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Twenty Years Of Halestorm 8/9/97-8/9/17

I’ve lived a few different lifetimes since I was 13. But one thing has remained constant, my passion for this Band.
20 years ago today 8/9/97, Halestorm was born! Arejay and my first ever public show as Halestorm was at the Schukill County fair, and got us a 3rd place trophy on this day… but who knew we’d take it this far? I remember the feeling so well, realizing that this was my destiny in life. It was like a light switch inside me turned on, and then broke in The On position! All of a sudden everything else came second, my life was forever changed. I remember having the talk with my parents at the dinner table over my mothers chicken and mashed potatoes. I told them that this was it, this was what I wanted to do with my life. Arejay, without whom none of this would be possible because he was Always a fucking great drummer even at 10 years old! I remember him humbly in between bites of potatoes asking if he could play the drums with me, I looked at him and practically jumped out of my seat reassuring him, “Of course lil bro! It’s you and me buddy! We’re a band now! We are Halestorm!”
My parents, although scared shitless to send both their kids into the tumultuous world of Rock n Roll, never let on, and supported us every step of the way.
It’s been a rollercoaster ride since then, full of ups and downs and sideways turns. It took a lot of hard work, sacrifice, practice, flyering ( for you kids that’s like analog Instagram) traveling, being broke, and sometimes feeling like you’re crazy. But we never lost sight of the goal, even when Arejay and I lost half our band in the early 2000’s. We kept writing, and performing And guess what… we met Joe and Josh…and then everything came together. We found members that we could share our work ethic and musical passions with collecting all the tools we needed to truly take this monster to the next level! And ya know,If we had given up, none of this would’ve happened.
But also it took a village… it took a lot of people who gave us a chance. People who said they’d interview us even when no one cared, people with studios who recorded us for free or cheap, people who mentored us, people who spun our song on the radio even though no one knew who we were, and a lot of people who traveled to see us in dive bars, bought our diy cds and put money in our tip jars for gas! There were also the people who booked us in bars, clubs and music conferences, even though we didn’t have a big following. And let’s not forget all the bands that let us open up for them even if we weren’t worth the tickets yet, to the people that continue to book us, manage us, and signed us. Last but not least,our amazing road crew/road family for keeping our machine rolling, we could not do this without you.
Thank you to all of you for your blind faith in what we do, and for truly empowering us to live out this crazy dream that is Halestorm!
Because Halestorm always was so much more than a career choice, it’s an extension of me, it’s a part of my personality, a huge chunk of my heart belongs to this band. So in a way… you all have enabled me to be, Me.
Much Love and Rock n Roll to you!
Happy 20th Birthday to my band Halestorm,

Lzzy Hale


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Poirot: “Well, I find it most curious, Hastings, this English passion for perusing a collection of the glorified scarecrows. So far, I have not seen one likeness that is truly accurate.”
Poirot: *sees his own wax figure*
Poirot: ♥__♥

Poetry Recommendation: Blythe Baird “Give Me A God I Can Relate To”

“You threatened me not to write this, but I am a force of nature and you will never tell me what to do again”

Give Me a God I Can Relate To” Is slam poet Blythe Baird’s debut collection.

The collection is largely a critique of society that examines the world through the lens of intersectional feminism that delves into rape culture and misogyny, as well as eating disorders, family relationships, and being part of the lgbtq community.

This collection is beautiful in the way a forest fire is beautiful. The language isn’t overly flowery, but each poem is written with blunt and powerful honesty that forces you to face what she is saying, even if it “isn’t something we like to discuss”. Each line grabs you by the shoulders and looks you straight in the eye, and there’s no way not to listen. The honesty of the collection is also what makes it so relatable, even if you’ve never been where she’s been or if you turn a blind eye at the things she’s writing about, you’ve seen it and heard it and there is no way to erase that from who you are. 

Even though this is a collection of page poems they read like spoken word, which can be attributed to her history as a slam poet. Her honesty and passion carries throughout the collection, thus giving it one of the strongest voices I’ve ever encountered in a collection of poetry. Each line is laced with emotion and power, the kind that doesn’t care what you think because she’s calling it like she sees it, and it’s magnificent.

Overall, Blythe has managed to beautifully capture what it’s like to be a girl growing up today as well as deliver critiques on the very bedrock of society, all while giving advice and offering insights that are wise beyond her years. Whether you’re interested in feminism, on the hunt for a book that will make you think, or simply enjoy poetry this collection is for you.


🌹 Pipers & Princesses 🌹 

Requested by anon - Billie Piper characters’ favorite Disney Ladies  

  ↳ [part 1/3] : Alison - Angel - Badger - Bella - Betty 


Request: Hi! Can I request a Bellamy x reader where they’re always bickering but one time they have this huge fight and in the heat of the moment they have a really passionate first kiss (can be in front of the camp or a tent,etc)? Just none of that confession of feelings before (: thanks

Requested by: anonymous.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.

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“You’re so insufferable!” You bellowed despite being in front of the majority of the camp. Though they weren’t that surprised as it wasn’t a rare sight to see you and Bellamy arguing about something. Sometimes it was stupid things. Sometimes it was serious times. Most of the times it was because you couldn’t handle his cocky and rather arrogant attitude.

“Oh I am, am I?” Bellamy asked, a tone of sarcasm behind his words. You felt such anger and frustration well within you as you watched him smirk down at you. Peer down at you as if you were less than he was. “Because if I have anything to say about it, you’re voice is pretty insufferable on it’s own. Not to mention the rest of you.”

You groan, resisting the urge to swing your fist at him and knock him upside the head. “Whatever.” You bit out, “I don’t have time to argue with you about pointless things.”

“You’re the one who started it sweetheart.” Bellamy called before you could even turn away. Taking a deep breath, you clenched your fists, trying to stay calm. You turned, moving to walk on before Bellamy spoke again. “And the one walking away like a coward.” Grunting, you snarled your lip, turning with your fist swung out. It never reached his face though as he caught it, smiling proudly down at you.

You glared up at him, trying to break your hand free, but Bellamy didn’t relent. “Let me go.” You spat, “now.”

“Or what?”

“Or-” You never got to finish your sentence as an arm wound around your waist and pulled you against his chest. You were skin to skin, no space left between you as Bellamy kissed you passionately. You heard a collective of gasps around you, and you had half the mind to remember you were in front of a crowd. At first you fought Bellamy’s grip, trying to get away but then you melted into the kiss.

Bellamy let go of your wrist, the arms coming down to grab the side of your face. You could feel everyones eyes on you as both kissed aggressively only pulling away when breathing became important again. Panting against him, you placed your hands on his chest, staring up at his smile once again. “Am I still insufferable?”

“Even more so.”

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Robert headcanons with a Dadsona that owns lots of reptiles and insects?

🔪does not take them seriously at first.
🔪Once Dadsona goes for a walk with a reptile of his (a snake), Robert is kind of taken back that he owns that kind of pet.
🔪Robert loves reptiles and bugs. He catches fireflies sometimes on his nights out.
🔪one day Dadsona invited Robert over. Robert was then shown the glory of Dadsona’s Collection and Passion for Danger noodles, Lizards, and Bugs. Robert was shocked at all of them.
🔪Dadsona showed Robert his first reptile, which was the oldest in the room. He falls in love with it.
🔪He would probably ask about the bugs, wanting to hold one. (He gets to hold a mantis) His crave is satisfied.
🔪Robert probably asks if he can help with some at some point. (New baby sitter here he is.)
🔪loves watching the reptiles eat tbh

(Asks are CLOSED! Stay tuned!)

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I just wanted to say thanks Bully. My brother and I both follow your blog (cause we both watch miraculous and your blog's what's keeping us through the hiatus). My brother' autistic and the sim he related to the most was Dom because of their similar passion for collecting. When he saw your post today, he was so happy and I've never seen him that way before. Sorry that this is a long rant, but I just wanted to say thanks and by following your blog I feel that both of us are better as people now.

Im so glad to hear that <3 Thanks for the message!

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archaeology au???? i'm currently writing a shallura fantasy au in which shiro meets allura because he's an arch nerd so I'm listening

oh boy oh boy oK LISTEN

(ok sorry i’m adding a readmore. this got long. beware y’all this is ENTIRELY self-indulgent, like, 100%, and i don’t expect anyone else to enjoy it.)

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Tamatoa Headcanons

I am going to be making a series of posts about my Tamatoa and Tamatoa & Maui headcanons. Some of it will be NSFW and will be tagged and labeled as such but most of it won’t be. I’ve divided my headcanons up into several parts. This first post will deal with a young pre-Maui Tamatoa when he was a smol drab crab.

Here goes:

- Tamatoa is a member of a race of giant crab monsters native to Lalotai. The crab monsters have their own culture and unlike regular crabs they live in extended family groups or clans and raise their young. Young crabs of the same clan are placed into groups divided up by age but these groups still interact with one another. Basically it’s like grade school. Rearing of young is collective with adults and adolescents taking turns to look after and teach the kids. Overall, they are not bad despite being called monsters. They are a people just like anyone else just trying to survive in Lalotai. However, just as with any people the crab people can have their negative side which Tamatoa is all too familiar with. Another this is that in this race of crabs the females are also larger than the males (kinda like spiders) and the crab people are somewhat matriarchal. There are dominant males but clans are usually headed by the oldest female and the dominant male is usually her mate or a male relative. And so when Tamatoa says his grandma was absolutely enormous, he wasn’t exaggerating. His grandma was also one of the oldest members of his clan and used to be it’s leader but stepped down as she got more ancient and let a younger matriarch take over. She would still offer council as an elder.
- Tamatoa was basically the nerdy outcast of his people. He was a runt who was more interested in singing and dancing and collecting shit than doing the more traditional stuff like hunting, fighting, and courting mates. Later in life he would get better at hunting (though he would still prefer more laid back methods such as luring food to him because he’s lazy and hey, free food!) and he would also get better at fighting. He would even come to even enjoy doing those things but his passions would still be collecting and performing, plus decorating himself. He’s still awkward at courting mates though. Despite having a really sexy voice and bioluminescent facial markings. Which is of course horribly ironic. So he’s basically an awkward but sexy nerd. Who grows up to have a revenge complex. - Tamatoa was raised by his grandmother who loved and appreciated him for who he was and encouraged him to pursue his interests. He loved to practice singing with her and would perform for her. He also loved showing off the latest stuff in his collection to her. The reason why Tamatoa guessed correctly that Moana’s grandma encouraged her to follow her heart was because his grandma told him the same thing. (Yes. You can cry now. Her death is going to be tragic as fuck. But that’s going to be in another post.)
- Tamatoa’s people are essentially semi nomadic, traveling to different parts of their territory during different times of the year. Because of this they don’t really have possessions all that much. They don’t need tools as their bodies have everything they need to survive in their environment. So Tamatoa is the odd one out for actually having any possessions at all. He hides his collections either in his grandma’s lairs or in secret hideaways all around his clan’s territory. He does this mainly to keep them hidden from the other crabs in his clan who bully him mercilessly and will often steal his stuff and either play keep away, wreck it or hide it from him just to him get upset. This was the main reason why he took to hoarding his stuff on his back at first. So even before meeting Maui he was already carrying shit on his back, his most prized possessions anyway. But he wasn’t decorating himself or being artistic with it at all. He probably just used some scavenged rope to hold it all together in a ramshackle mess. He basically looked like a homeless dude with all his stuff on him at all times.

That’s all I have for now. I may add to the list later if I get more headcanons concerning this part of Tama’s life. The next post will be my Tamatoa & Maui headcanons. Be sure to bring tissues.

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I love that many of the rooms you share look lived in! People have stuff. A lot of (still beautiful) interior decor blogs are all about hyper-minimalism, and I can't relate to that. I have collections, hobbies, passions... those things take up space, but they can be organized and made into part of the decor. Overflowing bookshelves and knickknacks can be displayed with intent. Thank you for such a great blog!

This must be one of the first times I get a message like this, haha. Usually people comment that the homes that I post look like movie sets or are too ‘white and boring’. I’m very glad that my blog inspires you so much & thank you for your message ♥

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HHOOOHOOHO hey Bee you got any cute headcanons about Blurr and a s/o?

sable u know i do

Blurr (IDW) (Mass-displaced)

  • When he’s not out on the track racing for his fame, then he’s actually a pretty nice, laid back mech. He’s got a lot of love to give, but since pretty much everyone knows who he is… well, it’s not easy to form a relationship where your significant other knows every single thing about you already. That’s what he loves about you. You’re calm, and collected, but passionate and vibrant and so different from all the rest that he hardly knows how to handle himself.

  • When you two are alone, Blurr likes to wrap his arms around you and hold you close, nuzzling against the side of your neck. He’s got a good sense of humour and likes to make you laugh. He puts on a show either with jokes or his cocky personality and revels in your laughter while he does it. When you’re all tuckered out, he’ll pull you back against his chestplates, letting his engine purr in a steadily vibrating massage as he rubs his fingers into you. He says it’s for your benefit, not his, but you know that Blurr has an immense fascination with the human body and can’t resist the urge to touch. Not that you’re complaining.

  • Blurr, while you two are out in public, is a true gentlemech. Sometimes you think it’s because he wants to keep up his image of perfection in front of the cameras, but you know that he also just wants to treat you right because he understands that you deserve it. He will hold doors open, pull chairs out, carry you to keep you warm near his humming engine, and kiss you passionately and deeply when (he thinks) no one is looking.

  • Blurr is really good with remembering dates. He’d celebrate silly little “milestones” with you by taking you out on a date to a fancy restaurant or to dinner and a show and treat you like royalty the while time. He buys you flowers (Blurr, where did you get those?!) with little tags on them that say “Nothing is more beautiful than your smile,” and “I love you more than anything,” and anything else grossly sappy that he can think up.

  • He also buys you custom-made clothes and gorgeous jewelry, and then watches with sparkling optics and a wide smile as you put it all on, flowers in your hand, wind blowing through your hair. Oh Primus, but you’re gorgeous.