passion ukulele

chowder and lardo bonding over growing up ASIAN AF!!!!!!!!!!!

tbh i have this hc that lardo is also from california bc in socal there’s little saigon in orange county where there’s a large vietnamese population !!!! nd chowder is from the bay area so they grew up with a lot of asians so lardo and chowder bond really well bc they can relate to each other

anyways chowder and lardo share a bathroom yeah???? so one day chowder decides to blast some music while getting ready and hERE COMES LARDO BARGING IN LIKE “HOLY FUCKING SHIT CHRISTOPHER CHOW IS THIS JEREMY FUCKIN PASSION THAT I HEAR???” and he’s like “hELL YEAH!!!!” and then they just start belting out Lemonade with harmonization like they’re back in middle school/high school in california at a beach bonfire surrounded by friends doing a cover of Jeremy Passion with a ukulele and IT’S SUCH A GREAT TIME

and suddenly the throwback playlist is played for the next few months. the hallways are filled with throwback songs: AJ Rafael, David Choi, Clara C, Joseph Vincent, Dumbfounded, D-Pryde.,, IT NEVER ENDS

like the team will be in the kitchen having pie and then you hear some ~suave acoustics~ and chowder and lardo jUST BELTING “NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO!! I WON’T BE VERY FAR!!! CAUSE IN MY HEAD I’LL BE RIGHT THERE WHERE YOU ARE CAUSE LOVE HAS NO DISTANCE BABY!!!!”

and everyone’s like sooo clueless like??????? what in the world?????????? also bc lardo is the strong headed manager but here she is belting out songs with sweet chowder???? she never even did this with shitty before!!! and it’s amazing and i LIVE for chowder and lardo being asian af CRYIN

[N]ear the very end, as he was slipping away, I’d sit beside him and play some ukulele very quietly. He’d wake and smile… I half expected him to tell me I was doing it wrong. George was passionate about the ukulele. He played it brilliantly, studied it and collected hundreds of vintage instruments. There’s not much you can do with a ukulele that doesn’t sound happy. I think that’s why he liked it.
—  Jeff Lynne on George Harrison,, 9 November 2002

a mix to listen when you can’t stop thinking about that special person ✿

here’s a few super cute love songs dedicated to you, darling.

5sos - don’t stop (acoustic version) // rixton - make out // jeremy passion - lemonade (ukulele version)  // never shout never - happy //  olly murs - dance with me tonight //  tom law - never met you // the vamps  - shout about it   // we the kings - say you like me// 5sos - she looks so perfect (acoustic version) // jack johnson- banana pancakes // bombadil- a question // R5 - here comes forever (acoustic version) // twin forks - cross my mind // ryan beatty - every little thing // we the kings - queen of hearts // twenty one pilots - can’t help falling in love

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