passion never sleeps

Dear Future Daughter,
Here’s a few things I want you to know:
-Love yourself. Always, anywhere, forever. Do it.
-Never fall asleep feeling sad or unloved. Come cuddle with me on the couch downstairs or let me kiss you goodnight before you drift off.
-Keep yourself healthy. But that absolutely does not mean you can’t have three chocolate bars one night. It’s just balance.
-Always always ALWAYS tell me if you’re hurting. My mother was immune to my sufferings and I cannot tell you how alone that made me feel. I never ever want you to feel that way. Come talk to me. You will never be judged or harassed or laughed at. Hell, I’ll probably be crying with you my sweet. It’s okay to cry.
-Do your homework. Get through school. Try. You’ll look back and be a hell of a lot prouder of yourself. Trust me.
-Smile. Beam sunshine through your teeth and let people see rainbows in your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy person.
-Wear your heart on your sleeve. Be vulnerable. Get your heart broken by a shitty boy, by a wonderful boy, by a boy you don’t care too much about. Hearts get broken, but they do heal.
-Do what you love. Find your passion and run with it. When you’re 80 you’ll be happy you didn’t follow the money, but the dream.
-Please, please don’t self harm. Pretend every cut you make in your skin is cutting into my wrists. You wouldn’t do that to your mother, so why do it to yourself?
-Lastly, remember that I love you with every ounce of my being. I’ll be here for you until the day I die and even after that I’ll be watching out for you from above.

Your Future Mother

—  cherish your momma. she’s trying her best. (TRM)