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time to dance // panic! at the disco

Hogwarts Houses as Ballet Dancers


Slytherins have a precise technique and they make the audience feel all the emotion on stage. They are the most competitives in the company and every dancer knows that they kill with their technique and passion. They were just born for the big roles and they totally rock it. They don’t like to admit, but their lifes wouldn’t be as good without ballet.

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Gryffindors are more emotion than technique. Their movements aren’t 100% right, but the emotion they transmit always compensate. They are the ones who won’t be scared of getting a big role. We can’t forget that they are the ones who are always injured as they secretly never stop until get it right.

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Ravenclaws have more than a precise technique. They spend hours and hours rehearsing until every single one of their steps are in the perfect position and timing. As much as they have a perfect execution it just lacks connection with their partners and emotion. If they don’t get a big role, it’s better to stay away or they might throw a pointe shoe on you.

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Hufflepuffs are entirely passion. They are the ones who were borned to dance, as they dance on the stage the audience is crying with joy or sorrow. You can feel how much they enjoy dancing just by looking at them. They are very easily to be partners with and they have chemistry with everyone, especially slytherins.

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stupid things the orchestral instruments do when they're performing
  • violins: they do this dramatic swaying thing and sometimes the performers' faces look like they caught a whiff of something that isn't good or bad but it's iffy as hell
  • violas: they drop their instrument real low, like almost so that the scroll is hitting their knee, and they almost hop out of their chairs. it's kind of intimidating
  • cellos: classic cello headbang
  • basses: that head thing djs at discos do
  • oboe: my god they're like the violins on steroids. they move all over the place and their expression just becomes more and more pained as their solo goes on. don't even get me STARTED on the eyebrows
  • clarinet: like the oboe but slightly more chilled out
  • flute: they lean forward and bob their heads as they AGGRESSIVELY spit into their instruments
  • bassoon: sometimes they close their eyes and start kind of dancing really passionately with their instrument and it's kind of uncomfortable to watch
  • the entire brass section: they sit fairly still compared to the other instruments, but they're still guilty of excessive eyebrow raising and lots of disapproving squints as they realize they're playing out of tune and everybody heard it
  • percussion: they get really excited before they get to play their one note like they'll hop around and start dancing and bobbing their head before their triangle part and it's adorable
  • piano: headbanging, head bobbing, swaying, pained expression (usually no eyebrow raises, though), and they sometimes drop their heads so that it looks like they're sniffing the keys

hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

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Why JM and JK are soulmates...

1- Their moles in the same spot - neck, hand, forehead…

2- They’re both from Busan but found each other back in Seoul..

3- Jungkook’s parents’ love story:

seem familiar?

4- Their brothers..

  • both end in “hyun” - Jihyun, Junghyun
  • jimin’s brother is jungkook’s age and vice versa

5- Both have passion for dancing and own amazing voices

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Note: this is just for fun and is not to be taken seriously.


“Weight in Gold” by Gallant | Choreography & Dance by Jade Chynoweth & Josh Killacky