y/N didn’t answer, Conor rushed into the front door, not letting Y/N go.

Y/N sighed. “Conor…”

The rage exploded, Conor’s heart broke. He couldn’t believe that this was happening. Y/N wasn’t talking to him, she didn’t respond anything, so he assumed he was right. Francis was beating her. How could that asshole do that? Hurt Y/N: She was so beautiful, so intelligent, so kind, so funny, such a luminous soul. She was the best friend Conor could ask for. But were they best friends for real? Shouldn’t he discover this tragedy sooner then? He knew the best way of stopping Y/N wasn’t stand in front of his door, but how could he help her, if she didn’t even admit what was going on?

“You can’t do this, Y/N.” He affirmed.

Y/N looked at him. She never saw that look on Conor’s eye. It wasn’t sadness. Sadness is calm, a desolated radioactive lake and it’s calm water, and she could see sharp  pieces of broken glass all over Conor’s semblance. He was begging her not to leave. She took a deep breath with her eyes closed. When she opened it, she said:

“I gotta go, Con.”

 Part 02

the conjuring 2 is everything i’ve ever wanted out of a romance movie and more let me break it down for you:

  • ed and lorraine warren are like every power couple you know but magnified like 10k% they are in sync, they trust each other implicitly, they stand hand in hand at the gates of hell and spit on satan, like when will your parents ever
  • they both grew up isolated by their paranormal experiences; not believed by anyone and left to face the darkness alone. but they found each other, they believed each other, and when their eyes meet it’s like they see everything that is bright and warm and good in the universe. when their eyes meet it’s like they see god okay like wtf who looks at another human being like that
  • angst! angsty angst. visions of death and loss. separation. fear and adrenaline. passionate declarations of love in thunderstorms. the threat of having souls ripped in half and hearts torn in two. couples clawing through mud and blood to save each other. just fuck me up.
  • listen they let patrick wilson play the guitar and sing ‘’can’t help falling in love’’ to vera farmiga and then listeN they slow danced to the same song, just holding each other and sharing their breath and reveling in each other’s presence and life liTS EN JUST LIS —
Well, You Found Me

Prompt: Hi! Could you please write something angsty for Matt Holt? The lack of imagines for him makes my heart hurt. Maybe when they meet again? (Also, maybe she was in the garrison too and that’s how she’s in space, bc she was with Pidge that night in the garrison’s roof and now she fights alongside the paladins/allura/coran) Ugh I’m a sucker for angst honestly.. Thank you lots! By anon

A/N: This isn’t super angsty? Sorry, about that lol

Y/N sometimes couldn’t believe she was in space. So much had happened since they left Earth that it was hard to grasp that it was really happening.

Not that she regretted it. There was no place she would rather be than with Team Voltron. Well, maybe there was one place.

Before the Kerberos mission, she and Matt had been close. Well, closer than close. They had been dating. Shiro liked to tease them by calling them “lovebirds” and “garrison sweethearts”, but it only warmed Y/N’s heart to think about how much she loved her boyfriend. She had tried not to think about him being gone for so long. If only she had known what was to come.

She had been hanging out with Katie when they got the news. With Matt gone, the two girls had become close. Y/N spent many nights over at the Holt’s house talking and watching movies. She was there the night that they got the dreaded news. It had felt like all the color had left the house.

She didn’t come over as much after that. Not because she didn’t care, but because she couldn’t go to the house where so many happy memories had been made. She couldn’t see his pictures on the walls and mantel. She couldn’t look into Katie’s face without seeing the face of her dead boyfriend.

Not that Katie let her break away. Not too long after the funerals, “Pidge” showed up on her doorstep and passionately declared she didn’t believe Matt was dead. Y/N thought it was just a part of her grieving process and decided to help. Then the data began to pile up and she realized the girl wasn’t wrong.

That night when Shiro’s ship fell from the sky, Y/N felt her heart come alive again. If Shiro was alive, that meant Matt had to be out there, right? She wouldn’t stop searching until she found out.

Her search led her to where she was now. She and Pidge had gotten a lead about a planet on the edge of a secluded solar system. Not a lot of galra activity happening there, strangely enough.

They landed on the surface of the planet and watched as aliens with varying armor and uniforms gathered to greet them. They appeared to be kind, so Pidge and Y/N exited the lion and stepped forward to meet the crowd.

When they removed their helmets, a cry came from the back of the crowd.

“Y/N! Katie!” A figure made its way to the front of the group, the aliens stepping out of his way.

“Matt?” Pidge gasped as she moved forward. She threw herself into her brother’s arms and he spun her around. When he pulled back, they were both crying.

Y/N felt her chest tighten when he lifted his eyes to meet hers. He slowly removed himself from Pidge’s hug to move towards her.

He stopped right in front of her, hesitant but longing to draw nearer. Y/N closed the distance and kissed him with all the emotions she had been holding back. The love, the fear, the relief. Matt kissed her back with as much emotion.

Y/N pulled back first, resting her forehead against Matt’s. “It’s really you.” She sniffled.

“It’s really me.” He answered as he wiped away her tears. “What are you doing in space?”

“I was looking for you, you big dummy.” Y/N laughed as she pressed close to him and buried her face in his shoulder.

“Well, you found me.” He laughed. Y/N giggled as Matt held her to him.

“We’ve been here less than five minutes and they have already gotten all mushy.” Pidge grumbled to Green. The lion just purred happily. She loved happy endings.

Okay flubbles despite what I write in my fics, don’t go and just kiss someone passionately as a declaration of love or whatever. If someone did that to me, I would deck them. When you’re early in a relationship, you ASK to kiss someone. Don’t just smoosh your lips on theirs because they might be me and I will punch you.

anonymous asked:

a lot of people feel like haylijah seems so different this season, like a totally different ship.. what do you think?

They are different.

 They are in a relationship together. That has never happened before. 

When they want to touch one another they do. When they are happy, they express it. When they are upset, they express that too. 

They kiss, and smile and cuddle, and talk, and communicate and act like what they are. Adults in love. 

The thing I’ve noticed about a lot shippers in general is that they SAY they want domestic moments for their ship, but they don’t. Not really. They want angst and drama and passionate declarations and eye sex and sexual tension. We’re not really getting a lot of that from Haylijah this season. (which is absolutely a-ok with me!)

And if someone doesn’t particularly ship something, they really don’t want to watch two people go around being relatively drama-free and normal.