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I just wanted to say thanks Bully. My brother and I both follow your blog (cause we both watch miraculous and your blog's what's keeping us through the hiatus). My brother' autistic and the sim he related to the most was Dom because of their similar passion for collecting. When he saw your post today, he was so happy and I've never seen him that way before. Sorry that this is a long rant, but I just wanted to say thanks and by following your blog I feel that both of us are better as people now.

Im so glad to hear that <3 Thanks for the message!

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archaeology au???? i'm currently writing a shallura fantasy au in which shiro meets allura because he's an arch nerd so I'm listening

oh boy oh boy oK LISTEN

(ok sorry i’m adding a readmore. this got long. beware y’all this is ENTIRELY self-indulgent, like, 100%, and i don’t expect anyone else to enjoy it.)

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I love that many of the rooms you share look lived in! People have stuff. A lot of (still beautiful) interior decor blogs are all about hyper-minimalism, and I can't relate to that. I have collections, hobbies, passions... those things take up space, but they can be organized and made into part of the decor. Overflowing bookshelves and knickknacks can be displayed with intent. Thank you for such a great blog!

This must be one of the first times I get a message like this, haha. Usually people comment that the homes that I post look like movie sets or are too ‘white and boring’. I’m very glad that my blog inspires you so much & thank you for your message ♥

Tamatoa Headcanons

I am going to be making a series of posts about my Tamatoa and Tamatoa & Maui headcanons. Some of it will be NSFW and will be tagged and labeled as such but most of it won’t be. I’ve divided my headcanons up into several parts. This first post will deal with a young pre-Maui Tamatoa when he was a smol drab crab.

Here goes:

- Tamatoa is a member of a race of giant crab monsters native to Lalotai. The crab monsters have their own culture and unlike regular crabs they live in extended family groups or clans and raise their young. Young crabs of the same clan are placed into groups divided up by age but these groups still interact with one another. Basically it’s like grade school. Rearing of young is collective with adults and adolescents taking turns to look after and teach the kids. Overall, they are not bad despite being called monsters. They are a people just like anyone else just trying to survive in Lalotai. However, just as with any people the crab people can have their negative side which Tamatoa is all too familiar with. Another this is that in this race of crabs the females are also larger than the males (kinda like spiders) and the crab people are somewhat matriarchal. There are dominant males but clans are usually headed by the oldest female and the dominant male is usually her mate or a male relative. And so when Tamatoa says his grandma was absolutely enormous, he wasn’t exaggerating. His grandma was also one of the oldest members of his clan and used to be it’s leader but stepped down as she got more ancient and let a younger matriarch take over. She would still offer council as an elder.
- Tamatoa was basically the nerdy outcast of his people. He was a runt who was more interested in singing and dancing and collecting shit than doing the more traditional stuff like hunting, fighting, and courting mates. Later in life he would get better at hunting (though he would still prefer more laid back methods such as luring food to him because he’s lazy and hey, free food!) and he would also get better at fighting. He would even come to even enjoy doing those things but his passions would still be collecting and performing, plus decorating himself. He’s still awkward at courting mates though. Despite having a really sexy voice and bioluminescent facial markings. Which is of course horribly ironic. So he’s basically an awkward but sexy nerd. Who grows up to have a revenge complex. - Tamatoa was raised by his grandmother who loved and appreciated him for who he was and encouraged him to pursue his interests. He loved to practice singing with her and would perform for her. He also loved showing off the latest stuff in his collection to her. The reason why Tamatoa guessed correctly that Moana’s grandma encouraged her to follow her heart was because his grandma told him the same thing. (Yes. You can cry now. Her death is going to be tragic as fuck. But that’s going to be in another post.)
- Tamatoa’s people are essentially semi nomadic, traveling to different parts of their territory during different times of the year. Because of this they don’t really have possessions all that much. They don’t need tools as their bodies have everything they need to survive in their environment. So Tamatoa is the odd one out for actually having any possessions at all. He hides his collections either in his grandma’s lairs or in secret hideaways all around his clan’s territory. He does this mainly to keep them hidden from the other crabs in his clan who bully him mercilessly and will often steal his stuff and either play keep away, wreck it or hide it from him just to him get upset. This was the main reason why he took to hoarding his stuff on his back at first. So even before meeting Maui he was already carrying shit on his back, his most prized possessions anyway. But he wasn’t decorating himself or being artistic with it at all. He probably just used some scavenged rope to hold it all together in a ramshackle mess. He basically looked like a homeless dude with all his stuff on him at all times.

That’s all I have for now. I may add to the list later if I get more headcanons concerning this part of Tama’s life. The next post will be my Tamatoa & Maui headcanons. Be sure to bring tissues.


🌹 Pipers & Princesses 🌹 

Requested by anon - Billie Piper characters’ favorite Disney Ladies  

  ↳ [part 1/3] : Alison - Angel - Badger - Bella - Betty 


               As of today, world famous designer and streetwear innovator Tomoaki “Nigo” Nagao keeps himself occupied with his altogether refined label, Human Made; focused on high-quality vintage reproductions and inspiring Originals. While running Human Made, Nigo is simultaneously the head of Japanese high-street powerhouse Uniqlo’s U.T. T-shirt line. While the partnership with Uniqlo has provided well rounded and loved clothing, the sporadic partnership he has with Adidas has given the public pieces worn by the likes of Kanye West and longtime friend Pharrell Williams. While the future certainly looks bright for Nigo due to his collaborative projects and his very own Human Made; Nigo has already unarguably solidified his position in the fashion, art and design world as an innovator and has become a source of inspiration for millions of artists and designers alike.

               In the beginning Nigo studied fashion at college while working for Popeye magazine as an editor and stylist. On April 1, 1993 “Nowhere” in Harajuku, Tokyo was born and Nigo’s first clothing shop was officially open for business. Nigo would proceed to create his own brand inspired by the iconic 1968 film Planet of the Apes. According to Nigo himself, when asked about the title “A Bathing Ape” (also referred to as BAPE) Nigo replied “It’s short for a Japanese saying “bathing in lukewarm water”.” The saying refers to the relaxed Japanese method of bathing which typically involves water at a temperature above 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) describing the comfortable lifestyle of today’s youth in Japan.

               Before the Brand would explode to the unforeseen heights of today, Nigo would push the BAPE brand forward and gain attention by producing thirty to fifty tees a week, selling around half by marketing them out of duffel bags at local parties and deejay shows and gifting the remaining clothes to close friends. With what had once started as a low scale business hustle and gifts for newborns and close friends, Nigo’s A Bathing Ape would eventually take the fashion and art scene by storm. By 2005 Nigo would have turned the beloved clothing line into a café, record label and beloved television show NIGOLDENEYE on MTV in Japan. Until it’s unfortunate closing in 2008 you could drop by the BAPE Café for a cheeseburger, curry, fried chicken, sautéed tuna, and green salad at the café if your not a fan of coffee or pastries. The record label (B)APE SOUNDS would work with The Neptunes, Kanye West, Cherie, J.O.Y. and Dub Master x. The television series would highlight the life of Nigo, A Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club and interactions with the likes of N.E.R.D., The Neptunes, the Teriyaki Boyz, and life in Japan.

               With A Bathing Ape built on an ideal of luxury and exclusivity, everything from coffee mugs, hoodies, rugs and watches alike were branded with the iconic Ape motif, sold to anyone willing to purchase before the limited quantity would cease it gained a cult like following world wide. With Nigo being the child he was (A child in love with the creations of George Lucas, The Beatles and Elvis Presley) it was clear that he would grow to have a passion for art and collectibles. By 2010 Nigo would have collaborated with many of his inspirations and beloved companies such as Marvel and DC Comics, Super Mario, Transformers, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty and Disney’s very own Mickey Mouse. On April 30th 2013 an end of an era occurred when the historic Twenty-year run between Founder Nigo and A Bathing Ape split paths.

                “The company itself wasn’t in a very dire situation, but in the end I spent so much time looking after the management side that I wasn’t really able to do design,” he told WWD during an interview at his personal atelier. “I turned 40 [last December], there was the turning point of the brand reaching nearly 20 years since its establishment, and I think I made a forward-looking choice,”. Since the departure, A Bathing Ape has continued to flourish in the United States, China and the UK featuring collaborations with Peanuts, AstroBoy, DragonBall Z, Def Jam and Puma.

               In 2010 before the departure with A Bathing Ape Nigo teamed up with longtime friend and graphic designer Sk8thing on a new fashion entity titled Human Made. Enlisting similar elements from its predecessor A Bathing Ape, the brand consists of a vintage style approach focused on high-quality reproductions. Human Made has defined itself with muted color pallets, specialized prints, quality goods and spectacular branding. Human Made draws inspiration from American vintage clothing from the pre-1960s era, when addressing the inspiration Nigo stated “The future can be found in the past”. From workwear to denim, Human Made recreates retro pieces with an emphasis on quality and authenticity. Having collaborated with the likes of Adidas and longtime friend Pharrell, the brand has quickly established a stellar reputation within the streetwear scene. Since the launch of HUMAN MADE, Nigo and has collaborated with the likes of Coca-Cola, Apple, and Adidas for the newest brand.

               With Nigo being the vintage enthusiast he is, he’s citied the rockabilly subculture he encountered as a teenager and 50s American rock and roll icons as the prime influences for the newest brand. “What’s interesting now is that there are more people in Europe who are interested in American vintage clothing,” Human Made collection is entirely pre-1960s Americana-inspired. When conveying the second-hand styled approach Nigo said “I didn’t want to make anything for Human Made without actually having the garment to look at, inspect and see how it’s put together. Nothing has come from photographs. Pretty much everything is from my own collection, but rearranged.” “I don’t tend to search for things because I like the idea that you come across something and decide at that time if you like it or not.” The line features exquisite detail, earth tones rather than vivid contrasting colors and as always from Nigo; phenomenal quality. “I wonder if I am a pioneer” “I don’t feel like I have achieved that level yet”. “There are more things to be done, and I’m still training.”
It’s only a matter of time before Human Made garments are seen left and right on everyone’s favorite celebrities. Until then, enjoy the underground fashion secret that is Human Made by Nigo®.

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I was told I am wasting my time and money on music. I pointed out there are people who have a passion for collecting things such as coins, books, shoes, cars, sports stuff, movie stuff. Music is my passion since I was a kid. Music to me is good, but not as good as sex. Music is a top 5 favourite of things I like do in life or in this case listen to or go to concerts?

Yeah, you can spend your money on anything you want and music is no exception. I spend money on music because I enjoy having a collection, just like a person would buy multiple cars for a collection. Nothing wrong with it. 

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"Yo! Figured you'd be the best one to ask compared to any. Be real with me here Futaba, are they-- are they really coming out with a Cake Knight anime!?"

❝   Yeah, i guess so. i mean, i don’t really get it but what do you wanna know?   ❞ RARE FOR THE SKULL COMING UP TO HER FOR ADVICE   but she knew it had nothing to deal with school. not the scholarly type who focuses on school, she noticed /// more like overheard his attitude in leblanc ///. once again, ANOTHER TOWER RISES to overshadow that tiny form of hers. pouts surface with light grunts ( T-THIS SILENCE IS KILLING ME! ) it’s probably fear. when it comes to others, the hermit can’t read thoughts so easily and braces herself for the worst. all those crappy adults … blaming her for everything … it hurts, but not anymore. yet anxiety still appears with fingertips pressing hard behind her back. ( C-C’MON … S-SAY IT! ARE THEY … WHAT? ) —— maybe she did something wrong to him? think, think, think futaba … what could have been the problem? there rests discomfort from a shortage amount of words. it’s silly really but the struggle is … wait a minute /// there it is! /// ❝   !!   ❞ audible dramatic gasp escapes with no words to even begin to describe this …

… …ahhhhhh this feeling!!

AND THERE ESCALATES A QUICKENED PULSE   , almost breathing heavily to the last piece of a sweet cake /// oh yes, this was an otaku’s favored fetish in the world! ///. well any anime will do wonders in provoking this type of reaction. ❝   C-c … cake knight anime?!   ❞ heart-pounding excitement overwhelms the once timid hermit who lays dormant within a messy room. no real otaku ever escapes the opportunity to talk passionately over this world’s greatest invention: anime! facial expression perks up with brows narrowing into a frown ( WHO DOES HE THINK HE’S TALKING TO, HUH? ). surely he must have witnessed the signs around her room when the thieves came in the morning, right? hard to say when a flare summons a whole new perspective towards the blind eye /// quite an ‘ active one ’, ain’t she? /// fists enclose, raising up as glasses unfold the inner flame within her eyes. ❝   course there would be!! it doesn’t surprise me how there’s gonna be an anime. a real otaku braces themselves for whatever the latest anime news comes out!! s-so you too … you admire cake knight’s fundamental plot?! do ya ——    DO YA SAKAMOTO-KUN?    it’s really amazing and poses unique images to its awakening. oooooooh it’s BREATH-TAKING, stealing every heart of its devoted fans!!   ❞   ///   ALIBABA IS CURRENTLY LOGGED IN !!   @crossxskulled

Answers invoke settled ashes.

Feathers illuminate what soot cannot; reds
and oranges collect passions among blacks and grays.

Rebuilding is cyclical; destruction is balm to
open sores and battered beliefs dropped from
broken spirits.

Fire rises in blues and whites. Green sprouts from
flattened worth; it transforms the past into bold, 
crafted futures.

Pollen scatters what words cannot.
An interest heals a wounded view

in stages.



I think wigs are something everyone should lift tbh. Firstly, they protect your identity. You’re becoming the Bruce Wayne of lifting with a wig and new look. Say a store sends cctv footage of you to a local news station or the police. They likely won’t suspect a black haired person as the bleach blonde culprit on camera. Not to mention if you beep with a disguise on/get sussed to the point where you basically will be recognized every time you come in–you can just take the wig off and go back to being a completely different person that they aren’t going to think was the person wearing that wig. Everyday people just simply don’t think someone would go to those kind of lengths, lmao. Also, wigs are fun. Since my friends and I started doing these, we developed a passion for collecting them and turning ourselves into totally new people at our whims. We also made a goal out of finding the most real looking wigs that a person could find at a party store or whatever else. They’re just fun. Protective, and fun. Get one, seriously. Lol.


This is the first spell I’ve ever made, and it worked great! I wanted some motivation to get all my work done, so I created this set-up. It worked immediately, and my focus was amazing. One use.


  • coffee grinds (for energy)
  • cinnamon (for a sharp kick in the pants)
  • peppermint oil (for a clear mind)
  • piece of paper with sigil (I created a sigil from “The girl is non-stop.”)
  • lapis lazuli (for enhancing mental energy, wisdom, and writing openly and honestly)
  • labradorite (for self-confidence, perseverance, and inspiration)
  • fluorite (for written and vocal clarity, learning)
  • red candle (for passion, energy)
  • small jar


After collecting your ingredients, light the red candle. The process should be completed while the candle burns. 

Fill your jar ¼ of the way up with coffee grinds and ¼ with cinnamon. If you’re using fresh or dried peppermint, add that now. Write your sigil on a piece of paper, fold it up as you’d like, and place it in the jar. If you’re using peppermint oil, apply a few drops now.

Arrange the stones as you’d like around your jar. Close your eyes and focus on seeing yourself as a productive, successful person in pursuing your day’s goals. Focus on that until you feel ready and know what you’d like to do. Blow out the candle.

Put the cap of the jar on. If you’d like, you may add the stones to your jar as well. Give it a shake whenever you need some motivation that day, focusing on the task you need to do. 


The Chicano Collection / La Colección Chicana Documentary Film

Melissa Richardson Banks (Marketing & Project Manager, The Chicano Collection)

In this documentary film, Cheech Marin reveals his passion for collecting Chicano art and shares his life’s mission to elevate public consciousness of it throughout the nation and the world. It features interviews with many of today’s top Chicano/a artists, including Chaz Bojorquez, David Botello, Melesio Casas, Gaspar Enriquez, Margaret Garcia, Rupert Garcia, Carmen Lomas Garza, Raul Guerrero, Roberto Gutierrez, Wayne Alaniz Healy, Adan Hernandez, Ester Hernandez, Leo Limon, Jose Lozano, Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, Cesar Martinez, Frank Romero, Alex Rubio, Marta Sanchez, Eloy Torrez, Jesse Trevino, John Valadez, Patssi Valdez, Vincent Valdez, and George Yepes. It also features discussions of work by Carlos Almaraz, Richard S. Duardo, and Artemio Rodriguez. Interviews also include those by Raul Pacheco of Ozomatli, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rojas of Los Lobos, museum professionals, gallery owners, art dealers, and project team members and supporters.

Produced to accompany “The Chicano Collection,” an archival print project by Richard S. Duardo of Modern Multiples in partnership with Cheech Marin and Melissa Richardson Banks (as well as a subsequent traveling exhibition produced and managed by Melissa Richardson Banks), the film describes the personal journeys and viewpoints of the 26 featured artists and their struggle for acceptance by American art museums. Overall, this collection of stories demonstrates how Chicano art evolved from a political movement begun in the late 1960s and emerged as a legitimate art school after breaking down the walls in the fine art world to get the work seen and respected. Directed and written by Tamara Hernandez. Executive Producers: Cheech Marin, Richard S. Duardo, and Melissa Richardson Banks. Produced by Tamara Hernandez, Melissa Richardson Banks, and Heather Flores. Music by Timoteo Aaron. Cinematography by Richard Briglia, Kristoffer Carrillo, and Tarina Reed. Editor: Garth Grinde. Motion Graphics Designer & Editor: Dan Prussmann. Sound Design: Sunny Basham. Released on November 8, 2005. Running time: 53:05 minutes. Details on IMDB at


ダイヤ・リー (Daiya Lee, Dai-chan)

Daiya = Diamond: Rare, beautiful and strong

Family: Rock Lee, Tenten (parents) Metal (big brother)

Age: 18

Height: 161 cm

Rank:  Genin - Chūnin


Daiya is very similar to Tenten, personality wise. She’s passionate about weapons and collects weapons from all over the worl along with her mother.
Though she is most similar to Tenten, she also has personality traits from Lee. She is very easily touched and appreciates every little thing people do for her.


She has a very close relationship to Metal, because he was always there for her when she grew up. Daiya gets very well along with Metal’s friends as well, like Himawari (who is a common visitor) and Inojin (Ino’s son)
Daiya is a bit of a mommy’s girl, but generally her relationship to her parents are the same. Lee and Tenten are very understanding and patient parents, so she never has an issue talking about rough things with them.


Her team consists of girls only. A team of girls only is not as rare as it used to be, due to there being more kunochi’s to look up to and inspire from.
(more info will be added)

(大河, Taiga, one of her teammates)

Random facts:

Daiya’s design is a mix of both Lee and Tenten.
She wears Lee’s headband around her waist.

Artist comment:

This took forever, because Anatomy is hard, and I tried to make it look like Kishimoto’s style.