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A Defense for Lancaster

Oh, man. Who knew that was how the finale was going to go, huh?

I think everything that could be said has already been said, but a major trend I’m starting to notice these past few days is the sudden backlash on Lancaster.

For the uninformed, Lancaster is the Jaune/Ruby ship name just as White Knight is for Jaune/Weiss and White Rose is for Rose/Weiss. I digress.

In any case, there have been multiple assumptions that we Lancaster Knights were quite happy that Pyrrha died and that, for all intents and purposes, Arko has sunk. There are even suggestions by several members of the FNDM that we expect Lancaster to be featured predominantly in Volume 4 as the new romance of the series.

However, I wish to dash away these assumptions.

For many Lancaster Knights, our ship was a ship we enjoyed quietly, away from the madness that other ships seem to possess. We never expected for it to gain ground in this way nor at all in actuality.

We loved Pyrrha, she was a fantastic character. Her death was moving and tragic, and we never wished such a fate on a wonderful character like her. We were content to have Arkos take sail in canon, but that will no longer be the case (unless you subscribe to those theories of her survival).

To continue on, we Lancaster Knights do not believe we will have our Jaune/Ruby romance to happen in Volume 4. We want bonding moments, platonic or oterwise, but a full-blown romance is not what we want immediately. There needs to be time and effort in the writing first for us to be wholly satisfied. The Lancaster Knights are more than willing to give the Arkos Warriors a volume to grieve and recover before we push for romance for our ship.

Much to my regret, it appears that we Lancaster Knights have been swept up in the upcoming shipping war. We did not anticipate this. However, we are more than happy to take up arms for our ship.

Fellow Lancaster Knights, I urge you all to write fan fiction or draw fan art so that we may attract more bannermen to our cause!

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white rose, playing house

There was a silence in the Rose-Xiao Long household.

The four young girls who usually filled that silence with their innocent laughter and play were currently three kinds of quiet.

They were playing house. Or rather they were supposed to be playing house.

There was the quiet of shock, of the people who didn’t think they should say anything.from Blake and Yang, who were playing the baby and the kind grandmother respectively.

There was the silence of someone who didn’t know how she should feel, from Weiss.

Ruby had just kissed her.

Now it should be made clear that it wasn’t just a small peck, or even an accidental brush of their lips, no.

Ruby had kissed her.

Wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her in a deep, passionate kiss. Weiss froze then. The other girl continued to knead her lips against hers, and oh god they were so soft

And she had kissed back.

Well, for a short while. Ruby seemed to have understood exactly what she just did, and pulled away, eyes wide and panicked.

Now, should she start screaming? Should she just brush it off? Should she act embarassed? Look away? Well, it was too late now, anything she’d say would sound awkward now anyway.

So Weiss continued to be quiet, staring back, matching Ruby’s shock and panic with her own.

Then there was the silence of someone waiting to die, from Ruby.

Yes, it was all fun and games until it got gay.

So gay.

Would Weiss hate her now? Her blood ran cold at the thought.

She was honestly too gay to pretend to be her crush’s wife. Ruby thought she had more control than this, but, eh, what’s a gay twelve-year old to do?

She called her ‘honey’, ‘darling’, 'sweetie’, how was she to stop herself from outright kissing her when she 'came back home from work’?!!

Common human decency, Ruby, COMMON HUMAN DECENCY

Well, it was never too late to apologise was it?


Ruby suddenly felt Weiss’ lips against hers again.

“Weiss, I- you- I’m, ah, uh-”

Before Weiss could say anything though, she caught a glimpse of a fist, crimson eyes, and a wild, blonde mane coming at her-

To Be Continued >>

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THAT DOMESTIC FREEZERBURN YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I said I was boarding the fluff train I was serious so be warned all those with weak hearts- there is serious fluff ahead and flirty Weiss.

Warnings: just loads of sexual references basically. Oh and puns.


1185 words

How do you like your Eggs?

The oh-so-enticing scent of breakfast being beautifully crafted for her was possibly Weiss’ favourite thing to wake up to.

She rolled out of messed bed sheets and stumbled towards the dresser; she never had been one for early starts, or waking up in the morning at all in fact. Sliding her arms through one of Yang’s shirts she decided that it was large enough to cover her, as it reached her mid-thigh, and she followed the sound of sizzling pans towards the kitchen.

The sight she was gifted with when she reached the room simultaneously brought about a smile to her mouth and a blush to her cheeks.

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