passion pit constant conversations

List of the greatest songs composed ever

Landslide-fleetwood mac
Africa- Toto
Sleepyhead- passion pit
Dance yrself clean- LCD soundsystem
Karma police- Radiohead
Step- vampire weekend
Antichrist television blues- arcade fire
Rebellion (lies)- arcade fire
Hey Orpheus/oh eurydice- arcade fire
Someone great- LCD soundsystem
Space song- beach house
New person, same old mistakes- tame impala
Ribs- lorde
Literally all of torches- foster the people
Sound and color - Alabama shakes
Gimme all your love- Alabama shakes
Recycled air- the postal service
Constant conversations- passion pit

🕷🕸 narkik playlist 🏹🍂

playlist cover by @mishellja, commission info here

1. sleigh bells - baptism by fire
2. chvrches - we sink
3. the naked and famous - punching in a dream
4. grouplove - welcome to your life
5. rihanna - love on the brain
6. passion pit - constant conversations
7. blood orange - you’re not good enough
8. kanye west - lost in the world

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rules: 10 songs you’re currently vibing to and tag 10 people!! this was SO difficult and turned out rly gay gdhg

1. batter up - jagwar ma
2. love / drugs - strange familia
3. constant conversations - passion pit
4. shiver shiver - walk the moon
5. livewire - oh wonder (this whole album is the reason im gay)
6. indigo puff - sundara karma
7. nobody could change your mind - generationals (whole album is A+ too!!)
8. shark attack - grouplove
9. american cars - donora
10. pork soda - glass animals

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rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing and tag 10 people

I was tagged by @orsonkraennic I LOVE U KRENNETH

  • Don’t Lie - Vampire Weekend
  • Constant Conversations - Passion Pit
  • Hooked on a Feeling  - Blue Swede
  • Walking The Dog - fun.
  • Carried Away - Passion Pit
  • Back For Good - Take That
  • Uptown Girl - Billy Joel ( & Westlife version too)
  • That’s Life - Frank Sinatra
  • September - Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Tainted Love - Soft Cell

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bottle it up // a landon addison playlist

listen here // art credit 

♫track list:

grouplove - ways to go // peter bjorn and john - young folks // phoenix - trying to be cool // grouplove - shark attack // televisions - new flesh // fun. - be calm // passion pit - constant conversations // tame impala - yes i’m changing

vrepit-suck-my-blade  asked:

the music name thingy🙂🙂 -Mechelle

-          Meteor shower – Owl City

-          Ex’s and O’s - Elle King 

-          Constant conversations – Passion Pit

-          Harlem - New Politics 

-          Everybody talks – Neon Trees

-          Lets dance to joy division – The Wombats

-          Lost stars – Kiera Knightly

-          Electric love – BORNS

Im running out of E songs omggg Thank you btw!