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The Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in the Ural mountains of Russia nearly 60 years ago. 9 experienced hikers were found frozen in the snow with unusual injuries and even more unusual circumstances surrounding their deaths.

A hiking group from the Ural PolyTechnical institute, lead by Igor Dyatlov, were hiking to Ortem, a category three hiking trip(the most difficult) The trip was no worry to the hikers(originally 8 men and 2 women) as they were all experienced hikers and skiers.

Before they set out on what would be the last leg of their journey one of the men, Yuri Yudin, did not feel well and had to leave early. This illness would save his life.

The group of 9 set up camp on the base of the mountain called Kholat Syakhl, also known as “Dead Mountain) in Mansi. It is unknown why they camped on the slope and not down near the forest where they would have more shelter from the elements. By the next morning all the hikers would be dead. Some of the bodies wuld not be found for 3 months.

Here is where their deaths become a mystery. It was determined they froze to death(6) or died of fatal injuries(3) however their bodoes were scattered up to 3000 meters from their tent, which had been cut open from the inside. 

Yuri Krivonischenko and Yuri Doreschenko were found 2000 meters down the hill huddled together with a dead fire. Branches on the tree they were under were broken up to 5 meters high suggesting one of them climbed up the tree. They were both shoe less and only in their underwear. Between the cedar tree and the camp the bodies of Igor Dyatlov,  Zinaida Kolomogorova, and Rustem Slobodin were found in positions suggesting they tried to return to the camp. All of these bodies were found February 26, 1959.

It wasn’t until May 6 that year that the last four hikers would be found dead under 4 meters of snow in a ravine 2075 meters away from the tent. Lyudmilla Dubinina had been found face down in the ravine missing her tongue, lips, and eyes. She had also sustained a major chest fracture along with Zolotaryov, though neither had bruising on their bodies or soft tissue to suggest anything causing the fracture. Thibeaux-Brignolles had also sustained a major skull fracture. The injuries Thibeaux-Brignolles, Zolotaryov, and Dubinina sustained that lead to their deaths were made with a force as strong as a car crash said  Dr. Boris Vozrozhdenny when asked.  Those who had died first had relinquished their clothing to the other as Zolotaryov was wearing Dubinina’s faux fur coat.

The nine hikers were the only people on the mountain that night, they had all died within 6-8 hours of their last meal, and they all left the tent by their own accord. Some hikers camping on a mountain a few kilometers away reported seeing strange orange orbs in the sky that night and the last picture on Krioneschenko’s camera showed some blurry orbs. It was also reported that at the funerals for the hikers their bodies held a deep tan, an almost orange one. Ultimately their death was ruled to be caused by an unknown force and may remain a mystery forever. 

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Seven

-Within the first fifteen minutes of my shift, I rang up both a metal fidget spinner with worryingly sharp angles and a children’s book about a zoo, the cover of which featured a boy dabbing. I did not expect to live in an era of such meme integration in our education and warfare.

-“I’m not comfortable with sharp turns,” a girl told her mother. “In fact, my sharp turns are quite wide for most people. If I’m not careful, I’ll never get my driver’s license.” I am proud of her, as it is always best to be aware of one’s shortcomings, and, as she is nine years old, she will have plenty of time to improve upon them.

-A man came by whose shirt displayed a bible passage quoting Jesus as telling his followers to sell their clothing to buy assault rifles. I expect the movie adaptation of this alternate reality scripture in theaters next summer, as The Crime Of The Passion Of The Christ is certain to be a box office hit.

-A mother explained that her seven week-old baby was wailing and squealing because she was hungry. The next woman came up once they had moved on and admitted in a hushed voice, “I make the same noises when I’m hungry.” This won from me an outburst of genuine, uproarious laughter, the likes of which the the average “I found everything… and then some!” could never dream of achieving.

-Today has been an endless parade of pocket-sized pooches and this was precisely what I needed.

-The Armed Apostle returned half an hour after his first purchase, buying only a drink this time. He tried to claim his twin brother had just been in, purchased too much, and forgotten his drink. I did not buy this for one moment. There is no way on this earth that the man before me is anything less than one of a kind.

-A boy told his mother that all she had to give his was a lifetime supply of Tic Tacs, an iPad, and an all-access pass to McDonald’s. At first blush, I thought this child amusing, to be so easily satisfied. Upon further reflection, however, I found a truth in myself. That truth is that if I had these things and nothing else, I would still consider my needs all fulfilled.

Really Cool True Crime Websites

I’m often asked what websites/blogs I use to study for my blog. I’ve decided to compile a wee list of my favorite sites where I get most of my inspiration and, sometimes, facts :)


This site is an amazing resource for anyone interested in true crime, and I cannot recommend it enough if you are looking for new content to read. The site is really easy to use, and the cases are sorted alphabetically, making it simple to look up a particular killer or just to browse.


This site is maintained by a dedicated writer who regularly posts about little-known crimes and cases. The cases are categorised by the type of crime (Murder, Child Abuse, Animal Cruelty etc) as well as providing links to news items. I really like this site for when I want to find out about little-known cases, and there is a section dedicated to abused and vulnerable children.


This site is managed by a published true crime writer who is passionate about “forgotten” crimes and cold cases. You can easily spend hours reading through the posts, and the fact these cases are somewhat older and unsolved makes this site invaluable if you want to research cold cases/historical crimes.


This is a newish site that offers hundreds of true crime documentaries for free! The sheer amount of content means theres something for everyone to enjoy, and the docs are organised into categories so its super easy to navigate and peruse. Some of the docs are not in English, but I’m pretty sure subtitles are available for most of them.

The Archetypes as Villains

This could also be read as the shadow side of each energy in its most extreme form.

Aries- A human bomb waiting to go off, someone that acts on impulse, that cannot contain the shadow side inside them almost like the Hulk. Power comes from being the strongest, from a physicality, from brawn. A simple jolt could knock them from sense into reacting in the heat of the moment.

Taurus- Someone powered by greed and possessiveness, so think corrupt business people, wall street brokers, bankers. They would find power in the material world, and may become so trapped in the five senses that they lose all sense of soul beyond this. Corruption comes in the form of excess.

Gemini- A double crosser, someone that can turn people against and play them off each other. They could appear in one form to one person, and in another to another, think mystique. Charisma, charm and intellect would be used to run rings around their opponents.

Cancer- Emotional manipulation, a feeling of making others feel sorry for them or playing the victim, somewhat deceptive. They may commit crimes in passionate moments, overcome by an irrational emotion. There could be a defensiveness or paranoia that leads them to believe that the world is out to get them, and therefore anything they do is justified.

Leo- Think a power hungry King or Queen, a volatile one whose self-worth demands the appreciation from their subjects, somewhat like Loki. They would rule in their own self interest at the expense of those around them. There would be greed, orders, and a sense of others needing to appease them at all times to escape fear.

Virgo- The “brains.” Someone that uses their vision for intricacy to run rings around others intellectually. They can get things down practically, uniting this grounded energy with their often crystal sharp mind. They would be the ones behind the computers, initiating cyber attacks or leaking classified information.

Libra- Libra could have a way of playing with peoples emotions, of forming attachments and using them in a savvy way to their advantage to get ahead in life. They could infiltrate any social circle, only to turn it inwards on itself, to play people like puppets. Their knowledge and interest in people in general lends them the information to peoples sore spots, especially because they are often friendly appearing and seemingly trustworthy.

Scorpio- A truth seeker to the extreme, where they like to hold a mirror up to society, giving people the impossible, unwinnable choice. They may use the corruption of others as an excuse for their own corruption, forcing those secret parts of ourselves into the light unwillingly.

Sagittarius- They would likely be drawn to an ideology, holding it as superior than the ones of those around them. They would be hot headed and exude a confidence, often a charismatic one that can bring others with them. Their quest for knowledge, no matter of what form, could lead them to pry where it is best that no one pries.

Capricorn- Someone that is power hungry, maybe even an authoritarian governmental figure, someone that uses the financial industry to their advantage. There could be the use of tunnel vision to such an extreme that the emotional world gets cut off entirely. 

Aquarius-  An anarchist perhaps, someone that finds a beauty in the act of destroying something itself, in chaos. Or some kind of brainiac who thinks that progress and invention is the only way for the world to adapt no matter what it wipes out on the way, what foundations become broken, a kind of survival of the fittest way of looking at the world. An eccentric genius.

Pisces- Someone that dedicates and sacrifices themselves for a corrupt or nefarious cause. They may initially enjoy the breakdown of barriers between themselves and others, only to find that they may have been deceived themselves. Their chameleon persona is mysterious and inviting, used to draw people in, yet also deceptive,

Friendly reminder that Artemis Fowl literally donated a hugeass amount of his money to his already richass all-boys school–anonymously–with the deal that his whole year will go on a field trip all the way to friggin Germany just so he can sneak away from the whole group to rob the most secured bank in the world undetected by his parents. 

Artemis’ passion for crime knows no boundaries. 

HALLOWEEN IS UPON US! kind of. not really. NO MATTER. we’ve decided to celebrate its wonders in the magnificent world of THEDAS alongside our favorite characters. gather round for a week of spooky entertainment where YOU muffins will be able to create all sorts of art based on daily themes. to top it off, halloween-inspired prizes will be drawn at random among all participants, and for all of you readers and watchers, a special multi-stream shall occur during the week where you’ll be able to request doodles from amazing artists! 

FROM OCTOBER 24TH TO OCTOBER 31ST. follow @dahalloween to stay up-to-date, and spread the word!

- @elfrooted & @froschkuss  ♥




potions, swamps, brooms and cauldrons… we celebrate witches on the first day of the halloween week, magic and spells, perhaps misfired… and curtains on fire.


what is dead should remain so… but on the second day of the week, everything is possible. death rises, a long lost companion or a defeated enemy, and while darkspawn abound, nothing is safe for anyone. who will you stumble upon? or what.


demons, spirits, ghosts and possessions… good and evil collide on the third day of the week, and your favorite characters find themselves trapped in the middle. are they stuck in the fade? were they struck by a spooky vision, haunted, or do they wind up being at the mercy of a desire demon?


ah, love. sweet and candid in the midst of autumn leaves… or dangerous, a passionate crime in a fit of pique. has your lover breathed their last? or will you simply enjoy their presence, cozy in the autumn air? on the fourth day, love is celebrated in gentle… and eerie ways.


and of nugs, of dragons, werewolves and bears, legends of ominous creatures haunting your sleep. will you tell their chilling stories around a campfire? or will you face them in the darkest hour, perhaps becoming one of them?


on the sixth day, your favorite characters find themselves in various alternate universes, away from thedas. are they on modern-day earth, or lost in a dystopian world? do they walk the fires of hell, or do they swim underwater? do they know who they are, or where they’re from? is any of this real… or a nightmare?


it’s time for your favorite characters to dress up! masquerades, trick-or-treating, anything goes, so long as costumes and candy abound!

The Seven Phases of Serial Murder

Serial offenders often develop an antisocial pattern of behavior long before they act upon the urge to kill. Unlike ‘crimes of passion’ - where murder occurs within the heat of the moment - serial killers can spend months, even years, developing their violent fantasies and working up the courage to act them out.

1. Withdrawal from reality

Serial offenders often experience a period of withdrawal when they first develop their murderous fantasies. This usually happens after the onset of puberty, and the connection between sex and violence is first made. The offender is compelled to seek out violent pornography, and may begin torturing animals or setting fires. Other offenders become 'Peeping Toms’. This stage can last months or years, depending on the individual.

2. Exploration

The offender begins seeking out potential victims and continues to fantasize about what they want to do to them. Over time, these fantasies become very elaborate and all-consuming. The offender may also begin researching various 'body dump’ sites, and collecting symbolic items like knives or rope.

3. Stalking

The offender begins actively stalking potential victims, and practises approaching them in a manner that will gain their trust. He may present himself as a person of authority, or become friendly with authority figures (only organized serial killers tend to go through this phase).

4. Capture

The offender is now purposefully looking for someone to kill. They may use stealth and sudden violence to overpower a victim, or they may charm their victim until the offender feels secure to begin the assault.

5. Murder

The offender finally realizes their fantasy and kills their intended victim. At this point, the offender is sexually satisfied and carries out their pre-planned method of body disposal (if they have one).

6. Evasion/Satisfaction

The offender remains excited and on edge once they see their crime reported on the news. If they took away a trophy from their victim, the offender will often keep it as a reminder of their crime and use it as a symbolic sexual aid. The offender feels invincible when/if the police fail to capture him.

7. Depression

The initial rush of killing someone has worn off and the offender begins to fantasize again. Feelings of guilt/fear may encroach at this stage, and the offender may commit suicide or hand themselves in. If they dont, the offender goes back to Phase 4, and the cycle begins again.

you’re like vertigo (or dizziness, or nausea, or confusion)

A month into sharing a room, they’ve kind of got into the swing of living together while avoiding murdering each other. 

Nursey is annoying as fuck in the general sense, but he’s a fairly decent roommate - tidy but not neurotically so, uses his earphones, and doesn’t sexile Dex, all of which make him an improvement on Troy who Dex roomed with freshman year.

It could be worse. Dex could be nursing an enormous, unrequited, painful crush on his roommate and liney which would make every second of spending time together literal torture.

Oh, wait.

His only hope is that when he finally loses it and actually kills Nursey out of savagely repressed lust it’ll be considered a justifiable homicide. 

Who is he kidding. It’s going to end up on a show like Dateline, with something in the synopsis about a ‘crime of passion’. He’s fucked.

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Dating Jim Moriarty would involve...

Main masterlist: X

Tag list: X

·       Him getting jealous easily

·       Him being extremely protective over you

·       Him getting you anything you want

·       “You don’t have to buy me anything”

·       “Who says I’m going to buy it”

·       Him threatening, or injuring anyone who dares to flirt with you

·       Him making sure you are always protected

·       “How did I manage this?”

·       “Manage what?”

·       “How did I make the worlds dangerous criminal fall in love with me”

·       Him dropping everything if you need him

·       “Sir, you’re needed”

·       “I’m busy”

·       “It’s Y/N”

·       “Cancel everything”

·       Jealous sex

·       Rough sex

·       Passionate sex

·       Just any type of sex to be honest

·       Being his partner in crime

Mad Love - Request

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl:  Being Sherlock’s twin sister (basically the kinder and more sassy version of him), and Moriarty falls hard for Reader. Like, his breath is quick, he can’t think, and he stutters around Reader. Reader falls for him, and Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade (your boss/bestest friend in the world) get protective of Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 1,968

Warnings: First time writing Moriarty (it is indeed a warning).

A/N: Ugh, don’t be so rough on me, I’ve never written him before…


Originally posted by aphgeneralhux

The Holmes family, a family of six strange individuals with very unique characteristics each. The father, who could be considered the most normal one and a true romantic; the mother, who was a math genius before becoming the mother of four little freaks: Mycroft, Eurus, Sherlock and (Y/N).

Mycroft was a brain just like his mother, and at his adult age he was the British government on his own. Eurus was the psychopath one, presumably dead by then. Sherlock was a scientist, a philosopher even, and the world’s only consultant detective while his twin sister, (Y/N), worked as forensic investigation along with Greg Lestrade.

Sherlock couldn’t be prouder of his twin sister, because “someone needed to show the British police how to do it properly”. Meanwhile, Mycroft was a little reluctant about her choice of career because it was quite dangerous. But the Holmes Twins loved danger and were too stubborn to change their minds once they got an idea inside their heads.

It was known that once they got together, there was not a single case that could be left unsolved – except for the unsolved ones, but they refused fervently to talk about those – and so they got involved in all kinds of trouble together.

She was the only one Sherlock actually gave credit too. Mostly because they were basically the same and denying her cleverness would be equal to denying his own cleverness, but also because she was his best friend, companion, partner in crime, and every other brotherly-term one can come up with.

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The Great 146 Romance Tropes Aesthetic challenge

Dear Shipper who runs a whole blog dedicated to your fave OTP I challenge you to make 146 aesthetics of one specific ship before the year is over. Here are the 146 most popular romance tropes of all time. Can your OTP pull off all of them? That remains to be seen

1. abduction to love

2. accidental pregnancy

3. afraid to commit

4. all grown up

5. amnesia

6. antihero romance

7. arranged marriage

8. athlete

9. bait and switch

10. beauty and the beast

11. best friend’s lover

12. best friend’s sibling

13. best friends/ friends first

14. billionaire

15. blackmail

16. blind date

17. bodyguard crush

18. boss/employee

19. boy hates girl

20. boy meets ghoul

21. boy meets girl

22. break his heart to save him

23. brother’s best friend

24. bully turned puppy lover

25. can’t live with them, can’t live without them

26. celebrity loves commoner

27. celibate hero

28. childhood enemies fall in love

29. childhood friends

30. childhood marriage promise

31. Cinderella story/wrong side of the tracks

32. classes clash

33. clueless love

34. consanguinity

35. crazy love

36. Cyrano/matchmaker

37. damaged lead finds happily ever after

38. dark secret keeps them apart

39. different worlds

40. disguise

41. enemies to lovers

42. everyone can see it

43. fairytale

44. fake engagement

45. fatal attraction

46. first love

47. fish out of water

48. fling

49. forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet

50. friends with benefits

51. girl wants bad boy

52. guardian/ward

53. guy wants cheerleader

54. huge guy, tiny girl

55. if I can’t have you, no one will!

56. imaginary love triangle

57. impotent love

58. innocent cohabitation

59. instant/false sweethearts

60. it happened in Vegas

61. jilted bride/groom

62. law enforcement

63. long distance relationship

64. long-term lovers

65. love at first sight

66. love interest has a profession protagonist abhors

67. love interest reminds of estranged family member

68. love potion

69. love reforms villain

70. love triangle

71. love/hate

72. lovers in denial/ they’re the last to know

73. mad love

74. maid/janitor

75. mail-order bride

76. marriage of convenience

77. men in uniform

78. mistaken declaration of love leads to love

79. mistaken identity

80. noble rescuer steps in

81. nobody thinks it will work

82. not good enough for him/her

83. oblivious to love

84. older man, younger woman

85. on the rocks

86. one night stand

87. one wants true love/other wants a fling

88. oops! fall in love with the wrong person (which could ruin everything!)

89. opposites attract

90. orphan

91. overly shy love

92. parent/childcare worker

93. partners in crime

94. passionate lovers

95. Plain Jane get the hottie

96. playboy

97. politics

98. pretending to be married or engaged

99. protector

100. redemption

101. rejected as unworthy/ turns life around

102. reluctant sex worker

103. removing the rival

104. rescue romance

105. return to hometown

106. reunion romance

107. revenge

108. rich man, poor woman/ rich woman, poor man

109. rivals/ protagonist vs. antagonist

110. road trip romance

111. rock star hero

112. royalty

113. runaway bride/groom

114. scars from the past

115. second chance at love

116. second time around

117. secret admirer

118. secret baby- He doesn’t know she’s PG

119. secret that can end everything

120. sibling triangle

121. sibling’s ex-spouse

122. similarities attract

123. sleeps with everyone but you

124. sorry, I’m taken

125. stranded together

126. student/teacher

127. sudden parent

128. the one that got away

129. time travel

130. tortured hero(ine)

131. tragic love affair

132. tragic past

133. two-person love triangle (involves some mistaken identity) ex: superman

134. ugly duckling

135. unobtainable love interest/ one-sided

136. unrequited love

137. unrequited-love-switcheroo love triangle

138. unwanted harem

139. virginal/innocent

140. wallflower noticed by the rake

141. was it all a lie? (undercover love)

142. widow(er)

143. (wo)man in peril

144. working with the ex

145. workplace romance

146. She’s dating Mr. Wrong

The challenge is simple, chose a trope, make an aesthetic, tag it #146RTCH and share your genius with others. good luck guys!

(something for your way to work? Have a good day!)

So I kinda want Jons first date to be with someone who ISNT Damian. Like he has the biggest crush on Damian in the world, but he thinks its not reciprocated (cause you know damian and feelings). So this cute boy from his high school asks Jon out and Jon agrees. Jon tells Damian and Damian is just SO JEALOUS. Just grinding his teeth to dust jealous. But he can’t complain, or do anything about it. Some other guy just had the guts to tell Jon, “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna get dinner and watch a movie with me?” While Damian can barely manage a nice thing to say to Jon. (even though the thought of Jon laughing or smiling at a dumb joke keeps him up all night). So what does he do? He tells Jon to enjoy his date and that he’ll see him on patrol the night after his date; calling himself a coward the whole time he writes out the message and sends it.

The next day is just a moping Damian. After training and a shower, its just moping all around the manor. Eating breakfast? Full of sighs. In the library? Titus is sitting in his lap and hes curled around his dog, looking out of the window. Listening to music? Sad songs. 

“Damian?” Dick asked, carefully removing one of Damians earbuds. Damian grunted. “Everything okay, bud?”

“Peachy, why do you ask?”

“You seem…off.” Dick said careful of his words. 

“’M fine.” Damian grumbled, taking his earbud back. 

Tim comes strolling in with some tea for Damian, and ruffles his hair. “Jon’s going on a date because poor Damian here can’t sort out his feelings like the rest of us.“ 

“How do you know?” Dick asked

“Kon told me.” Tim answered, typing something on his phone. “I told him that i’m gonna sabotage his little brothers date.”

Dick perked up and was about to open his mouth until he heard a gun getting loaded. “WE’RE NOT GONNA KILL HIM, JASON.”


Stephanie comes skipping in with some pictures, “his name is Clay. What an unattractive name, CLAY. Like Ew. Put a face after that and you have a villain name.
ANYWAYS. Cute kid. Gray eyes, blonde hair. He’s on the basketball team. So if Mad Dog Jason gets out, make sure he doesnt break his wrist.” Stephanie relays all of this information while stroking Damians hair. Damian would normally hiss and growl and promise her demise, but today he just lets his head rest on her hip. (Damian ofc cant hear anything. He just thinks his siblings + steph are just keeping him company)

“Fuck you, Steph.”

“Don’t you wish, honey.”

So it’s friday night. Jon and Clay are at a diner. (Damian is patrolling with batman. B notices that Robin is a little more aggressive tonight than normal) 

Jay steals Clays wallet making Jon pay for everything.Jon doesnt mind. Hes just a little annoyed cause Clay said it was his treat.  

Since Jay still has Clays wallet, Jon also has to pay for the movie tickets. 

Anytime the other boy wants to touch Jon, hand over shoulder holding his hand Dick shocks him. 

Jon is miserable. This was a shit date. Why did he even come? Even during dinner he realized they had nothing in common besides sports, and the fact they’re in AP Calculus. And they’re not even on the same sports team! (Jons in baseball) Every conversation he had with him was an absolute bore, He seemed so charming in school! Jon sighed as they finally pulled into the driveway to his house in metropolis. 

“Sorry about tonight! I guess, I just wasn’t on my game.” Clay laughs. Jon tried not to cringe at yet another sports reference. 

“We all have our off days.” Jon smiles, ready to put this dumb date behind him. 

Clay holds his hand, and Jon finds himself desperately wishing that it was someone else holding his hand. Someone hes trying to get over. Someone whos too tied down to crime fighting. Someone whos passionate about animals and art and literature and his city. 

“Thanks for being so understanding.” Clay says leaning forward. Jon found himself leaning forward too. The hell with it, maybe at least the kissing will make up for this lousy excuse of a date. 

Tim hacks the boys car before his and Jons lips touched, making the car alarm go off in the dead of night. The batboys tried not to snicker, that would tip off a certain someones super hearing. 

Jon grits his teeth and get out of the car. “Thanks for the ride.” He calls over his shoulder and retreats into his house. 

Jon sees his mom waiting up for him in the living room. “Hey, honey.” Jon super speed runs to her and plops himself on her lap. 

“Im taking your date went bad?”

“Oh you have no idea.” he mumbled into her lap, holding her closer.

“Think of it this way, this just sets the bar for all of your other dates!” Lois said, carding her fingers through her sons thick black hair. 

“Mom, anything lower than this would be my date not showing up. And honestly, that’s still probably better than tonight.“ 

Lois had to laugh at that. 

"I dated the captain of the basketball team when I was your age too.”

“Howd it go?”

“God awful. He ran off with god knows who in the middle of our date. I had to walk home myself.”

“What happened after that?”

“I started dating your father.”

“Think he asked batman to scare the other guy off?”

Lois laughed at that. “Somehow, I dont doubt it." 

Lois pressed a kiss to Jons cheek and went off to bed. He could hear his Dads thunderous snores as she opened the door to their bedroom. 

Jon pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Damian. 

Worst date ever, and it was my first one. Tell you about it on patrol tomorrow. Night!

Damian opened the message as he waited for the GCPD to pick up the would be bank robbers he just busted. A big smile spread across his cheeks. Looks like Damian will get his second chance soon.

BONUS: when Batman and robin strolled into the cave, Tim, Jason, and Dick were all napping in random spots with their suits on. 

"They didn’t tell me they went on patrol.” Batman frowned. The pieces clicked into place for Damian rather quickly. He had to hide a smile from his father. He also made a mental note of finding out ways to thank his brothers. 

@desolationofzara OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! And i legit laughed out loud, thank you so much darling!