passion trap

I. Her eyes are like stars.
Sometimes, even though they’re so dark, they shine.
They’ll shine when she’s excited, and trust me,
her eyes will be the most beautiful thing
you have ever seen.
Don’t let her go.

II. Her voice is sweeter than honey.
It’s not perfect, no, it’s far from it.
But she has so much passion trapped in her,
and love is seeping in her voice.
Whatever you do,
don’t let her go.

III. She loves to write.
Her words are spilled onto the pages,
and even though you know they’re all meant for you,
you’re still curious.
Because her love for you is extraordinary,
don’t let her go.

IV. She loves you.
She loves you, she loves you, she loves you.
Don’t doubt her, because if she says she loves you,
she really does.
Please don’t doubt her.
Don’t let her go.

—  never let her go | a.m

*markiplier starts playing oneshot*

me *kneels and fold my hands* Dear father in heaven please dont let the millions of people seeing the videos hate on it by saying it’s an Undertale clone, because it’s a beautiful, clever game in it’s own right made by incredibly talented, clever, artistic people, and the original version that changed my fucking life came out in 2014

OKAY SO i made a post!!! about how artists have style challenges, but there doesnt seem to be anything like that for writers? anyways, i figured id make it into a sort of challenge!!!! im afraid im rather shitty at imitating your work, but i tried my best!!!!!! if youre tagged, (or if you just think this is a cool challenge), feel free to do this with any writers whose styles stand out, or you enjoy!!!!! thanks!!!

i picked a kiss scene, because i felt like it was something that i did decently well, and that kind of set me apart!!! feel free to choose any snippet of your work you feel makes your writing special!!!!!!

My Style:

You were long sober by then, the anxiety melting away at the alcohol in your system, but the moment you kissed him, you felt drunk, dizzy, high on power and the taste of his lips. You were unsteady, knees clacking, hands shaking, so you pushed your fingers into his hair, fisted, tugged, and he moaned, mouth falling open.

The taste of him, you were discovering, was quickly becoming your favorite, and you chased it, tongue probing, reaching to greet his like old friends. He wrapped his arms around you, and you were so full of him, and here, this beautiful moment, two stars meeting, passing by for just a moment, and deciding you liked the view.


You watched his eyes dart down to your lips, and you felt drawn to him, sucked in by some weird gravitational pull. He was on you in an instant, surging forward to kiss you passionately. You were trapped, pressed up against the door, and the way he kissed you was fierce, hungry. You responded with equal force, grinding against his thigh as your lips danced.


You grab his tie, and pull him in, mouth meeting his with a sigh. Your arms wrap around him, and you draw him close, groaning when your tongues meet. His teeth nip at your bottom lip, and you whimper, knees buckling. He pulls away, and you feel his lips on your neck, harsh enough to leave a mark.


He kissed you with surprising force, pressing your back against the door in a single, fluid motion. His hands wrapped around your jaw, and you smiled into the kiss, cheeks blazing.


You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him close enough to feel his breath on your cheek. In an instant he closed the gap between you, hands running down your sides to fist in your shirt. He hummed into the kiss, body flush against yours, and you sighed.


In an instant, he closed the distance between you. One hand drifted to your hair, the other resting gently on the small of your back. He caught your bottom lip between your teeth, and your fingers reached forwards and tugged at the hair at the nape of his neck.


Your eyelids flutter closed as his lips meet yours. The kiss is hesitant at first, but it quickly turns passionate. He pushes you back until you feel the edges of the desk press into your lower back. His mouth drifts lower, and you feel his hands slide down your hips, lifting you to set on the hard surface.

in addition to the people above, im also tagging @angerybisexual @daveeddiggsit @down4usnavy @exhibits-no-restraint @fragmentofmymind @guns-and-baguettes @hamlltvn @l-nmanuel @manuelmirandamn @ourforgottenboleros @ruth-hamilton-delrio @starboydiggs some more crazy talented folks!!!!!!

House Party Playlist
  1. Wake Up - Arcade Fire
  2. Icarus - Bastille
  3. Do The Rump - The Black Keys
  4. 1991 - Crystal Castles
  5. Thinkin’ Aboutchu - Dan Croll
  6. i should watch tv - David Byrne and St. Vincent
  7. Out in Bold - Giovanna
  8. Mirror’s Image - The Horrors
  9. Water - Jack Garratt
  10. The Knife - Kyla La Grange
  11. Stay Awake - London Grammar
  12. Holiday - Metronomy 
  13. Cool Song No. 2 - MGMT
  14. No Medicine For Regret - Mogwai
  15. Show Me The Light - Mystery Jets
  16. On My Way - Passion Pit
  17. Last Nite - The Strokes
  18. London’s Burning - The Temper Trap
  19. Try - The xx
  20. Everytime - Foals

we don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall -> mix

There comes a time when a blind man takes you hand and says, “Cant you see?”

i even included “friends” by mister ed here bc well

and i wrote in the notes, paragraphs of the musics that remembers me the most about these two so i hope you enjoy!

1. Constant Conversations - Passion Pit

2. Friends - Ed Sheeran

3. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room - John Mayer

4. All I Want - Kodaline

5. Uncover - Zara Larsson

6. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

7. It Is What It Is - Lifehouse

8. Flapper Girl - The Lumineers

9. Green Eyes - Coldplay

10. Rather Be - Clean Bandit

11. Your Song - Cover by Ellie Goulding

12. The Scientist - Coldplay

13. What’s a soulmate?

Be with someone who arouses your dreams. Be with someone who sees and honors the raging passion trapped inside of you. Be with someone who endeavors to help you harness that passion, and someone who will stop at nothing to help you set it free. Be with someone who holds you to a higher standard than you do. Be with someone who knows you are capable of more than you even realize. Be with someone who won’t stop demanding that you do what they know it is in you to do. Be with someone who values your dreams as much as you do. And then reciprocate.
—  iammyss , This is what relationships are made for.
Alive. Sherlock Holmes.

Requests: 1) Hey Daddy, if you’re taking in requests can we get a Sherlock x trans boy reader? If you can’t that’s fine, I understand you’re busy!; and 2) Hey! Can you do a smut with Sherlock where The reader & Sherlock have escaped a deadly trap & have passionate sex in 221B? Thank you! Youre the best!

Triggers: Smut. Danger. Female genitalia, but male pronouns. To put it in a simpler sense; The Reader has only had top surgery so far for story purpose.

Word count: 1387

Enjoy ;D

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With the wave of her hand

Title: With the wave of her hand.
Fandom: DCU - Suicide Squad
Pairing: Rick Flag/June Moone.
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers from the movie, of course.
N/A: I literally got home to write this after seeing the movie, it was like 4 am when I finished and was too tired to edit and publish, until now. I fell in love with this couple, so I will be writing more about them soon. I hope you guys like this little one!

Title from The Beatles song, ‘Here, there and everywhere’: “Here, making each day of the year. Changing my life with the wave of her hand. Nobody can deny that there’s something there…”, because I think that’s how Rick feels about June.

(On AO3)

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Oblivion Playlist

[Listen] [Download]

1. Where’d You Go by Fort Minor | 2. Sierra Leone by Mt Eden | 3. Late Night (Koreless Purple Cowboy Remix) by Foals | 4. (I Just) Died In Your Arms by Bastille | 5. Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap | 6. The Funeral by Band of Horses | 7. Genesis by Grimes | 8. Dust Clears by Clean Bandit | 9. I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li | 10. Constant Conversations by Passion Pit | 11. Holocene by Bon Iver | 12. Spanish Sahara by Foals | 13. The Mother We Share (Moonboots Remix) by CHVRCHES | 14. I’m Good. I’m Gone by Lykke Li | 15. Oblivion by Grimes. 

Last one for tonight, #captionthis, taken from last chapter of kissing conundrum (hope doesn’t spoil it for anyone). Almost hoping I could put more than one picture as a cover in website. Credit to @peace-on for her inspirational drawing, and @crackers-me for doing the beta :-)


He looked into her sunset eyes, and she looked into his emerald orbs. Instantly, their souls connected, and something hidden under her stoic facade and his tranquil demeanour began to stir. She felt something strange creep into her chest. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling… in fact it was quite the opposite.

What! Tigress… You’re not gonna do this! Are you crazy?

But it was too late, she was unable to tear her gaze from his mesmerizing jade eyes, the tender gaze he gave her, his strong arms that suddenly found themselves reaching her slender waist. No matter what her brain was shouting, her heart and the rest of her body wouldn’t just listen. They both closed the gap. As soon as their lips touched each other, an electrifying bolt travelled through their bodies, sending an instant shockwave of pleasure. They both abruptly pulled from the kiss, staring at each other in immense surprise.

In a moment of repose, the sound of hooting owls and other feral animals filled up the silence. They both just stared, until their hearts once again commanded them to let go, submit, and proclaim their deepest desire.

Tigress hesitated at first, her heart still slamming against her ribcage. Her cheeks burned with potent heat at the feel of his warm breath and his lips grazing over hers, as if seeking her permission. But something inside her encouraged her to reciprocate, to lean deeper into the kiss. 

She slowly complied, closing her eyes and tilting her head slightly, letting passion and love be trapped between their lips, like a gap of unfilled words that were far too raw and embarrassing to be spoken, yet could not be denied. After a while, both of their paws slipped unwittingly, their bodies entwined in a close embrace. Tigress found herself melted completely into the kiss. 

Everything around her felt so distant, unrelated and surreal. She could only feel the thrilling taste of him on her tongue, tingling every fibre of her body, while taking immense pleasure on the generous proclamation of his love.

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How would NCTu&127 be in bed?😏😏😏😏

A/N: ah- I recently made a post about what positions each would favor, but I’ll try this too- Srry, it’s p bad, I couldn’t tell if this was a kink list or-

Ten is inexperienced, he’d likely be hesitant. He’d often seek approval, cautious not to be too eager.
Once he grows more experienced and comfortable I think he’d be rather adventuresome, interested in new positions and kinks.
Ten would seek meaning during sex, his burning skin lusting after your own, trapping you in a tight embrace, his hot breath fanning your neck and chest.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Jaehyun would have a high sexual drive, constantly lusting after you. He’d be rather confident in his abilities to satisfy you, slightly cocky [not a pun-].
He’d be intrigued by a variety of “things,” interested in testing your limits, utter domination, and new positions.
Jaehyun would seek slow, sensual intercourse, however his demeanor would often change, his movements growing animalistic and rough, his teeth digging into your flushed skin, drunk in lust.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Taeyong would be rather cute, until he got under the sheets.
He’d cling to you, his needy nature shining through.
Taeyong would love watching, leaning back to watch his length disappear, watching your face contort with pleasure. He has amazing stamina, no doubt demanding multiple rounds, pushing you to your limit. 
Once in bed Tae would change his demeanor, he’d be domineering and controlling, rough. However, he wouldn’t be adverse to switching the roles, whining lowly as he’s teased.

Originally posted by sr16b-rain

Yuta would be everything.
He’d sweet talk, his needy nature and wandering hands melting any resolve you had.
Yuta may not be as adventuresome as you may think. He’d like to master one skill before trying another, usually sticking to what he’s comfortable with.
Yuta would seek passionate love, often trapping you under him, his entrancing gaze keeping you close.

Originally posted by neotechs

Taeil would be the most mature.
He is a giver, eager to please. However, he still wants some form of control.
He’d be curious about exploring new routes, but never without your approval or suggestion, a complex with sharing his fantasies.
Taeil would match the mood every time, knowing when to be gentle and slow, when to whisper praise to you, and when to pull your hair, his hips digging into your own.

Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

Doyoung is a savage and we all know it, no doubt he would retain the same qualities while in bed.
He’s a tease, often denying orgasms, setting impossible restrictions and rules.
Doyoung would not be shy voicing his wants, his dark fantasies. He’d coerce you to try new things, always surprising you. Kinky bastard.
He enjoys passionate sex, but he enjoys rough sex more, a slight sadistic streak.

Originally posted by taesyong

Winboi would be very similar to Taeil, eager to please, by timid when attention is focused on his desires.
Like Ten, he is also inexperienced, slightly anxious and cautious.
I think he enjoys being sub! and dom! not preferring one over the other.

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-Admin Finn


“Go Stiles!” you cheered holding up a sign that read: Stilinski #24. And when flipped over read: McCall #11.  Sheriff Stilinski refused to sit next to you because he claimed you were too ‘spirited’ but these were your boys, you had every right to be spirited.

“Umm, do you mind? Some of us are trying to enjoy the game.” Lydia Martin spoke from next to you. 

“No I don’t, that’s why I’m screaming.” you shot back with a fake smile before you turned back to the field.

“No, put down your signs and please be quiet.” She said smiling back at you before looking back at Allison next to her.

“Listen Barbie, it’s a game, I’m passionate, so shut your trap and don’t talk to me again.” you said turning to the field before she could respond.

Requested by Anon

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Can I request Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Sawamura, Kuroo, and Mad Dog {kyoutani} being jealous because their significant other being super interested in an anime character and keeps saying how much they 'love' that character?

Oh maaaaan

I gotcha, darling! Have a great day!

Oikawa: Would be a very pouty little captain for a while, not knowing how to approach his s/o about this character they seemed to love and adore so much. Without much thought one day, if his s/o were watching the anime, he’d turn off whatever device they were watching, and before they could get their chance to argue or scold him, he’d kiss them deeply, full of passion and trap them in his arms, whispering. “It’s about time I got some attention from my lovely ____-chan~” Let’s just say that after that day, they wouldn’t really watch the anime as much as they used to.

Iwaizumi: He didn’t really pay attention to it much, since he knew that when he was younger, he had a favorite character from a series and would brag about them to e v e r y o n e he knew. After some time though, it got to the point where if the anime was on and he walked into the room he would walk right back out. Soon after, Iwa decides it’s time to do something about it. He would ask what was it about the character that made them so special. And his partner gave a description similar to his own personality. “Idiot…” he blushes, looking over at them and into their eyes, “You’ve got the real thing right here.”

Sawamura: At first, he thought it was a bit cute. Looking up to characters and superheroes is something Daichi is all too familiar with. But time passes and the more they talk about “loving” this character as much as they loved him, he knew something had to change. His kisses became a bit deeper, his holds a bit tighter, his gaze a lot more passionate. After his partner catches on and asks about his strange behavior, he quietly talks about how the character seemed to take over their love for their actual boyfriend. They’d laugh, and reassure him that it wasn’t true, with a night full of kisses.

Kuroo: Would think it’s absolutely cute at first, watching his partner get excited over a character or a new series that the character was in. But jealousy started to kick in the more they talked about how wonderful this character is, and began to give their loving glances, which were once aimed at Kuroo, to the character in question. He’d definitely tease his partner about it, saying things along the line of “So you like characters better than the real thing?” With this smirk, knowing he’s got them in his clutches. They’d stutter out a response and try to convince him that it wasn’t serious, but he’s use that to his advantage and leave his partner a blushing, stuttering mess, clinging to his arm. Smooth Tetsurou, smooth.

Kyoutani [Mad Dog]: Completely annoyed by his partner’s consistent blabber about this character. If they wanted to be with this character than why was he here? But the more he thought like this, the more wary he became. What if he did lose his partner to some anime character? He’d pick up the affection by just a notch, not liking how clingy he had to be in order to win over their attention. After some time they’d catch on to what he was implying and pay more attention to him, apologizing for their behavior concerning the character and watch as his body physically relaxes, all stress off his shoulders.