passion of the blunt

Sun-Moon: Leo

leo sun, aries moon: loyal, aggressive, dependable, courageous, harsh, blunt, passionate, egotistical, open, confident, moral

leo sun, taurus moon: theatrical, purposeful, highfaultin, forceful, heavy, oppressive, brave, headstrong, composed, prideful, strong

leo sun, gemini moon: outspoken, stylish, social, shallow, humorous, superficial, irresponsible, sarcastic, lively

leo sun, cancer moon: emotional, open-minded, compassionate, arrogant, romantic, family-oriented, proud, smug

leo sun, leo moon: queen, egomaniac, theatrical, colorful, playful, positive, glamorous, brutal, self-centered, compassionate, generous

leo sun, virgo moon: incorruptible, exating, critical, frank, alienating, charimatic, outgoing, friendly, perfectionist 

leo sun, libra moon: optimistic, friendly, romantic, graceful, calm, dreamy, sociable, weary, lazy, innocent, naive, charming, compliment-seeker

leo sun, scorpio moon: animal vitality, vigorous, ruthless, intense, prideful, passionate, sexual, temper, competitive, jealous, aggressive, proud

leo sun, sagittarius moon: globetrotter, reckless, eternal child, active, naive, frank, open, dashing, impatient, optimistic, aristocratic, extravagant, playful

leo sun, capricorn moon: serious, poised, cool, stubborn, condescending, dictatorial, intimidating, good-mannered, crowned, ambitious

leo sun, aquarius moon: aloof, broad-minded, naive, intuitive, idealistic, restless, inventive, poetic, reformer,  universal, unreliable

leo sun, pisces moon: sweet, noble, good-hearted, considerate, loyal, strong-minded, ambitious, charitable, intimidating, creative, humanitarian

Mars ♂ in Sagittarius ♐

   People with this sign are very direct and honest. They don’t really think a whole lot of the personal feelings side, but they are good at getting things done without worrying. They tend to repeat themselves a lot and may not say something in the most direct way.

   Mars in Sagittarius natives can get very hot and cold on you, one moment being bubbly and the next yelling. Overall they are very passionate and move from one topic to the next with ease.

   When angered, they have the urge to do something physical about it. They also have the urge to run away from it. They’re not great at facing the situation head on until they feel like they’re ready. Physical outlets are always beneficial for these people.

   Overall, they’re very passionate and blunt. They believe in their ideas very strongly and have a lot of drive to get things done, often having a lot of projects that they start. They have a lot of enthusiasm and can motivate people easily.

  • Aries: Green - for beginnings, for childhood, for vitality, for jealousy, for fresh new things
  • Taurus: Red - for passion, for being stubborn, for romantic and sexual love, for honesty and bluntness
  • Gemini: Black - for lies and deceit, for absolution, for elegance, for shock value
  • Cancer: Brown - for simple values, for understated elegance, for being subtle, for packing a punch
  • Leo: Purple - for standing out, for being yourself, for creativity, for royalty
  • Virgo: Pink - for being sweet and shy, for prettiness, for calm and quiet love, for femininity
  • Libra: Orange - for doing what is right, for brightness, for being bubbly and fun, for creativity
  • Scorpio: Silver - for being unpindownable, for transforming, for lies, for what is more than just life
  • Sagittarius: White - for self-discovery, for inner peace, for spirituality, for the fear of ruin or waste
  • Capricorn: Blue - for uniforms, for repressed emotion, for moral values, for staying calm
  • Aquarius: Gold - for standing out, for shiny technology, for friendship, for happiness
  • Pisces: Yellow - for innocuous naivety, for caution, for cowardice, for sweetness and prettiness

The Fire Mercury Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are all blunt and passionate communicators and will eagerly commit to the big idea rather than the details.

The Earth Mercury Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are all practical and realistic communicators and will verify if an idea is feasible or not before supporting it.

The Air Mercury Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are all witty and friendly communicators and love exploring every facet of an idea, even if they already believe in it.

The Water Mercury Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are all intuitive and emotional communicators and can tell if an idea is good or not by their gut feeling.

How I see the signs after my experience with each one:

Aries: Heartless. Cruel. Reckless. Breaks everything, even people. Honestly doesn’t care. Will make your heart race and your brain stop working(in a romantic sort of way). Will use you to get what they want.

Taurus: Adorable as fuck. Fun. Playful. Sweet. Very caring. Sometimes wanna strangle them.

Gemini: Outgoing. Charismatic. People person. Secretly a bitch. Difficult to see past the mask. Adventurous. Emotionally abusive.

Cancer: Never really got to know one.

Leo: Blunt. Passionate. Doesn’t think before they do/say. Smart. Will make you want to fall in love with them no matter what.

Virgo: Fuck up too much. Act like they don’t give a shit. Act like everything’s fine, but are contemplating everything and are drowning in they’re own thoughts. Will love you and lose themselves in the process.

Libra: Never got to know one.

Scorpio: Intense. Mysterious at first. Sexy as fuck. Will make you feel every emotion in a single action. Romantic. Thoughtful. Considerate. Dark. Will scare you when they’re mad. Will let you know if they don’t like you. The most wonderful kind of person you will ever come to know.

Sagittarius: Dark but beautiful like the night. Enticing. The only way you’ll get to know them is by reading their diary.

Capricorn: Reliable. Trustworthy. Doubts themselves when they shouldn’t. There for you no matter what. Make for the best friends you’ll ever have.

Aquarius: Scary as shit. DO NOT fuck with them. Avoid them at all costs if you value your life.

Pisces: Bubbly. Lovable. Love giving love. Hate being mean, but will tear you to shreds if you cross the line. Try to act like everything’s okay when it’s not. Will be strong for others. Don’t know how to take care of themselves. will give so much love to everyone else they forget to give some to themselves.

Not trying to offend anyone, this is just based off of my encounters with each sign. If your sign got a mostly negative “description” thing, then I’d love for you to show me that there’s a good side to your sign.

the signs as i know them
  • aries: confused on what they want to do but wont take the responsibility to accept that what they previously wanted didnt work or was problematic. They are suckers for passion and blunt responses. Can be violent and manipulative as lovers and wonderful and kind as friends.
  • taures: compulsive liars who try to edgy by acting angsty and withdrawn but are dramatic and a complete extrovert. they really love their mamas and dont want to hurt peoples feelings even though they say they are a cold bitch, anxious as hell but can take a lot
  • gemini: think they understand more than they do, keep trying to be as adult as they were taught to be, but are shattered inside. Sometimes ruined beyond repair. Smart as fuck literally these guys are smarter than they understand too. Sexual people but emotions are hard for them
  • cancer: materialistic, but want what they think is best for everybody. Can be secretive and extremely two faced. Though they are quick to defend a bitch. Amazing listeners but try giving too much advice, and are intimidating as fuck. First impressions are scary but they are lovable.
  • Leo: try to stay neutral and never pick a side, keeping themselves open for everybody to befriend. Be wary, they can be violent and sometimes too much. Adorable but unique, usually braun over brains. But they arent dumb, and have amazing street smarts.
  • Virgo: Guilt trippy but trying their best for everybody to understand that they just want help. Creates bigger problems than necessary but it never seems to harm anyone but themselves. Have amazing self confidence in their choices and that makes them ridiculously attractive as a friend and/or partner.
  • Libra: these people care too much about people close to them, dont take enough care of themselves but take enough care of everyone else. Always buying gifts and smiling, willing to change their schedules and make jokes for everyone to laugh at and enjoy. Accepting all flaws as human nature and never judging anyone for crying or having a meltdown
  • Scorpio: a best friend for all, but a crazy person. Giving but secretive. Sometimes a mega bitch, but they dont realize it. Their smile lights up a room and they have an interesting home life. Always gonna help a bitch out and never judging, but always cracking jokes at your expense. You cant help but laugh though because theyre usually genuinely funny
  • Sagittarius: these people are very complex, and usually the last ones to try something new. Self conscious but have never been given a reason to not be. They smile nicely but they can be a complete idiot to peoples comfort levels and they dont know when to stop
  • Capricorn: happy and not at all fussy! cute lil babies that know exactly what tf they want. They are busy little bees but they can always amuse themselves with whatever is given to them. Always the life of the party but isn't very good with strangers or sharing. Nobody minds though, they'll learn how to do it better.
  • Aquarius: these are cutie patooties. but they have emotional problems, they are always having mood swings that are involving the people around them. They can also send mixed messaged and lead people on. They can get loud easily and are fast talkers, bad at telling jokes, great at sharing laughs
  • Pisces: not as mature as they think they are and very hypocritical. Have potential talent and are seen as someone who can always do something helpful. Sometimes crazy. They love throwing shade, but have good intentions in the end and just want to be left alone so they can continue doing what makes them happy

Ymir is:




-a miracle











-a dork








-smoking hot

-a freckled goddess



Ymir is not:

-just Historia’s lover

-just a lesbian

-an asshole

-centered on Historia

-Historia’s extension

blue-rondo  asked:

Green and white

Green: 8 facts about appearance

(I assume that this means my appearance lol)

  • my eyes are light green w/ a darker green ring around them!
  • I am v bony and muscly ;__; 
  • I have a really small scar through my left eyebrow, dad hit my head taking me out of a car or something when I was a baby lol
  • NO ASS
  • my right knee/leg is a little off center; when I broke my leg in second grade the shit nurse wrapped the splint wrong and misaligned them
  • my two front teeth still have those lil bumps (mamelons) on them :’^)
  • thighs ain’t touch 
  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ears are gauged at 0g

White: 3 facts about my personality 

  • pretty fuckin blunt
  • honestly very indecisive :^(
  • super passionate!
Let me tell y'all something

Scorpio Season Starts tomorrow. If you though Scorpios were already super passionate, intelligent, wise, blunt, honest, strong, & intense well 

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Because now it is our time to shine! You will see us at our top form, a new level y'all wouldn’t even believe 

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So i am telling you now so that you can be prepared to love us, be awed by us, to fear us, and to embrace us cause we are here. I know some of you dont know whats coming but i have warned y'all.

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Were Rolling Deep starting tomorrow 

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I can’t remember who else is a scorpio right now but tag em people it is our time!

Sun Sign Keywords
  • Aries: Fiery,impulsive,bold
  • Taurus: Stubborn,loyal,dependable
  • Gemini: Witty,indecisive,adaptable
  • Cancer: Family-oriented,oversensitive,moody
  • Leo: Confident,ambitious,vain
  • Virgo: Analytical,critical,reliable
  • Libra: Idealistic,friendly,superficial
  • Scorpio: Passionate,manipulative,resourceful
  • Sagittarius: Blunt,independent,honest
  • Capricorn: Responsible,prudent,patient
  • Aquarius: Sarcastic,original,clever
  • Pisces: Compassionate,romantic,sensitive