passion in empty places

He’s supposed to know
He’s supposed to know
that he should go away with what’s already past in order for him and her to both be happy,
but I have a feeling he won’t do so for a long time
and I have a feeling he will love her for a long time
He’s supposed to know

He supposed to know
that he can’t sit around and try to fill empty spaces
in all of his empty places in his heart of passion
I have a feeling he’s dreaming of her in vague almost,
trying to kiss the past goodbye but he wakes up in reality
In a world where they automatically think he is fine
In a world where he is supposed to be fine
and he is supposed to know
always supposed to know she’s not there
and he’s still here

He is supposed to know,
he should let go

—  t.j. // He’s supposed to know