passion trap

Be with someone who arouses your dreams. Be with someone who sees and honors the raging passion trapped inside of you. Be with someone who endeavors to help you harness that passion, and someone who will stop at nothing to help you set it free. Be with someone who holds you to a higher standard than you do. Be with someone who knows you are capable of more than you even realize. Be with someone who won’t stop demanding that you do what they know it is in you to do. Be with someone who values your dreams as much as you do. And then reciprocate.
—  iammyss , This is what relationships are made for.
Day Three Hundred Thirty Seven.

          In a perpetual state 
Of being here 
         Wishing to be 

                                                                  Somewhere else.

I have grasped 
fistfuls of sand
and gnashed my teeth
at the ocean.
I marvel that
a being such as myself
could have so much passion
trapped within her–
a force as vehement
as ocean waves.
—  Maelstroms of Poetry (via twice-a-poet)

“Go Stiles!” you cheered holding up a sign that read: Stilinski #24. And when flipped over read: McCall #11.  Sheriff Stilinski refused to sit next to you because he claimed you were too ‘spirited’ but these were your boys, you had every right to be spirited.

“Umm, do you mind? Some of us are trying to enjoy the game.” Lydia Martin spoke from next to you. 

“No I don’t, that’s why I’m screaming.” you shot back with a fake smile before you turned back to the field.

“No, put down your signs and please be quiet.” She said smiling back at you before looking back at Allison next to her.

“Listen Barbie, it’s a game, I’m passionate, so shut your trap and don’t talk to me again.” you said turning to the field before she could respond.

Requested by Anon